My daddy doesn’t listen, he did things to me that he shouldn’t and now I can’t see mummy…

Your Honour

This is a copy of the letter I sent to my daughter. I did not write what SS told me to as they said I had to say that I was happy that she was living with her dad. Of course I am not and I cannot lie to my daughter. They said she is very nervous and they wanted to use me to make her feel safe.

I hope that you are getting a clearer picture of this case.

Kind regards

Vicky Haigh

To my darling Sylvia(name changed so that I as the blogger can’t be committed to prison for violating a “Reporting Restriction Order” that is a huge fake; I’ve already had to delete one post.)

I have not been allowed to see you, write to you or send you anything  for the last few months even though I have cried to see you.  I can  now write you a letter explaining what has been happening.

You need to know that I have been fighting for you every single hour  of every single day of every single week for over a year since you  were taken from your mummy. You can ask anyone this. Ask M, ask  SM.

Say to them “has my mummy been trying very hard to get
me back” if they say no they are lying. I can show you every single
letter that i wrote. I have written hundreds of letters, made hundreds  of phone calls and been to London loads of times to meet very important people to get you back.

I am so proud of you but you must be wondering what is going on. You  must never ever think that I do not love you.

We all miss you so much D, O, M and J, nana, and your  auntie C.

When I see you or speak to you,  I will tell you anything that you
need to know all you need to do is ask. You can ask as many questions  as you want and i will answer them all. You and I have always told the  truth haven’t we? You do not need to be scared of mummy because when I  see you I am going to hug you so tightly and kiss you so much. I will  ask you if I am kissing you too much as you always used to say “no”.

You used to love mummy’s hugs and kisses. I am really sorry that you  are one of the children taken away from your family, but you must keep  wishing that you will be back with me. Sometimes things happen that  are out of our control but the good people will always get through in  the end. You are very tough and strong like mummy and you are very  very brave carrying on without your mummy. I know how upset you were  when you were first taken and we will make up for it very soon.

I have now been speaking and meeting the very top people in the
country that make all of the rules on how the country is to be run. We  are doing important things to get you back with me. Did you ever think  that I would let you go that easily?

I need you back with me as I will be having Sapphire very soon and I  am sure you would love to be with your baby sister. She is going to be  born around 18th May a day before mummy’s birthday and I want you to  do her a lovely card welcoming her into the world from her big sister  Sylvia. You will be able to hold her on your knee. It is so exciting that you are going to be a big sister.

I absolutely love you more than anything and would never ever hurt  you. I have been treated very badly by people to try and get me to  stop fighting for you but I am not scared of them as they are only  bullies. You know that when you stand up to bullies they then become  scared of you.

I am famous again now darling, but this time it is not because I am a  model or a racehorse trainer. It is because I have fought my way to  the top people in the country to give me my daughter back and I will  not stop until they do. You are more important to me than anything and  I will make sure everyone in the country helps us to be back together.

There are a lot of people helping mummy now. We have a big army on our  side. When I see you, I will keep all of the newspapers that I have  been in and if you want to look at them you can. I have been in over 7  newspapers and am going to be doing television programmes very soon.

I have missed everything that we did together. I miss teaching you how  to ride, taking you on lovely holidays to Cuba, Barbados, Spain, Cyprus and Ireland. I miss taking you to London on the train to see  the wonderful shows. I miss buying you lovely clothes, I miss taking  you to lovely restaurants for dinner and I really miss seeing you smile.

Even though I have not been next to you I have been sending my
thoughts through the sky to you. I hope you felt me close to you as I  have never left you. You now have the heart shaped Moonstone. It is  your favourite and my favourite. You need it more than me now as I am  strong. Keep it close to you and keep wishing. I am still the same  mummy and will never ever change. I kissed it lots of times for you to  be safe. I will feel you near me if you kiss it too.

Mother Nature is very powerful Sylvia, and a mother’s love will never  ever go away.

You are allowed to write back to me. I am trying to also speak to you  on the phone. My number is still the same, I wonder if you have  forgotten it. I am in Ireland at the moment but hopefully you can see  O, M and J this week.

You are the most wonderful daughter and sister in the world and if you  have not already figured out: I LOVE YOU.

All my love

Your Big Mummy


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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20 Responses to My daddy doesn’t listen, he did things to me that he shouldn’t and now I can’t see mummy…

  1. Colin Peters says:

    We are all banging our heads against the wall.
    Look at the reality.
    The Devil is in control of this system of things , but not for much longer.
    Check out your Bible at Mathew chapter 24.
    Before Jesus’s promised return, all of the signs of his return are now with us big time.
    You either believe or you don’t. There are no half measures.
    Would a loving Creator allow all of this evil within the world and its legal systems?

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  13. I think, Ken, the same comment ONCE is enough!

  14. Ken says:

    freedom of speech ?

    Thankyou for acknowledgeding you are deleting my freedom of speech.

    Many men are being tarred with this tainted brush.

    Not All men are paedophiles a word now used so loosely, sometimes viciously by some deviant women whom some feel marriage & family are distasteful words. All men have Female Mothers whom usually love them unconditionally too, Where wife’s don’t,. if marrage has such a low value then all children can now be in single parent dysfunctional homes. is this healthy & beneficial for our children?.our society? what value do the wedding vows have in this day n age?.
    many women after birth can suffer mental imbalances they need support & guidance. not going awry.
    How many relationships, how many different partners? how many births & miscarriages? how many children have the same father? are these relevant questions? how old is this mother Grandmother Vicky haigh some 50? desperate to have children before its too late? I’ve been told she is no typical mother. All relationships initially start as 2, both have a responsibility to make things work..especially when children are created. there will only be one REAL daddy & Mummy so stop poisoning the future for your own selfish twisted ways. your children are the biggest loosers.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    If I were that mother I would take a step back and ask how my daughter would REALLY feel when reading that letter – is she going to feel like Mummy misses her and loves her, or is she going to feel like Mummy is just having a giant long crazy rant?
    Whether or not any of the sexual abuse accusations are true, the emotional manipulation and blackmail shown in every single one of her letters to her daughter just disgust me. Having been on the other end of it (i.e. the child getting emails like this) I can tell you one thing for certain – it’s not going to help the situation. Grow the f**k up lady, and ask yourself how happy the kid’s gunna be to know without having any say in the matter, everyone around the world knows her story…. Which is now (possibly inaccurately) being reported to have all been made up anyway…
    Fantastic parenting there. As an abused child, I sarcastically applaud you and offer a mallet to the face anytime you want 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    You should be utterly ashamed of yourself. It has been proven in a Court of Law that your life-ruining allegations are utterly false, and you are sacrificing your daughter’s future with your manipulative, psychotic rantings. One can only hope you see the light at some point. I feel immense sadness for your daughter, having to deal with your shortcomings plastered all over the internet when she grows up. Poor child. I look forward to the day when she is old enough and wise enough to speak for herself, and exposes you for the fraudulent liar you are.

  19. billgjohnson says:

    I have a similar problem…I am a rape survivor…I was abused …repeatedly gang raped by a high school cheer leading squad…against my will and the worst part is that I started to enjoy it…I feel so ashamed and used…like I am trash…I have thought of killing myself.

    It happened the first time when I was only 15 I was walking home from school and passed a high school…the female cheer leaders were working on their routines..I stopped and watched them…just innocently I was fascinated by their pysical abilities.. after a few mins. one of them I think it was the gang leader, she was a tall lanky girl with a dominant attitude..she noticed me and asked me to join them and help them with their routines…well being naive and a virgin I stupidly agreed..the girls would jump and I would catch them..nothing major there I felt uncomfortable because some of them began to touch me inappropriately…but it got worse! After they had all run and I caught them a few times, the told me I was very handsome and they liked them…I was of course flattered but then the invited to come with them to there cheer leading van for a coke to repay me for my help…like a poor naive guy I said yes and they surrounded me…somewhat too closely I remember now and led me to the van…The gang leader opened up the van and handed me a can of coke then said…it’s too warm let me put that in a glass…well I should have run at that point but like I have said I was too naive so I said okay..then the gang leader said that she couldn’t reach the cups would I climb inside and bring out some for everybody…thinking that this was an innocent request I of course agreed…so I climbed inside…they all laughed…an evil knowing laugh and before I could do anything, they all piled inside, grabbed me and held me down..I cried and struggled but it was no use there were too many of them and they were too determined to have me…AND THEY ALL DID…I won’t go into everything they made me do but it involved numerous positions and choclate syrup…the last part is the worst I can’t enjoy chocolate to this very day…
    After they all had their way with me and made me do evil disqusting things to them and they to me…they let me go…I cried all the way home…I was afraid to tell my parents or anyone and I couldn’t sleep all night… The next day I went to school…just outside I saw one of them in street clothes..she was standing on the corner near my house ..before I could go back home she approached me and said, ” I hope you enjoyed yesterday as much as we all did, I knew you were a slut” I told her I didn’t want to do that again and that it hurt….to leave me alone…She told me that they had picked me as their mascot…that I would service all of them whenever they wanted…she said that she never where I lived and who my parents were and where my little sister and brother went to school so I better play along or harm would come to them. I was terrified, I cried and begged her not to do this but she just laughed evily and said that I should get over it…no big deal …just give it up and no one gets hurt….
    I ran away from her as fast as I could ducking into some bushes near school, I got sick and threw up…then later I thought about it…I tried talking to my mom about it but she wouldn’t believe me…so I kept quiet…I didn’t go to school for three days hoping they would forget about me…but mom made me go then when I was walking home I avoided the high school but just as I was close to home four of these girls jumped out of the bushes and grabbed me…One of them the gang leader put her hand over my mouth the others held my arms and legs and they dragged into a secluded wooded aread, tore off my clothes and abused me…I cried and struggled but to no avail…the worst part is that I kept getting an erection…and I even had an orgasm…more than once…Now I feel horrible…I have lost interest in my play station, even my collection of dust bunnies…I tried to speak to the school psychologist but she just laughed her ass off at me and pushed me out the door….
    The next day they took me again, this time they made me do even sicker things, they put their nasty bits in my face and made me…do oral…then they used me and my private parts again…I cried but not as much I have learn to accept their cruelty….and the way they moan and grunt as they use me…I know they don’t love me…they just all use me like a whore…I hate it …but sometimes I feel good when they do it to me even though I feel disgusted with myself later and I hate them so much..The last time they raped me was just a day ago…this time they didn’t wait for me to get out of school they all came over at recess and just took….I didn’t fight them this time..I knew what would happen if I tried to stop them they would beat me and still rape me…so I just went with them..again the gang leader put her arm around me and said…well well Billy we have been thinking about you all day…come with us we need to let off some steam….ha ha …then they all giggled…one of them the Latin girl…pinched me on the buttocks another one slapped me there..and said…gotta have some of that real soon…mmmm…
    I went with them but I didn’t want to …I just wanted to get it over with….and I hoped that if I cooperated with them they wouldn’t hurt me so much…I WAS WRONG AGAIN…..they took me to their cheer leading office on the High School campus and made me strip in front of them…then they stripped ..but they stripped while singing the school fight song and doing cheers..the Asian one did the splits in front of me and she was naked…I was so scared…..after
    That things got real bad for me…they made me lie down on a matt then the African American girl put my thing in her mouth and made me get hard…I tried hard not to like and not to get all hard for them but I couldn’t my body betrayed they mounted me one after another and used me…I begged them to stop but they wouldn’t the African lady was the worst she was the last one and it was the worst…she wasn’t even nice she just straddled me and put my thingy inside her then said, “here we go bitch you better give me a good one or I will kick your little A….” I asked her not to do this to me but she just sneered and slapped my face then said, “shut up bitch, you are ours to do with as we please”. It seemed like hours later before they let me go…finally they finished abusing one even said thank you ..they just go up wipped themselves off and went back doing cheers…meanwhile I took this opportunity to escape…I grabbed my clothes and stumbled out of the office …I went home…into my room and I cried all night long. I can’t eat now or sleep…I can’t stand to have someone touch me..

    I feel guilty and ashamed…can anyone help?

  20. Don’t worry about your feelings of “enjoyment”. They are “biological”. You can’t help that. But you MUST overcome your feelings of guilt and shame and keep finding people to tell them.

    I’m sure they won’t believe you because it seems so much ‘over the top’. But please try different police officers. There are also helplines that you could try. And call Maggie on the number given on top of this page.

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