“Name & Shame Social Workers” has hit limit of 5000 comments

The World needs to Know is a ‘mirror site’ of the Name and Shame Social Services workers blog, which has reached the limit of 5000 comments – just to illustrate how big the problem is!!!

And there’s a link to Social Workers Named on bebo:

The problem with love is
that it tears you up from the inside
but makes us stronger in the end…

In one of my critical moments in life my mum said:

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!…

Let’s keep loving! Passionately!

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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395 Responses to “Name & Shame Social Workers” has hit limit of 5000 comments

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    British Justice and those who run and supposed to regulate it, have in my opinion allowed a once admired system to be abused/perverted over the last 20years; therefore it’s now become rotten to the Core in almost all aspects it deals with and I’m just one of many many persons made a Victim from such!

    • pru halliwell says:

      Have you seen the movie Cathy Come Home.It has always been the same in the Uk ,the authorities here have always stolen people ,from all over the planet, and operated people farming.

    • steve says:

      I refer to it as the British legal system now not the justice system!! i try to be accurate.As for social workers and cafcass well isnt there guiding principle that say “never make a decision that may cause harm to……………………………………………..prospects and pension.

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  3. kate bowden mk ss dept let a convicted drug dealer pravite fostor kids said she vetted with thames valley police pc williams mick bacon the drug dealer wasnt the case this man had convictions for beating up girlfirends 6inch kitchen knife in his car drug related offences of all sorts other sws were involed were lucy dodds toni mers simon sharpe val docker mr a gibbons and mr i jones all child abusersin the child law act of 89 section 22

  4. milton keynes social services is the 3rd worst in the uk my youngest son eas put with his dad by the gadlitem when i told her not too as my sons dad mr stephen brown aka wilson wasnt at his sons birth so my son didnt know his dad at all i told my barrister that it will end up bad months later my sons dads exs son attacked our son did nothink also one thing i forgot to say about the dealer when i had concerns at lord grey school went to see the head dr jones and the village idiot mr handyside regards the drug dealer mick bacon their atitude was adam burton and mick bacon done nothink wrong the shcool is well known for bad ofsted reports the govners cover up alot of kids suffer lose out on eduction like my son has over a year now the exuses ss have come up with both my kida are with pravite carers that havnt been vetted as i asked for copies from ss all i got was exuses my sons with a bible basher racheal and my daughter with a man that looks like a pedeo am in middle of civil lit proceedings in london rcjustice i would fight and die for my childern my famileys broken thanks to ss am making myself heard i have nothink to loose or gain i just want justice that now is in the hands of the high courts dont be scared of ss their middle upper class women who think their shit does not stink even my proceedings in the familey court was a set up a window dressing you have to stand up and fight the nazis be strong and fight back dont be afraid of these vermin sws in mk bucks are like a dose of an sti

    • LEEDS WEST YORKSHIRE CRISIS RESOLUTION BECKHAMS CENTRE AND SOCIAL SERVICES dumping ground for anything the police want silence and abuse, Horrific place! Was abused beyond it there for no legal nor health related reasons other than to be abused.

  5. just to let u know today is my birthday sw tells that my childern xenna and jamie are staying with the so called carers pete and racheal that have not been vetted by ss pete lives in northampton and the bible basher willen in mk bucks i have parental rep for my two kids as do the nazi sws and the sperm donar dad who doesnt giv a shit so its back to court so ss the lawyers and judges can make money out of my kids and me too top that the carer pedeo pete when my son was in his care he was rushed to hosptail as pete let him have a joint these carers are bible bashing nazis reigion is abuse the dirty preists monks and bible bashers abuse our kids no wonder childern are messed up did u know social services have same powers as mi5

  6. name shame ss managers kate bowden lucy dodds alaster gibbons and the s a ta soldierocail workers val docker toni meres anne marie reeves jo churchill carrie amanda farr another manager pc williams of tv police and the drug dealer mick bacon and you people vote for a better country all your voting for is ss to child traffic kids i had a job aS a ta soldier came to the ein thanks to ss got plentey more to ell you but am tierd what milton keynes ss are up to the crimenals are the ss police your solictors justice system its about point scoring and profit making out of our kids keep fighting fighting only makes u stronger take care start to fight back do not be frighten by middle class rich bicthes that dont have a life

  7. had chat with legal for mk ss got to see solictor next more money made again for everyone its the childern tha suffer in mk theirs a group called parents fight back we do not giv a damm regards the nazi party most of the females sws are white collars overweight women that men dont want that why they become sws lol got new solictors lets hope nhis firm are shits like bastin lloyd morris law firm in cmk mk has the highest intake for babys in care mk ss do like their fresh meat lol my kids have sufferd at the hands of mk ss a drug dealer a murderer my daugther was fed cat shit by a carer got a call from ss to say your child is in mkghosptail taxis on its way when i asked what was wrong with my daugther was told nurse will tell u the carer fed my daugther cart shit and these carers were supposley vetted to top that the carers son was charged with murder of jon coles from wenover all hush huish my famileys damaged and bhroke thanks to mk ss the swsw and judges who have not a clue about the real just men in robes think and look down at as if were dirt but let drunks junkies keep their kids as profits can be made its called a big fat wallet am in control do i say u lot take care remember fight back

  8. Myra hurley ,harlow essex child snatcher ,socail service ,no morals ,big bank a ccount ,loves to lie,split families up ,reminds me a bit off mira hindley ,childrens lifes are spoilt by her making out she cares,hassent got a heart,dnt know how she sleeps

    • stacey says:

      same here alison james trafford sw lied doesnt care about the childrens oppinion nor would her manager sharron murray do anything about her lies i no exactly how u feel an what u have been through an not a lot of people belive us because there supposed to be trused people ie like police doctors nurses there pure evil bitches

    • Rachel Dawson says:

      Can’t believe what I have just read. You evidently have no intelligence comparing a social worker to a female pedophile serial killer of children. Think about what you have just said you moron????????

      • natasha says:

        Are you referring to MJ??? This poor woman’s daughter was fed poison. In Leeds Crisis Resolution and adult social care is a dumping ground to people abused through the police and NHS system, cowards manipulators and chorsinated abusers

    • raymond says:

      we have her she is a liar everything you have said in your comment is 100% corrcect

  9. Anonymous says:

    Claire Elms, Andrew Adedoyin, Angela Mason, Sheffield City Council Social workers act maliciously, child snatchers. dont know how you all live with yourselves

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yvette cooke bristol social worker
    this woman should not be in this position! i lived over the road from her in salmons way 15 or 16 emersons green and in the 3 years i was there every 3-4 months police would be at her house escorting her partners out and within days a new bloke would move in play dad to her kids and before long its time for a new daddy and someone new would be on the scene! this woman’s parents were alcoholics and from what i seen of her weekly bottle collection the bottles of wine and vodka was that full she even used next doors to stop the over flow!
    i regularly seen this monster in the willy wicket 3,4 even 5 large glasses of wine and would still drive the 4 min walk home with no disregard for others. i heard from a source that she can no longer handle court cases because she committed perjury in a child molestation case. but at the time her partner was a cop and amazingly she gets off and the dad gets time for child porn images. this woman is dangerous dont trust her!

    • Anonymous says:


      Anonymous said…
      Yvette Cooke – Bristol

      Loud mouth, thinks she can bully people with words. She was sent to a residential school for emotionally dusturbed children in childhood. She hasn’t changed a bit in adulthood!!!!

    • Heartbroken mum says:

      Please can you tell me of anyone that can confirm the info on YVETTE COOKE 100% as I am facing losing my children as she is telling the court blatant lies about me at present. I do have some proof of those lies but any further proof would help me greatly before this woman gets away with stealing my kids also

      • Have you spoken with Ian Josephs?


        He deals with up to 10 people a day!… Ring him and he’ll ring you back.

      • @81ues says:

        i can confirm yvette cooke was suspended pending legal action from her employer for denying a conversation took place when on a home visit but unaware to “Yvet” she was being recorded and when it was asked to her in court did she say this she said NO she was asked a 2nd time and again she denied saying any such thing. when the recording came to light she was suspended, if the council perused with the case against these parents the prosecution would have charged yvette with perjury so as usual the council sweep things under the rug to suit there own needs and dropped the case. i do know she also along with another employee (her coke partner) she fabricated lies against a manager in order to peruse a bullying claim which resulted in the manager being demoted all because she was cheating on her best friend with another girl, this is one serious sick cookie she will often prowl facebook looking up families who she has cases with just to see what they are doing i have even seen her look on the national database to see if the family over the road from her are on the at risk list which she has no right as they dont even come under her council.

        yes she is a drinker 1/2 to 3/4 a ltr of vodka a night or 2-3 bottles of wine she shouldn’t have any say in removing children from parents i dread to think what she has lied about in the 3 years since i walked out on her purely cos i couldn’t stand the lies i heard her talking about on the phone to other colleagues and the stories she would sit there and make up in her reports was something i could not believe!

        i check up on google every 6 months to see if she has been in the papers or on the news as i am worried someday it will be her that makes a mistake or mis-judgement that costs some poor child there life or a family losing our on a child. she should be in child or social care she should go back to caring for old people in nursing homes as wiping arse is all she can be trusted with!

        Vile horrible little lying rugrat

        anybody has any concerns regarding yvette cooke i would be gladly happy to provide any infomation i could

        • steve says:

          wow I think this woman should go to prison and be made to pay for what she has done and never be allowed to work as a social worker or with children again.

        • Anonymous says:

          Tried to Email for more info as this sounds alot like a Passed Case where the Child has Been Seperated from their Sibling, Threatened Carers ( with knives, Trying to burn down house, e.t.c) and Recently been allowed by NEW SW and Foster Carer to be Groomed by Older Men. No Response From captaincapo@hotmail.co.uk. Please Can You Provide the Info that You said You Would Gladly and Happily Provide. Many Thanks.

  11. carl batley says:

    andrea woodcock of the barnsley social services lied in the sheffield family court she filed contact sheets then went back at a later date and changed them to make me look bad but she was caught doing this and it was proved in court as well as her lying but judge jones closed his eyes to this and didnt care.Pat smith the court guardian lied in court i have evidence to back this up i even had evidence that lynne jacksons the psychologist report was full of lies and flaws but that evil little toad of a man judge jones didnt care he called me frank and not open and honest in court and sided with everyone else

    • amy says:

      Hi carl I know its been a while since you posted on here but I need to speak with you

    • lee says:

      i had Andrea woodcock & lost my son through that awful woman, i feel for you if you have her involved, i have wrote a short post if you are interested in reading it & i hope you get your grandson back, ss dont know whats best for a child especially that woman.

      • It’s the AGENDA of Social Services to snatch children. Everybody does it in their own nasty little or big way. And everybody else is contributing, benefitting or covering up…

      • cant say cass is still in court says:

        Me and my wife have 2 kids we have one together and she has a son to her ex .
        When my wife had our 3 month old daughter social services took her when she was only one day old because my wife’s first child was taken because me and my wife made a couple of mistakes we have changed our life’s around but no matter what we are doing they lie and say that we are doing all kind of things they are trying to put my step son and my daughter up for adduction they are lying saying that my family are saying that they think i am dangerous and should never be around kids to try and split me and my family up but because me and my family are close i spoke to my family and it turns out that my family have never said that i am dangerous to anyone the lies they are saying have got that bad that i have had to move 2 times this year to try and prove that i me and my wife have changed as they was even saying that if my daughter was to go and live with my mum that i would go to my mums and demand to see my daughter and demand to take my daughter from my mum it has got that bad now that i don’t even see my mum anymore the only time i speak to my mum now is on the phone i have had to move away from all my family

    • cant say cass is still in court says:

      Me and my wife have 2 kids we have one together and she has a son to her ex .
      When my wife had our 3 month old daughter social services took her when she was only one day old because my wife’s first child was taken because me and my wife made a couple of mistakes we have changed our life’s around but no matter what we are doing they lie and say that we are doing all kind of things they are trying to put my step son and my daughter up for adduction they are lying saying that my family are saying that they think i am dangerous and should never be around kids to try and split me and my family up but because me and my family are close i spoke to my family and it turns out that my family have never said that i am dangerous to anyone the lies they are saying have got that bad that i have had to move 2 times this year to try and prove that i me and my wife have changed as they was even saying that if my daughter was to go and live with my mum that i would go to my mums and demand to see my daughter and demand to take my daughter from my mum it has got that bad now that i don’t even see my mum anymore the only time i speak to my mum now is on the phone i have had to move away from all my family and friends i have had to move away from where i was raised because of the lies social services are saying and there lies have now started to split my hole family up and it is making my mum very ill and im worried that they are going to end up putting my mum in a grave my mum had cancer last year but my mum has been cleared now me and my mum did a sike assment and me and my mum passed and my mum was told that if she passed then they will give my daughter to my mum but yestday in court they made up more bull shit and has now said that they want more assments on my mum it is making all my family ill

  12. carl batley says:

    i had an independant social worker come down to asses me 3 times and all 3 times he supported me, his reports were so glowing it burnt your fingers when you picked them up but on the first day of the court case when asked by a barrister if he still supported me he said yes then on having a little talk with pat smith the court guardian (his friend who has coffee and lunch with all the time) he changed his mind and did a hand written statement to the court.Pat smith was over heard begging him to change his mind ,that man is supposed to be independant his views and opinions are supposed to be his own.The independant social worker is called ralf schweinem dont trust that evil bold little man

  13. carl batley says:

    i will never give up the fight to get my grandson back and i will name and shame everyone in this court case,they will never gag me because i will always stand up for what i belive in and if that means going to prison so be it.One more thing dont trust barrister alison hunt shes just as bad as everyone else ,i kept giving her evidence to prove my case in court but he wouldnt use it shes a social services barrister thats the truth

  14. carl batley says:

    one more thing barrister alison hunt lost my case without putting so much as a fight up left the sheffield family court then went on holiday didnt even say sorry just left the building to relax in the sun counting her money

  15. pinokio says:


    we have been doing Witch Social Service now for a long time.

    We hade have a change of 6 social service workers in 2 years and every time a the new social service
    worker makes up new rules.
    We ended up in court figting the SS, and Aperently they ar above the law as they break coart apointment.
    And a load of ather Stuff like falsifieng information and the court wont ebven look at that.
    In the end we lost our Son who is 12 and my partner is not alowed to see him just becouse he is forgein.
    i name my shame and name list underneath here.
    pls read the last Quest in te letter as they ar never availible.

    “I am writing to introduce myself, my name is Kevin Wehrly and I am ****** new Social Worker. I am part of a team called Thanet Court
    and Looked after children Team. My extension number is 0300 333 6031.

    Here at St Peters’ House we operate within smaller teams call Pods, which share responsibility for managing cases.

    The supervisor of my Pod is Charlotte Best. Her extension number is 0300 333 3566.

    Other Pod members who can also be contacted are:

    Julia Fagg, extension number 0300 333 6148

    Teresa Makumbe, extension number 01843 873557

    Vicky Wilkinson, extension number 0300 333 6036

    Jan Thomson, extension number 0300 333 6029

    Natalie lane is the Pod team’s administration Officer. Her extension number is 01843 873557

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries. In my absence please conatct any other Pod member, who may be able to assist.”

    None of these peopel mensiond above ar ever availible unless we where in court.


    ( ss soundsl ike the german SS they also snatched childeren during WW2)

    • Yes, SS are horrible. “just doing their job” – without conscience or consideration. Just meeting ‘adoption targets’, rewards and kick-backs.

      One girl who was taken at 11pm has seen the bank statement of her foster carer…

      You just need to practice persistence and perseverance. We each have to do it ourselves. But it does help to share with others and to know that we are FAR from being alone.

      I just wish there were a few success stories round the corner!!!

      With all my sympathies,


    • Lina says:

      Social services started approximately at the same time with industrialisation

      They probably feel the same great feeling as nazi supporters at 40s while they were still trying remove “the dirty race” from earth

      What you note: SS is just playing the puppet role given to them, to pay bills&buy food and once in a year escape for holiday – funny IF they think that they really are something more than angry bitches who should have focused on reducing traffiking and war
      or cancer

      Hope your kiddo will have happy days with or without you and the SS and their leaders will suffer from one of the painful meat eating bacterials or cancers leaving them merely pissed off and paralysed with some old black prisoners as caretakers

      • natasha says:

        Adult social care Leeds council and crisis resolution are the excuse for the police to cover up their abuse. I lost everything for trying to report some people, the ss were abusive cruel and manipulative they put you in the system through lies harassment and tampering with documents! If a media production said to them here’s money were going to pull of a false arrest on this person for a TV script, they would jump the gun and do it! Rotten manipulative bitches from hell as are in Leeds!! My solicitor has passed on enough evidence on how extremely abusive and manipulative the Crisis Resolution and SS are in Leeds yet they are still denying everything with lies

        • Anonymous says:

          Natasha I wonder if you can help me my name is veronica Lovell. My grandson is currently with his mum he is four and since he was born has been neglected by mum My son. his dad has numerous times related this neglect to the numerous social workers.Mum seems to be getting protected because she has personality disorder. Any Natasha mum has gone from neglecting her son to out and out abuse . I have on phone recording grandson saying mummy punched him in belly slapped his face and man in mummy’s house hurting him is there organisation on the Wirral who could help us
          Thanks veronica Lovell his current social worker is rose Holmes of Wallasey ss and is lying to cover herself won’t listen to recording

  16. mummy says:

    vivian silverio is the worst social haringay has seen in 25 years

  17. Deandra says:

    Andrew adedoyin sheffield is a nigerian social wroker who is racist and tells lies and diesnt give a damn about fact and fiction or the child involved shame on u

  18. amy says:

    Tracie Metcalfe and Helen Barker of Hopper House County Durham Social Services are both liars and will go to any lengths to rwmove and adopt children. My daughter was taken from me at birth in 06 because I was in care for a few years of my teens and ran away from everywhere and they thought I would abandon my daughter or not be able to manage the responsibility of being a mother. I proved them wrong and when she was 6 months she returned to my care. I then met someone and just as the supervision order was due to end they found out and tried to remove her from my care claiming that my partner was violent and dangerous and that his previous children suffered non accidental injury while in his care. They went to court every month between october 07 and january 08 to try and get my daughter removed from my care however the magistrates would only grant them an interim care order for her to remain in my care. On january 9th 08 social workers were at court renewing the interim care order but also again tryin to take her from me, this was again refused and after a long day at court all returned to the office and they opened and read a letter that I had written to them a couple days previous stating how much I hated social services and that I just wanted them to leave me and my daughter alone. They went straight to police asking for a police protection order claiming that because of my letter they felt I was suffering mental health problems and that my daughter was at risk. Police came and removed her and a few days later she was made subject to an interim care order to stay in care. I was pregnant at the time and when my son was born he too was removed at birth. Anyway my partner was involved with social services in 05 due to his daughter a baby at the time sustaining an injury, she was removed from parents however during those proceedings plans from social services and the guardian were to return the child home within a time scale to both parents. Throughout reports my partner was praised to the roof for his parenting and everything was fine however they did not discuss plans for if their relationship ended which it did and my partner was pushed out of the frame. In relation to the injury it was said there was no evidence however either parent could have caused it and they were not taking it any further. Anyway it went from there to 08 where by in 08 he was said to be dangerous violent a risk to chilfren and that he caused loads of non accidental injuries to them. We had some paperwork to prove otherwise however no one would listen or help to retrieve further paperwork. So we lost the fight however there were no concerns over my parent the only issue was they felt I could not protect my children. In 2010 we had another child this time with Crook Social Services. Alison Bousefield, Kristine Kuate and Kath Seed. As I stated the position in 08, well this time round we are now both dangerous, both a risk to children and both of us can’t parent a child or support them emotionally. How did it get from good to terrible? Because no one would listen and because the reports started being filled with lies which we could not get paperwork for to prove otherwise as the final hearing was too close. Our children were adopted based on lies and untruths and inaccuracies and all of the mentioned social workers were responsible. Never trust a social worker, work with them but always be one step ahead of them.

    • Your story is just horrific, Amy. I’m really sorry!

      The current judge said in this precedent case that it is DREADFUL to take a baby at birth. http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2003/850.html See para 44, iv)

      Have you tried to talk to the Local Authorities Ombudsman?

      We are trying to see what can be done about taking babies at birth.

      Look also at http://poundpuplegacy.org/ set up by adoptees who will always want to find out about their birth parents.

      • Anonymous says:

        We have tried absoluetly everything, when we made an official complaint to ss top boses and provided proof of what we were saying he replied by saying ” i have full trust snd believe all staff within social services are competant and do their job correctly”
        We fall at every hurdle and no matter how we try or what we do we are the bad ones and ss are acting in the interests of the child.
        If anyone saw the paper work we have and the paper ss use as gospel truth you would be sickened.
        Thanks for the websites to try

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi, sorry for late reply yes I have contacted local government ombudsman and children’s directorates and top managers, I have tried absolutely every avenue and still to this day I have gotten nowhere, it’s been since 2006 that I have now had 5 children removed at birth. I moved to barnsley to see if that made a difference and to be honest it has somewhat but that is only because I have had to sit there and admit that I am everything durham ss made me out to be and I’ve had to so work on what they said was wrong with me even tho what they said was lies . My husband has also had to do the same having saying that, still we did not get our child back even though we were told that if we made the changes they wanted then we would and dreadfully she was adopted 31st July 2013. They said we worked well with them , we were open and honest, we have a good knowledge of parenting and we clearly love and are committed to our daughter…. However she was at risk if she returned to us because 1). She is a new born baby (she is actually 6month now) 2) domestic violence ( last time being over a year ago ) 3) and we lied and won’t accept the concerns (we have actually told the truth it’s ss that have lied and we don’t accept concerns because the concerns are not fact- they are lies)

  19. anne says:

    easterhouse social work dept holds the biggest corrupted social workers sian millard,liz mckenzie manager kevin miller are all the lowest scum there friend head teacher from newhill special needs school easterhouse alison lochrie,child snatchers

  20. malcolm brindle says:

    stephine kimber kent county coucel ss wot a joke useing my past to snatch kids and remove them from my partner for no reason wot so ever needs to b sacked at once ill even put address on site

  21. lee says:

    i had a great social worker when my son was born, she was fantastic, very nice nice but frank, very honest about her position regarding my son, told me straight axactly what i needed to do to keep him, always praised my parenting abilities & how affectionate & caring i was, it was all going great until she had to hand over to Andrea Woodcock of cudworth…the horrible woman lied, chopped & changed her mind, expected me to guess everything, indicated we needed to do one thing but then that wasn’t good enough or in some cases even the wrong thing to do, that woman lost me my child through her lies & through taking other peoples word for gospel when there was no proof they were telling the truth & didn’t believe a word we said. the woman is awful, condemmed us from the start. i had a different social worker with my other children after her & now ss are no longer involved with me & my other children are well looked after & loved just like my son would have been if we could have kept the original social worker & not that evil, cold hearted witch of a woman Andrea Woodcock. i now have to go through the whole court process again to now try & get my son back but i dont hold out much hope although i will never stop trying. i had all bad workers apart from that 1st one with my son, but non as bad as that Andrea, i dont have any faith in ss, they should not be trusted by anyone.

    • desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

      i really know exactually what you mean and i sincerley hope you are reunited with your son 🙂

    • Carl batley says:

      That woman Andrea woodcock is evil to the core she’s nothing more then a child stealing dirty scum bag and trust me one day karma will come and get her and what a day to look forward to

  22. Megan says:


  23. theolangsing@yahoo.co.uk says:

    it just dreadful what’s going on still it appears that no amount of going to the media is making enough impact, one women has lost 7 babies from the evil SS in Devon.#


  24. Siobhan Leighton says:

    Patricia Miller aka trisha………power mad social worker based at church street social work in Glasgow. Will lie and stand on anyone in her way. Complete and utter bully. Refusing to answer any questions or else storms out and dishes out more threats, even ignoring wishes decisions and opinions of other professionals. Stay well away from her and dont bother complaining to her team manager Ian Mathers he is well aware of how she behaves yet for an easy life will say and do nothing. Complain to the field manager if you ever have an SS query or complaint and use the ombudsman to stand a fair chance!!!!!!!!!!

    • desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

      the ombudsman are useless i waited 4months to get anything from them and they swallowed all the bullshit that ss fed them with out even getting full details or contacting me to ask if what ss was saying was true or not. SS will never stop shattering families they are power hungry power abusers but i can not understand why the government dont do nowt about it because it would take a lot of work to go back and reassess all the cases where they got care order/adoption order!!

      they are to busy fucking the poorest families in uk over so the rich can have more

  25. desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

    in 2008 my 4 childrens dad had been vilently abusing me for 6 years i couldnt just leave cos he threatened to kill me and my kids and on one occassion while sleeping he tried to slit my wrist, the relationship finally broke down april 2008 with him sexually attacking me and was then removed from the property by the police, when he got out on bail he kept sending is friend ( age 14) to my house insisting i gave the kids over (why a 45 year old man is friends with a 14 yr old is questionable as he has been accused of being a pedo so i am better off without but why he thought i would give my kids to a kids is laughable) so he started private court proccedings which at this point my kids where rather out of control cos he as there main carer ignored them locked them in there room fed them wheatabix 3 times a day i was not aware of this as i worked nights cos he didnt want to work so he could dodge paying csa for his other kids which he has admited to social and the courts. while all this was going on i was going through nervious break down because my children where like there dad they saw daddy hitting mummy they thought that was normal. i spent months asking for help which never came, while this was going on social care were doing reports for court and all where really posative for me but negative for there dad yet social care snatch my kids hand there dad everything on a silver platter mean while i am treated worse that your local smackhead, i fell pregnant with my new fella in 2010 and ended up being alone again as he disapeared leaving me to cope with social;alone even tho he wanted me to keep baby and promised that her would be there and would also help me get my kids back. while i was pregnant my midwife and her manager had a meeting at my house to descusse home birth at which point Tina Cronge walked into my house univited sat and listened to midswife saying that they are happy to support my home birth plan. Tina then goes back to the office and writes a report that stated my unborn baby was at risk cos she claimed i was going against medical advice. when i was in labour i ended up in hospital cos me waters broke and nothing happened even though i was getting labour pains on the monday 18th october at 8am i admited my self to hospital as agreed with midwife, once i was finally in labour Tina Cronge was in court trying to take my baby based on her lies which was complained about and refuessed stage 2 complaint. she failed to get court order every time she went to the court trying, mean while for the first 3 months of my sons’s life both me and him where not allowed contact with my children so they could meet there new baby brother Ian Hamalton was in on the master plan to take my son as well as my other kids.
    social care have shared pr and care order for my 4 eldest children not full pr so all decissions reguarding my children legaly have to be decussed with me first they are not, the court set out contact guide for 8-12 times a year and because of fhe young age of D (my 3yr old son who lives with me) and the need for D to have a relationship with his brothers and sister there needs to be monthly regular contact that is arranged by asking what days are good for all involved this is not happening instead contacts are arrange with no concideration to me or D and on one occassion at christmas contact was booked for when i was ment to be at my mums for christmas.which ended with D not seeing his nanna because social knowingly did it for 3days after i would have left for for my mums, they refussed to descuss changing it and i was told its that or nothing by Bukky Oginni.
    the judge (judge yelling of cambridge court) told social care that the children where to be kept within county and this was ignored, the judge told social they had to have my concent and there dads concent to obtain passports but they had neither and got them anyway and as a conciquence my kids have been on holiday 6 times without my concent and without them providing details or where when and how long for. The judge also told social that carers where to meet me and their dad BEFORE they move this has not happened.

    Bukky Oginni cancelles contacts and refussed to replace this contact, contacts are constantly being messed with by social care yet my complaints go ignored.
    They never apologise where there are needed. instead they insist they didnt fuck up and that they have done nothing wrong
    I dont get full information about my children whether it be school reports, medical issues, holidays but more importantly not knowing where my kids are and who they are with.

    Recently the carers who where looking after I (son ages 7) and A ( daughter aged 8) emotionally abused my son, at contact he had a tolet acident so i went to clean him up to find him sat on the loo crying his eyes out and shaking say please dont shout because his carers stripped him off when acidents happened while shouting at him and shower him down with cold water. This was infront of contact superviser that also was concerned and said she would flag it as a concern, after months of pushing they moved I to be with J (son aged 9) but they knowingly left A at risk. I tried for months to get A moved over school holidays socail care did not move her untill 16th september 2013 which they should have done sooner they could of even done it over the weekend just gone so it didnt disrupt her education but instead A is not at school and has not yet got a place at school which is not in her best interests and was not descussed with me.

    I found out on saturday 14th september 2013 from J carer that he is being home schooled cos they have not found him a place at a school, this again has been done without discussing things with me and again this is not in his best interest singleing him out from the socialising skills he would work on at school.

    I still have not had explenation as to why I had a operation in october last year and was not descussed with me at all before he had it, they didnt asertain my opinion on it, i got a text while i was at my mums saying i in recovery doing well that was it.

    All these things continue to happen with absolutly no consideration to me and D and as a result im now being medicated for stress and anxiety because of the emotional tourture i am being put through, i feel like im shut out and not alowed to know whats going on with my children.

    With the letter of support from a very close family friend with 30+ years of experience working with social care and children clearly backing up the distastfull way i am treated by said proffessionals and the said proffessionals Lori Barton, Bukky Oginni, Claire Betteridge, Chris Jackson (court appointed guardian), Lori beth Bisbey ( shrink), Karren Cook, Ian Hamalton, Kerry Seymour yreated me through out the past 5years of living tourture as supporting evidance complaints proccedure out come states there was no fault with they way its been handled, as has the ombudsman representative Philip corina who has believed everything thats come out of the scumbags mouths at social care and not even attempted to contact me , all the way through these scum of the earth social workers case social care were dead set on taking my kids even when help was asked for by members of the school, myself, school nurse, camb h (adalesant mental health), sure start and health visitor no help was provided as they feel it wasnt something that met the requirements and then one day they come in snatch my kids offer no support, ive jumped through every hoop they asked of me for them to keep moving goal posts. Social care are suposed to keep families together but this is massively far from what they have done to mine, theyve ripped my kids worlds apart as well as mine and are 100% against me from day 1 and they then keep doing all these things to stick the knife in further make up lies which they have started to drip feed my kids.

    In 2008 B (10 yr old son) and J where assesed by Ruth Puw from cambh and she was brilliant and she pinpointed that they needed play theropy this still has not been done which again is not in there best interests, all of this and much more shows they are at fault and other proffessionals also feel that the way this has been handled is far from by the book.

    I am being victimisised and bullied by this gross misconduct. The play theropy should have been completed by now yet it has not started and if they were in my care this would have been completed and if i hadnt got them it i would be labeled a neglectfull mother which really hurts that they can get away with such apauling conduct from said proffessionals. I have seen nothing but curuption throughout social care and contact supervisers have also picked up on it but cant speak out about it cos it could cost them their job all of the none social care proffessionals have seen how they have victimised me and how they have made my life a living hell for 5 years.

    not only are they doing all this they are also breaking the law by refusing to step up my complaint to stage 2

    chris jackson the childrens guardian makes report bassed on info provided by social carer he does not see parents or children so his report was all lies

    Ian Hamalton is so cocky you need to watch out for him, on one phone call he admitted lieing and then said and i quote “it does not matter what he does the court will believe him over me”

    to make clear the named and shamed staff involved are:
    Karren Cooke – senior social worker
    Tina Cronge – temp agancey social worker
    Ian Hamalton – senior social worker
    Kerry Seymour – unit manager
    Lori beth bisbey – phyciatrist
    Lori Barton – very young social worker (looks like she should be at school)
    Bukky Oginni – senior social worker
    Clair betteridge – area manager
    Mr Yelling – Judge
    Chris Jackson – cafcas apointed childrens guardian

    • desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

      forgot to say where they are bassed
      kerry ian tina and karren where bassed in huntingdon
      judge was cambridge court
      chris was peterborough
      lori bukky claire all bassed in cambridge
      phyciatrist is based in london and seems to be a very bitter lady with ginger hair that was clerarly bullied at school and is very bitter as a result and seeks revenge by hitting parrents where it hurts the most she is all over the internet as being involved with loads of cases or her child snatching with social care

    • Your story is HORRENDOUS!

      THANK YOU for sharing it!!!

      And please, stop taking medication. That’s only bad for your liver. Your brain needs health supplements, not dumbing down! And you need meditation, hot baths and a LOT of TLC!!!

      This is the judgement relating to taking babies at birth: http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2003/850.html

      Do you have deadlines for court proceedings?

      • desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

        been and done and dont qualify for legal aid cos of change in rules thanks to the rob from the poor to give to the rich government so im screwed. social wont even consider the fact that d is living proof that its there dads lack of parrenting not mine and ive done freedom project, parrenting classes, corses at sure start centre which also adds to my cv but whats worse is the fact that when i complained Bukky the so called manager that threw a strop in a meeting with my suporter ex head teacher he told her to anf i quote shut up you have no right to a opinion and the constant i want for 45mins so i turned and said i wants dont get did your mother not teach you that to which he stood up slung his pen across the table and accused me of insulting his mother and stormed off like a child throwing a paddy

        • desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

          the curruption is terrible and the young social worker lori is covering up that it happened and the unit coordinator that took the minutes for the meeting missed it out and now no longer works there after i confronted her asking why she missed it all out to which she got all flustered stuttered a bit and then said i cant comment .
          after i did my complaint 2 days latter i had a letter from bukky saying that he had concerns over d who he has never seen or met is behind with lack of social skills poorly presented and hit out in violent fits of rage (all is utter ball shit) and i end up as the one under investigation again!!

          so Clara Robert was the sw that showed up after that c**t fabricated all the ball shit she took one look at d and said this looks like a waste of my time and i have to say i much as i hate social Clara was brilliant very kind polite young lady that agreed that what the other unit was outragious but sadly she cant help because d is not under open case there is nothing she could do.

          Gael Pryce is manager of the cambridge complaints team and is 100% in on the covering up of these peoples lies .

          i can not understand how any of the abusers sleep at night knowing how the have shattered a family to peices is disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves

          • Can you maybe list the kind of help you need from readers and followers of Victims Unite, dear desperate Mum?

            • desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

              help to get my kids back

              advice on how to get complaint dealt with properly

              how to make these scumbag child satchers actually pay for what they have done

              advice on how to get these lies deleted from the file

              advice/help with where to turn to to get legal help and it back to court to reverse court order seen as i cant get legal aide

              help/advice on how to get the passports canceled so they cant take my kids away out of the country

              help/ advice on how to sue them for emotionial abuse

              • desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

                altimatly all i want is my babies home where they belong its killing me that ive missed so much i feel like i dont know my own kids. the only reason i get out of bed every day is cos i have D to keep me going but once hes in bed at night i feel soo depressed and lonely, the house just seems empty it dont feel like a home

              • Thank God you ARE maintaining your sanity and clarity of mind!

                What kind of a court order is it?

                There is a National Pro Bono centre in Chancery Lane in London and an organisation called LawWorks that we also wanted to approach.

                But we may be able to help with our joint common sense!

                • desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

                  its a care order they have which from doing lots of searches i have found that just cos they had the court order in 2010 final order that it does not mean its forever which social dont seem to understand. im in cambridgeshire so how would it work if they in london? also dumb question but what pro bono mean

                  any help to get these bastards their just deserts

                  • ‘Pro bono’ is Latin and means ‘for good’, i.e. no costs.

                    There is one remarkable lady called Lisa Bartal who takes on difficult cases and has lots of successes. Her email address is lisa.bartal@hotmail.com

                    See whether you can get anywhere with her.

                    • desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

                      tried the email but this is what i got

                      Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


                      Technical details of permanent failure:
                      Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain hotmail.com by mx3.hotmail.com. [].

                      The error that the other server returned was:
                      550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

                    • Soo sorry: no dot between first and surname.

    • Debbie says:

      Lori Barton has left Cambridge Social Services – September 2014, replaced with Louise Whiting. Rowland Coombes her manager has also left Cambridge – September 2014. Any info on Louise Whiting would be useful.

  26. desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

    I’ve emailed the person you have given the email address for. I am now hoping that is on the way i don’t know how mush longer i can take this i feel like giving up i feel like i would have more chance getting my kids back from a Rottweiler than i do social. I just don’t understand what I’ve done to deserve such treatment i love my kids more than anything in this world yet people like that bitch who killed her son and hid the body for nearly 2 years don’t get anything from social when her kid was in need and they did nothing the poor little mite could have been saved by social if they weren’t too busy with the heavy case load of innocent loving parents its just not right


  27. desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

    this link give more detail and clearly states that the dad had registered concerns with the police but nothing was done

    prime example of social’s failings to protect the kids that are in genuine need

    • Yes, yes, you must realise / wake up to the fact that it’s police and agenda: institutionalised child snatching aka state kidnapping.

      That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. I feel as helpless and powerless and frustrated as you do, believe me!

  28. anonymous says:

    Bromilow is arrogant, sarcastic,evil, corrupt Judge who worked along with L.A and just does what they want. This sort of Judges are very vindictive and I am sure he has adopted many Children over the year’s and using his power out of spite and corruption and due to The Secret Courts has as yet never had to answer for his actions.

    • anonymous says:

      it’s all sounds terrible to put a Contact Order 2 times per year on a Mother who ask for help for her Child in the first place! The Social Worker shouldn’t have lied and should have contacted family and I expect this poor Mother had to suffer for talking out on that.

  29. desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

    one things that is nice to see is that researchers for TV programs like doctors that is on BBC after 1pm news, eastenders writers are all starting to show the corrupt system for what they truly are like the Lexi story line except they have towards the end got it a bit wrong as Lola gets Lexi back and lets face it getting your kids back from social is not something that happens. the zara story line in doctors shows how wrong they really are to constantly assume the worst of people. even the max story line in coronation street and the Shandee story line in hollyoaks just a shame that no one that is in a position to change things choose to ignore the problems in the hope that they are swept under the carpet and forgotten

  30. desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

    now this is a excellent proof of how a REAL neglectful parent that is a ABUSER and also proof that a true abuser don’t recognize what they are/have done there is no way a loving parent wouldn’t let it get that bad without the ability to ask for help like many of us here did yet we suffer the heart break our kids suffer the heartbreak at socials hands and little boys like poor little Hamzah are left to suffer the system does not work but we are powerless to change it.You would have thought that since little baby p’s case that the government would have kicked them up the arse and would have told them that its just not acceptable but yet again the government fail the innocent the British justice system fails the innocent make me sick to the stomach that even now they wont change there abusing ways

  31. Anonymous says:

    In Carmarthenshire if a child speaks out about bullying, strong enough to survive suicidal thoughts, the allocated child snatcher in every school in Carmarthenshire hunts that child down and its parents for the child snatchers to move in.
    As a child said “why do they want to take 14 year old girls.”
    The answer in such a paedophile playground as Carmarthenshire is sexploitation, initiations and perversion abuse.
    No proud man, woman or child is safe in Carmarthenshire. The Police and SS are risk to children!

    • Talking about suicide: the effects of Doctor Tegwyn Williams in whose Caswell Clinic all these suicides are happening are awful: Maurice Kirk had his flying licence revoked because of a false medical record by this doctor that was meant to put Maurice into a high security mental hospital for life!!!… That’s how nasty ‘the system’ is and can be.

      It’s soo unbelievable that it’s true!!!
      See http://www.kirkflyingvet.com

    • Anonymous says:

      My partner and I also live in Carmarthenshire – to see it described as a ‘paedophiles playground’ comes as no surprise – there is something very ‘fishy’ going on here… The above comment sounds very familiar to us. After complaining about Carms Social Services with regard to their shocking misconduct towards other children in our family, we have found them to be utterly unregulated and unaccountable. We live each day in fear that they will come after our own children by way of retribution for pursuing our complaint or ‘just because they can.’ Solicitors all refuse to challenge them (many work with the LA in one capacity or another), schools are up to something too – false testimony/records/reporting – are they covering up organised paedophilia? Don’t know… wouldn’t surprise me.
      Three local towns were hit on the same night – graffitied along the school runs – name and shame… ‘peter files’… Never seen the Police remove graffiti before – never seen graffiti removed so fast, like magic! Like it was never there, didn’t make the local rags – just like it had never happened.
      Never had any experience of SS at all before a year ago and am shocked that such an organization can be allowed to exist – now that we have seen how it really functions. Rather like we’ve gone down the rabbit hole – the world looks different and doesn’t feel safe anymore.

      • PETER FILES – what a good motto – given what we’re up against!!!…

        THANK YOU!

        • Anonymous says:

          ‘Peter Files’, along with a list of ‘real’ names, is merely what was painted all along the ‘school runs’ of three local towns. Simultaneously – all in one night (easterish – last year?) – the work would require at least two people (possibly more) per town, several hours, or more, to do the whole ‘run’ (in the nearest town a mile or more of street- EVERY gable end!) in the dead of night and… carrying ladders…! It’s not a motto I made up – we, my partner and I, merely witnessed the work of others (clearly organised and trying to operate against whatever insidiousness is going on here) – What WE have experienced and what we have seen, we won’t forget – and our best wishes to those who ‘painted the town’.

          Simply put (with incidents of this scale) the powers that be, including the Welsh Assembly, must be aware, but do nothing except to cover up. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that the powers that be are ‘a part of…’

          • Anonymous. says:

            ^ Furthermore:

            Same area, probably the same school. Same thing happened with our teenager. We arranged counseling for him with the school, we believed his anger management problem was long standing, dating back to when his mother divorced me, and the schools help did seem to improve things… for a while….
            And then… the school denies the visits we made to the school to get extra help for him – or that we identified his problems at all. The school made reports to social services on the basis that we had not identified his problems and that we were in fact the cause of them.
            He was encouraged, we believe, to tell tall tales about us… same M.O. as the article above – sleeping on the floor (despite having the choice of his own double bed and the one in the guest room) and that his stepmother was withholding food from him, (despite regularly taking him shopping and allowing him to choose his school dinners from the ‘meal deals’ section).
            The same school claims that there were ‘problems getting to school’, but a complete blank on his truancy issues….?
            Another school, same area, appears to deny knowledge of our other son’s medical condition – despite the record of comms between paeds and the headmaster. Social services chose to just ignore this evidence!
            My impression is – they are all in it together, In short – THERE IS – something very fishy going on around here, pretty much as the first commenter said. Operation Goldfinch? Cover up? My advice to anyone is – get confirmation of everything in writing – get a voice recorder: ANY and EVERY contact with ANYBODY, social workers, police, school, parents evening, medical professionals, and – in particular – after school groups. RECORD IT – otherwise you might find yourselves, like us, completely surrounded by insidious fabrications – with very little actual evidence OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.
            …and – if you have kids of your own – do not consider fostering, even if it is family fostering in this area.

  32. desperate mum in need of help to get out of this living hell says:

    one thing i would love to know is if there is anyone that has gone through all the name and shame sites and done a list of all the child snatchers and what area they were last known working from

    • pru halliwell says:

      If you want to give me the list I will tell you where they are now working and possibly their addresses and their other “interests”,such as “cage fighting “,there are some of them in Bexley/Kent and other places involved in that.BUT PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME ,as we dont want them to say that we are “endangering “them lol ,my email is prudencehalliwell70@gmail.com

  33. anonymons says:

    I heard on the radio just the other day that adoption has gone up 15% in 2013 and this is the biggest jump since 1992!! This is since reliable record began in 1992.

    I wonder how many of this 15% should have ever been in care in the first place?

    I have signed the petition, abolish adoption without parents consent!

    • Look at these official figures. But you know that no figure will ever be accurate, when the purpose is one cover-up after another!…

      75% (50,260) of children looked after on 31st March 2012 were living with foster carers
      9% (5,930) were living in secure units, children’s homes or hostels
      5% (3,600) were living with their parents
      4% (2,680) were placed for adoption
      3% (2,340) were with another placement in the community
      3% (1,980) were placed in residential schools or other residential settings

      THANKS for signing the petition. Am hoping to reach 2,000 soon!

  34. anonymons says:

    They have 40 Day’s to give you information under The Data Protection Act 1998 and 20 Day’s to give you information under The Freedom of information Act 2000.

    Make sure they send The Form to fill out.

    if you don’t get information by 40 Day’s, then report them to The Information commissioner’s Office (ICO).

  35. john says:

    Social worker Suliaman Rogers wrote conflicting and incorrect reports he is also director of Rogers social care ltd. He works through this company for local authorities.

  36. john says:

    Kevin Buck service manager at Bexley Adult and children’s services failed to deal with a written formal complaint within council guidelines.

  37. john says:

    Sulaiman Rogers
    Director of Rogers Social Care LTD
    13, Scovell Crescent, Waterloo, London, SE1 1PS

  38. Anonymous says:

    jen lacey blackpool social services is a nasty lying girl who steals children on lies, along with jennifer ashcroft the peadofile

  39. theolangsing@yahoo.co.uk says:

    Plymouth city council, has been run by freemasons for years, the court is a private company. Not just child stealing by evil social workers, but stealing properties through fraud………………………..

    One man has lost 20 houses and his business because of the corruption by local judges and solicitors. Curtis White-ford Crocker, solicitors are the worse solicitors in the city. The public need protecting form this firm of solicitors….

    Freemasons behind the corruption, pure evil……

    City council and certain member’s of the police are protecting local criminals and child abusers.

    Labour leader ( T. Evans) was in prison for fraud in wales

    • Many thanks for sharing this and NAMING the ‘solicitors from hell’!

      Even though I had hoped that things might get better rather than worse… But I guess evil still thinks it can go as far as it possibly can…

  40. Kevin says:

    All Solicitors in My Case were like ROGUE TRADERS and they should all be exposed like on Television and followed around with cameras and be questioned about FRAUD.

    They should be ask about what they done and all The Tax Payers money they wasted for doing nothing.

    They are just stealing money in FRAUD and so just like benefit FRAUD they should be made pay it all back and be prosecuted.

    We can only say what these Solicitors acted like and how The Case of almost 2 year’s and such a mess went on.

    We hope not all Solicitor are as bad as these, but it does sound like most do work with L.A.

    We think maybe a few are better and will work for The Parents and Family a bit more and will give better advise and get Parents fighting more and we hope that they do and will lead the way for a better system.

    Whatever one thing is for sure and that’s not having a Solicitor L.A get for you and get one yourself or in fact just run The Case yourself.

    Having A PROFESSIONAL LOSERS Solicitor is not only wasting time and money, but also such injustice and we as Parents are better off without them.

    if everyone did realise this, then The System couldn’t go on and they would have to start making changes.

    The only thing we all can do is expose what they have done and let them know that they can’t keep acting like they do and damage their reputation.

    We can only damage reputation on our experience and what we know and all we do know for sure is all The Solicitors we had were terrible.

    We just hope a few are better and a couple seem better and give better advise, but we didn’t have them on our Case and so we can’t say for sure, but we think they are better and they are not so afraid of L.A so much.

  41. Kevin says:

    My Son is with a Family Member (Cousin). This took 13 Month’s due to The Social Worker’s lies and Corruption and then The Case when on almost 2 Year’s due to Corruption and Cover-up’s.

    The Social Worker could have put My Son with Family Member even before Court Case, but she didn’t even try to look into Family before The Case and then just lied when Case had gone to Court.

    I was the main Carer for My Son, not his Mother and he had to suffer for 2 Year’s and we all had to be suffer and this is the mess Social Services and all these Professional make.

    They don’t help and want to take your Child and adopt and it is all about money and that is abuse to all Children that never needed to be in Care or ever adopted. My Son has had his mind tormented by The Social Worker.

    Once within The Court Case, they are all Crooks and it is more like dealing with The Mafia, then a Child Care Proceedings.

    They are power crazy and out of control with Corruption.

  42. Kevin says:

    I wanted to fright from The very first Court Hearing back I June 2011 and I ask My Solicitor, Martin Davis, Battens, Yeovil, Somerset if he could act for me on this after that first Hearing, but he said no wait and time didn’t matter, but it did matter, as time went by it got worst and worst and ended up going on until March 2013 and My Boy came out of Care a older Child and we all lost out on so much Childhood.

    A Solicitor should tell you all the facts and about “Twin Track” and everything a Parent should know and get you fighting from the start and not just say it doesn’t matter and tell you not to even fight it all from the start and just sit back for Month’s on end doing nothing.

    Month’s going by and i’m asking My Solicitor when he is going to talk out for me and then one day in his office he said, don’t worry as he had know Children even come back even after 2 Year’s and he had got them back after all that time in the passed.

    yet he talked me into wasted Month’s on end doing nothing and not fighting at all and he just turned out to be a Legal Aid Losers.

    My Case did end up going on for almost 2 Year’s, but My Solicitor, Martin Davis was never going to end up getting My Son back at all and we all had to do that in the end and even within The Final Hearing in March 2013 he acted Corrupt and was a Loser over Contact and yet he was in The September 2012 Court Hearing and heard what was said that day and so the whole lot of them are just Money making and acting Corrupt together and none of them really work for The Parent and Child.

    The Child’s Voice never even got heard and none of them cared about what My Son really wanted and they knew he was in torment, but didn’t care and let The Case go on longer just for their own Cover-up’s and nothing to do with My Son or The Case and so money is always available for their Corruption and Cover-up’s within a Court Case.

    • I have yet to hear of a lawyer – on legal aid – who acts in the interest of the child.

      And I also know of a lawyer who was paid £1 million and who didn’t get the boy out of the hands of the abusive father.

  43. Kevin says:

    They are all just Crooks at the end of the day.

    Wrong treatment and mistakes and lies and abuse to both Parents and Child.

    They not only mess with a Parent’s health, but also a Child’s health and that power is way out of control in doing anything to get adoption!!

    Parent’s suffer, Children suffer and it’s all Covered up within closed Family Courts.

  44. Melanie says:

    Happy Christmas to Sabine and we will do all possible in making changes in 2014.

    Thanks for all your hard work along with others that fight for Justice.

    Melanie Humphries X.

  45. Barry stansfield says:

    Tamworth social workers. Natasher chance,olive Deere and Louise chin have committed purjury,false allegations and slander against my family

  46. Pingback: “Name & Shame Social Workers” has hit limit of 5000 comments | wakemanclare

  47. Abused in care. Here is my name and shame:


  48. TERRY says:

    KEVIN BUCK Senior social worker
    BL5 2LS

  49. luke says:


    She preys on vulnerable young mums and tells lies in order to boost adoption targets. Looks like shes got a crack habit gaunt faced and glazed eyes like an alcoholic bitch. Dupes ppl into agreeing to things using scare tactics. Removed children from their mothers care and into their grandmothers care and it was 3weeks before she visited to check living and sleeping arrangements. She will set u up for failure and then reep the rewards the horrible nazi.

  50. luke says:

    Amanda gierat lcc ssd- snatches kids on the basis of hearsay and lies to make u look bad, anything youdo to better yourself goes un-noticed. Beware as she is a horrible crank who needs to do her job properly. Looks like shes on crack and her voice is hoarse like a crack whore

  51. kevin says:

    I still want many answers Myself and as a Dad I got blamed for shouting at all these Professional messing with our life and what Person wouldn’t get angry with such a carry on and yet it is clear within Paperwork that The Foster Carer was shouting at My Son and couldn’t cope at one point and so Social Services ask The Agencies to give her extra support. So it is fine for a Foster Carer to shout, but not a Parent and I am told it is emotional harm and it doesn’t matter when it is a Foster Carer and My point being also that I was shouting at these Professional keeping on and not shouting at My Son. Yet on writing to The Adoption and Foster Agencies back last November I still am waiting and nothing is ever said or done about it all. So much was going on and has gone on and such a mess up and yet no answers and I was the main carer for My Son and lost him and it’s under emotional harm and not working with Professional. Who really would want to work with Professional when they mess your life up in such a way and I think I was correct in trying to keep away from them all and keep them out of our lives. They expect to treat us like this and we are not suppose to get angry and if we do, then something is wrong with us. It wouldn’t be normal not getting upset and angry with these People that just walk all over us and then walk out leaving us all to pick up the pieces.

  52. Kevin says:

    Since My comment above I have been reading up on Justice For Josh who died in Foster Care. My Son has told me much more, which I wrote to The Adoption and Foster Agencies back in November 2013. He said that he was hit over the head one night by The Foster Carers Husband, as he had a nightmare and wrote them both up and so he has told me that she came in shouting at him and then her Husband hit him over the head. Also in the Summer My son did have a lot of Sunburn and so I would take cream and a hat on contact, as he has very fair skin. All in all My Son has told me many things about his time in Care and all that went on and that is why I wrote to complain about The Care he was given from 2011-2012.
    Also Social Services never had any car seats at that time and told me they could get away with this, as within The Law it was alright for them to take Children out without a car seat.
    On top of that My son was suppose to ware insoles in his shoes and I had worked hard on his feet and correction since birth and yet The Foster Carer didn’t put them back into his shoes and so that didn’t help his foot problems and also his teeth were not cared for as before. Then the worst of all was over the toileting problem and I did have a daily routine with My Son, but The Social Worker said that was wrong along with The Foster Carer and just let it all go and so within time My Son’s stomach had swollen so bad that she had to take him to see his Doctor and after that he never was the same with on-going toileting problems that still go on to this day. He has been now having treatment for all this and The Consultant told My Cousin who has taking My Son under Special Guardianship that I had in fact been doing the correct thing from the start in having him in a routine. She told The Consultant what she had been told within The Case and she was desperate to get this problem sorted out and so now she is working along with everything and dealing with it all and really much problems were due to being in Care and its taken time to get My Son back to the happy, healthy boy he once was before such torment of Care Proceedings.
    I feel sick looking at what was done to Josh and how happy and healthy he did look only Months before within the Care of both his own Parents.
    They should bring back hanging for Judge Bromilow!

  53. Kevin says:


  54. Kevin says:

    I know The Story about Jonas Stadden and have spoken to both his Parents who loved their Son so very much. The truth is in this child’s face before being taken into Care and that is a very happy and healthy boy and then how different within Months of being in Foster Care and he died in November 2013.
    Look at the evidence and how healthy Jonas did look when in the Care of his own Parents and they were so concerned about his Care and yet no notice was taken and they lost their Son due to lack of Care while under SOMERSET COUNTY COUNCIL.

  55. Melanie says:

    Yes it is so terrible what happen to these Parents and their Child Jonas Stadden dying in Foster Care. We are all behind them and their fight for answers and justice, as this shouldn’t have ever happened and Jonas could still be alive and well, happy and healthy if he was still with his Parents or if Social Services and The Foster Carer had taken notice and giving him help and care needed in those last few days, as no one should have let a Child go on looking so unwell and doing nothing at all and his own Parents were the only ones that really wanted to get their Son the help he needed and give him that fighting chance to live on.

  56. valerie says:

    On Google it states comments regarding name and shame a blackpool social worker called jen lacy she is involved with my children and I would love to know more
    Thank you

  57. Melanie says:

    I would like to let everyone know THAT I AM NOT ON FACEBOOK ANYMORE. I had another call about concern and what has been going on with Facebook and My Name, Melanie Humphries. I had just one Account and when I heard about all this, I in fact did close it down, so please all My Friends and anyone don’t try to contact me by Facebook or email and only by phone and in Person for genuine Parents who have suffered due to The Corrupt Care System.

  58. Melanie says:

    I have been away a few days and now found out everything about My health, as I can only find peace when I know facts and i’m not having My health messed about anymore. It all does make sense now what has been going on and we really can’t trust The whole system to give us correct answers and without correct answers, you really then can’t get correct help or even help yourself and that’s terrible when our health is at risk. I should have found it all out a few Years ago, but I never expected so many Cover-up’s to be going on within My life and always trusted. Now I don’t trust anyone and sadly that’s the only way forward.

  59. Melanie says:

    When I was away looking after My health and drinking lots of water and eating healthy and walking, I sat for a while and was watching many families around me eating. Diet and excise are very important, but I couldn’t help thinking what if a Child was in Foster Care or adopted and so they were not living with their Parents and had a different way of living and a different diet, but yet had the same sort of illness as a Parent and so it couldn’t then be down to food, excise and living conditions so much, but more due to either Genetics or Chemicals. I know for sure many Parents are getting blamed for their Children and having them adopted and really it is Birth-defects and Medical Conditions and in the Genes and so without even being together a Parent and Child could suffer that very same disorder. Of course many Parents will never know, as they get adopted when really it should have never happen in the first place and wasn’t ever anything to do with Parenting. I suppose the only way to be sure would be if they had a Parent and Child with same systems and ran lots of tests on them both over time, but I very much doubt any Parents would ever be told after adoption and this is why The Child Care System is so wrong, as when in Care they find out everything and still blame Parenting and you never get truth or answers. But all I know for sure is much Corruption and Cover-up’s have been going on for many Parents who should have never lost their Kids and really it was all Genetics or lack of Care while in The Child Care System, which in fact made the condition much worst in the first place.

  60. Melanie says:

    The Telegraph, Jeremy Hunt, The Health Secretary. I think you should put a red flag over Mr Paul Foster (Consultant Urologist), Yeovil Hospital and while you at it just in fact put a red flag over Yeovil Hospital. I am sick of all this now and the terrible way I have been treated the last few Years and the terrible way I am now being treated since being so ill in Intensive Care with Sepsis in April 2014. On My return to Yeovil Hospital in May it was most horrible and not at all like when I was in fact in Intensive Care and on Ward 9B. I go back in under Mr Foster for My Kidney Stone to be removed and My experience was upsetting and ever since I have had to just carry on knowing that I am not being treated correct.
    I have very high white blood cell count and the fact is they all know this, but decided to cover it all up on My return to Yeovil Hospital in May 2014. First of all when I went into The Kington Wing it was alright and The Nurse gave me a test which came up as a Protein water infection and I had all ready been told this just the day before by My GP, Dr Horsey. She gave me Medication, antibiotics and said start them that day and then take the rest into Hospital for My operation the very next day. The water infection was picked up yet again before this at My pre-operation appointment and that is why I came home concerns and rang Mr Fosters Secretary and told her and due to this I got a phone call the very next Morning, saying I could now have My operation that Friday instead of waiting until the 20 June.
    Yet after Mr. Foster came on the Ward and then did that operation none of the Staff wanted to ever talk about any water infection again and didn’t want to give me those antibiotic’s within My lock-up draw and then I was told by a Nurse that Mr. Foster had in fact given me a very large dose of antibiotic’s when he was doing the operation and so I didn’t need to also take the others by mouth.
    Now I am really sick of all this carry on now with Yeovil Hospital and even My GP, Dr. Horsey, Yeovil Health Centre, Boots. I get a phone call from My GP, saying now that she is happy to see me with any new complaints, but let The Hospital deal now with what is going on and has been going on for Years. Then I have Yeovil Hospital acting the way they did on My return to Hospital for that operation and the way they have been acting ever since.
    Now I am told I have not only had protein problems before and that is why I did suffer from so many water infection readings and due to My Kidneys not working correct and I did end up in Intensive Care with Sepsis due to Kidney Stones, but I also know that I am suffering a very high white blood count and this has been also going on all the time and they knew about it and have been covering it up when I was in Yeovil Hospital having My operation in May and since then My GP, Dr. Horsey does know and that is why she rang me, saying she would now see me with any new complaints and nobody wants to take any blood tests or water tests as before.
    I know My high white blood cell count is within My urine and I know all these tests have been done and they all know I am still suffering from this infection and yet just letting me go on day in and day out without telling me or helping me in any way and I have been told they are all putting me in danger yet again of getting very ill or even going down with sepsis again.
    I write to Mr. Foster (Urologist) and put all My concerns in writing of how he and everyone was acting on My return to Yeovil Hospital and how much anxiety this all gave me and the fact he never spoke to me afterwards at all about the operation and when I had to go the next day The Nurse wouldn’t let me see a Doctor, saying Dr. Daz shouldn’t have told me Mr. Parker would be visiting me Saturday, as he wasn’t at work and I couldn’t see any other Doctor either and I had to just leave.
    The discharge Papers were written by Dr. Daz the day before, as he doesn’t work at Weekends.
    Nothing at all was written by Mr. Foster and that is why I rang asking his Secretary and in the end wrote him a letter. I wrote about all that went on over me getting a Protein water infection reading and about those antibiotic and the fact I could see or talk to anyone and that I was told to leave before Pharmacy came down with any Medication and so on. Mr. Foster does at last write back and contact me, but in fact just does write about the operation and saying I may not need anymore treatment in the short term. However not a word at all about infections and what I had written about. Then I get My GP now ringing and not saying anything since she has now been dealing with Yeovil Hospital about infections. Yet not only did I go in with a Protein water infection reading and antibiotics, but I also had a very high white blood urine count and I have had a very high while blood urine count all the time and ever since I went into Yeovil Hospital in May 2014 and everyone has decided not to talk about it at all and not to mention it and not to write about it all and just act so odd when I was in fact in Hospital.
    So what I want to know is am I just suppose to go on living with infections all the time and nobody say anything about it within The N.H.S and just cover it all up, as it has been done so far or what. Then Dr. Foster goes and writes me this letter and has sent a copy to My old GP, Dr. Latimer and someone called Linda Hann. PALS. However I have not been with Dr. Latimer for well over a Year and then had been dealing with My GP now who is Dr. Horsey.
    Now I just want to know what the problem is here with telling a Patient the truth and acting in the correct way without Corruption and Cover-up’s all the time, as are we just waiting for time until I am at last told or waiting until as I have been told, that I may just go down very ill again or is their nothing that can be done for me and antibiotic are not going to work anymore. When I did leave Intensive Care in April 2014, I was in fact told I would be having that operation within about 4 Weeks and fitted with a stent and I know I couldn’t after that get booked in until the 20 June 2014 and within just over 6 Weeks by infections all started coming back and that is why I rang Mr. Foster’s Secretary and then I got in within a couple of days and had My operation. Yet it was the most odd experience and I had to leave not knowing if I had any infections since or not and nothing said about it since and nobody wants to talk about it or write about infections and yet I know that it’s not Protein that is in fact so bad now, but the white blood cells are so high and none of you have ever even told me and that is why I am still in pain and yet again have that pain in My groin of which I first went to see My old GP, Dr. Latimer about way back in March 2011.
    Now Dr. Latimer, Hendford Lodge Medical Centre, Yeovil could have done in looking into all this Years ago before I ever ended up with Sepsis and I could have had more looked into about finding out about My pain and problems I was always on about until I ended up in Intensive Care in April 2014, but that is not the point here now and it’s not all about Covering up, but instead trying to in fact look into My health now and stop messing about and playing anymore games with My health and these infections, as I have had enough now of the N.H.S.
    So I have booked a blood test and will be seeing My GP, Dr. Hosley next Week and will be sorting this all out once and for all and we will be talking about it, as I have started looking into it all Private at the Weekend and told it should be being looked into and I have been here before within My Mental Health and being messed about and now I am not taking anymore and not going on day in and day out like this until I drop down again with such a bad infection out of control yet again.
    Why do I always have to end up going private just to get truth and answers and sitting here with nobody in The N.H.S wanting now to ever talk about infections, when they all know very well I still have high white urine blood cell count and have been testing it all long enough now!!
    This sort of carry on has to stop and I can very well see how Patient do died, be it Adults or Children and it’s just all covered-up, however My details have been taken and I have been told I should be getting help over this and not just trying to make out I never got any other infection again since being on Intensive Care back in April 2014 with sepsis and also trying to cover up I in fact had been suffering from high white blood cells for Year’s and it was all found out within all those urine tests.
    I was going to carry on with My Private tests and see how different it all was to what would be going on within The N.H.S and with Yeovil Hospital and My GP now Dr. Hosley, but what in fact should I have to first of all keep getting into debt to sort My won health after so much messing about for Years and second why should I just go on day in and day out suffering and messing around and putting My life at risk just because you yet again only care about Cover-up’s!!
    So i’m sorting this out and I am going to be treated correct and fair from now onwards and I am not having anymore of all this nonsense and leaving me in pain and still with groin pain Years on, as when I was in Intensive Care that pain did go away with so much antibiotics and yet came back just before My Kidney operation and then you as I was told injected lots again into me while under operation and so it went away again just for a very short while and then came back again and this is all due to the fact I still have high white blood cells and infections within My kidney and bladder and so i’m not taking this anymore, as you all know what is really going on and that is why I got so upset on knowing Mr. Foster has been acting in just Covering-up and so putting My life at risk and I just wonder now how many more lives are being put at risk at Yeovil Hospital for the sake of cover-up’s!!
    So yes come on Mr. Jeremy Hunt do that better job and the red flag, as just maybe then all these Consultants and Doctors will in fact just do a good job themselves, instead of spending so much time working out how to cover for all the mistakes that has been made before they ever came along.
    Corruption and Cover-up’s are going on within the whole System and I have had more then enough of My fair share and if anyone is making me unwell and very anxious, it is in fact The System and not getting fair and honest care and treatment once their have already messed our health up and really they should try and do all possible instead of just waiting around for the next 999 call!!

    • Melanie says:

      Also if My GP I have now is reading this, I will also bring a water test as well and so we can look at My blood and water and also look at tests that came back from Yeovil Hospital before. Please allow more then 5 Minutes for My appointment, as I have health problems to talk about and i’m not just waiting around for another Hospital appointment and risk My life with such Professional anymore, like Mr. Foster and that terrible way I was treated in Hospital when having My operation in May 2014 and just because he wanted to Cover himself for waiting longer then 4 Weeks in doing My operation and Cover others as well and then due to infection, it was done in a rush and its discussing what has been done to me and what you would all do just to Cover-up!!

      • Melanie says:

        I am seeing My GP, Dr. Horsley next Week, but contacted them to have all My tests today and then ready to talk with My Doctor next Week. They were now happy to do this and even had a bottle ready for me for My test with My name and details already written on it and so that was really good of them, as I only booked a blood test with them and only put about having a urine test as well on this site and so maybe many do all read our comments.

    • Melanie says:

      I have just rang Mr. Foster (Urologist) Secretary, saying I have had a few copies of letters that went to My GP, Dr. Horsley and about Procedure and all for My notes. However Dr. Foster has a problem with not understanding that I should have a copy of his letter as well that he send to Dr. Horsley after My operation in May 2014. Yet after keeping on to him and asking for this and then writing to him, all I got was a copy of a letter which he send to My old GP, Dr. Latimer and Mr. Parker who is going to see me next time in Yeovil Hospital and someone called, Linda Hann, PALS. His problem is he just doesn’t know how to do things correct, as all ever wanted was a copy of the letter that he had to have sent to My GP, Dr. Horsley now and the one that would be in My Medical Notes. Dr. Latimer was taken off The System in Yeovil Hospital back in April 2014 and everyone other then him has just send me a copy of what they did and a copy of a letter that goes to My GP who I am with now.
      They are trying to make out it is My problem for keeping on, but fact is its his problem, as all the other Doctors and Consultants can understand how to do this accept from him and when I never saw or heard from him ever again, of course I wanted some details and even now he can’t seem to give me a letter or report which he had to have done and forwarded to My GP and really this letter to Dr. Latimer just goes on about nothing and I just want the real copy that is in My Medical Notes and with My GP now. So I have had to yet ask again and so really all My stress has been down to him not wanting to do this and it was clear he never wanted to put anything in writing back when I had My operation and that’s why I never saw him or heard from him again. So I am now giving him a last chance to just get on and just do his job.
      It does since a real problem getting details from Mr. Foster (Urologist) and it was just like being within The Care Proceeding again in dealing with his Secretary. I had this before within My Mental health and the Case and its all very simple why I am ever just asking for and yet for some reason it is them who are making such a fuss over doing it. I would be interest in hearing from any others who have been messed about now in Yeovil Hospital and maybe had Mr. Foster, as maybe there had no trouble getting their copy of letter to GP.
      Someone said to me that all these Experts, Psychiatrist, Consultants, Doctors and Professional have been a joke that I have been dealing with since 2011, but its not that funning when its My health being messed with just for Cover-up’s. It is clear I am not the only one that this goes on with, but more that talk out bring such a carry on to light.

      • Melanie says:

        When I think about The Care Case and The Experts and My own N.H.S Psychiatrist, I did realise in the end that the reports and letters we were being send were in fact just rubbish and the true information was in fact on The System. That is why I visited My GP, Dr. Latimer after I did discharge Myself from The Mental Health System. Going to see her from April 2012 until November 2012 and knowing she had all those rubbish reports and that report from Dr. Mann and that De-Westaway would have contacted her. Knowing that The Case had been contacting her. Knowing she was working in Corruption with The Case and covering Dr. Mann and De-Westaway, Summerlands Hospital. Knowing she was covering about My Mental Health and My Son’s health and knowing she was sitting there, knowing all the rubbish that had been writing for The Case, but in fact would know the truth and would have truth on The System and all this Paperwork we get is just rubbish. This is why I recorded all My appoinments with Dr. Latimer for over 6 Months. I went to see her about My health Problems, but knowing really what was going on and then decided to tell her in November 2012 and said I was now going to leave her and get another Doctor. I did believe this carry on was due to the fact I was within a Case and Care Proceedings and so all this Corruption was going on, but now I find with Yeovil hospital and My Doctors now they are still doing it and not being honest about our Health problems and again, not writing facts and what we as Patients should have Humane Right to know.

        • Melanie says:

          This is how all also did realise on My complaint about Dr. Mann that their Boss within The N.H.S, Partnership for Mental Health was Covering-up. All he has to do was look on The System, but instead he went on writing such rubbish about My reports and that is was alright for Dr. Mann to use a 1992 book and so on. That just does give it all away when their Bosses Cover for them and you have recorded the whole farce with your Psychiatrist on that day and know 100% within doubt what really when on and can prove it all.

          • Melanie says:

            That is the reason why I never complaint now after dealing with Edward Colgan, Chief Executive of The Somerset Partnership N.H.S, as all he did was Cover-up for Dr. Mann and I can prove all that went on with Dr. Mann and De-Westaway and again much is to do with Paperwork, but most of all it is to do with all My recordings, as I had worked out a few Months before even having My appointment with Dr. Mann what was going on and so as well as recording him that day, I also recorded De-Westaway for almost 3 Months before April 2012. So Edward Colgan should have never Cover-up as he did and that gave much away.

            • Melanie says:

              I came to realise that within The Government and within The Child Social Services and within The System, we never get treated correct and never get truth or answer when in The Care Proceedings. It took me Months to find this out and I was so tired trying to Complain and trying to get My voice heard and then we realise all we have been doing is wasting our time and making ourselves feel tired and unwell. This is why I never Complain now and just expose instead, as I don’t want to ever waste so much time like that and get nowhere ever again. I wasted so much time within The child Care System and so much time with The Mental Health system and never got answers and was treated worst then a dog!! So now never again will I waste My time and I am not going on yet again messing about for another 2 or 3 Years with such a farce and so now demand answers.

      • Melanie says:

        Fact is I had no dealings with Intensive Care or 9B after leaving Yeovil Hospital and that is due to fact that these two Wards never gave me any Stress at all and I was worried about what I found out about My health and why I ended up in such a bad way yes, but My Care on Intensive Care and 9B was good and correct and that’s the does make a big, big different and goes to show that when I am treated correct and with respect, then I act back correct and with respect and so that in itself does prove that with The correct Professionals I am find and so it is down to all The Corrupt Professionals who Cover-up that in fact make me unwell in the first place!!!
        So well done to Intensive Care and good Care you gave me, but its a shame we have to end up in that state just over Kidneys Stones not being picked up before when in pain for over 3 Years!!

        • Melanie says:

          I had a Lady come and visit me on Ward 9B and ask me about My Care in Intensive Care and I told her it was in fact very good and I was pleased to say how well I had been looked after by The life saving team on that Ward. Then on leaving 9B, I in fact was ask how I found that Ward and ask if I would take part in a few questions and I was happy to do that and gave them top marks for almost everything, apart from the food. I was honest and got on so well with all Staff and wasn’t stress-out on leaving. Yet when over Mr. Foster and on The Kington Wing and told to just leave without seeing a Doctor and such bad treatment with Dr. Foster and everyone on that Ward, they never ask me then to answer a few questions or what My Care was like and that because it was terrible and tormenting and I wasn’t giving any details at all after My operation by Mr. Foster or anyone and in Years of being in and out of Yeovil Hospital, I have never experience that and always have a Doctor talking to me or someone telling me what went on, but instead I had Nurses acting odd and then one Nurse saying something is not right what is going on and then such a carry on and wanting me out as if I had some infection that could be passed on to other Patients or something and yet nothing was talked about or written about infections and so all in all that sort of carry on would upset anyone with Mental health problems or not and its down to Professionals at the end of the day and some are very good and some are very Corrupt and bad and most of the time I have been very unlucky and so within My Care Proceedings, I in fact had one of The worst Social Workers and Professionals and same goes on My return to Yeovil Hospital under Mr. Foster.
          Its all about being treated correct, fair and with respect in life and I very much treat People in the same way as they treat me in life.

  61. Melanie says:

    I would also like to add that if we as Patient had in fact had early care and treatment on our health concerns, then we wouldn’t in fact end up having so much treatment in Hospital and so much follow-up Care and so getting and sorting things out more early is the key and that can’t be blamed on a Patient if they have been keeping on for Years about their health problems. As far as I am concerns, I just may as well had never had a Doctor in the first place, as I couldn’t have ended up any worst if I didn’t see one before going into Intensive Care. So I just wasted 3 Year’s keeping on for nothing about My health concerns and being told nothing was ever wrong with me before April 2014.

  62. Melanie says:

    Also when I went for My x-ray after My operation, she said to me that they wanted to check that they got My stone all away and she said if everyone took more time and care and did a better job in the first place, then we wouldn’t have so much of all this going on. I ask her about My x-ray taken on My first visit to A&E when they sent me home and so she looked it all up for me and told me I had in fact had a x-ray and they should have picked up My Kidney Stones, but they didn’t and she said that was because she takes more time doing it and has a Patients lying down and in A&E, they just do it in the chair to make it as quickly as possible and get you in and out and that is why so many mistakes get made. So within all the Cover-up’s going on and what was going on within that Ward and My operation and infections, we will always find a couple genuine Staff, that are not at all happy with what is going on within our Hospital now and that is the same within The whole System, in that a few don’t like what is going on and don’t go along with such Corruption and Cover-up’s and all this carry on is not in all fair on those good, genuine Staff that really are in all this to try and do the best job possible and really Care and so give praise and a green flag to Consultants, Doctors and Professional who really deserve that a red flag to all the others that don’t and maybe they will act better in the future, as the second time I went back into A&E, which was 6 days later, they were much better then the time before and as Intensive Care was good, but as for Mr. Foster, well I don’t rate him much at all or anything that went on within My return to Yeovil Hospital.
    We should be making process within our Country, but everything has gone backwards and more cuts and less time, leads to more mistakes and more mistakes leads to Corruption and Cover-up’s and it’s as simple as that and so you need to put do more and make it better.

    • Melanie says:

      I also had just one Nurse on The Ward that did think it was all very odd and she was the only one out of them all and she was trying to find out what was going on. She went out trying to look at My notes and x-ray they took the night before at 7.00 pm. Yet all over Nurses on that Kington Wing were going along with it all and were so different after Mr. Foster came on that Ward and spoke to them on that Morning I had My operation and all that Cover-up was about was infections and then wanting me in and out as quickly as possible and not seeing any other Doctor on discharge. It was this one Nurse, that told me what a large dose was injected into me when I had My operation and yet we would think a Consultant or another Doctor would in fact tell us what they have been injecting into our bodies, while we are out of it and putting all are trust in them.

  63. Melanie says:

    Same goes for Child Social Workers, in that some do their training and really go into that job thinking they will be helping Parents and Kids and then when they find out what is really going on, they can’t take it and are so genuine that they have to leave and only the real Corrupt Social Workers can stay on and it is so unfair in someone who spend time training for a job and gets that job to then find out what is going on and that they are in fact not at all helping Families and Children.
    Everything is so much worst, as My I have spoken to Social Workers, that worked within Child Care here in Britain many Years ago and even they can’t believe just how terrible are Child Care System is now and how Families and Kids get no help and no money spend on them and instead it’s all now going on Solicitors and Experts.

  64. Melanie says:

    A Man came to visit me the other day and he has worked all his life in a good job until 57 and now gone down really ill with MS. He said just like me that he never had smoked or taken drugs and he didn’t drink much and he did feel bitter that he had worked all the time until now and when going to his Doctor he was told about a really good Medication for MS and it may help him, but it did cost £25,000 per Year and what will all these cut wasn’t sure he could get it, but was going to give it a very good try. I said what is £25,000 if you have a better life, as they spend £25,000 just within a couple Months on one Professional Loser Solicitor within My Care Proceedings. I wrote to David Cameron and told him about all that money wasting and going on for 2 Years and all because they wouldn’t let go for so long and then got involved in so much Corruption and so had to waste thousands and thousands on Corruption and Cover-up’s and David Cameron didn’t seem to care that much about money at that time and so we can’t have so many cuts and money important one minute and thousands and thousands wasted the next and these Social Workers just getting away with such a farce and money wasting and Professional Loser Solicitors and Experts writing rubbish for more thousands. Like he said, he had worked and that poor bloke has lose his life almost.

  65. Melanie says:

    He told me all about his life and health and I told him all about My life and health and money wasting and The Government and many things, as People get bitter on knowing cuts are going on and then find out just what money was wasted on My Child Care Proceedings and like I tell them all, I did put family forward after just 5/6 Months and The Social Worker said Cousins didn’t count and then My Case went on almost 2 Years just because of all their stupid Corruption and Cover-up’s. So they wasted all that money just to put in their own pockets and doing no good at all for My Son and in fact just a lot of damage. Some People have to work hard for their money and not get thousands just for sitting down writing rubbish and making a farce of our Law.

  66. Melanie says:

    My hair is starting to fall out now, but that doesn’t matter and if a few more die it doesn’t really matter and if People have no benefits to live on and so poor they kill themselves it doesn’t really matter and if just so many Kids die in Care, then it doesn’t really matter, but fact is we all matter to someone and one day that Person or Child that didn’t really matter could be your relative and someone you love or your Child and then it does matter and everyone should get fair treatment and every Kids should have a voice in Care.

  67. Melanie says:

    I would say to anyone within a Case or after a Case to just get away for a while and take a break from home and what is going on around you. Go and meet other People and look into things, but at the same time try and get some fresh air and clear that mind and think it all out. If you can afford a Hotel or anything, then maybe friends who help put you up and that could be Parents within these Cases or others friends or even some old School friend from Years ago.
    We all need someone and when life is against you and it going on and on and your not getting answers and you are suffering, its good to talk in Person and be yourself and let everything out and cry and have a cuddle and get determined to stay strong and get answers and fight such injustices.
    The Seaside is good with lots of fresh air and walking and deep breathing and going to somewhere with a happy memory, as that will help with feeling a bit better. That’s why I visit West Bay, Dorset or stay sometime, as I have a happy memory of My passed there and so I get away from Yeovil, Somerset.
    Many Seaside places are nice, but its just getting what works for a Person. I went to Cheddar for a few days and was with My friend Amy Lillian Johnson and she can be found online, Amy Lillian – Uniting Parents. Parents can look her Story up online.
    While away I also took time out for My own wellbeing and went for walks and met a few People.
    Cheddar is very small, but Western Super Mare is not far away and that was nice and anywhere is better for me now then Yeovil, Somerset and I am sure that is the same way many People and Parents feel when they have suffered such Injustice and so that is why it is so important to just get away even for a day, but a few days or a Week or more is even better.
    I have booked 2 Weeks away for Myself somewhere later in the Year and I am positive in that 2 Weeks will be helpful for me.
    Even in dark despair, never give up and stay positive and I have My faith and so I am going to get better and GOD is My Judge and not Corrupt Judge Bromilow and so I stand by truth and have no fear whatever does happen to me.

  68. Melanie says:

    I can’t live on My own at the moment and feel I need someone to live with and so My Church has offered me a home and My Church friend said I could stay with her for a while. My Son’s Dad has offered me a home for now as well, living just as friends. I have been thinking about it all and due to My health and everything and not wanting to now live all on My own I have decided to move back in with My Son’s Dad.
    Being the honest person I am and not wanting to be ever done for FRAUD, I decided I had to tell benefits. So I have told benefits that I am not living at My house now and since being taken so ill in Intensive Care and I have given the date I moved out My house and in with My Son’s Dad and so now all My money will stop!
    She was very nice to me and I told her much of all that had been going on and how I couldn’t stay in My house on My own anymore now what with The Care Proceedings and now Intensive Care and I had decided to move out and My only hope was My Church or My ex-partner, as I had no family at all and so she took down all details.
    She was honest with me in that by moving out, I may now not get any benefits, even as ill as I am, due to the fact I have a house. She ask me if I could sell My house and then I suppose I could just live on that until it was all gone and I had nothing.
    I told her that I have no Mortgage to worry about, but took a debt at due to The Care Proceedings. I said I would sell My house and did try, but I can’t deal with Estate Agents and Solicitors now and so won’t be selling this Year.
    So My money will now all be stopped and I have to pay back that £10,000 The Corrupt Care Proceedings cost.
    However if I stayed in My house, then I at the moment was still getting benefits and as many told me just live with someone and don’t tell them and carry on the same and they won’t find out.
    But no I don’t want to act like all these within The Case and do FRAUD, as well as the fact its not me, but not only that if they found out what trouble I would be in for calming and yet not living at My Address anymore.
    Yet all these Professional get away with FRAUD and most are not at all honest.
    They can stuff their money, as nothing is for nothing in this life and I had to pay a very high price for being on benefits and being in The Mental Health System for Years and on all that rubbish Medication.
    This is how we all get treated for asking for help and being honest in life, but like My Grandad said, never do anything wrong in life and we never need to fear that knock on our door and I did believe this until these Care Proceedings and them running around with a Gagging Order banning My door and treating me worst then a terrible Criminal!!!
    Part of me feels no respect now at all for The Law and why not just not care anymore and forget being honest and I really think about that and even did over this with me moving out, but then again I don’t want to ever come down to their level, as I realise now its not People on benefits that are the lowest of the low, but in fact these so called Professional and The Government want to start looking into all them and where the real money is going, instead of picking on some poor Person that is disable and unwell on benefits.
    I will keep on being honest, as I don’t sell My soul for money like within these Cases and I am ill and should get money, but I will find away without them and I will get better and I will get by some how, but I will never forget and so now I am free from The System and can live and go and do what I want in life, but really its a great shame its too late in the life I was leading for Years has messed My health up and so maybe I should have got out of it all Years ago instead of now, as we do pay with our lives and nothing is really free and if David Cameron does think it is such a wonderful life on benefits, then maybe he would like to chance places with someone for a while, but for now due to me telling them i’m moving out, he can now have another benefit claim of his list and that will give them a bit more money to spend on Corruption instead, as we just live in a Corrupt Country with a Corrupt Government!!
    The worst Child Care System and a Country falling apart and this is Britain in 2014!!!
    Let’s just hope another Government gets in for 2015, as this Government is just for Rich and Corrupt and it does show everywhere we go now since David Cameron became Prime Minister.

    • Melanie says:

      It is just so crazy now went due to My health, I have moved back in with My Sons Dad’s as friends and I am sleeping in My Son’s bedroom!! I go to bed at night and look around and think My Son is living with Family Member and here I am back here living and now I have his old bedroom!!! What’s was it all about I ask Myself and its a Professional Mess and lack of Communication and understanding that we all have to suffer for and the fact that I really trusted far too much in life and have had so much to learn in these last few Years. I close My eyes and wish I could wake up and none of it all ever happen and My Son comes running in and jumping on the bed for a cuddle. But in real life nothing can go back as it was before and we never got the correct help and I wish I in fact never ask for help, but I never knew such crazy things went on in life!!
      Thank GOD My Son is now safe and happy with Family Member, but what a price to pay for a mistake in life, such as just asking for help!!

    • Melanie says:

      As I feel too unwell to live on My own now after having My health mess up, then maybe due to being so short on houses, they would like to rent My house out and then they could pay off that £10,000 debt for me which I took out against My house and The Corrupt Care Case ended up costing me!!!
      My Grandad did buy me that house and I am going to pass that house or if I ever had another house on to My Son and so I won’t be selling it and living on that money until I have nothing at all and then could end up having to leave here and homeless and also may have health problems after suffering Sepsis.
      The System messed My life up or in fact I let The System mess My life up and I should have woke up many Years ago, but as I didn’t, then I just have to try My best to move forward in time and I won’t give up My fight for Justice.

      • Melanie says:

        I have let My house now with a letting Agent and that money will be going direct into paying off that £10,000 debt against My house, which The Corrupt Care Proceedings cost me. My house went on day one, as its so nice and they can say rubbish like I had a low IQ, but My Grandad always told me a had a very good Business head on me from very young and i hate any debt and most important i pay that off and also My Son will still get his Pocket Money Monthly, as i am told he gets very excited about it and couldn’t let him down now.

    • Melanie says:

      I got now a letter from Benefits, but I not even going to open it and I have not been to the Bank to see what is going on, as I just don’t care anymore I if its stopped for good or I can claim again in My new address or whatever, as I am sick with the whole System and so I don’t want to beg for their money either and due to getting that money if I do again, then sale My life yet again and I had Benefits for Years and its not worth losing Your life for and giving up as I was encourage to do for Years on end. If they had carried it on all just cut it back due to moving out, then it would have been just going along for now, but as I was told that’s not how it works anymore since David Cameron made changes and we now on any changes have to fill a whole form out yet again and write everything down about just how ill we are and then as I got a house anyway I may get it or not and so on and i’m just sick of everything and its so bad that I don’t even want to even try for money anymore.
      I just want out and that The whole System and so I have to be involved for My health, but as for Mental health and Child System and Benefits, well its over and as soon as I get My health together I want to live The Country and be free and so i’m not keeping in with them for Benefits as its a Benefit trap that I wish I never got into in the first place and now I am ill and should have money, but can’t stand The System anymore and won’t be filling in any forms, only Paperwork to get into another Country.

      • Melanie says:

        What I did instead was take another £10,000 from My house before renting it out and so now have £20,000 debt again it what with £10,000 that The Correct Case cost me. £20,000 is Max on My house and so can’t take anymore now, but it has been keeping me going and washing lots away on trying to sort out My health and getting taking in yet again, but I have realise now what really does go on and You don’t even have to be in a Care Proceedings Case and so I found out a lot by it all.
        Now I know and won’t waste anymore money on a System that all works together and nothing is Private and I even did realise at then time in all cases after a while and so that was just making me more stressed out. Trouble is nobody can pull the wool over My eyes anymore and that’s why I have to stop trying to find help here in Britain.
        I realise the only People that I can really trust and can get that for a lot less money or nothing at all.
        Now I have decided to leave Britain, then its not so bad not seeing so many Private People, as I don’t have the worry of these System for Years on end and will get truth one day anyway now if they don’t give me it here soon.
        I still got some money and go away for 2 Weeks in August and that will do me a lot of good anyway and then come back less stressed and start again.
        I’m away from August 2-16 and looking after Myself.

  69. Melanie says:

    I think what I will do is help with Study, as some People want to know what life is like after Sepsis and that will help others. They are interested in how long People go on to live and what health Problems we get afterwards and over the Years and how fit or not we ever are again and so on. I like to help other People and I don’t mind being used for Study for doing something good. That is why I wanted Parents to understand about Social Services and The Care Proceedings and don’t ask for help and all about “Twin Tracked”, as we don’t get told until its almost too late and only by Study can we see a link going on and how things could be improved.
    I was ask to take part in a Study Years ago with something to do with Mental health, but I told them at Summerlands Hospital at that time and they didn’t want me doing it and said that I shouldn’t be involved when I was within The N.H.S Mental health, and so I cancelled taking a part in it all. However I am free now and so I could be used for Study within Sepsis.
    I already have someone who is going to help me with diet and is interested in all this and I hope I can be some help and use My suffering for some good in life and not suffered all for nothing and that is what does drive me on, as we need to all learn from what can happen to us and stop it all and early on it best within everything.
    Such small thing can get all out of control and when we first ask Social Services for help, it start off so small and then gets bigger and bigger and that the same with health problems and so it is about not getting the correct help early on and also about learning from that and so much could be stopped with that knowledge.
    We all wish we could turn the clock back, but that’s impossible and so life goes on and we can hope for the future.

  70. Melanie says:

    Someone rang me up about her Cat and said she is living in a Flat and had a letter about animals and she is so upset, as she couldn’t live without her Cat. She said that she had spoken to someone and they said it would be against her Human Rights to ever take her Cat away just because she is living in a Flat and she then ask me if she should contact David Law, MP. I told her they don’t even care about Kids and so i wouldn’t waste time going to see him about a Cat!! I understand she does love her Cat very much, but we have no Humane Rights in our Country.

    • Melanie says:

      She ask me if I knew anyone who loved Cats and I said yes, John Hemming, MP, but he has enough going on at the moment with Justice For Families and Children. Anyway I am going to visit her soon and take a friend around who will tell her that her Cat won’t be just taken away and its only Kids they take away for no reason. Only Family Courts can be so cruel.

  71. Melanie says:

    I get phone calls all the time and so many People and Parents so upset and broken for one reason or another and i go into Yeovil Town and People and Parents are all talking and all i can see is a very big gap now between rich and poor and more like the old days and i found life was better a few Years ago, because the gap closed a bit and we were more treated all the same and now its gone backwards into really rich and really poor and the different between a good life and a horrible life and so much more suffering. Someone came along and said to us all, don’t worry about David Cameron getting in next Year, as someone is going to shoot him before then anyway and i know some People hate him and talk this way, but they don’t have to get that angry and all they need to do is just not vote for him next Year instead. I don’t say things like that and i don’t hit anyone or shout, but i just am very outspoken and tell them what i think about them and if we don’t want someone, then just don’t vote for them.

    • Melanie says:

      But also just not voting for then is not enough and if anyone feels that they want someone, then get out and vote for them. We need Humane Rights and we need a voice and without that more and more poor will suffer and are lives be taken over and we won’t have any say or rights in fighting back over such Corruption, Cover-up’s and Injustices.

      • Melanie says:

        I know that I have been done over and so do many other Parents and its got to the point with me, that I can just tell very quickly and when I get a letter I now only have to read the first line and realise its Covering-up. Things are only written that they want written and Paperwork does go missing and its all done to Cover-up, but after a while we just read between the lines and work out what is going on and they can’t stop one started and so they will just find another way around trying to take us all in and even more Professional get involved.
        The only real answer is recordings. I only did recordings due to Child Care Case and My Mental Health and all that was going on. I got most of them in the end, but due to the fact I discharged Myself from The Mental Health System, I was only then dealing with My GP, Dr. Latimer at that time and so from April 2012 until November 2012 I was recording all My appointments, but at that time I never knew that I was going to end up so ill and have Kidney Stones and Sepsis and was only doing it for My Mental Health and now I realise just how important recording are and we never know what is going to happen in life.

  72. Melanie says:

    Many People I am talking with want Labour or Ukip or both together in Power.

  73. kath c says:

    I going to name and shame them thay work in Caernarfon and are called lynne jones who was now evans sionedd jones and Melvin panther and kathine holmes all work on there lies thay are corrupt

  74. Melanie says:

    I have been looking up who this Linda Hann , PALS is and she is N.H.S complaints. I never contacted her, as I don’t do complaints about Professional anymore and just tell them what I think about it all and then if they don’t get any better I expose. I don’t complaint due to it has never got me anywhere in the passed within this System and that is why I never did anything this time, as Mr. Foster knew how upset I was only all this and I rang his Secretary many times.
    They never told me anything and I only notice her name on his letter and I expect he only wrote that letter to try and cover-up, as it was nothing about what I had written to him about in the first place and all I ever wanted in the first place was for him to tell me what went on within My operation and how he found My Kidneys and everything and just to send a copy of letter that he wrote on My health to My GP on to me and it was all very simple and yet it was him that has made such a fuss over it all, as he just didn’t want to give me answers at all.
    I have a right to get answers about My health and not Cover-up’s.
    Its was alright in Intensive Care and I had good Care in there, but it was Mr. Foster and all that went on My next time in Yeovil Hospital that really upset me and its not at all the correct way to treat a Patent who does suffer with anxiety.

    • Melanie says:

      I was thinking that Mr. Foster Yeovil Hospital couldn’t have gave a copy of My letter to this Linda Hann, PALS. As if he did then she would have found that his letter to me was nothing really to do with the letter I sent him in the first place.
      But I suppose it will be put within My Medical Notes. I have been looking at My letter again, as I always take a copy just in case and putting both letters together does’nt make any sense at all, but then I did find when I wrote letters in The Court Proceedings, that very often a letter came back that didn’t answer My questions asked or didn’t even mention them and came across as a Cover-up and so that is why I started taken copies.

      • Melanie says:

        also as I was already then making arrangements on phone to go back into Yeovil Hospital and then getting letters, saying I needed to come back in for another Stent removal, well much confusion going on, but then again I have found after 3 Years that they only want letters in our Medical Notes to Cover themselves and that’s another learning proceed after being within a Care Case. Everything that is done has to do with Cover-up’s.
        That’s why now I realise that its fine in Yeovil Hospital unless they have something to Cover-up and that was the different in My two stayed. Yet after they find everything out, they don’t tell us and hind facts about our own health and also will Cover any mistakes and then get others to all go along with a Cover-up that not only is wrong in not being honest about our health, but also Corrupt, as well as being a danger to our lives and so such Cover-up’s have to stop and more open communication and trust needed within Yeovil Hospital.

        In fact much more trust needed within our whole System, as it just never does stop once started and its crazy the way these Professional are acting in Covering-up.

  75. Melanie says:

    Well its too late now, as due to so much torment and upset, I have already contacted someone about all that I have had to suffer within all this over My health.

  76. Melanie says:

    I am sick now having everything I have had to suffer over these last few Years with one thing and another within The System and I don’t want to Pussyfoot around anymore. I am almost 52 now and been very ill and I can’t just wait about. I am watching Question Time, as I do every Week and that’s what I want to have it out in the open with someone. I want to get on Television and talk about it all and take it all on face to face.
    Questions and Answers with no messing about, as Public are watching and that way I will get to meet and talk to all these People and just have it all out.

  77. Melanie says:

    Someone has told me that they were talking to The Foster Carer within My Case and she is blaming Social Services for everything. They said that she said My Sons toileting Problems started getting bad within a couple Months of her having him and so she told The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin and her advise back from her was to do nothing and just let it go on and that is when it got so bad and out of control. This is The Foster Carers, Trish and what she is saying.
    She has said that she never had another Child again after My Son and doesn’t work for them or The Agencies anymore. Her side of the Story is that My Son didn’t get correct help and Care, but it was down to Social Services and not her and that they all should have looked into his toileting Problem more instead of just leaving it all up to her to deal with.
    She is saying that she went on to them all about his toileting, but none of them really wanted to know and just let it get worst and worst.

    • Melanie says:

      The Foster Carer is saying Dr. Latimer who was both of our GP’s saw him many times over his toileting and The Social Worker, Nicola Salvin knew all about it and they all knew how bad it was at that time and she had him over a Year and they all just let it go on and on. She said it was the Toileting Problem that was really getting her down and the fact nothing was being done.

  78. Melanie says:

    Well that is her side of The Story and what she is going around saying, but she got more help then they ever gave My Family Member and over £400.00 per Week and a bedroom for My Son and My Family Member never had a penny from Social Services or Court Proceedings and so I did buy a bed for him at that time and had it send around and we all as a Family did put together and help out at first with all needed for My Son, but now they just get on with it all and do it out of love and he is a part of their Family. Yet she is holding down a job and still having to look after My Son and sometimes he has to be off School with his health problems and yet The Foster Carer never had to go into work and we were told that it was better for My son to have a Carer who stayed at home and didn’t go out to work. She stayed home due to the fact she was looking after her Grandson anyway, while her Daughter was working and that is why she decided to take on Fostering and then got a good wage in that instead.
    My Family Member can’t afford to give up work, but then she doesn’t get over £400.00 per Week to stay at home with My Son.
    I now realise going into Care was the worst thing ever for My son, but just didn’t understand anything that goes on at that time and it is clear to see Parents don’t get no help and Family Members don’t get no help and ever our Children don’t get no help within Care and much damage is done instead and money just wasted on Solicitors and Experts and Fostering Agencies.
    Yet we never get answers when things do go wrong and it is clear from what I am hearing, that they just blame each other when something goes wrong and so The Foster Carer within our Case doesn’t think she is too blame at all and she blame is all down to Social Services and their lack of Care and not sorting his toileting problem out early and just telling her to let it go on.

  79. Melanie says:

    My Family Member said she didn’t get any real help or advise either over My Sons toileting and so that is why she changed from his GP, Dr. Latimer and then went with her own Doctor. However she is getting help for him now a few Years down the line.

  80. Melanie says:

    However My Family Member does do a treatment programme herself now with My Son and I wonder if The Foster Carer ever did this herself or just let it go on without doing anything and waiting around for Social Services and Doctors to sort it all out and like she is saying they never did. My Sons Dad told me he had a plan going with our Son daily and Family Member has told him that on talking to a Doctor, he in fact told her that My Sons Dad was doing the correct thing in the first place and making him get into good toileting routine was most important in his Case and then The Foster Carer let him go on and on for Weeks on end until his whole tummy got so swollen and then had to rush him to his Doctors back when he was in Care and so whatever was going on with them all, its not good and we get no answers at all from anyone within The Case, apart from hearing what The Foster Carer, Trish has been going around saying about it all and even her Agencies never got back to us on that complaint we put in about The Foster Carer back in November 2013.

  81. Melanie says:

    Whatever Trish is standing by the fact that she never did anything wrong and did try to get him help early on and was keeping on to them all the time and got angry over their Lack of Care within Social Services and all the lot of them and that is why she is saying that she would never work for them again or Foster another Child. She is saying that is he has still now got toileting problems, that it is down to them not taking any notice of her concerns and they should have looked into it all much more instead of just letting it go on and on. I don’t talk to her Myself, but I hear back what she has been saying about it all.

  82. Melanie says:

    When I see The Foster Carer in Town, I just walk on by and the same goes for if I see The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin, as I don’t want to stop and talk with them and I have nothing Myself to do with anyone within The Case.

  83. Melanie says:

    The Foster Carer also said she didn’t like My Sons School at all and if she had her way he would have been taken out and she would have put him in a School at Sherborne, Dorset where she was living. In fact she didn’t go much on anything that was going on and doesn’t have a good word to say about anyone involved within The Case and I suppose that is why she doesn’t want to ever work for Social Services again.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Beware of JORDANA PAMELLA ONEGI…not only is she manipulative she emotional insulted my children. Never have I met a less competent social worker out to abuse her postion and in the process ruin childrens lives.

  85. Joekhaled says:

    My son has bin baker acted 4 times that’s when a doctor and case worker supper visers over dose your child with very strong medication I’ve seen him in a mentel ward hallucinating herring things that wasn’t there ring worms all over his body for six months he was in corented in a cell like a animal he whanted to kill him self kill other people in school he was only 6years old I have a file 3 inches thick with all the medication at lest 20 different kinds of medications I warned the state something bad is going to happen with a these drugs your giving these young kids they laughed at me look how many kids died at schools these drugs make kids do these awful crimes I have pictures of my son at day care I took he’s shirt off it made me sick he looked like a holy cost kid in those concert ration camps in Germany he looked like a skeleton he did not look human please help us he dieing

    • Melanie says:

      My son was on Medication in Care and we think it was for his toileting, however it has all been blacked out and so we don’t know what it was and many of his appointments with his GP, Dr. Latimer and Foster Carer have also been blacked out and so even on getting these Medical Records and paying a fee, we found important details blacked out. I don’t believe Myself much in Medication anymore and I don’t now take anymore at all and will only now take Medication if a Doctor tells me it is a matter of life or death. I don’t believe in giving Children too much Medication and any Medication for Mental health is the worst Medication ever and I wish I knew that many Years ago.
      Some time People have to take Medication, but very often we end up much worst and so if possible better off without it all. It is horrible when we see our Kids suffering and it is out of our control and I know these drugs for Mental health can in fact make us feel worst and bring on more Mental health problems.

  86. Melanie says:

    I have been reading some paperwork again and I go over everything over and over again and this has been going on now since being within My Case. Reason being, because we don’t get answers and even when we do it is Covered up with Corruption.
    At the very end of My Case and when My Son was already with Family Member and it was decided he would be living with her we get reports and this time and for the first time ever, we get a report from Sarah Ralph, Cafcass, saying we now know what is wrong with My Son and have a Diagnosis and its Compaction and then at the same time a report came in from Social Services, The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin, saying we never really did get to why My Son suffered such toileting problems, but maybe it was before away from his Dad and changes.
    I rang My Sons Dad and couldn’t believe what I was reading at the time and then I took these reports to his Dad and said read this, as I knew his Dad never did really read all these letters and reports and found it hard after so much paperwork coming in running us both down for so long. Also My Sons Dad is a closed Person and that is why he found it hard to ever talk to his Family or anyone in the first place and that is how The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin got away with starting Court Proceedings, as she didn’t contact any of My Sons Dad’s Family either before our Case!!
    However I read everything over and over again and was taken back and so told him, as before it was always Parenting and he got the blame for toileting problems, as he was main carer.
    So Social Services were trying to say it was Parenting and this went on even when seeing Dr. Fernando at Yeovil Hospital and this was going on ready for our first even Final Hearing planned in March 2012.
    It is very clear to me that Parenting was being used for “forced adoption” within Corruption, but really they all knew the truth all the time, but in fact only decided to write this within reports went he was now living with a Family Member and they had given up their fight.
    It makes sense when I hear that The Foster Carer, Trish Cabell has been going around saying that The Social Worker told her to just let it go for now and nothing was done and then on seeing Dr. Latimer and them all saying at that time just let it go on and he will settle down in time. But fact is he didn’t ever settle down and it got worst and worst, because My Son had a condition that needed to be on top of and that was his Compaction and also that the torment when they told him about adoption and fact My Son has My Genes and is very much like me and being in care was making his condition much worst and then due all all this he started getting unwell and has gone on to get infections.
    When My Son first went with Family Member, I rang Dr. Latimer Myself and said she is still having problems with his toileting and I ask Dr. Latimer what it was all about and she said just give it time and let him settle in and things will get a bit better. Then she said its not your worry anymore and your Family Member will be dealing with it and so I said yes and I am glad she has got him and all I ever wanted in the first place was some help and I wish Social Services had looked into all Family before The Case and she said that she knew that’s all I ever wanted and hoped everything would now work out and that was the end of our conversation and I never spoke to her again about My Son and let Family Member deal with it all. Family Member made decided herself that she didn’t feel Dr. Latimer was very good and couldn’t get on with her that well in that she wasn’t really doing anything to help her with My Sons problems and so that is why she changed, as she told me that she was very happy with her own Doctor and he was much better and so she would like My Son to go with him. I told her go ahead and it was fine with me, as I wasn’t either Myself happy at all with Dr. Latimer was changing and getting Myself another Doctor anyway, but like I said to Family Member, she had to make her own mind up on what Doctor she could work with best and so she changed him over and now he is with her GP.
    I believe from paperwork and everything and also what The Foster Carer has been saying and all I have worked out Myself, that they all just did believe My Son would settle down in time and didn’t take that much notice at first over his toileting problems. Then Social Services decided to use his toileting problems, as a reason for bad Parenting and get “forced adoption”. This is what all the Corruption was about and in that it went on and on and then more Corruption with My Mental Health and so then The Case went on longer and longer. My Son getting more tormented and unhappy in Care and him being told about adoption and he may never see his Mum and Dad again and Myself tormented out of My mind and his Dad tormented.
    Then in the end when I got them on all Corruption over and over again and they gave in at last and My Son did move in with Family Member, well they didn’t need to lie anymore, as they were not now fighting for adoption and they knew he was back within our Family, so then these reports come in after so much torment and that is why I rang My Sons Dad and took them around to show him what was being written.
    So then Family Member has My Son and some more time is wasted with Dr. Latimer until she changes with her own Doctor and then in the end she is starting treatment Years down the line and that treatment is still now on-going.
    I believe all this is down with the obsession over adoption and My Son really had to suffer over this abuse and instead of getting him the best Care, all it ever came down to was The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin just wanting to win her Case!!

    • Kevin says:

      The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin knew all the time how it upset My Son, as he believed at first it was just Respite Care and ask me when his long sleep over would be ending. Then he realised he wasn’t coming home. Yes being away from his Dad and changes and yet it took until near the end of The Case before she wrote that. The Social Worker let our Son suffer and decided to use that suffering for her own ends.

      • Melanie says:

        I also still think something with The Genes is going on, as going back to January 2012 and see Dr. Fernando at Yeovil Hospital and him saying in front The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin on me asking about My Sons toileting problem and him saying all emotional. Then I write Dr. Fernando a letter. saying put it in writing and in your report all what you said and if I ever find out that you were wrong, then I will have you for it. They were using this for “Forced Adoption”, within Corruption and at that time a Final Hearing in March 2012. So I wrote a strong letter and he took it back and said he never said a word about My Sons toileting problems and wrote that in his report.
        So as I wrote before Final Hearing got cancelled and The Social Worker had to be given more time to do her report all over again.
        For me, I’m thinking why did Dr. Fernando worry so much and took it all back and that does tell me that he really had to know what My Son did have and what the real problem was even back then in January 2012.
        My Son was seeing Dr. Fernando all the time when in Care and then they stopped it as soon as he went to live with Family Member and so she never got to talk to him and we have found it so hard getting any information.
        Its all very odd what was going on and such a Cover-up.

        • Melanie says:

          Genes, Birth-defects, Medical Problems and so on and they never tell Parents what they are finding out or working out along the way, but one thing is for sure and that is within these Cases Parents are not to blame and adoption should have never gone ahead in such Corruption. Real Child abuse we can all see and find out so easy and its in front our eyes and yet when they can’t find anything at all and so then go on and blame Parenting for a toileting problem, well that’s so terrible on any Parents and I expect many more just like us have got blamed for such a condition and did end up losing their Child in “Forced Adoption”. I did fight so hard against this right back in January 2012 and after that Appointment with Dr. Fernando, but that blame was being put on My Sons Dad for Months before this and back to when it first got so very bad in Foster Care and we were leading all the way to adoption and so I had to fight for truth and that is why I wrote to Dr. Fernando and just said write everything down that you said that day in front The Social Worker and he took it back and would;nt write it and so he really didn’t want that in writing and only The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin was going to use it within The Final Hearing.

          • Melanie says:

            Dr. Fernando, Yeovil Hospital, Yeovil Somerset was SUPPOSE to be a Expert on Asperger’s, but I found he was in fact more interested in The Social worker, Nicola Slavin instead of My Son on that appointment back in January 2012.

    • Melanie says:

      Also if My Son upset The Foster Carer by waking them up and having Nightmares and then went on to live with Family Member and he was still having Nightmares and she told us many times it was Shouting out and in fear, saying I don’t want another Mum and Dad and he was in a state and she found this heart breaking to hear, as all his Nightmares were about being taking away and New Mum and Dad and his mind so tormented. This went on for Months and then it stopped and what a different we can all see in My Son now he is secure and safe and does know his home in within Family and he has a home forever. Does’nt this talk out loud to any sensible person out there and we don’t abuse Kids and put such fear in them and adoption should never be told to a Child ever before it in fact does happen!!! Social Services were so sure and so went ahead with plans and told My Son and he had to live with that torment of which never did happen, as his Mum was fighting to her death for her Son and fighting to do the best for him, The Child and that is what I did, but it all could have been done before The Care Proceedings or as soon as it started and I will keep on banging on until My point comes across!!! The System is wrong and not Myself!!

  87. Melanie says:

    it is a great concern in that if our Child does suffer a condition and then in Foster Care doesn’t get correct treatment or early help and as Parents we don’t get any say in it all, that they are really putting our Kids in danger and yet never answer to what they have done afterwards and many Parents have to then go on living with that pain and what has been done to their Child. We are the lucky ones who get our Child back home or within The Family alive, but we still have to live with all the damage done to our Child and ourselves.

    • Melanie says:

      We were ask to pay £50.00 for My Son’s Medical Recorded with Dr. Latimer at Hendford Lodge Medical Centre, Yeovil, Somerset and then on getting them, most of it all was blacked out and so My Son’s Dad went back and Complained and got some money refunded.

  88. Melanie says:

    We have a Report near the end of The Case also from The Expert, Dr. Banks, Again this was after it had been decided anyway that My Son was going to live with Family Member and this was after My Son had already lived with The Foster Carer, Trish for over a Year. He made a small comment, saying that due to The Foster Carer and her making out all was going well, that My Son may not have got the correct help needed. Now of course we never see these Experts ever again after getting their Report and until then all we heard from The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin, was just how wonderful it all was in Care and of course we knew as Parents by our Sons face that it wasn’t that wonderful and also by his health not being so good since being in Care.
    However no notice is ever taken when Parents have concerns. So with all this confusion going on, I have no doubt why Children die in Care!!!

  89. Melanie says:

    When it come to Cover-up’s, I am now finding that many Experts, Psychiatrist, Doctors and Professional only ever care about themselves and their Jobs and so will put our lives at risk to Cover for everything and Children will suffer as well as adults.
    I know for sure it was going to be a Cover-up in My Mental health and The Experts, Dr. Lillywhite has told My N.H.S, Psychiatrist, Dr. Mann that it was O.C.D and so that appointment was made for me back in April 2012 and I saw Dr. Mann and a farce was set up on that day. However I recorded it all and so they went along with that farce and a Muti-personally. I worked out everything in what was going to happen and then what they were changing it all into due to My recording.
    Same goes now in that I am sure they are just waiting for time with Yeovil Hospital and My Doctor. Mr. Foster didn’t want to write anything down about My operation all what he found out about My Kidneys or any other health problems and then My GP did ring, saying she would be happy to see me with any new systems!!!
    I believe that they find things out and don’t want to tell me and then just let My Doctor know and then let time go by and then make out it is a new System, when really they found out before and know problems are going to happen in the future, but due to Cover-up’s want it to be so called a new system with a new diagnosis and it came on at a later date, when in fact they knew you already were suffering from it all the time and it was never picked up until too late.
    Same as fact I had O.C.D really all the time and that plan in April 2012, was to in time make out I had only just gone down with O.C.D and that is why I discharged Myself before De-Westaway came around to visit me again, as I worked out the plan and then also told them I had recorded and so all together they had to come up with another plan that messed everything up.
    No Professional ever wants to say they have made a mistake and so due to this they will let Babies, Children and Adults suffer and even die and then Cover-up yet again and so we really don’t have a Child Care System here in The UK and we don’t even have a health System, as if they need to Cover-up, then they can get away with stealing our Children and they can get away with them dying in Care and they can get away with us dying in or out of Hospital and it all comes down to Cover-up’s and money and that is more important to them all then really doing a good job and more important then our lives.

    So please Social Workers, Experts, Psychiatrist, Doctors, Police, Professional and Staff, we really need you to talk out if you know what goes on and would love to see changes and if you don’t want to go along with Cover-up’s. We need you to help within a System that is so Corrupt and so many Cover-up’s going on. Only by changing The System can you in fact do the job that you really want to be doing and what you did train for in the first place. Praise needs to go for The Professional who really are out to help Children and Adults and they should not have to be afraid to say they are not at all happy with what is going on.

  90. Melanie says:

    For me Covering-up is far worst then the mistake in the first place and keeping My Son in Care or trying to adopt him was worst then taking him in in the first place.
    Mistakes are bad, but Corruption and Cover-up’s are inhumane and can never be forgiven and its they way they all acted that has made me so bitter.
    I was going to just let it all go on knowing what Dr.Mann and De-Westaway were doing within My Mental health, as all I Cared about at that time was getting My Son back, but then they acted as they did and I can never forgive such a carry on and so it was The Cover-up that was worst.
    Same goes with My health and with Doctors and Yeovil Hospital and same goes with Child Social Services and The Care Proceedings, in that I could forgive taking My Son in and finding out everything, but what I can’t forgive is keeping him and tormenting us both so much after finding out that it was all a mistake.
    So it would be far better for Professional to say they in fact made a mistake.

  91. Melanie says:


  92. Melanie says:

    I have heard from a couple People already and told that you don’t even have to be involved within Care Proceedings to have Cover-up’s over health, operations and death within Hospitals. I realise within My Mental Health they used Corruption and Cover-up’s and could write such rubbish due to Family Courts, but I didn’t expect this in Yeovil Hospital and didn’t expect this over My general health and it was another horrible shock for me, but a few others now have told me it does go on and has happen to them in the passed.

    • Melanie says:

      I met a Woman who had a Baby and then went on to have Problems with Social Services blaming her and tormenting their life and in fact it was all down to her Baby not getting enough air to the brain at birth and never came out until many Years later and then she said on asking for Hospital Records, it was in fact all blacked out and all that stress almost killed them as a Family and so she said that Cover-up’s have been going on along time and I met her Daughter who is grow up now, but still is around 12 Years old and always will be many Years younger. This Woman did fight Social Services many Years ago over all this and saves her Daughter from them, but she would have had it even worst since “Twin Tracked” came in and how bad it all got the last few Years with more and more obsession over adoption, when in fact many Cases are Birth-defects and Medical Problems and Genes and even when they find out that, I know for sure they will still go ahead and use Corruption and Cover-up.

  93. Melanie says:

    I have been invited over to Canada, Vancouver. I went in 1996 with My Partner at that time and stayed with his Sister over there and since then we have always been in touch and she has come over and will visit me and I had a open invitation to come back anytime. I have been talking to her on the phone and would now love to go over and get away from this Country for a while, but with My health problems, not sure now if I can go and if I got taken ill over there, then I would have to use their health services, which for me couldn’t be any worst then what I have had to suffer here over the last 3 Years!
    They came from This Country and moved to Vancouver Years ago and she was a legal Secretary in Yeovil, Somerset, but didn’t work for any of The Solicitor Company names we had within My Case and her Husband was in The Police Forced, but his Family ran a Business and first went out to Canada and then they did follow many Years ago, but never wanted to come back to Britain to live. They also have a small holiday home in Washington and so we had to show Passports again in 1996 to go over The Boarder and back again.
    I hate this Country after what been going on and am really thinking about getting out now for a while, but My health is a problem now after being taken so ill in April 2014 and then what has been going on since and how unwell I am feeling within My health.
    However I will move away somewhere one day hopefully even if its just another place still within this Country, as I am now discussed with Yeovil, Somerset and everything that is around me here in My home Town and so need very much to get away from so a useless carry on and Cover-up, as I am sure we can do much better then this joke and all the Clowns I have been dealing with since 2011. When it comes to our Children and our health, then its not funny at all what has been going on!!

  94. Melanie says:

    I hope many People watched this programme tonight. Child Social Services never help and don’t want to help and no money is spend on ever helping and money is only available in destroying our lives!!
    Family wasn’t looked into at all before going into Court Proceedings within My own Case and Social Services don’t really want them at all and just want their plan and that plan is money making in Foster Care and Adoption with Agencies.
    I’m glad everything is now coming and being exposed!!!
    Well done to all the brave People and Parents who took part in this Programme tonight.

  95. Melanie says:

    Expose, expose, expose, that is The only way forward now.

  96. Melanie says:



    In My experience within The Mental health System, their Boss did cover-up for them and so how after that could I ever believe in Bosses within The N.H.S and it was My experience within The Care Proceedings and within The Mental health System and finding out that any complaints were in fact Covered-up, that decided me to not waste time in Complaining and instead deal with that Person and when they act so badly, then just expose them instead, as I wasn’t going on yet another 2 Years like within My Care Proceedings with one Cover-up after another and enough was enough was enough of such inhuman treatment.
    From where I am standing, I realise Somerset Child Social Services have been rated bad and now Yeovil Hospital as Poor within our Country.
    I do realise now that moving to another part of The Country could in fact be much better for our health and our Children and living in another Country we would have a better Child Care System and so again, its not always about what we do in life, but very much could be so different in another part of are own Country or leaving our Country!!!

    Many Patients have put in Complaints to The N.H.S about Yeovil Hospital and it is in The Press and I am sure they can’t all suffer Mental health Problems like Myself, so Bosses can’t use that excuse!!!

    My last stay in Yeovil Hospital in May 2014 was a Cover-up and from their carry on I believe what I hear and its the same within The Care Proceedings and its not The Bosses we have to ask, but in fact The Parents and The Patients and only by hearing so many, can we see and hear that they is a Cover-up going on within many Cases within The whole System.

  97. Melanie says:

    I never did complaint or deal with Bosses within Yeovil Hospital, N.S.H over what went on at all, but I really hope for all Patients sake that these Bosses are far better then Edward Colgan, Chief Executive Of The Somerset Partnership, N.H.S, as he just did Cover-up for My Psychiatrist, Dr. Mann, Holly Court, Summerlands Hospital, Yeovil, Somerset and anyone with a brain could work out what was going on with Dr. Mann and De-Westaway C.P.N.

    The Child Care System and The N.H.S System within Mental health and General health all needs looking into and stop Corruption and Cover-up’s, as it is not fair on some good Professionals out there, that really want to do a good job in life and know what is going on, but can’t talk out and I have spoken to a few Myself that were in fact very genuine.

    • Melanie says:

      Really the whole mess within My Care Case just started with Dr. Mann treating me for wrong Diagnosis and trying to keep and the way and Cover-up and The Social Worker, Nicola Slavin not looking into any Family before Court Proceedings. Yet it went on and got so many more Professional involved and Bosses and a complete mess-up.

  98. Melanie says:

    Lets now just wait until the next Television Programme or the next Press Report, as I very much believe in truth does come out in the end and I have faith and believe light will shine over darkness and I will just stand for truth and never stop until many changes are made and I get Justice!!!

  99. Melanie says:


  100. Melanie says:

    Yeovil Hospital have again send me a Bill for My overnight stay on The Kington Wing in Yeovil Hospital. I was going to stay overnight on Ward anyway and as I had been so ill was having The Kington Wing has a treat, so I could get better food and My own room. I had a Bill for £280.00 for one night and of course would always pay My Bills, but not after that discussing treatment and carry on. So I have rang them and said I am not paying and without going into all detail, they put My life and other Patients on that Ward lives at risk by all Covering-up that I in fact had E. coli infection on the day of My operation on 30 May 2014.

    I just can’t believe even now after 3 Years just how bad all these Professional are and after being £10,000 in debt by The Corrupt Care Proceedings and then they contacting, Dr. Humphries in Harley Steet, London and getting him to then work along with him instead and yet still take My £700.00 and never anyone within The Case or Court ever refund that money and now after they treat me as they did after My Consultant, Dr. Foster comes on The Kington Ward and how I was treated after My operation and the whole Cover-up and yet expect me to still pay them £280.00, well what a Country here in Britain we are living.

    Yeovil Hospital shouldn’t go around Covering-up when a Patient has E. Coli or any bad infections on their Ward.

    The whole System here in The UK in so Corrupt and so what changes do Parents and Patient really ever have!!!

    • Melanie says:

      Fact is we can’t even trust The Kingston Wing when we as Patients take a bed with them and still under our own Consultants and also when I was in Court Proceedings they contacted The Private Doctor, Humphries and as if this is not bad enough, they still want our money and so we Parents and Patients are being treated so badly and maybe wasting thousands of pounds and so need to be so very sure who in fact is helping us and so I am so glad to say I did find a genuine Doctor after Dr. Humphries, who in fact did really help me and a few People, friends along the way and never forgetting My Church, but be careful, as this Corrupt System will try anything to stop truth coming out and contact anyone if possible and will do anything to Cover-up.

      Be Careful!!!

  101. Melanie says:

    Yeovil Hospital wrote that if I didn’t contact them, then they The Credit Control Agency would in fact contact me instead and so I rang them and told them why I am not paying and as far as I am concerned they can take it to Court, but this time around it won’t be in no Corrupt Family Court!!! Also I wouldn’t be having any Profession Loser Family Law Solicitor!!!

    I am more then happy to go to Court with anyone that I have Named and Shamed!!!

  102. Melanie says:

    Its also most important that we give praise to any good Professional that really does try to help us and will stand for truth or talk out. If we have anyone within a Case that is trying to do a good job and any honest good Private assessments and any good Solicitors, as we want winners now and have been wasting far to much time with all these Professional Losers!!!

    Praise any good Professional or Company that really fights for Justice.

  103. Melanie says:

    Even when I went to see My Doctor last Week she never had a full blood count done as I requested with Kidneys as well and said no need to do Kidneys again.
    So since I went down with E. coli again just before My operation and having that Kidney Stone operation, well no Kidney blood test at all and My Doctor said its no point doing it again, as it was done in May 2014, but it was done before all this and even in Yeovil Hospital Pre-operation I did notice after he said about water infection and realised what operation I was having, that no need to take blood again. Its all very well nobody wanting to take this blood tests since I went down with E. coli again and they Covered it all up and then did My operation and almost did throw me out that Hospital without seeing or talking to any Doctor, but now Weeks later they are not telling me about any Kidney Disease.
    I never spoke to The Consultant, Mr. Foster ever again and so only had The Nurses to go on and that same one that told me I had a injection, also said something was wrong and I said it couldn’t be as the other Nurses said they think everything was ok. What also with what was said in x-ray and I ended up coming out Yeovil Hospital in such a state.
    But how I look at it is with all I have been saying and them knowing how upset I was, then if I didn’t have any Kidney damage, they would in fact be taking that blood test now and want me in Yeovil Hospital and really wanting to sort it all out and prove all these facts and so it does go to show them as guilty, just by how they are all acting.

    Its all discussing. What a Corrupt System and all need exposing and so today I have done even more in exposing and that will come to light very soon, as I have had enough of such treatment.

    • Melanie says:

      What I in fact done yesterday in trying to expose ended up costing me nothing at all and when anyone wants hundreds up front and you realise they still have not done a good job and not really helping you at all, but in fact just helping themselves, then that is deception.

  104. Melanie says:

    Any Private Psychiatrist, Doctor, Company or anyone that we as Parents within Child Care or Patients within Hospitals, should in fact not see us in the first place and cancel any appointment made instead of going ahead and seeing us and really working Corrupt due to fact they were contacted and are going along with The Cover-up. Its terrible if they take are money and already are working against us and so using FRAUD and all these Private Professionals that do this should be exposed and show how they took our money in deception. When we contact Private Professional, we should in fact be treated correct and that either telling us they can help or get involved and so not taking are money or being genuine and just do their own job and not act Corrupt and Cover-up.

    Dr. Humphries, Harley Street, London did work along with The Case after My first appointment of which I paid him £350.00 for just 50 min and then I knew within minutes that by My second appointment he had been contacted and was in fact working for them and yet still took another £350,00 that day and would never refund. These Psychiatrists talk about us as Parents having Personally Disorders, but they really need to see and hear themselves sometime and be told outright that what they did and how they acted was wrong and it was also deception, as money changed hands.

    When I saw another Doctor, we did agree that I wouldn’t tell them about him and he wouldn’t contact them either and he would just give me best help and advise on My Mental health and true facts. His fees were £75,00 per hour and very often we went over time and so its not what you pay or in fact what letters they have after their name, but more about how genuine they are, as what is the point in having someone with so many letters after their name and then they act Corrupt, as really they are worthless!!

    I have contacted many Professionals over these last couple of Years and spoke to many on the phone and seen many and I very often can tell now how genuine they are going to me or not and when I do see someone I can in fact realise something is not right and not have anything to do with them again, but we really cant’ afford to lose money we have not got and that’s why these Professional are terrible in doing this and if Corrupt, then don’t see us in the first place.

    I met many in Cheddar and I found much more going on around that area, then I did in Yeovil, Somerset and most genuine Professional want to keep the price down and do as much for you first and these others are just out to take your money and not help at all and just work in deception.

    So be warned, as I have been done a couple times going Private within My Child Care Case and even not long ago and so keep hold of your money until you can be sure they are really out to help you and are really working for you!!!

    I know The whole Corrupt system will let us waste money when desperate and will work with a Private Professional or Company behind our backs and yet let us pay out and think they are taking us in and it does happen, but since what they did with Dr. Humphries in London, I in fact realise now very quickly and nobody is going to get away with taking me in again and having My money and never refunding after Dr. Humphries.

    The Child Care Case and Mental health put on hold for now, as I am dealing with Yeovil Hospital now and My health and maybe I should get a Protest outside Yeovil Hospital, saying “Stop Cover-up’s”, as they cant’s seen to stop themselves and are putting us Patients in danger!

    This is why we have to praise anyone genuine and good Professional who will fight such Corruption and stand up and be counted, as there are very few and we need them and more over such Injustices.

  105. Melanie says:

    Amy Lillian – Uniting Parents. She really does know what she is talking about within The child Care System and also she does know a lot about health as well and I wish a met her a few Years ago, as I am sure she could have help me by telling me never ask Child Social Services for help, but also she could have helped me much more then My Doctors did in just putting in touch with natural health before. with correct advise I never would have been in such a mess with Social Services and with correct advise I wouldn’t have ended up in Intensive Care and Kidney Problems. I have no faith now in Hospitals, Psychiatrists, Doctors or medication after all I have had to suffer and the terrible way that once your life has been messed up their all don’t help you in any way or be honest with you and just act Corrupt and Cover-up.
    I won’t take any Mental health Medication now and only take Omeprazole for acid, as know now that does help with My problems and all the stress I was given within My Corrupt Court Proceedings didn’t help all that and that’s why we Parents need to look after our own health and not trust The System that makes so many mistakes and then leaves us to suffer afterwards.
    I realise they all know what is wrong with me and it all went on too long and I ended up so ill and now I have Kidney damage and yet they can’t even tell me or give me any true health advise and so we can do without such Professional if we all knew in the first place and look after are own Children and look after our own health and not take notice of any Professional that won’t be living with their mistakes afterwards.
    Natural health is the way to go before its out of control.
    Everyone within Child Care Cases will say it all started off so small and look how terrible it ended up, well much the same with our health.
    Take control and refuse to be part within a Corrupt Child Care System and run Your own Case and take control and refuse to believe everything Your Psychiatrist or GP tells you in life and get a second opinion early on and then look into natural health.
    Child Services should only ever be involved in real abuse Cases, so never contact them just for problems, as they will never help and just make even more problems and steal Your Child or Children and destroy Your life and same goes within our health in best stay away from Doctors and Medication, unless we really need it all and in life and death cases.
    Think like when we get depressed then all we are doing is feeding their bank account and so the answer is not turning to drink and going on to destroy our health more, as that’s what they want us to do within these Cases and push us into breakdown, but no instead as hard as it all is turn to fresh air and water instead and eating well and looking after Yourself, as none of these lot within The System are going to be there when we are destroyed.
    Its all one big learning process and we all need to learn before its too late!!!

    Learn after and when its all too late, then we lose our Kids, our health, our life and our world and so now is the time to get wise and learn from others that already made mistakes before and fight from the very start of any Child Care Proceedings if its already gone that far, but if not keep away from Social Workers and never ring them asking for help and inviting them around as I did and many other Parents.
    None of them are here in helping our lives and we can only learn and do that ourselves!!
    Don’t feed their bank accounts anymore out of our destroyed lives and instead get stronger and better without them!!!
    Our Children will be much better off without Social Services ever being in their lives in the first place and only real Child abuse Cases should ever have been involved with them and I realise now I never should have contacted them and just needed someone to tell me that at that time and some correct advise and believe me if I knew then what I know now, Social Services wouldn’t have ever heard from me and I would have never ask for help!!!

    Don’t ask for help in a Country where we don’t ever get that help in the first place.

  106. Melanie says:

    I wonder if anyone could give me any advise on how we do move to another Country, as Years ago I do believe many could find it easy getting into The UK and I know many People say about how many come over here to live or work. However I always did hear that another Country many only take You if You have a very good Job or could offer them something, like being clever in some way and then You can live there. I know nothing about it all, but am thinking My only real hope in getting away and a fresh start in life is another Country, as we should be able to talk truth within our own Country here in Britain and we should have fair treatment and treated with respect when no crime has been done, but I feel once involved within Child Services and The Government and The whole System, then now I just want a complete fresh start in life.
    So I am looking at next Year and that will give me time working on My health before I leave.

    However I am worried that, no Job, had Sepsis, no money really behind me and not a lot of use to anyone, then what Country would welcome me in and let me start a fresh life and how we go about it all, as I want to do it right and not just go off in a mess and so that is why I am trying to get My health together and life together first and then when stronger find a way out and My plan was moving away still in this Country, but it’s still a bit hit and miss once You have been involved in such a Case and The Whole System, as I have been miles all over The Country in The last couple of Years and been involved with many Professionals and many People and some are very genuine, but some since to know about My life and it doesn’t stop at Yeovil, Somerset.
    So some will be very good and helpful and some won’t be out for own best interest and so their has to be something in common and our information shared within The UK.
    So it has to be Government and in that Case we have no independent assessments or Companies, unless they stand and decide to be very honest and write a fair assessment or say they can’t be involved in what is going on and don’t accept our money or in fact refund us our money. I really don’t think any Professional has to run another down, but in fact just do their job as best as they can instead and if they can’t do their job in this Country in a fair and honest way, then they should have rights to cancel and refund.
    That’s Private I am talking about and money many spend in desperate Cases. However ever within The N.H.S all Professional should be able to just do their own job as best as they can and not have to worry about Covering The Professional before, as it is not fair on a Professional that wants to do their best within that Job and then they end up involved and Corruption gets bigger and bigger and it started so small.
    Same goes in Child Services and everything is getting all blow up in the air within our Country and so You get a Parent who has Stress and concerns, ending up being treated worst then a Person who goes out and Kills another Person and is a right Criminal.
    So is being honest and telling the truth in life a worst Crime then Stealing or holing up a Bank or Killing Someone?
    Its very interest, as some have said to me I got treated worst then someone who was a Criminal and then these Criminal go on and get a Solicitor fighting their Case and it’s all out in the open and Papers and so on.
    Anyway someone like me needs some life in the end and I have no life here anymore with all the torment around me and lack of trust and so I feel that another Country could be a Positive step in time and something to work toward for 2015. If anyone was any Country could give me good advise, I would be most grateful.
    My Son is safe and happy here with Family Member and I don’t need to worry about that and can always come back and visit and they could visit me if wished and so I would never just walk away as a loving Mum, but saying that I also need to find Myself a new life and fresh start far away from such torment and abuse that I have had to suffer now for over 3 Years.
    I have a right for a happy life one day and when I am happy and My Son is 18 Years old, well we will look back and hopefully many changes will be made and The Child Care System changed over here and a whole better System, but for now I want My health back if possible and then a life for Myself and would love to know about living in another Country and anyone who can help me with that next Year when I hopefully am more sorted within My health and everything.

    I wonder what France is like, as they don’t have The same System as we do in The UK, as I heard that on The Exposure Programme the other night and what I really want is just a Country where we are more free in life and can have a voice and get treated better, as if we had a voice in the first place, then in fact we wouldn’t have got in such a state and then then turn around and say Mental health and yet can’t then see we need better treatment and it wouldn’t ever get so out of control in the beginning and so many Parents and Patient end up running around like headless chickens just trying to find answers and truth and a Fair Britain.
    Well the only real prove in finding out if it’s us or our System and Country is by fighting so hard for changes and hoping for a better Government in 2015 and a better System and way forward or to in fact move to another Country!!!
    I am giving it much thinking over The next Year and going to decide what I in fact want to do and where I want to live, as I see where I am now as only short-time and until I get stronger to move on and I can wait to leave Yeovil, Somerset.
    If anyone could offer me a job away from here and I get well and could do that job, then I will take it on, as I want to work and change My life, it’s just that at the moment I am unwell and I can’t move on from Sepsis yet.
    I hope many Parents will find peace of mind after such torment and suffering and they can stay in their own homes if they wish, but for me I can’t ever me happy again in Yeovil, Somerset and need to walk away, but need My health in doing that and so in a bit of a trap!!!
    When we are in a trap, then we feel afraid and that why I have to take control of My own health and life and fight to get well and push Myself.
    3 Years of suffering is far too long and I want a life after all this and far away from Yeovil, Somerset.
    We all deserve a life, when we in fact never done anything wrong in the first place.
    All Parents that done nothing ever wrong deserve to live their life and have fair treatment in The UK.

  107. Melanie says:

    Yes I have in fact decided I want to leave The Country early next Year if possible and if any Country will have me.
    I have had a Week in trying to sort My Health out and even today I realise what I did wasn’t genuine and so after thinking about it afterwards and also last Week as well, that has made me decide for sure. I’m not going to go on about what has been going on within My fight for truth now over My health or My Care Case, as l know they are still involved in My life just by questions I was asked today and it was nothing really to do with My Son or his Dad and really suppose to be about My health only and even with My health over the last couple of Weeks I have much doubt in anything done.
    However I have a few genuine that will be helping me starting in August 2014 and so I am going to get a bit better that way and hope to get stronger to sort everything out and travel into another Country.
    I wouldn’t be doing anything wrong, as I would be leaving all on My own and so as I wouldn’t be breaking any Law or doing anything wrong at all, then I can look forward to a normal happy and more relaxed life and I already feel better now tonight on making that decided for sure, as now I may have some hope and also I want a Country to let me prove Myself, in that its The System here in The UK that is making me so stress and has had me running around like a headless chicken and so tormented and without that and a fresh start in another Country under another Government and their rules instead I will try My very best and won’t let that Country down if they just let me in and give me a chance in life.
    All I want is to be free and not tormented and abused anymore and be able to prove Myself if possible and I want a fresh start and be nothing to do with this Government here in UK or The N.H.S or Child Social Services or even Benefits, as I don’t want any of it and My freedom is more important to me now then anything and I will never be free now in Britain.
    So now all I need advise on is how to go about it all and do this in a sensible way, as I won’t be running away, but instead trying to find a better life and I need to feel positive about that and now don’t need to worry so much with that hope and knowing I won’t have to put up with Britain much longer.

    • Melanie says:

      I even picked up on this Week that I always worried about My health and yes that is true, but in hearing that I believe My GP, Dr. Latimer didn’t believe me when I ever said I was in real pain and put it all down to just Mental health and in My mind. I believe that this was passed on to My new Doctors who I am under now and that’s why My concerns never got much notice taken and so My passed when with me even when trying to move forward and I was on and on about My pain and that I had got so fat and everything and nobody really believed me until I ended up in Intensive Care. When You go Private and someone says, have You always worried about Your health so much and You think about that afterwards, then You realise for someone to say that within minutes of meeting You, that it is in fact coming from somewhere and within Your Medical History. So that’s My Picture and that Picture gets passed on within The System and fair enough I always did care about My health and yes did worry about My health at times. But problem is where we are really ill and Dr. Latimer didn’t believe me and then passed that on to My new Doctors, well then we don’t get correct treatment before we are taking so ill and then they realise I was in fact ill all the time and telling the truth. I am afraid its what does happen when You have had or do Mental health stamped on Your head here in Britain and we can never move forward and fact is many People could be suffering from Mental health, but that doesn’t mean they are not really ill as well at the same time and we can’t in Britain put everything down to Mental health!
      My pain was in My groin and My Stomach had got so big, like expecting a baby and just before taking so ill, it was like busting point and i was enlarged inside and i did have Kidney Stones and so all i had been on about for over 3 Years wasn’t all in My mind and wasn’t My worry and Mental health and even now if they want to still go around passing that on to a Private Company, then i can say, anyone would now be worried when then ended up in such a state and almost dying with Sepsis. So this sort of carry on does never stop once You have it within Your Medical History and they go around telling everyone. Yet really i have been very ill and almost died and i didn’t get correct care and attention before over My health concerns due to Mental health and yet even now they still want to blame me and can’t take facts that they made mistakes.
      This is why i can never move on within Britain and need a fresh start in life.

      • Melanie says:

        All The N.H.S now want to do is get out of any blame and so no assessment can be trusted and no Private assessment on anyone they contacted can be trusted and really all i ever wanted to know about was My health and best way forward, but My health doesn’t really matter at all and i could just die as long as it gets Covered-up and i’m afraid its the same within The Child Care System with Parents and Children and that why i am so ashamed now to be British!
        I will never now get truth or real care and treatment ever again and so i am taking control of My own health from August 2014.

        • Melanie says:

          I went to a Company also, called Life Line Screening and paid them £324.00.
          They said when booking i could have a Scan for so much money and if i paid extra then in fact i could have a blood test and get then that same day blood results, saying how My Cholesterol, glucose and most important Kidney Disease results was. Then on the day i have that finger pick blood test and then am told they can only give me Cholesterol and Glucose and Kidney now will come in 21 days with a report. So i did blood test and these results did all come out within minutes and that why i was told i could take them when booking. So i rang up and was told My results were now being looked at by a Doctor and i would have it in 21 days.
          Yet another Person rang them and ask outright 3 times are they sure she would get Kidney blood results on that same day and she was told yes. They give you Cholesterol. glucose and Kidney on day and only Thyroid disease and Liver disease goes back with a Doctor and comes with report in 21 days.
          So i rang this Company back up and spoke to another one and said i never got My Kidney disease results and he said didn’t You get it on the day and i said no and then he said that he would look into My details and then he came back and said, don’t worry it will be with You in 21 days, as a Doctor is looking at it. He said it doesn’t come for 21 days and so i ask him why another Person rang up and ask and was told they could have it on the day and if they can have it on the day, then why can’t i have mine on the day.
          All the Conversations have been recorded and i told The company and so now its gone to Management and they are looking into a refund.
          Still no Kidney blood test results giving on phone and yet i was there in Person on the day and almost had it in My hands, when i was moved on to My next test and then told now i had to wait 21 days instead!
          Am i being PARANOID!!
          However as i have been told that if they Kidney reading came out really good, then i would have it now and so why send it away to a Doctor and then try and make out there do this with everyone, when it fact they give others on day if they have Kidney Disease or not and them give advise to contact GP if needed.
          I am still waiting for The Manager to Contact me now.

          • Melanie says:

            Life Line Screening, 31, Chatsworth Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1LY.

            • Melanie says:

              I have now rang up My Doctors anyway and said I want a Kidney blood test!!
              So will be very interesting now if it comes back normal!!

              • Melanie says:

                In fact it will be very interesting if any blood results from anyway sent away are normal, when the one I could have in My hands within minutes and pay for and yet never got had to be sent away and so I will never see that reading which came out on that day!

          • Melanie says:

            its so simple as all it is about is a number for each Cholesterol, glucose and Kidney function and they give You a Card and go over it with You and so why a Doctor needed to be sent that number, when in fact I could have been told that day and worked it out Myself by this Card is stupid. As if it was a good number they would have been please on giving it to me and I pay half that money for these blood results on the day. One said on the phone that until a Year ago they could only do Cholesterol and Glucose and now they do Kidneys as well and so that Person did ask many question going on how good it all was and that why I told another one and he said he wouldn’t have said that and I wasn’t getting My money back and was very funny with me and then I told him it had all in fact been recorded.
            Next time I rang, he was much better and just said a Manager will ring with a refund. However he has not rang and done it yet!
            What with Yeovil Hospital and My own Doctor and now these, it does seem that everyone just wants to wait and I want to know what in fact we are waiting for and so that is why I have gone ahead and booked it and asking for it again with My GP. It all very simple in that I had a operation and have not had one since then and it does seen to be their problem and not mine, as I am sure its normal to want to know and not be just hanging around for Weeks on end waiting for a Hospital appointment.
            If I got correct treatment from Yeovil Hospital in the first place over My operation, then I wouldn’t be going around trying to find answers and so they can’t keep blaming me for keeping on and getting stressed when My life is at risk and i’m getting no treatment!
            Why wouldn’t they want to start any treatment needed as soon as possible after My operation or just tell me facts.
            This is The Problems that a System does cause when they don’t be honest with us and so stop blaming Mental health.

      • Melanie says:

        I think it also paints a Picture in that they worked out long ago that I worried about My Son and also his health and yet instead of looking into everything in the first place he was taking into Care. Then they used me to run down his Dad and hope I would help in adoption, when really their all knew I had made a mistake and it was really me not understanding My own Mental Health at that time back in 2011. But them again either did Dr. Mann, Summerlands Hospital or My GP, Dr.Latimer and so when Child Services start Court Proceedings and find all this out, then in the end Professional will get Covered if they all work together and Your Child gets adoption within Family courts and as Parents we get blamed and really it was all a Professional Mess from the start, but that is where The Professional Losers come in, as they work against You as well and then its all been done in Private and sometime Gagging. A Criminal Solicitor however would in fact have sorted My Case out very quickly and talks some facts and sense into me from day one!
        I was being used to adopt My own Child until I did wake up and come to My senses and how daft I was, as in fact he never needed adopting in the first place and I just didn’t understand that in asking for help, I in fact made us all Victims at that time.
        Its really just about trusting a System and a Country that has badly let me down.

        • Melanie says:

          it was only a couple Weeks ago when I went for My blood, that My new GP said would I like to have someone to talk within The N.H.S over all this over My health and so I said OK and was told it was a Self referral and then on looking at it I could see its Self referral back into Mental Health Services really and after what they did to me and My health and life, well I won’t be that daft to fall for filling in a form and doing a Self referral. Its the first time its been talked about since I discharged Myself in 2012.

  108. Melanie says:

    I have started looking moving to another Country up on The Website and advise is start early and plan ahead and all Paperwork and everything and so when I decide where I can go and maybe get some advise and then I can get it all up and going this Year, ready for 2015.
    I can believe that I am almost 52 and was happy in My Country until just a few Years ago and never before that had any Problems with The Country and really didn’t even take any notice at all what was going on in Government.
    Its only due to getting involved with Child Social Services and so I won’t ever be doing that within another Country and I won’t be having anymore Children and so I can just lead a normal life.
    I won’t never lead a normal life here, as nothing is the same in Britain after You have been involved within Care Proceedings and before I could go anywhere and now I realise that somehow many get contacted even before I get to see them about me and that does make me more stressed.
    I realise now its no good running around trying to get help anymore and just getting more and more stressed out and instead just give up completely on The Country and move forward and leave The System behind and then its nothing at all to do with me and I will be free.
    It will give me a goal and something now to work towards and no Country for me can now be worst then Britain, but would like advise from anyone on what Country would be right for me and if they would take me.
    It is so tormenting Punishment without Crime and I had a clean Police Record before The Case that I could show another Country and My Church who has now known me for 10 Years could be a referents, as always had a very good relationship with them and I would just be so grateful to be out of Britain and feel free again.

    • Melanie,

      You may want to get in touch with Norman Scarth who fled his country and is happy in Ireland. Google his name and email him on againstcorruption@hotmail.co.uk

      • Melanie says:

        Wow what a Man this Norman Scarth is and I would love to meet him! My Dad came from Ireland, but I have never been over Myself.
        I will read up more on him.

        • Melanie says:

          My Dad and another friend both came from Ireland and one Married My Mum and the other Married My Mum’s Sister and so I have a Dad from Ireland and a Uncle at the same time. My Grandad ran a business, but My Nan ran a Loggings and so many Year ago they both came over to stay for a while and ended up getting Married to My Mum and her Sister that were living there.

          • Melanie says:

            i did want to go over and visit Ireland Years ago and find out My Family History, But i had nobody to go with or be with once there and didn’t want to be all on My own in another Country and so never went. i was told my Grandmother was a very Passionate, outspoken redheaded Woman and maybe i have a bit of that blood in me, as The Private Doctor i saw in 2012, said it was wrong, saying for Years that i was weak and in fact i was too strong and that’s why i had My breakdown in the first place, as nobody can go on and on trying to be so strong. He told me then that if My Mind didn’t break over such torment going on at that time, then My Body would breakdown and he was one of the best Doctors i have ever since, as it is true that within Britain and once stamped with Mental health, then we go on to suffer within Child Social Services just for having Mental health over our Name and really we can never get away from that all once started and in our Medical History and so the only way forward is another Country.
            Pushing me into a Stoke or heart attack is not the answer here in Britain, but instead trying now to save me going on to suffer ever more damage instead would be some JUSTICE!

            • Melanie says:

              In fact on reading Years of Notes and going into everything, he said You have never done anything wrong in Your whole life!
              So here in Britain with Punishment without Crime, we are in fact better off going out and Killing someone, then in fact talking out on truth!!

    • Melanie says:

      My really only concern now is that Britain has messed My health up if I can move to another Country, then it either their N.H.S and so they will need all details or if I live in a Country with No N.H.S, then where is all that money going to come from for any treatment. This is why now I wished I never got into such a life or in fact got away and out of it all Years ago, as now i’m messed up, it will make it more difficult and that what I got to find out for sure and maybe, as it’s not really fair on another Country having me costing them money due to Britain or its not fair to me if I can’t pay for treatment and so I have to know facts and make sure i’m OK, as I can’t go off and get rushed into a Hospital.
      This is why I can’t just up and go and I need time in planning.
      If it wasn’t for My health now, then I could be free, as I can leave everything behind apart from My own body!!
      I don’t think now moving to another Country will be that difficult, as spoke to someone and found out a lot, but its My health that could be a problem and so I need to get into another Country first maybe just to get a honest assessment in Canada maybe when on Holiday.

  109. Melanie says:

    Terrible front page in Child abuse Case and he got away without Prison and has to go on some Training Course. He went on Drugs and his Child was found walking along a main road and had no food, but his solicitor stood up and said that at the time he was having a hard time and turned to Drugs and now hes coming off Drugs and so in The Paper with a Smile in his face. This was in Taunton, County Court, Taunton, but he didn’t have Judge Bromilow.

    This is what looked discussing and goes to prove when You do a Crime and have it all out in the open and get arrested, then You get a better Solicitor who will stand and fight!!!

    This is sick to read for any Mother like me and The Child Care System is not fair in anyway and many People now will be talking about this real Child abuse

    Everyone needs to read this that has had a Professional Loser Solicitor and suffered hell within a Case and afterwards and all because we in fact ask for help!!! It sure is a crazy Country here in Britain!!!

    Also The WESTERN GAZETTE have Punished My letter, which I send to them last Week and its on Page: 27, headed My torment in district hospital, as last Thursday they had all about Yeovil Hospital in Press and so I decided to write to The Western Gazette about My true last experience within The Hospital.

  110. Melanie says:

    Harry Ahuja, Solicitor. I want this Solicitor that this Dad had within his Case over Child Neglect in The Western Gazette and I would like to go back to County Court will him and open up My whole child Care Case again, as all I had was Rebecca Marshall and Porter Dobson and a team of Professional Losers. Its all in having a good Solicitor at the end of the day and having in all out in the open.

    What a different to our lives a good Solicitor could make!!! A good solicitor would have stood up for me and got me best help and support and also got me JUSTICE!!

    Now all that’s gone on is another separate Case now over My Health!!

  111. Melanie says:

    i am sure that a Solicitor likes to be a Winner and fight and have some go in them, as what pride does a Professional Losers Solicitor have in life!

  112. Melanie says:

    If I done something really bad in life then I could have a Solicitor like Harry Ahuja and go with Criminal Law and wouldn’t have ever had to suffer and be tormented for 3 Years and its hits You on the head like a big hammer!! Do nothing in life or ask for help and we get Family Law and that’s what it all about and that’s not JUSTICE!!

  113. Melanie says:

    I am now really ashamed to be British and realise I can’t live in a Country I once loved any longer!

  114. Melanie says:

    However I am also half Irish!!

  115. Melanie says:

    Also I want to get over to Canada later in this Year and stay with Someone and so just start getting away from Britain as much as possible until I find another Country and life and settle down.

  116. Melanie says:

    I was feeling so bad and looked out some old Medication, called Rizatriptan which was given to me back along for a Migraine. I now think some Medication can be very good, as its worked so well and taken all My pain away in My head, as I did feel that with all that stress I was almost heading for a stoke and so I took this and not only pain gone it My head, but also in My chest and where all My Stomach was swollen as well and I can’t understand how a Mexalt Melt Rizatriptan could make such a different to My life, as I don’t even have O.C.D system now at this moment. I’m going to take another one before going to bed and if its so good, then it may be the question to why I feel unwell. I think sometime we get so ill and maybe its something to do with blood flow and stress can make it worst. I’m glad I took it now and so much Medication I don’t now believe in and wouldn’t now take and drugs for Mental health, but sometime Medication can be useful and make a different to our lives. I will take anything that does improve My life, but most Medication had made My life worst in the passed and so its all about learning what helps us and stress is not good to anyone.

    • Melanie says:

      Someone rang me last night with two concerns. First of all in The western Gazette and as I already said that Child Neglect Case “Father forgot he was caring for tot found in the street”. For The Public, this does show Child Social Services and The Law so different from what we in a Family Law Case has had to suffer and its due to this Case being Criminal Law. However this is what Public will see and be talking about now all over the front page and yet we really need a horrible, inhumane and discussing Story in our Western Gazette and show how different Family Law and Criminal Law can in fact be and how different we can get treated within Cases.
      Its very hard for the Public to understand when they read a Case such as this and I think it even then makes it worst for the next victim who walks in asking for help!! Its not fair for any tormented soul having to read such a Case and its not fair that Public will be reading Law from one point of view and not the real torment and abuse that does go on within our country.
      Second also in The Western Gazette about South Somerset Mind Charities . These Charities and other Mental Health Charities have worked so hard over the Years in fighting Mental Health Discrimination and Stigma and we feel that Child Social Services have been doing everything possible to discriminate us as Parents who ever suffered any Mental health problems and due to this Stigma and treatment has stating going backwards again and this has gone worst over the last few Years.
      South Somerset Mind are organising an event to raise money, as they are going through a tough time at the moment, so they have got a Band, Music Matters 2014. http://step-pingoutmusicproject:weebly.com/music-matters-2014

  117. Melanie says:

    I looked it up and I think its Serotonin and so I am going to find a book out. In 2011 when My case first started I met someone called Professor Karl Schmidt and he gave me a sighed book called “Healing addictions without Drugs”.
    I told him how I had given up all My anti-psychotic Medication and he said I never needed it in the first place and I just lacked Serotonin and gave me his book. When I got upset within The Care Proceedings and stayed with My church he would ring up and say I could move in with him as a safe house. I told De-Westaway CPN and she told Dr. Mann and his Name comes up in My Care Proceedings Notes. In fact The Expert, Dr. Lillywhite wrote its not good her seeing this Doctor on his second report and that’s the one in which he said after reading My Notes he now in fact changed his mind and now did agree with Dr. Mann.
    None of them wanted me seeing this Doctor Schmidt and so I went on and got that other Doctor in 2012 and never told them his Name and had to pay him.
    My Friend in London that has a PHD in Psychology introduce me with Dr. Schmidt, as she had a Child taken away by Child Social Services as a teenager and was told she had a low IQ for Years and treated for Mental health and then went on to Study and be very clever. She was the one that told me I needed to find Myself a good Psychologist and I never needed a Psychiatrist way back in 2011 and so I didn’t do that until 2012 and wish I did it before, as she gave me good advise.
    Went De-Westaway CPN came around to visit me, she would ask me all about these People that I was Meeting at that time and I did show her that book he gave me.
    However its getting me to now to realise that much I was told at that time was in fact right and I think it is Serotonin and so now I am going to read that book and look into all I can do in helping Myself.

  118. Melanie says:

    Professor Karl Schmidt told me how he was going to a Party with a Group of People for David Laws and he ask if I could come when My Care Proceedings were going on and then I had a letter from David Law and he got a letter back, saying I couldn’t come, as I didn’t belong to Liberal Party and them David Laws send me a letter, saying sort of it wasn’t good me being involved with Professor Karl Schmidt and so nobody wanted me seeing him or any of his Friends and so I moved on in time. However I got The book and still in touch with My friend in London.

  119. Melanie says:

    Contacted someone now and I am starting on Natural Serotone, as that can’t do anymore damage to My Kidneys and Liver like Medication has done. Dr. Schmidt did tell me to take this back in 2011 when he gave me his signed book, but its taken me time to realise he did know what he was talking about and he wanted me to meet many Friends that could of really helped me at that time.
    However I have someone helping me now in August and we just need to get back on tract to where I was going in 2011.
    Also lots of fresh air, water and good food and as I said going somewhere that You have had a happy time and that thinking we make us feel better and I know it works, as I go to West Bay, Dorset and think about Grandad and our happy times together selling Fish on the front and if I stay a few days, I start getting better and then I return to Yeovil, Somerset and feel like i’m in hell yet again.
    All I ever needed was correct help and advise in My life, but for some realise nobody wanted me to get that advise!!
    Well I am starting in August and nothing is going to stop me this time around and I have got some Natural Serotone coming My way before that. I, now just going to sit down and relax and read a good book!!

  120. WENDY DAVIES says:

    my children were taken into care november 2011
    my son is 13
    my daughter 8
    They went into care after I went to police after my little girl said daddy had taken naked pictures of her, because I was upset they wasn’t happy with me returning home with my children alone, I couldn’t stay with my father or daughter that night so overnight foster care was arranged…. they have not been home since…
    the reason used to keep my kids and in court was neglect and mental illness
    they lied in court saying my children were un kept, left to roam the streets, lived in poor home conditions, simon was responsible for finances, medicating me etc etc…
    there is no evidence to back this up
    i have school references saying my children were clean, tidy, etc, at all times inc immediately before them going into care
    FAST found my house consistently clean
    they used borderline personality disorder which i’ve never had
    my children never roamed the streets etch which SS accused me of allowing and there was no evidence supporting this
    no evidence of not managing finances, i am responsible for my elderly father’s financial affairs
    no behavoural issues in school or personally regarding my children, in fact they are both ‘gifted’ academically and always were model pupils
    prior to 2011 no concerns or issues or interaction etc from social services, other than in 2008 when they were needed to be present for my childs statement and medical examination during an alledged assault with a 13 yr old male neighbour which i was not in any way to blame
    no prior involvement with social services
    no physical or mental abuse from myself to my children
    whilst children in care i suffered a break down but mental health services will state that there were no issues prior and none since, that i have been fully recovered since my short stay in hospital
    i have no history of drug, alchohol abuse
    no criminal record
    my children are desperate to come home
    they are now both in need of counselling, have behavioral social personal issues
    school work/grades/discipline have declined drastically
    my son is now suffering from anxiety and has tics
    my daughter is confused about who her father is since being led to believe simon’s father and a complete stranger (to her) is her dad so she is very confused
    it went to court in september, my solicitor was useless and did nothing to fight my case or question the endless lies and allegations against me
    a court order was granted saying that they would remain in care for approx 2 yrs until counselling was concluded (which was not needed until they were taken into care, although prior to this happening, more than 2 yrs ago i had made a referal for my son to get counselling re the assault, which never took place because of them being taken away.
    contact has now been reduced to once a month, please help me… my children are suffering and i don’t know what to do
    i have never had issues regarding my children or my ability as a parent
    before this happened they were happy confident respectful hard working secure children very well cared for and very loved
    they have lost all their family friends, their life
    Now I have found out they are looking for long term fostering and decreasing contact from once a month to even less
    i have papers, references, photos, reports and all evidence filed and have no one willing to listen or look.
    Please please help me, my children are desperate to come home, I am desperate to have them home. It has been 8 months since it went to court and I’m aware I can apply to have the order discharged but cannot get legal aid and I have since had to move from the family home to much smaller accommodation.
    I don’t know what to do or who to turn to, please please please help me
    Also, I have tried to gain SS information through the freedom of information act to support my case but have been denied. There was only 1 visit to my home after leaving hospital before court and input offered by the mental health time re my mental health was refused and no interaction was taken with any member of the mental health team what so ever.
    I was originally seeing my children un supervised every other day, picking them up from school and returning them on the evening to have contact stopped on Dec 12th 2011 and I did not see my children again until mid January (except once on Dec 28th when the foster carer invited me to her son’s birthday) The children had NO social worker from very early January until Mid February. Despite several/many requests the children are still being denied an advocate and contact with relatives who they were very close to prior to going into care. I had made a referral for simon to attend CHAMMS (re assault and issues with his natural father) in September 2011…. despite this simon has still to receive counselling.
    re court
    papers and witnesses lied
    the ‘core assessment’ lasted less than 2 weeks, interviewed by Narsus but a Man named Marcus attended court as witness and gave evidence re my self and my non existant mental illness. Apart from meeting hiom for approx. 10 mins to take my name address etc I never spoke to him so how he could write a report and give evidence god only knows
    lied about house being consistently dirty, house was consistently clean. fast reports will say this.
    lies re police incidents, what was put in their reports never happened, this is easily proved
    lies re children being un kept/dirty LIES
    re finances… I have no debts, credit cards etc I look after my fathers debts….
    lies of simon being my carer
    lies my children roamed the streets
    it goes on….#
    all groundless accusations with no evidence or witnesses to back these allegations up…. because they never happened… I have evidence to the contrary !!
    their own psychologist whose report was used in court saw no reason why my children could not be returned !!
    accusations of not turning up for contact… LIES !!
    a complaint was made by contact centre staff in august 2013… what happened regards this complaint?
    also children had to share a room until January this year, simon was 13, marni 8 surely this is not acceptable?
    I am not given lac reports etc
    not told of health appointments
    deliberately excluded from parents evenings etc
    The foster carer is trying to pressure my son to change secondary school by telling him his taxi costs 150 week
    my daughter breaks down begging to come home but then goes completely to pieces in case the contact worker tells the foster carer she’s got upset because she is punished and threatened contact will stop.
    contact staff have made several complaints/concerns about my children being fearful etc and also being punished for accepting gifts from myself and also humiliated infront of them.
    again the centre manager put this in a complaint in I believe august 2014 and other concerns were raised prior to this.
    I have spent months gathering and trying to gather information to support my case but I need someone to take the time and interest to look at it…
    please be the one to do this
    It has now been nearly 10 months now since this went to court and the order was made, I know that if I am to have any hope of my children ever coming home I must take this to court myself and represent myself. This is going to be very daunting, frightening and confusing for me and will welcome and appreceiate any help, advice or support…
    I recently discovered that the court psychologist report stated that I was admitted into the psychiatric hospital following psychosis/breakdown in september 2011, where as it was spetember 2012. social services are aware of this and I believe they used this error to deliberately mislead the judge into believing I was suffering from delusions etc while the children were in my care…. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE as SS are fully aware that I became ill following and because my children were in care and prior to September 2012 I had no mental health issues or concerns. I went to pieces after I was promised my children would be home for xmas 2011 and PEP plans confirm this, but because of a phone call made on December 12th 2011 contact was stopped and I did not see my children again until mid January, and no social worker was appointed for my children until mid feb 2012. It was because of this and fear for my children etc that I’m ashamed to say I went to pieces, taking tablets off the internet to keep awake because of the nightmares/terrors I was having. those combined with the stress, isolation etc drove me into a psychosis and mental break down. I had never suffered anything similar previous to this and certainly not since.

    also I would welcome the opportunity to be put in touch with someone/anyone who has been in my position and succeeded.

    • Melanie says:

      Wendy, I have read Your Story and feel You pain and despair and we have all been there and its much the same over and over again and such inhumane treatment for any Parent to have to suffer. Maybe look up, Punishment without Crime. Maybe look up Amy-Lillian Uniting Parents. There is much more, but You may find more information and advise from that and go from there. We all suffer within these Cases and we wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t feel so terrible, but we are made feel in the wrong for having normal emotions over such pain and torment. You need a trusted friend and somewhere to turn and I hope You find that and link up with others.

  121. Melanie says:

    I have been so concerned over torment within My Case and I do and always have had to suffer with Migraines for Years and My Mother did suffer with them as well and it a bit of peace that’s needed for a few hours or so, but once so tormented it is then very hard to find peace and hard to stop thinking about such terrible, tormenting treatment and abuse. For me its gone too far now and I don’t even want to live in My Country anymore here in Britain and feel the only way I will ever get peace and find real freedom is within another Country and fresh start in life, as I realise only last Week for sure that I am never going to get fair treatment and never going to be able to leave My passed behind over here, as all they want to do is bring Mental health back into everything, instead of realising that they, The System are in fact driving us around the bend and not giving us a chance in life or any real help or answers at all. So no Parent should blame themselves, if they have really done nothing wrong to their Child and they shouldn’t blame themselves if they feel unwell when being so tormented in life, as anyone can make a mistake and everyone deserve a chance in life!
    We shouldn’t be treated worst then Criminal just because we messed up or suffered a Mental health problem in life. We shouldn’t be treated worst then a Criminal, because we messed up within a relationship/relationships, as that’s life and it does happen to many People.
    Worst of all has to be picking on People for asking for help in the first place, as if we didn’t love and care about our Kids, then we wouldn’t come forward asking for that help and support that we never get in life.
    Everyone deserves a second chance in life!! However it does look like only the real Criminal here in Britain get that second chance and not People who ask for help and so The System is all wrong and that’s then becomes The Whole System and so don’t blame Yourselves anymore.

    • Melanie says:

      I remember reading a letter in 2011 from David Laws, saying how sorry he was for what he had done and he wanted a second chance in life.
      However that letter wasn’t sent to me, but send to others who were within his Liberal Party and supported him and were involved.
      In My life I have written many letters, but nobody ever gave me a second chance!!!

  122. Melanie says:

    I think Britain will find that instead of N.H.S cuts, they will be in fact spending much more money in the end due to tormenting so many Parents and People. “Fight or Fight”. I have been living with such adrenaline now since 2011. I realise that many Parents who love their Kids and done nothing really wrong and fight such Corruption and try and be so strong will suffer health problems and what they hope within The Care Proceedings is that we will breakdown at that time and just give in to it all.
    I was told that I was in a constant state of alert by My private Doctor in 2012. He told me that was why I could work everything out that was going on around me.
    Time may be coming soon when I “Fight”, but that doesn’t mean I am giving up and running away, but instead realise I can no longer live in Britain and be tormented anymore just for asking for help and telling the truth in the first place and I can’t go on playing anymore Cover-up games, that in fact has been putting My life at risk, just because no Professional could ever say they in fact made a mistake in the first place and that all goes back to Dr. Mann and I could have been given the correct help and support Years ago, but no don’t do that and instead just try and go on and torment me as much as possible and steal My Son and torment him as well.
    I did the right thing for My Son and got him a happy home forever with a Family Member and so now he will never have to suffer placement breakdown or maybe never even being in a placement, but living in a Children’s home or going from Foster Care to Foster Care until he was a destroyed kid and then a destroyed Adult!!
    Leave adoption for The Children that really needed adoption!!
    No I won’t be giving up My “Fight” and I won’t be running away, but instead I will be looking for a better life ahead where I can find peace and be happy and live a normal life free from such torment and Cover-up’s.
    As for now I am going away and starting My own treatment on Saturday and I am taking 2 Weeks all for Myself!!!
    Britain is not killing me any longer and over 3 Years suffering is more then enough for anyone, so its not going to be “Fight or Fight” anymore after all this, but instead just having a life and putting a end to such a discussing carry on here in Britain and i’m not taking it anymore and so I won’t be messing about with The System and playing silly games anymore on My return and will just be sorting My health out once and for all with them and then planning My life ahead without The System here in Britain!!
    The Whole System needs looking into and many changes needed.

  123. Melanie says:

    Just rang Life Line Screening, asking about My refund again £324.00. He told me they are regulated By The Government and The N.H.S. He said BMI Healthcare that I paid £510.00 are also regulated by The Government and The N.H.S. I just rang The BMI Healthcare in the Bath Clinic where I had a Health Care advance assessment if its correct that they are regulated by The Government and The N.H.S and I was told yes that was correct. I also ask for copies of the two documents that I signed with their Doctor on the day.

    At The BMI Health Care, I was ask many questions about My son and his Dad and how many times we saw him and so on. I said that I was only interest in My own health assessment and i had that 2 hours health assessment first with a Nurse and then with a Doctor, but really i may as well just paid the N.H.S that £510. 00 instead!!

    Don’t get any Private assessments from Private Companies and pay out thousands that they never really want to ever refund and instead go with a small Concern or a Professional working along. This will end up costing much less money and it’s not about The Name or letters after The Name or how big they are that does count, but in fact just how genuine that Person is and if they really want to help You and Your health and not just work along with The Government and The N.H.S, but still take our money!!

    Anyway i still can’t get a refund from Life Line Screening and this last one was just talking about taking £25.00 off as a refund for The Kidney test they didn’t give me on the day and yet i paid £324.00. He said maybe they didn’t want to worry me with The results and The Government and N.H.S don’t want them to worry People if a bad result does come out.

    This is My health they are all messing around with and that’s most important to me and then next its My money that they all are just taking!!

    Well they are not getting anymore money out of me and making me even more stressed by what has been going on, as i had it all before with My Mental health and The N.H.S and really now all they have been doing is just the same all over again, but instead with My general health and Yeovil Hospital.

    What with The Government and Child Social Services and all that goes on within that and such Corruption, well what chance have any Parents or in fact any Patients got in finding answers and truth within Britain and The last few Years with more and more adoptions and more and more Cuts, then its so clear what a mess of a Country we are all living in and we are not free at all and don’t have a Private life if involved within Child Services or The N.H.S.

    I have had enough of them all and am just looking forward in getting away for a couple Weeks and looking after My own health!

    • Melanie says:

      I even had one say, maybe the machine broke down just as it was printing My Kidney results and so I told him that I was hanging up now and didn’t want to hear anymore or receive anything from them and just take My Name off their mailing list and only contact me with a refund!

      • Melanie says:

        When I had that BMI Health Care assessment in Bath and I did fill in I had a Son and then was ask if he lived with me and then how often did I see him and how often did his Dad see him and even how far My Family Member did live away from me until I said I wasn’t there for that and only interested in My health! Then those questions did stop, My Sons Dad said I should have said, yes My Son is living at home and made up a lot of rubbish and then when it got passed back they would be coming around here and making fools of themselves and that’s what they deserve for spying on People. Also its not point anyone wasting money on a Private assessment that is not at all Private in the first place!! So don’t waste Your money!

  124. Melanie says:

    Fact is still that if Child Social Services had contacted Family before Care Proceeding, then we never needed a Case!!
    Also next if Yeovil Hospital told me about My Kidney operation, then I wouldn’t be running around private, as I am still waiting to see a Consultant, Mr. Parker at Yeovil Hospital and I had My operation on The 30 May 2014 and see nobody wants to ever talk about it!!
    All this is The Government and The N.H.S messed-up with “forced adoption” and health cuts and being told I couldn’t even see a Consultant or Doctor where leaving Hospital after My operation, as none of them work Weekends and they couldn’t find a Doctor available!!
    Then Cover-up’s over and over again and its discussing such a carry on now for over 3 Years!!

  125. Melanie says:

    Years ago just once, when I was in Summerlands Hospital I had a routine tests and they picked up a irregular heartbeat and so on leaving I was told that I should booked another one with My GP, Dr. Latimer and so I did and was told it was OK and so that was the end of that.
    Also not never been told I had that problem ever since. when I had My Kidney operation in May 2014, I was out for 3 hours and back on Ward I did notice a Nurse counting My heartbeat when she was just stood over me talking and then when that Nurse who was telling me something had gone wrong and wasn’t right all the time and all that went on over My stay. Anyway My heart has been beating so fast since My operation and I was thinking its due to fact that they upset me so much and stress.
    However at that private assessment The Doctor said as My heart was beating fast and then she ask me about that time Years ago when I only once had a irregular heart beat and so on that she will write in her report that maybe My GP should put a 24 hour system on me and check how My heart is over that time.
    However I can’t help think that they already know by the fact My heart has been beating so much fastest since My operation and the way they were acting in Yeovil Hospital.
    Then when I took that Rizatriptan for My migraine the other night and not only by head, but My chest did feel better.
    I can’t help worry about all that has gone on and maybe that is making it all worst, but that Nurse going on about something was wrong and the way they were all acting and not saying anything about the fact I had just gone down with E. coli infection yet again and everything and then nobody taking to me about that operation ever again, I just can’t help but worry.
    The whole experience has been so odd, but then again this last 3 Years has been so odd and hard to believe with all that has gone on within Child Social Services and Court Proceedings and then My Mental health and then ending up in Intensive Care.
    These Child Care Cases are so crazy and this whole 3 Years has been nuts!!
    Its like living in a Mad world where nothing is ever the same again and you can’t step down from that living Nightmare or ever feel that You are free or have any normal life here in Britain ever again.

    That’s why I need to get away for a couple Week’s from Yeovil, Somerset, but I still won’t ever feel at peace until I leave The System that has tormented me so much and that’s The Government and The N.H.S.

    I am sure many other Parents feel the same way and its only by experience that we can really believe and understand or by knowing what does go on in Britain and such cure and inhumane and tormenting treatment does go on within Cover-up’s.

    • Melanie says:

      I have been working it out and by putting things said and done together, I now believe it is something to do with My Migraine and My eye that has been playing me up and My heart that they have been Covering-up. That Rizatriptan Migraine Medication I found out does hold a key to the lock. Then its My Kidneys and that E. coli.

  126. Melanie says:

    When I got a job for Myself Years ago, I worked in a Office and was dealing with The Council Planning Offices and Solicitors, as I worked for a Architect and did book keeping, trying and took his phone calls and so I was working with many Professionals around me at that time and I was only 17 Years old. I can’t remember The Country being so bad back then and it does seem so different, but maybe I just didn’t notice what went on in those days and just liked being with them all at that time. I spend Years kicking Myself for getting unwell and ending on in The Mental health Services and on Benefits, but I now realise I looked up to many People and really they are no better and they make just as many mistakes, its just we have broken down in life and it does since that they don’t let us move on from that and we were then trapped within a System and Benefits. Once there we need help in getting out and it is not help just taking away Benefits and no job and no hope and money and so life so much worst, but instead really support People back into a better life and working if they are able first and help them and its the same with Parents and their Children, in don’t just steal their Kids and leave them to suffer, but instead some real help and support first and only after People get real help in life can anyone then say that we were all given a chance, as that’s what none of us have got or are getting once we messed up or in fact just ask for help in the first place and its not a Fair Britain here in our Country at all for many People.

  127. Melanie says:

    I have had a Reporter contact me interested in My Story about My health and so I have written to My Solicitor for advise, as i’m going for Justice one way or another and so just want to know the best way forward and if a Solicitor can or can’t get me Justice and if not then do it another way instead.

    For now all that does matter is My health and so I am looking forward to getting away and trying to help Myself and so I am taking 2 Weeks and not going to do anything and rest, as nobody is doing anything at the moment to help My health and so I have to do all possible Myself and have some me time out and hope I can come back feeing a bit better and in that I may start to recover, as I can’t recover at all from all that has gone on with all that is going on around here. We can only heal when we stop being tormented in life.

    Still going to leave Britain after all this, as never can be happy here again and I got My Son a happy home and life and now his Mum one day wants to be happy again and find a life.

    Everyone does deserve a life and everyone does deserve a second chance in life when we never really did anything wrong in the first place and just ask for help.

  128. Melanie says:

    My GP is on leave, so I saw another Doctor, called Dr. Ballam instead at Yeovil Health Centre on Monday and took a a box of Rizatripan with me which I had use all melts in box. I put it on the desk and said could I have another lot, as it did help My Migraine so much. She said where did I get that from and not a Doctor with them and she didn’t know nothing about it and nothing was on The System with them about me ever having it seen being with them. I said that I spoken to My GP about it and I have had it since being with them!! She said no can’t find it at all in Your records. Then she didn’t give me the box back either and put it in the bin. But she said that she would give it to me again that day and I could start on it and then see My own GP to have it all the time and I said I wouldn’t be starting on it at all, as I have been on it for Years and a Doctor at Summerlands first said I needed help for such bad headaches in life and the Dr. Latimer at Hendford Lodge had me on it and then I told Dr. Hosley here at Yeovil Health Centre!! No she said can’t find anything about it on The System.

    I went home and found all My boxes out over the Years and found one with a date on it and that was given to me by My new Doctors and so I went back today and saw a Doctor Zaiser and told her and she found it so easy on The System within seconds and I told her I was sick of what has been going on and needed sense and stop messing me around and making me unwell.

    She said she found that I was on it and what its about is that as I suffer with Migraine and needs something more often, then it needs to be changed, as Rizatriptan taken too much is bad for My heart and I need to take something more often that is not bad for My heart!! So I have been taking it since Monday due to that other Doctor giving me it and making out she couldn’t find it on The System and was acting so odd about it all, instead of just saying that really they want me now off that Medication and give me another Migraine Medication instead. Simple when You get A Doctor to explain it all and tell them Your sick of all this messing about over My health.

    I thanks, Dr Zaiser for finding on The System and taking the time to explain to me what in fact was gong on and I also did ask her to take My blood pressure, as My own GP had not done it since coming out of Hospital after My operation. She took it and said it was racing, maybe stress and I said yes and I am stressed due to what The System is doing to me and all I wanted was someone to sit down and talk to me and stop messing me about.

    So now I know what all this with My heart is all about since I had My operation in May 2014 and that they don’t want me taking Ritatriptan for Migraine anymore, but instead another Medication.

    Also she told me My Kidney blood test was alright and that Life Scan should be closed down, as they don’t need a Company like that and I said, well its all very odd that they had My Kidney Results on that same day and others were given it and yet they wouldn’t let me have mine!!

    Everything is so crazy over this last 3 Years and no wonder My heart is beating fast and since My operation it hasn’t come down and I have not recovered due to such Mental torment, first of all over that infection and so on and so I need to go away and take that 2 Weeks to try My best to relax and slow My heart rate down, before they end up killing me off!!

    All I want is sense and nothing is sense within anything around me since The Care Proceeding in 2011.

    Can’t wait to get out of Yeovil, Somerset for 2 Weeks!!

    • Melanie says:

      It could be a burst blood vessel in My heart, as they never found out why I was bleeding inside when in Intensive Care and did a few tests afterwards and still didn’t find out, but maybe later they did or when having My Kidney Stone operation. Life Scan said I was ok all down the middle for burst blood vessel and so I said, good and then the Girl said, but we don’t do over the heart area and You still may have had a burst blood vessel in that area. They she didn’t after that give me My Kidney blood results and I was told I would get it on the day and then now My Doctors, saying they should be closed down and I should go to Watchdog and put a complain in about them and they don’t need a Company like that around. Yet they would think BMI Healthcare was good and so that’s two against one and it’s still very odd that they were afraid to give me My kidney Results on that day and then saying The Government and The N.H.S don’t like us to worry People with a bad result.
      Yet sounds as if My Doctors don’t even want that life scan Company around anymore.

      • Melanie says:

        Maybe it’s all due to that cover-up over me going down with E. coli again before My operation and I am still not that well and they think I need more time to get over that infection on My own and then My Kidneys will pick up again and that’s the reason for putting everything off as long as possible. A Doctor should have seen me before leaving Yeovil Hospital, but they didn’t want me to ask about any infections and was just keeping it between them under The Consultant, Dr. Foster. It’s like putting a puzzle together and we as Patients shouldn’t have such stress from Cover-up’s and it’s the same within Child Social Services and Care Proceedings.

    • Melanie says:

      I’m off on Holiday now and so hope many Parents expose what Corruption and discussing treatment is going on within our Country.

      I now can’t help thinking, why do they believe I am going to get even more migraines in the future. I had a very bad head after Intensive Care but put it down to so much infection inside me. My eye does hurt with My migraine, but it’s been very bad since I was so sick with sepsis and now I expect that was a burst blood vessel as well.

      I just read another Case on Name & Shame come to Your senses and couldn’t help think how cruel it is when they take Babies and Children and then You say Goodbye for the last time and go home and get no real support and just have been destroyed and yet nothing and no answers and no compassion at all!!!
      Parents would get more support if someone did steal their car, then a Child!!

      Same with My health, in that no answers and no help and support and no compassion.

      I afraid that once such inhumane treatment has been done, then then all want to just keep out the way and leave us Parents and Patients to just get on with it and go on as the living dead!! This is why we all have to stand and talk out and expose, as if we have done nothing wrong, then we deserve a decent life and a private life and even if we have made mistakes, we deserve a second chance, as at the end of the day we are not at all getting any fair treatment and we can only heal our pain in life when we get answers and Justice.

      I am sure so many should never have had their Children adopted.

      I’m going now and resting and looking after Myself, but I can’t help know everything going on in Britain is so wrong and so many Cover-up’s.

  129. Melanie says:

    I also rang Yeovil Hospital yesterday and said when am I going to ever get a follow-up appointment after My Kidney Stone operation, as it’s almost 2 Months now. I spoke to Mr. Foster’s Secretary and she said Dr. Parker was going to see me yesterday, but I didn’t turn up. I said I knew nothing about it and I never had a letter!! She said couldn’t understand what did happen, but Mr. Parker was now writing a letter and now all I need to do is just have a x-ray instead and they will look at it and I don’t need to see anyone. I got in a state and said I have been waiting almost 2 Months and I never received any letter and I really want to see a Consultant and it doesn’t matter if its Mr. Foster now or Mr. Parker.

    A few minutes later Mr. Parkers Secretary rang and said she didn’t know what did happen to that letter, but now she could offer me an appointment with Dr. Parker, but hes not now available until The 20 August and so I said yes I would take that one and so now at last it is booked in.

  130. Melanie says:

    I hope this Dr. Zaiser I saw today insead of My own GP will make them realise it is better for them all to just be honest with me and stop making me unwell and then saying its Stress, as all My stress is in fact just being messed about and really I have had 3 Years of all this since The child Care Proceedings and The Problem was I was finding them out all the time and that’s how I got My Son back with Family Member in the end.

    Since My eyes got open, then nobody can now pull the wool over My eyes, but it’s not at all a way to be living or no Parent or Patient should in fact ever to live this way and fight such torment and we should all just be treated better from the beginning and so many changes we do need here in Britain.

    Well i’m closing off now and trying to rest My mind and heart over all this mess of a life and going away for 2 Weeks.

  131. Melanie says:

    I am going away and I am having Acupuncture for the first time ever in My life and I am going Swimming again and going on some walks and none of it all will cost me anything like that BMI HealthCare assessment at £510.00 for 2 hours in working with the N.H.S and just stressed me out on the day and instead I will be doing Myself much more better, as they are acting crazy and our Country here in Britain has gone mad these last few Year! I ask Child Social Services for help and Dr. Mann keeps out the way for over a Year once My Court Proceeding started in 2011 and now look how many are ending up getting involved!!!
    If that doesn’t make it a Crazy Country and a Mad System, then I don’t know what the hell is going on with the lot of them within Child Social Services and The Government and The N.H.S.
    We should call it Cover-up Britain!

  132. Melanie says:

    A Reporter rang me tonight about My letter in The Western Gazette and told me he had contacted Yeovil Hospital about My Kidney operation and any follow-up’s. I had a chat with him and said I got all the prove needed about everything that has been going on and can give that prove to anyone who wants it, as I recorded all conversation, Medical Private, N.H.S and telephone calls and every detail. I’m not having it what’s been done to me and anyone can have it all. All I am doing is waiting to hear what My Solicitor has to say and that is why I have written to her for advise.

    I got all the prove about Child social Services and My Court Proceedings and all the prove about My Mental Health and Summerlands Hospital and now all prove over My health and Kidney Stones and everything that went on and Yeovil Hospital, as now it is over 3 Years since 2011.

    It’s a sad way to live here in My own Country, but after all that has gone on in My life and such Corruption, torment and abuse, then the only way forward is prove and evidence and stop such bad treatment and Cover-up’s.

  133. Melanie says:

    Just got Post before leaving Yeovil, Somerset and had a letter Named and addressed to me from David Cameron, asking for My help!!
    I’m writing to ask for Your help.
    Over the past few Weeks we’ve seen a growing evidence that our long-term economic plan to secure a better and brighter future for Britain is working.

    I remember writing to David Laws for help way back in 2011 and writing to David Cameron for help in 2012!!!

    My Grandad always told me to help those who help You in life and so thanks for Your letter David Cameron and I won’t in fact do anything about it, as My future here in Britain is not looking very good at all and it’s been hell living in this Country since 2011 and for me it’s still been going on and The Government never did help me in anyway since being involved since 2011.

  134. Melanie says:

    Lactic acid is another connection that I have suffered with over the Year’s and now and many things can be down to imbalance in life with both mind and body and so if we knew early we could not have to suffer so much and not end up so unwell in life.

    Many People when I go out are moaning about their lives and unhappy in one way or another and the only different is some talk out about it and that’s the only way in fighting for changes and a better future and maybe not even for us, but for our Children and other People in life.

    it’s already September now, so I doubt I will get away by the end of this Month and now I worked out everything am accepting it all a bit more and have claimed down, as nothing much I can do now about My health.

    However will still hope to move and leave Britain within the next few Months and get a second chance in life.

    Whatever I won’t be staying around here, as everything gone too far and really we should all be able to talk out in the first place and all just have a voice and if things could be different in life, then nothing need get so out of control in the first place, as really like many others, I in fact done nothing wrong, but just told the truth and anyone should be able to stand and tell the truth in life.

    I am hopeful that more and more People will be able to talk truth in the future.

  135. Melanie says:

    Just watch The News and seeing those Parent’s and their Child and how they can go abroad for treatment for their Child.

    It was all about Southampton Hospital here in Britain and after what I have had to suffer I believe the Parent’s and what they are saying and glad they can now go abroad.

    Again it’s due to they ran off and became like criminal and it all came out in the open due to that and then went out on television and in the open, they got everything out and now can just go abroad and have treatment.

    Yet even being treated like Criminal, but really they never had broke any Law.
    Someone has said it’s to do with having a Human Rights Lawyer. Anyone can blame Parent’s or Patient’s or in fact anyone for how they may act, but I feel the real fighter’s in life for such Cases will in fact work out the reasons behind such actions and I would now back many all the way after My experiences in life.

    Sometimes to stop suffering we just got to go over the top and then it has to all come out in the open and maybe that’s better then doing nothing and just going on as the living dead in life.

    I need now to look up more on this Case and I hope their Child will get best Care now and his Parent’s have gone on to prove that only out of worry and concern did they run away and I didn’t hear much, but am now very interested, as I stayed in Southampton for 2 Week’s last Year and still have a few Friend’s in Southampton that I made at that time in 2013.

    I am so glad this Child is leaving Britain for better treatment and wish I was now leaving Britain Myself also for better treatment in life.

    Don’t have all detail’s, so may have put something wrong, but couldn’t help just hearing it on The News and My heart goes out to them and their Child.

  136. Melanie says:

    I heard back from Linda Hann, PALS, Yeovil Hospital today and on the phone she did say that she expected that she would find My letter and today she now said that she couldn’t find it anywhere within Yeovil Hospital or within My file and if I wanted her to look at it, then I could now send her a copy.

    So I was thinking about just writing back and instead saying let’s just have a Meeting now together and go over everything and not just write about a letter, as it makes more sense to either do this or not and I was also concerns about fact that I was not doing My claim correct with My Solicitor and that is why I contacted Linda Hann Myself in the end.

    I rang My Solicitor first before writing back about a Meeting and told her Linda Hann had now contacted me about that letter and I was thinking about just going and seeing her in Person instead out of worry I wasn’t doing all this in the correct way and she said some do it that way and steps 1-5, as I was finding out about last Week, but we don’t all have to do it that way, when in fact we have a Solicitor and they already know I am Complaining and have a Solicitor and have all had a letter from My Solicitor anyway and that letter has gone to Yeovil Hospital, Dr. Latimer and My new Doctor, Horsely, asking for all My Medical Notes.

    Also I don’t need to get My own Medical Notes, as My Solicitor would be getting them all and paying that fee and so I would be wasting £50.00 in just also doing it Myself and getting Myself all Stress, as all this suffering and torment has done and I need to just look after My health instead and let her deal with it all and I do realise My health is most important within all this and it’s about time someone said that I should think about My health, as I feel most have forgotten all about health within all this mess.

    Someone said to me only today, that My trouble was always going to The Doctor’s and going for My eye tests and doing everything possible when I was healthy and ended up with My health destroyed and would have been better off going out having a drink and enjoying Myself more in life and I can see that Myself now when it’s late in the day and started to see it just this last couple Years, but I know I have made many mistakes now in life and just wanted a second chance and get away from them all, as trusting Professional far too much in life was My main mistake in life and now here I am with all My trust gone, when in fact I need more Care and treatment then ever before and really now just want to get out of Britain so badly, as Britain has destroy My life, but My mistake was I let them all do it in the first place, by just not understanding back at that time and I was worst then most, as talking with other People and nobody trusted as much as I always did and even still when going back into Yeovil Hospital in May 2014, I went in trusting completely yet again, even having all I already had found out within My Care Proceedings and so I still had not learn how bad they can in fact all act and then all that went on for 3 Months afterwards and so we are learning all the time in life.

    I have learn now that I just want to get out of Britain.

  137. Melanie says:

    Anyway whatever, I still believe things sometimes happen for a reason in life and I hope the reason will help others in the future and soon one day light will shine over darkness here in Britain, as it couldn’t get much worst then it’s been over these last few Years.

  138. Melanie says:

    Last night I was thinking about anxiety and this restricted blood and oxygen flow and what was written down when I was in Intensive Care in April 2014. Then I did think about that time I went into A & E and we were then talking about Panic attacks and anxiety back in 2012 and that Doctor said he wasn’t sure and see how it goes and he would be writing to Dr. Latimer and I should go and see her about it and nothing was ever said again and I was alright. I do suffer anxiety, but I also know now I have Streptococcal Invasive Infection Group A (GAS) and as it’s in My chest and lungs, that is causing these breathing problems I have been having and getting worst now for a couple Year’s.
    Now I know, I am using Tea Tree Essential oil and just breathing it in at night, as I find it very good for infections and now I know it’s in My lungs I am just going to give anything a try, as I am still taking that Flucloxacillin, but I need more then that alone now.
    If they worked this all out when in Intensive Care and with Dr. Gotta on Ward 9B, then I wouldn’t have ever been diagnosis with Kidney Stones in the first place or if I had a out-patients appointment after leaving Hospital.

    I understand why when I ask Mr. Parker why Mr. Foster didn’t tell me about infections after My operation and he said that his job is Kidneys and Kidney Stones and not inflectional and so he didn’t have to tell me and then I said, but You said it was Kidney Stones that were causing infections in the first place and that didn’t make sense.

    Well now everything does make sense to me and really it’s far better for Yeovil Hospital and Doctor’s to just be honest and tell the truth in the first place and like it said on television, then say sorry and try and put it right and give You best Care and treatment afterwards, instead of tormenting a Patient out their mind and all this 3 Month’s me having to work everything out Myself.

    It took me many Month’s to work out I had O.C.D all the time when within The Care Proceedings and anxiety and yet when it all first started I had to take this one test and do a puzzle and it came out that I had Learning Problems and a low IQ of 76 and yet both Puzzles over My Mental health and now My genuine health and all that has been going on, I have put together and worked out and so none of us can have just one IQ test in life and when we think how important that one test can be within Care Proceedings and a Social Worker using that to get “Forced Adoption”, without Parental Consent, then that’s something that really does need looking into in life.

  139. Melanie says:

    I have been now looking up Yeovil Hospital, as I am very concerns about what has been going on and it’s like I am not alone and so that does make sense within My Story. In x-ray that same Even after My operation, she was going on and about taking more Care in the first place. But when she said I wasn’t the only mistake and lot’s of mistakes had happened lately. I would take it she was talking about fact I first went into A & E and was send home and had to come back 6 day’s later and I also took it due to My operation being such a rush, then maybe the stone wasn’t all taking away and so doubt and worry was staring to already come into My mind, but I never in fact would have believe just how bad that all was going to be and what I had ahead of me from that very next day and being told to just leave Yeovil Hospital without even seeing a Doctor.

    I didn’t consider I had any real problems in Intensive Care and on Ward 9B back in April 2014 and just did leave after 10 day’s and was just told to see My own Doctor that following Week and I wasn’t given any follow-up out-patient appointments about My operation.

    However I did have a fall while in Intensive Care and just did blame Myself at the time and so never did complaint about that. You do get good Care or I did feel I did at that time in Intensive Care and we press a button when needed and I was there for 7 day’s with Sepsis. One night instead of pressing I did just try and get out Myself and be independent and I fell and so they all came in and got me up. They got a Doctor come to check me over as soon as possible and then I forgot about it and was trying hard to fight My illness, but knew not to try and get out on My own again.

    I like to know what is going on and so I would when more better read My file and all notes written when on 9B. I did notice even at that time that comments were made each day, but nothing was written in about me falling over and a Doctor being called, but I didn’t worry about it or think anymore about it, as I blamed Myself anyway, but did think it would be written down. I am only thinking about it all now on reading about other falls and they may have been hurt afterwards, as for me I believe I was alright and got over it all and didn’t do any real damage.

    My Concern is all that went on and the terrible way I was treated on My return to Yeovil Hospital and I did believe My first stay in Yeovil Hospital and in Intensive Care and 9B was in fact fine, but it has taken me Month’s to put everything together and realise mistakes were made even on My first stay in Hospital and over Kidney Stones, which lead on to My torment and abuse within My second stay in Yeovil Hospital.

    I realise that due to mistakes and inflectional I was throw out after just one night and they just did all possible to cover-up.

    It’s taking me almost 3 Month’s, but I have worked out everything and why I never saw a Consultant or Doctor when leaving and all that terrible carry on and My health and life put at risk.

    I think they did it out of fear, in that much had gone on lately and exposure and many complaints and so they just do Cover-up anyway and do this with other Patients, but also I believe they knew by My return to Hospital that I was the sort of Person who does talk out and so that made it even more important for them to Cover-up within My Case.

    Linda Hann, PALS Complaints said it was just normal for a Consultant to give her a copy of his letter without ever given her the letter he had received in the first place or without her even having to read any letter that came in and they just keep his letter on file.

    Also they never wanted to write down about any inflectional while staying on that Ward or put anything about inflectional on My discharge letter and so they would have no prove within records and then go on and only keep a letter from The Consultant on file and like Linda Hann is now saying after asking her about all this, is that My letter couldn’t be found within Yeovil Hospital and first of all on the telephone she said how she would ask Mr. Foster and she did expect to find My letter and would write telling me so and then next writing to say how she couldn’t find it at all in My file or in Yeovil Hospital and so that 3 Month’s later.

    It’s all very odd if this does go on with many Patients and everyone that does put in a complaint with a Doctor or Consultant, as when I wrote to Mr. Foster, I never did know he was going to write back at that time and say a copy had gone to Linda Hann and as she said this is all just done in case the matter does ever come up in the future. But if that matter had ever come up in the future instead of me doing it now, then it would just be no infections written down on Ward or discharge letter and then just a letter written to me from Mr. Foster within Complains Department and so that would be very poor indeed.

    If I knew Mr. Foster was going to do that, then I would have written My first letter and also written on it forward to Complain Department or sent a copy to The Complaints Department Myself or in fact even arranged a Meeting back at that time, as then we can never heard maybe Weeks, months or in fact even Years later that our letters couldn’t been found and they never in fact ever had it from The Consultant and they don’t have to ever see or read it and just file letter back from Consultant.

    Now anyway as well as My first letter, I would in fact write another letter and more informal and up-dated and My Complain in full from first going into A & E and returning 6 days later and Intensive Care and Ward 9B, until then going on and having My operation and then suffering for 3 Months and that’s the sort of real letter all Patients that suffer so much should have on file and not just a Doctors or Consultants letter.

    Also My letter from Mr. Foster was a copy anyway and black and white and yet it was addressed to me which was odd and also it was a copy to Dr. Latimer who was My old Doctor and it was only Mr. Foster and Mr. Parker writing to Dr. Latimer and all other Doctors were writing to My new Doctor, Horsely and so nothing did make any sense and I don’t know out of all of us who in fact had Mr. Foster’s letter, as mine was always just a copy anyway.

    Nothing was done in the correct way and that’s the main point and so it’s not anyway at all in a Consultant going about a Complaint within Yeovil Hospital.

    That is why now the only way I would do it all is in Person and a letter direct to Complaints and then a follow-up phone call then make that appointment with Linda Hann, PALS or whoever that Boss may be and even get The Consultants involved with all this as soon as possible and not just go on suffering and working it all out Yourself for 3 Months.

    Not that Your going to get true answers anyway, but You get that chance to make sure Your Complaint has been heard and then go over everything and any reports or letters and also ask to just go ahead and play recordings in from of them and have answers to these recording, as within My Case I did many recordings over concerns with My health and Doctors and Yeovil Hospital.

    I have a Solicitor taking over My Case and I am unwell and I was concerns that I in fact never did things correct in the first place, as when we are so upset it is hard to do everything correct, but also at that time I never had all facts and recordings and had worked everything out, which was even much worst then I did first realise and so it all does take time in sorting out and as I am now with a Solicitor, I am trying hard to just let her deal with it all.

    Health is most important at the end of the day when so bad practice does go on and I know now My problems all started Years ago and I ended up in Yeovil Hospital and now I have to live with all the mess in life and try and stop being tormented and rest again, but for other Patients it’s important to make sure it’s all done correct in the first place and not accept such inhumane treatment.

    If I could turn the clock back I would have refused to leave Yeovil Hospital that day after My operation until they got a Doctor and went over everything about infections and look at that x-ray, as all they cared about was getting me out and Covering-up.

    No Patients should suffer in life so badly.

    Then even try and Cover-up fact it all goes back Years with Dr. Latimer and we can’t accept such Injustices in life.

    I do suffer O.C.D and that’s why I worry and go on and on, but I have a good reason for going on when such suffering and torment has been going on and I never did anything wrong Myself and I wouldn’t want other Patients to suffer in such a way either and so I am standing for Standards in life.

  140. Melanie says:

    I did write just a small letter to The Western Gazette after first reading about complaints made within Yeovil Hospital and when I wrote that letter I believe it to be true, as I didn’t even realise then Myself that things were even much worst then I first had worked out. Also I was told by The Nurse that No Consultants did work Weekends and no Doctors were available and so I wrote facts I was told at that time and then Mr. Parker told me almost 3 Months later that he was in fact working and at Yeovil Hospital all the time.
    Then My own Doctor told me I gone down with inflectional again just before that operation and I recorded that conversation and so when I wrote My letter to The Western Gazette back at that time I did believe it then to be correct.

    This is why it was most important for someone to talk to me or see me and I was ringing up Mr. Foster’s Secretary all the time then and that Department and with no answers, I just when ahead with letter.

    I understand some Patients experience good Care or are pleased with their operation and everyone has a right to have their voice heard, but I am on about how different things can be when mistakes get made and how bad then we get treated and suffer and Corruption and Cover-up’s within that and it’s like it’s all forgetting then it is about health in the first place and we are or were in fact Patients and that’s what is so badly lacking within all this carry on.

    I would only have ever written to The Western Gazette on believing it was true at that time in that no Consultants work at Weekends and so it’s their own lies on that Ward with The Nurse that lead to that mess and so that why Patients should be told the truth in the first place in life.

  141. Melanie says:

    It’s also very clear that when we as Patients get a Solicitor involved against The N.H.S, that we then even go on and get treated even worst and they torment us and Cover-up even more and we suffer just for trying to get truth, answers and justice in life and yet many may not even have got a Solicitor involved in the first pace, had they been treated better and heard the word “Sorry” and never had to suffer such torment and abuse and with My own Case I know I have been shocked by such a inhumane experiences with Doctors and Yeovil Hospital and that’s why I first got a Solicitor involved and also fact I have to live with such mistakes and Cover-up’s.

  142. Melanie says:

    I’m just going to do My best now and get on with life day by day, but I am not playing anymore silly games with anyone, when My health and life is at risk and I find nothing at all funny about any of it all and had enough messing around.

    I hope to get out of Britain and have a second chance in life one day and know I don’t want to now live in My Country anymore.

  143. Melanie says:

    I never looked up at all about Doctor’s or Yeovil Hospital when having My Care and Treatment and didn’t even look anything up before going back into Yeovil Hospital.
    What I did notice the other day was David Laws MP and his Name at My Doctor’s and how he had in fact opened it and his Name was on the wall.
    Now looking up Yeovil Hospital, I see David Laws MP Department for Health Investigating Yeovil Hospital.

    Well from My own experience with David Laws, I believe he’s the one who needs Investigating!!!

    I really hope Ukip now get in next May 2015 or in fact Labour and they sack David Laws, as I wish I had never heard of him Myself or had never written to him asking for help back in 2011, as I never had anything ever to do with The Government before that in My whole life and then I went on am suffered over My Mental Health and now suffering yet again over My General Health and such torment and abuse in life.

    All I ever heard from Life Scan was about The Government and The N.H.S and Regulations and all I know is I have suffered hell within all this torment that has been going on and it’s no way to treat anyone in Britain.

    If I had My way I would be out of Britain now this Weekend and then never have to deal with The Government and The N.H.S ever again and for sure never have to see or hear about David Laws, as I don’t want him having anymore to do with My life.

    Everything could have all been done different in the first place and it all got out of control, but we can’t blame Parents or Patients if we first put all our trust with a System in the first place and we can’t expect Patients to suffer over health when we ended up so ill in life due to so many mistakes made over the Year’s and then end up in Yeovil Hospital.

    None of us wouldn’t in fact be normal if it didn’t really upset us and make us all angry in life and yet we are just suppose to suffer and put up with such a discussing life here in Britain.

    I am only now doing what is correct in standing up for My suffering within My health on knowing it goes back Year’s and how I have ended up and such poor Care and Treatment and then ending up in Yeovil Hospital and so no Government or N.H.S Regulations should in fact stop Justice being done in life for such Patients and no Patient should have to suffer torment and abuse for just trying to be treated fair in life.

    I am genuine and no real genuine Patients should have to suffer such hell in life within Britain.

    It’s The Government and The N.H.S that is wrong within all this and not us Patients that really suffer and just are telling the truth and should have fair treatment in life and some Justice within our Country.

  144. Melanie says:

    I have been thinking about Yeovil Hospital and the main point in all this being infections. I have wrote to Linda Hann, PALS at Yeovil Hospital with My complaint letter and within that is about looking into why nothing was written down about infections. I took 5 copies, as I wanted to have a copy and let someone keep a copy, but I am going to start sending copies out now.

    I know it is not 2 Weeks yet since handed in My complaint letter for Linda Hann and I wouldn’t expect anything more at this time, then a letter back just saying she has got My letter and I can’t just go on and on not hearing back and so will give it a bit longer and then if I don’t even hear about My letter at all, then I am going to send out My first copy and that way more and more within health will have a copy of this complain with My concern that I am still waiting to hear back that Yeovil Hospital have this now on file.

    Why I am concerned as it is clear that infections never was written down on My return to Yeovil Hospital in May 2014 and as it was fine when in Intensive Care in April 2014 and it was all out in the open, then there has to be a reason why when I went back for My operation I did suffer as I did with such torment and nobody wanting to talk about infections or write anything down on Hospital Records.

    I want to clear this up with Linda Hann at Yeovil Hospital, as without any records on infections and as she said My letter I wrote to The Consultants, Mr. Foster Months ago not being found anywhere within Yeovil Hospital, well they have nothing about infections ever again since I was in Intensive Care in April 2014 and so it would look like within Hospital records that this was all sorted over this time when really that was and is not the case at all and this is why I have now written direct to Linda Hann, as nothing was ever being sorted or looked into after 6 Months and yet they all knew and know why I am on about and so now it is all within My complaint letter.

    Infections are very important and I could get ill in the future and nothing would be within those Hospital Records and Patients could die and by what they have done like within My Case, well no family could find out about infections within My second stay and operation within Yeovil Hospital and so it is not just about talking it out we me, but about any future health and it should have been talked about and written down at that time and it has to be sorted out now.

    Also if I did nothing it wouldn’t help other Patients, as if they didn’t write about infections within My case and acted as they did within My second stay within Yeovil Hospital, then I am concerns for others and it is for Linda Hann at Manager to sort out and put that right before any Patient ever does get ill again in the future or before someone does lose a family member and it is only by getting this sorted out now that I can say they have looked into it all and sorted it out at last. I have certain things to prove My Case within this and that is what I will go on to do, as Yeovil Hospital should have be open about infections and spoken about it instead of how everyone was acting within My second stay and operation and due to all that this has gone on for 6 Months and it will still go on until it is sorted.

    I spoke to someone on the phone who was telling me about concerns over a death certificate and that was also to do with infections and so from My own experience I can only say what has gone on within My own Case and all I have suffered due to infections and yet they wanted nothing written down about it when I went back for My operation in May 2014 and didn’t want to write anything on My discharge papers and I have been trying to deal with it ever since.

    My first stay in Yeovil Hospital with Sepsis in April 2014 was so open about infections and going back into Yeovil Hospital in May 2014 was suppose to be the answer to that, but infections already had just started showing up and so I had operation then within a couple days. But even then it wasn’t the answers and infections were and have been still going on and yet Yeovil Hospital didn’t want anything written down and My second stay was nothing like My first stay in Yeovil Hospital and I came out without seeing a Consultant or Doctor and everything about that operation and second stay in Yeovil Hospital was terrible and it was really like being in a different Hospital to only in April 2014 and My time in Intensive Care and 9B, as then Staff were acting normal, as nothing was normal on going back into Yeovil Hospital and really everything is to do with infections.

    Anyway I am not giving up on this not only for Myself and My future health, but also for other Patients, as it is so clear what has gone on and if they don’t write it down and then so called lose a letter as well written about infections and this goes on, well I can’t be the only Patient this is going on with and it should have been sorted out when in Hospital and never was and then it should have been sorted out soon as possible after, but never was and then that Solicitor said I didn’t need to write a complain to Linda Hann or have a meeting with her at Yeovil Hospital.

    However over 6 Months now and time just going by so quickly and I don’t see the point of just letting time go by until I may get very ill again or lose My life and find I never did in fact sort this out with Linda Hann at Yeovil Hospital, as at the moment I am well enough to sort this out and sadly for some Patients it’s too late or their family have had to try and look into it all and if no infections were written down on Records, then it does make it complicated.

    I am going to keep on about this as it is very important for every Patients and their families and we need infections always written down on Hospital Records at the time and if a Patient does write a letter about all this to a Consultants after being in Hospital, then we need to know it is on file and not just a letter back from a Consultant that was nothing at all to do with what was written and nothing at all about infections on file instead and then hear Months later from a Hospital Manager like Linda Hann that are letter can’t be found anywhere within Yeovil Hospital.

    Nothing has been done correct and so I had to get on in the end and do a complain letter to Linda Hann, as i now want this sorted out in 2014 and so if i don’t hear soon other copies will go out within health and i won’t stop until Linda Hann does take notice and does her Job at Yeovil Hospital.

  145. MY SOCIAL WORKER LYNNE ANGUS FROM COVENTRY AND WARWICKSHIRE PARTNERSHIP TRUST told lies about me as a service user on section 117 aftercare responsibility she ruined my life im currently taking warwickshire county council to court seems many of warwickshire, s social worker, s from mental health teams are born liars they damage service users and pass the buck ..warwickshire county council are a bunch of liars

    Wednesday, 26 November 2014

    Lorraine Boyles – SW40210, Senior Practitioner, Children’s Services, Suffolk County Council.

    Caren Jane Russell – SW8 0271, Practice Manager, West LAC Team,Children’s Services, Suffolk County Council.

    My Concerns regarding the above professionals are listed below;

    Lorraine Boyles has exploited a vulnerable person. Namely myself. She has taken advantage of the fact that I have been unbalanced with my hormones, with the removal of my children and has caused many problems at home with her underhandedness. Lorraine has completely painted the wrong impression of me to everyone else. Telling my ex partner’s mother that I ‘beat my son black and blue’. Telling my ex-partners’ mother to advise him to leave me as he will be more likely to get custody of him. She has also said this directly to Daniel Corston (my ex-partner) himself. She has denied this when it has been asked directly during reviews and would assume she would take this stance when asked again by her superiors. Daniel and his’ mother will support this claim.
    Lorraine Boyles has carried out reckless and deliberately harmful acts. She took my son William for his medical Jabs without consent from either myself or my ex-partner. Again he will support this claim fully and has been noted in Court Proceedings also. She also pursued the claim I had taken substances during my pregnancy, causing William to develop innaproprately. Paediactric appointments confirmed this was not the case however Lorraine deliberately continued to make false claims and allegations.
    Lorraine has displayed threatening behaviour during contact sessions with my son William. She started this by bringing up Court related conversation at the most deliberately inaproprate times (during contact) and abused myself and my ex-partner’s trust who was in the contact session with me. This was the second time she had chosen to do this during a Contact session. The professionals who run the children’s centre were made aware of this and CCTV was recording. I also complained to the Chair member who oversaw William’s LAC review, however nothing was done by her manager Caren Jane Russell.
    Lorraine has ignored previous warnings, from the Courts and from other people involved. She has continued to treat me unfairly and been dishonest and taken no action to correct her behaviors. William’s final hearing was on 17.09.2014, my partner decided to leave me and Lorraine decided to advise the court to reduce my contact to one day per month with my son, and not pay for any psychological treatment she had first said she would. She has not offered me any help or assistance and has left me alone even through my constant pursuit of her effort to help me.
    I have been made aware recently that Suzanne Cantrill (my ex-parTner’s mother) served time in prison for an act of violence. I was not made aware of this during the checks Lorraine was supposed to make. She did not make the Court aware of these findings. It is her responsibility as a professional to make all parties aware of findings. These were not made. When asked both her and Caren Jane Russell her manager outline the requirement to make these checks however is never asked to prove she made them in the first place, no full assessment could have taken place as Suzanne has been resident in U.S.A since the proceedings began. Why have these guidelines been broken? and no investigation taken place already?
    Caren Jane Russell has been made aware of Lorraine’s behaviour and continues to support it with no real evidence of Lorraine’s practise or activities which are affecting public confidence in Children’t Services. She has failed to investigate this fully.
    Both professionals have also not explained the process of complaint, I have had to find this myself with no help or assistance from them – even when asked directly.
    Neither professionals have met standards of conduct and behavior.
    They have both failed to declare conflict of interest and I believe their behavior is very likely to be repeated as they do not believe they have behaved incorrectly.
    Both of these professionals work within Children’s Services and it is not in my son’s best interest to take the actions they have taken and behaved the way they have behaved. It is not in other children’s interest to see that kind of behaviour in a Children’s centre either.





  147. NAME AND SHAME says:

    CHRISTINA BATES health visitor adoption panel

    292 Burnt Oak Lane Sidcup Kent DA15 8L

    Chris Bates is a child protection health visitor who has written false adoption reports for social services and social workers looking to obtain forced out of court adoptions she has helped push through many adoptions that should have never taken place and should have gone to the courts, A truly evil vile woman. She has been reported for unfitness to practice to the HCPC several times however she is still currently working in the public sector as a child protection health visitor and is on the local authority adoption panel.

  148. steve says:

    Afer being found fit to have my youngest son in a pre-birh assessment with my then partner I now find myself in a fight with social services over my 2 daughters to another partner. She walked out earlier this year taking my daughters with her and proceeded to inform social services that she had been living under my control. Her lies have grown over the months and social services are believing every word she says and will not listen to me at all. After spending 1 week in semi-independant living she decided she couldn’t cope and needed a break and gave the girls over to foster care. I am now in the middle of a battle to get them back.

  149. steve says:

    the social workers name is liz crosby based at barnsley social services south yorkshire

  150. P.G. Oceanbalance says:

    Social Worker – Sylvia Chavarria MCDCS – uses the children in her case files as pawns to secure her employment. This social worker is lazy and rarely does her job on time or even comes into work. When foster and bio parents complain (the adults that have to deal with her) she uses the children as pawns, threatening to remove children from the foster parents or remove visitation to the children if there are any complaints made about her laziness. She’s getting over paid to the tune of 82K per year. This person should be banned from working in a position of being in charge of the care of any human being, let alone children.

  151. Pingback: Loading… | fighting for the rights of childrens human rights

  152. jodie says:

    I personally had the unfortunate experience with ss. Im located in nottinghamshire and under the newark and sherwood district. I am an educated lady so consequently was probably considered a challege in addition have a higher iq than the idiots i was faced with. My experince with them was appualing they neglected to do their intitial cpa in the said time limit they are guided by ( a requirment by law) which for reference is clearly stated on their website and literiture they send in the post. Therefore i followed their proceedure regaurding complaints which resulted in an emergency meeting with the head staff which was minuited so records will validate this. More upsettingley was mr david lambert my emidiate social worker who after a 20 mimuute meeting thought he knew me well enough to write a seveal page report on me in wich he failed to even spell my name correctly. In his defense he was new to the job my spelling is too atrotious but dosent reflect my intelligence but readable at least . Any how mr lamberts last emplyoyment prior to social work was a securitygaurd at a grocery store . If u need more evicence of this a mere google of david lambert whos on a social network linked in . So beware this kind of man has been a god like power over your children. Its frightening

  153. I was previously falsely accused For a criminal offence I didn’t comit By My Coventry and Warwickshire partnership trust NHS mental health care coordinator Lynne Angus .I was on police safeguarding at the time .Luckily for me leicestershire police did a police Criminal record check and it came back clear. With no criminal record yet this dreadful social worker was Falsely accusing me .She even told leicester county council A AMPH called Nicola Scoggins who sat in COSTAS in leicestershire and blamed me with that same false criminal offence I had to phone up leicestershire police and they told her I hadn’t got no criminal offence But I never did receive any apology from either warwickshire county council or leicestershire county council So many vunerable disabled people are being falsely accused by social workers Even though they have no evidence to back up their claims. When will service users be protected against corrupt Social workers in adult social care

  154. joe blogg says:

    If u ever come across a Sw named AMANDA GIERAT Plz run in the opposite direction. She can’t look after her own kids let alone take kids off loving parents who r doing a great job. I hope one day she gets karma nothing more and nothing less than what she dishes out herself….

  155. Anonymous says:

    They are all gang bastards horible heartlesss bastards hate them all

  156. Maddy butler says:

    I have reasontly had social service involvement due to who I started dating and his past but he has changed soo much to who he used to be but they have stopped me communicating with him and I am not allowed to see him with or without my son it not fair it is a beech of the human rights act. They said that I must sign this piece of paper saying I would bit talk to him or see him or my son would be taken away so I did sign it and now I’m freaked out cause all I actually want is to be with this guy and my son but Jo stone is making it incredible hard

  157. Be aware! says:

    Lindsey Fish SW – stinks as the name would suggest @ Lincolnshire childrens services.
    Tries to evoke u to scream & shout on telephone. Be aware!

  158. Philo Osagie says:

    I will have a lot to contribute to improving youth moral because the scandal of decadence in our young ones is alarming as newspaper puts it as 160 crime daily average & the increase in youth 9 – 12years old beating up their parents nowadays.

  159. Stephanie fitzgerald says:

    Please can anyone give me any help on the names Kate Bowden and Dora Sampson and Jane brunette Milton Keynes social services they have lied through there teeth and taken my baby away from me I’m trying to remove a care order and put a stop to there lies HELP

  160. carla says:

    Disgusting pricks iv had 12 social workers over past five years,and none off them helped me but took my boys off me an placed them with there,dad with no proof but judge me with me no evidence iv cryed for help in my statement in court,also and nothing now 2015 my boys dad has criminal record for beating his girlfriend which I did say two years ago what there dad,is like iv had proof my boys dad left my boys intended in his house with teenagers babysitting with alcohol,there dont do nothing with the boys but am still getting dig at social workers know they have done wrong an dont wanna be proven wrong thats y they drag these cases on…12 social workers iv had

  161. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know sarah glynn from oldham southlink she is a social worker want to no if anyone has had any problems with her

  162. kk says:

    ive had my two beautiful little girls taken on an epo and put into foster care initially due to hospitalization of me and there dad. We were given no notice of there application and the children were not and had not been in our care for several weeks they were being well looked after by there grandmother. The epo was full of blatant lies by a social worker who did not like the opinion of a family member. These lies have been acknowledged and proven by the current s/w and cafcass but do you think ive got my girls back?? yea right. They are incompetent fabricators who think there lies will not be bought to light and carry on covering up the injustice of it. I am a broken mother and we have a broken family. My girls have suffered more harm in care than they ever would of or had with us. “your good parents there is nothing wrong with your parenting” but we are still going to crucify you and ruin yours and your childrens lives! The children who need removed are not and the children who are not at risk and are not damaged are the ones who they technically steal. The sw’s involved are cambridgeshire county council local authority any one had any dealings with them??

    • David smith says:

      No I having but I do know that if they can they love to take young children who’s parents having done nothing wrong if they can.they took my partners baby from the hospital at 8 days old while she was breast feeding because her ex partner was abusive.nevet got her back.bsrnsley as are the worst and the evil social worker is Andrea woodcock at cudcock.her job baby abductor

    • David smith says:

      No I havent but I do know that if they can they love to take young children who’s parents having done nothing wrong if they can.they took my partners baby from the hospital at 8 days old while she was breast feeding because her ex partner was abusive.nevet got her back.barnsley as are the worst and the evil social worker is Andrea woodcock at cudcock.her job baby abductor

  163. Anonymous says:

    My two girls were taken from their loving father by Peterborough social services

  164. Anonymous says:

    Alison Makin of Ipswich SS. Stone hearted lying bitch. Now I’ll never see my kids again.

  165. Anonymous says:

    oldham social services are no exception. a law unto themselves. shame on them.

  166. no telling says:

    Sam Stevenston Ardrossan head of social work one evil person

    Gordon mitchell criminal justice service new Street Stevenston very rude and a liar makes up things about people even though I’ve recorded conversations between us watch out

  167. It is a very great joy and blessing to my life, i and my husband have begin childless for 8years now due to my inability for me to give birth and it has resolves to problems everyday in my home,so i visited a female friend in Florida,and she came up with an idea of adopting a child which i never had in mind,and now i got no choice than to apply for a child and to my surprises everything went easily and today i am happy with the Hansom little boy(Wisdom)i adopted from the Inter country child adoption center.in case anyone may need the same help you can E-mail the office directly on Intercountrychildadoptioncenter@yahoo.com

  168. A very says:

    Beth Hall. School nurse.

  169. Unknown says:

    Devon County Council social services worker naomi turpin she makes up lies makes false statements and accusation she hasn’t got a clue all devon county council want is to make profits by selling ur kids by there scamming actions also ayesha rujak cafcass officers is corrupt to she makes up false reports doesn’t take any inconsideration for the childs rights and the best I interest of the child also the nursery in devon ashburton who like to keep.a child hostage this nursery should be shut down for breaking the law i want everyone of this fuckers charge and out in prison

  170. Bridget says:

    All social workers should be named those that delibratly fail children
    Phil Swan .Phil Alcock .Julia Lewis. Lynne Evans Lynne Sharpe .Steven Nelson .Andy Boyle .Shirley Perkins Marie Dianne Higgins Denica Adrian Duffy .Paul Hodgson . She Salt Elaine Bawburry .
    These are the names that.failed children sytemic fsikyre with courts
    Children they refused knowingly ..
    Children several pristituted by known paedophiles businesses from pre 1992/
    These names ignored children serious sex injuries and informed vulnerable children if they speak their truth police and courts will not believe them
    That social workers and police ..fabricated children to be delinquents at their time of requirement to be protected from paedophiles ..

    Police courts believed social workers over children and I an accurate parent damages to children left to cruel sexual torment sale if children while on giv care orders to Staffordshire social services
    Many children made duscriptions of their violators and police refused to fully investigate ..

  171. Julia Davis says:

    I WILL NOT BE DEFINED BY OPINION!! DO NOT judge me on my past FOR I AM doing a new thing!!
    Currently being harassed & wrongly accused by Milton Keynes social care team. I need a point in the right direction. Raising children isn’t easy but where LOVE & joy reside HATE & control can not live & thrive.

  172. Anonymous says:

    Rachelle hattersley social worker from cudworth s services Barnsley is the most corrupt social worker going she stolen our five year old daughter.
    Also Sharron myhill the caffcass woman is corrupt she perffers a drug dealer who threatend to kill our daughter to have a relationship with him yet bio dad cos he’s not on birth certificate can’t see our daughter and I’m only allowed supervised contact three times a year because they say I have BPD.
    Emma Barlow is a trainee social worker who also is corrupt

  173. ANON says:

    Anyone involved with Swansea Courts? – request the minutes of the User meetings – some man has been asking about Swansea SS putting information to the courts behind parents backs. Cafcass are supposed to prevent this but do not.

    If you lost your child in Swansea because the judge wouldn’t listen to what you said or for example “groomed” the case by refusing disclosure or not making the SS comply with court orders then you are very likely a victim of this abhorrent practice [but legal – cos judges accept it].

    And as it was with Sir Jimmy Saville – some people knew what was going on but did not or could not do anything without an injunction from him/courts/his lawyers being slapped on them – how do you prove it without a proper inquiry and how do you get around the secrecy of the family courts which allows such practices?

  174. Daniel Robert Benson says:

    My dads second wife beat me to within 1 week of my life until i got taken into care. Her Name Jean Huish we are all from Harlow, she got away with her crimes as she blamed it on the dog for all my injuries! I was 7 back then & now i am 37. Thinking of getting her charged as my injuries & case were taken up by Harlow Hospital, police & social services where it would have all been recorded & possibly photos of my injuries, Funny thing is she is a Jehovas witness. I want her named & shamed. Who does she think she is? & laughing at us at my dads funeral 2017. My former name is Danny Martyn Huish & now Daniel Robert Benson. If you would like any more info please let me know.

  175. claee says:

    Enfield ss total and uter liars.
    Amy Hanson ss enfield. also lowestoft ss karensa stride destroy lives and think they can get away with lieing well I am fighting back.

  176. David smith says:

    Andrea woodcock.cudworth social services barnsley.if you ever have her to do with your baby I can guarantee even if you never have done anything wrong at all she will do everything she can to steal your baby for her adoption quotas.she worked on me to split up with my partner then said lstetI wouldn’t be able to cope which i new i could.she let the foster carers adopt her.shes a a total liar and evil.shame on this woman

  177. Carl batley says:

    Your right David (Andrea woodcock) is evil she’s evil to the core she’s destroyed so many people’s life’s including mine but karma will get her in the end fingers crossed

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