Wasting police time is a punishable offence. But “The police hunt is on for Vicky Haigh, though she is not a ‘missing person'”

Christopher Booker keeps the world informed with the aid of The Telegraph, while we are getting ready for our appearance in Court 45 in the Queen’s Building of the High Court of Justice on Monday morning at 10.30.

What upsets me is the 7-year-old girl who is the sad and serious victim of her sexually abusive father since she was three. He has got everybody on his side:

  • Social Services of Doncaster Council
  • The Police hunting Vicky down after they kept her in custody before, once because she had sent a Christmas present to her daughter, i.e. she was supposedly violating a “non-molestation order”…
  • and his mother, a former headmistress, who is now the “guardian” even though guardians are only appointed when parents are not alive any more…

For Vicky’s daughter, every day is another day of trauma! Read the sanitised version of the chronology of the case: My Daddy is a Paedophile.

Meanwhile Vicky escaped prison by “promising to comply to the gag of 25 February”.

Well, I’m acting as McKenzie Friend and have put “essential arguments” together.

And I’ve got 12 T-shirts for supporters willing to appear as McKenzie Angels.

Now I just need to fine tune my confidence to speak ‘legalese’ with The Hon Mr Justice Baker QC. But maybe he’ll be as sympathetic and empathetic as Lord Justice Ward who wanted to “restore faith in The Rule of Law” last Thursday!?… He was “impressed” by the support he saw in the public gallery!!!

Vicky’s nightmare reminds me of Paulette Cooper‘s whose choice of a bad bedfellow cost her not only to suffer physical violence but also emotional and financial ordeals…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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13 Responses to Wasting police time is a punishable offence. But “The police hunt is on for Vicky Haigh, though she is not a ‘missing person'”

  1. peter oakes says:

    Liz Watson’s investigations PROVE again multi-agency
    conspiracies, These so-called Civil Servants are in fact tyrants
    acting beyond any recognised lawful procedures! They falsify documents
    cheat & lie as if it’s standard behaviour! And certainly seems to be a requirement
    for a British Civil Servant (civil master more like).

    It is obvious that if a member of the public questions the legality or proper procedure
    with any Civil Master (in fact a servant paid in public tax) they are immediately
    targeted by aLL other Civil Masters for having the audacity to question a Civil
    Servant’s right to do as they please with an ORDINARY CITIZEN (whatever that
    is). Every other civil servant from health, tax, local authority, police, court service,
    CPS, HMRC etc. etc. ALL CONSPIRE together to destroy the ordinary tax
    paying citizen, regardless of the law & common decency. In fact these civil
    masters are the Establishment Mafia AND ANY ORDINARY CITIZEN who
    disagrees with their actions whether criminal or otherwise is targeted as being
    NON COMPLIANT, a MALCONTENT and to be destroyed. By false tax
    demands, bogus bankruptcies, false imprisonment, kidnapping of your children
    at birth.

    This evil establishment Mafia finds admin. jobs for the thousands of children
    raised in care homes (abuse centres). These zombie like people have never
    known a loving father or mother, experienced family life, but have been raised
    in Institutions like farmed animals where they experience sexual abuse and
    other violations for the gratification of establishment mafia paedophiles!

    That is why court personnel, solicitors, judges (products of institutions re:
    public schools) civil servants, police etc. are “heartless”, cold calculating
    dysfunctional misfits that secretly enslave us and who are NOW S——-
    themselves because of the Internet that cannot have its children “snatched”
    or be falsely imprisoned!

    As in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, the Establishment
    Mafia’s clock is ticking! That is why they send 3 police to shackle and incarcerate
    a pregnant woman! Brave mafia: cold hearted zombies who know their senior
    officers are paedos, as they found out in Australia. 1997 New South Wales.

    The power off British magistrates judges – and establishment mafia should be
    obvious in the 1840’s: the Tolpuddle Martys were transported to Australia
    for swearing an illegal oath (just like freemasons) in Cheshire. local starving
    girls were transported for eating a rabbits given to them by a poacher!

    And in 1963-65 all the children from the Webb Orphanage in Crewe were secretly
    transported to Australia, after having their names changed. Brothers and sisters
    split up! This applied to all British orphans in the Care (controlled imprisonment)
    by the founders of the SS Corps of state kidnappers.


    It is Contempt of Parliament and we need a Royal Commission Inquiry into
    the Usurping and Contempt of Parliament! Is Your MP a Mafia Zombie?
    MINE IS. The Hon. Mafia Member for Crewe & Nantwich who helps and
    assists these SS Corp paedos by trying to remove the historic procedures
    protecting children from the State Kidnapping business and works with a
    known kidnapper and perverter of justice cum-document changer that
    falsifies Court files’ DEBS. (Dame Elizabeth Butler Sloss)

    • Powerful words, Peter!!!

      I’ve edited mistakes for easier reading. I hope you meant DEBTS as the last word.


      • perter oakes says:

        No Sabine. I meant DEBS as in Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss.
        Kidnapper & document falsifier as in King of Saudi Arabia Case
        as reported in The Times & Guardian.

        This kidnapper is working with Edward Timpson MP to remove
        traditional safe guards from new born babies so the SS Corp of Kidnappers
        can kidnap children & babies easier and more quickly.

        So that Dr. Barnados can extract more monies from the Public Purse and
        increase profits from child trafficking as they have been doing from their
        creation philanthropic abduction ( kidnapping ) for the best possible
        reasons etc.
        Regards Peter O.

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  11. twitter says:

    Incredible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.

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