Very revealing letter about multi-agency collusion to crush ‘us the people’ – courtesy of Barclays Bank

Serious Organised Crime   Thursday 21 April 2011

To: Chairman Marcus Agius and Chief Executive Bob Diamond
Barclays Bank PLC
1 Churchill Place
London E14 5HP. 

Fax 020 7116 7563  & 020 7699 3326 

From:  James M Todd, B.Sc., 18 Truro House, Brunel Estate, Westbourne Park Road, London W2 5UY.  

Phone 020 7727 3877   Email  

“We” is editorial

Dear Sirs,

          We will copy this letter to Ian Taylor-Ramsden of the Financial Ombudsman Service since it helps to establish that he is not impartial.  We believe that your bank is rewarding him for his lack of impartiality.    Your bank has been corrupt since it was established in South Africa when it supported Apartheid.    You may recall that Peter Hain, MP, put his life at risk in opposing your bank and Apartheid.

          Recently Lord Mandelson stated that you, Mr Diamond, were the ‘unacceptable face of banking’.   Mandelson should know even if he was on board Deripaska’s yacht in Corfu at the same time as Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne.

          Please be advised that if you feel that we have distorted the facts: you two and any other reader have an absolute right of reply.

               This communication is primarily about Barclays corruption at Misbourne Farmhouse, Amersham Road, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks. HP8 4RU and is relevant because your different offices have flooded us with hundreds of demands by which you claim we are indebted to you, whereas you have caused us massive losses and continuous harassment by swindling us out of property  in Chalfont St Giles.

          Milton Hills sold us the freehold of Misbourne Farmhouse that included the adjacent orchard.   The previous freeholder was a market gardener who cultivated the orchard.   Mr Hills purchased his farm shop supplies from a London market and did not use the orchard apart from a strip of land alongside the access road where he dumped his rotting fruit and vegetables.

          When we received our first Rates Valuation List (RVL) we asked Chiltern District Council (CDC) why it had not included the orchard.    CDC did not answer our query and referred us to the Rates Valuation Officer who also evaded the question.   We informed CDC that we were withholding payment of rates until it answered our question.

          One morning, as we left the local newsagent in Chalfont St Giles at 7 a.m. we were pounced on by two Thames Valley policemen and thrown to the ground.   They ground our face on the road.    We were over 60 years old.   As we lay there we saw a small man dressed as a policeman running towards us.    He was carrying a baseball bat.   A big fat policeman who was holding us down kept saying, “You asked for this”.

          A couple, on their way to work, stopped their car at the newsagent and the little thug with the baseball bat turned and ran off.    Otherwise we might not have survived to tell the tale.

          We were bundled into a police car in handcuffs and driven to Amersham police station that is connected to Amersham Magistrates Court by an underground passage.   The policemen treated us like a hardened criminal.    When we asked to be allowed to go to the toilet we were accompanied by a policeman who removed the handcuff from one wrist.

          The police told us we could telephone a solicitor for help.    We telephoned our son.

          The police then ordered us to accompany them to the court.    We informed them that we would not attend court until they told us what the charge was.   Again we were thrown to the ground and carried in handcuffs to the court.    A sadistic policeman was bending our wrists and causing excruciating pain.   On arrival in court the magistrate (Eykins?) asked why the handcuffs were necessary and the lying policeman stated that we had been extremely violent.    He was ordered to remove the handcuffs.

          As a result of the abuse we had suffered we were able to speak only in a whisper.    Our son took our whispered instructions.    He was aware of the corruption that was rampant in CDC and Thames Valley Police.    A female solicitor who later married the son of a CDC councillor sated that we had refused to pay rates.    When it was pointed out that she had counsel’s opinion that we were not liable for rates she replied that the counsel’s opinion was privileged.   The magistrate must have known that she was lying but he ordered our release on bail and appointed a date for our reappearance.

          We immediately wrote to the magistrate at Amersham Court informing him that we would not be attending his court and that he should come and get us.    The letter was published in the Bucks Free Press (Midweek?)

          Instead of seeking our arrest the police crooks called at our son’s place of employment in Wembley and arrested him.   He was escorted by the police crooks from Amersham Court to Barclays Bank where he was able to withdraw cash which he gave to the police.    So the police helped a corrupt CDC to steal the orchard.

          Note that John Russell Fyson who owned what is now the drug site adjacent to Misbourne Farmhouse did not own the orchard.   Mr Fyson died and his wife died in suspicious circumstances soon afterwards.   On the death of Mrs Fyson Barclays Bank Trustee Company acquired the right to administer Mr Fyson’s estate.

          A couple named Evans who lived at Misbourne House then announced that the female partner was the daughter of Mrs Fyson by her first husband.  The female Evans claimed that Mrs Fyson had gifted her the orchard. One is bound to ask why Mrs Fyson did not give Evans something of value and not a useless orchard.   Barclays Bank Trustee Company, knowing that the orchard was not part of the Fyson estate, granted Evans the freehold of the orchard.

          The importance of the orchard lay in its association with Misbourne Farmhouse. The fact that the freeholder of Misbourne Farmhouse was also the freeholder of the orchard meant that he exercised control of the traffic using the access road. The road could be used only for farming purposes.

          When we exposed CDC/Police corruption we were assaulted, our dogs were killed and we were continuously abused and required to face court sanctions. However note that the basic cause of our losses and harassment was Barclays Bank Trustee Company that runs trusts in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. It runs money-laundering in locations in far-flung parts of the globe. Its operations HQ is that of Barclays Bank PLC at London E14 5HP.

          The banking system appears to be under the control of Barclays.

          We will have more to say about CDC, Thames Valley Police and Barclays. See email attachment running to 7 pages.



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2 Responses to Very revealing letter about multi-agency collusion to crush ‘us the people’ – courtesy of Barclays Bank

  1. R.C. says:

    What a load of Tosh.
    You have nothing better to do with your time than spout out nonesense.


  2. ahbarc says:

    keep us informed with developments

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