Calls for privacy test case to be heard at Supreme Court

John Hemming MP has an overview over many injunctions, since he has invited people for their submission.

He’s now called for Government to act by taking one or more cases to the Supreme Court for ruling. Look for question no. 33!

I can only hope that the ‘supreme judges’ realise that there are two kinds of injunctions:

  • celebrities gagging mainstream media who want to hide their sex scandals
  • the solicitors of Local Councils gagging bloggers and Public Interest advocates from spreading the word about sexual abusers.

As I have the privilege of being subjected to gagging orders by two Local Councils, I know what I’m talking about.

The Telegraph publishes Calls for privacy test case to be heard at Supreme Court.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to Calls for privacy test case to be heard at Supreme Court

  1. peter oakes says:

    These ” gagging orders ” judges call injunctions are being made to establish a common practice so that corrupt judges- civil servants can scream “Right to
    Privacy” they need to show in the first instance they are not favoring a special class of person the hypocrites ! This is to cover crimes of civil servants & solicitors & judges etc. because they know they will be ” named & shamed ”

    They readily deny your Human Rights to a Fair Trial Article 6. when they refuse you
    access to witness,s, These same judges said British Law was far superior to the European Convention of Human Rights when they illegally removed Article 1 and
    Article 13. from the British Human Rights Act which is a downright government fraud on British Citizens ! because we are European Citizens and We have the absolute guarantee from Europe Justice Vice President Vivianne Reding.
    that ECHR Rules and from Costa-V- ENL that European Law is superior to any domestic UK Law That is fact ! These judges are BLUFFING and S—t scared
    they KNOW their game is UP !

    These thieving- lying judges that accept False documents, Perjured Testimony
    State- Kidnapping and other abuses in HM Courts try to say you have a Right
    to Privacy in the Illegal British Human Rights Act.
    Question What Right to Privacy Act are they useing ? the real human rights
    act ECHR or the illegal British Human Rights Act

    This is a Very Very serious question for Liz Watson and others affected by a
    british issued “gagging order” re: Right to Privacy HRA because the British
    HRA has Article 1 is missing. ! This Article swears and binds the British Courts to uphold ALL Fundamental Rights including the Right to Found a Family.
    therefore the judge is ” hoodwinking you ” because He is upholding ECHR Right to Privacy on one hand while denying you ECHR Right to a Fair Trial -Hearing by
    denying the witness,s you need to cross examine ! to establish the facts
    And the Right to a Remedy Article 13. These “Injunctions ” are illegal in Europe
    because they discriminate and defy ECHR.
    ECHR Fundamental Rights are supreme European Law is Supreme therefore
    outdated secret Family Court hearings to kidnap children are inferior to European
    law Right to a Family Life etc. and this supremacy is defined in Costa -V- ENL

    LOOK IT UP SEE FOR YOURSELF. the judge is a fraud And LOOK UP
    ARTICLE 47 every court hearing and tribunal must be IMPARTIAL
    How can it be Impartial when the judge-solicitor-Councilors swear allegiance to
    the Queen and the hearing is in HM COURTS it don,t make sence it,s fraud
    and We are the bloody dupes and fools putting up with this rubbish official criminality used to secretly kept in ignorance slavery. get educated to the
    facts about YOUR RIGHTS

  2. Dai Pugh says:

    Gagging orders and family law secrecy are an abomination.

    In a family court in south wales serious procedural failures were identified by a litigant and warning given a child would die – and so it came to pass but the fact that protection services were aware of systemic failures has been suppressed so it can happen again as there is no independent [public/media] scrutiny that any improvements have been made.

    It should be a public right for those failings to be publicised without fear of corrupt judges sending to prison. To be able prevent a child’s death from negligence/contibutory negligence must be above any fear of prosecution?

    • Sabine Kurjo says:


      Fear of prison or prosecution are an inversion of truth and justice for everybody who feels it’s their DUTY to show up crime and immoral or unethical behaviour by people in public office.

      Many thanks for all your comments!!!

  3. peter oakes says:

    If Dai Pughs comment is fact. And I have no reason to doubt it is fact !

    Then the Social Services involved are Guilty of Manslaugther, or Unlawful
    Killing and in the very very least Gross Negligence all of them are criminal

    What follows is Fact. R.- v – Sharpe, R-v Stringer.

    It was argued in this case that the conspiracy to stifle a prosecution or to
    obstruct the course of public justice was a crime only when there were pending
    proceedings at the time of the conspiracy, with the result that acts charged to have been done before the commencement of the prosecution could not amount to that crime. This argument was rejected by the court, since public justice requires that every attempt to conceal a crime shall be punishable.

    As To Conspiracy To Obstruct The Course of Justice See; HALSBURY,

    Hailsbury Edn. Vol.9 pp. 351,352, para. 574; and for Cases, See: Digest. Vol. 15
    pp. 698, 699, Nos. 7528-7548]

    I know hope that Satisfies All those people who have any doubts whatso-ever
    and will now accept British Courts, personnel, judges, solicitors, barristers
    social services & civil servants in general are All Un-Convicted Criminals
    End -Off meeting, Finito. Callas, Job-Done.

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