The battle is on: between the Court of Public Opinion and the Private Courts of Family Law Judges

A judge attacks my ‘one-sided’ child protection stories – but it cuts both ways

This is the title of Christopher Booker’s latest article in The Telegraph. In his usual measured and pleasant style he describes how one judge felt he had to criticise Christopher Booker’s reporting in a judgment.

Maybe this is another sign of ‘cages being rattled’ so that, eventually, with the aid of all non-mainstream media, the Court of Public Opinion will win!?…


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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8 Responses to The battle is on: between the Court of Public Opinion and the Private Courts of Family Law Judges

  1. peter oakes says:

    Christopher Booker The Telegraph and All other media are treating their readers
    with Contempt and they are ” Assisting Offenders ” &” Obstructing Public Justice ”
    R-V- Sharpe – Stringer. 1937. concealing ” False Declaration ” Sect 5. 1911
    Perjury Act.

    The Times June 2005 ( 6 years and still waiting ) Quote:- ” Fahd ruling heralds more open justice ( whats that ?) in family cases ”

    Quote: ” A Landmark ruling by a senior family judge has struck a blow for open justice in the family courts that could lead to more disputes being heard in public ”

    No Super Injunction or privacy for King Fahd then ! under the Human Rights Act.
    simply because they had overlooked and ignored the ECHR & HRA in the British courts. Now these bent judges realise they can GAG ! you under the HRA
    they sudenly start issueing injunctions to cover criminal offences by local authorities “state induced kidnapping & child trafficking ! ”

    Get this for arrogance a foreign king who subjects 50% of his countries population to be second class citizens Re; the women cannot drive a vehicle, go outside unless
    wearing a tent and balaclava said quote: ” The King had argued that if normal people,s family law applications were heard in private, it would be unfair to deny him the same privacy ” Had he not raised the claim over sovereign immunity, Mrs Harb,s claim would indeed have been heard in private. In his judgement Lord Justice Thorpe repeated his view that the family justice system needs to be as open as possible He told The Times ealier this year that lack of openness fostered the view among fathers groups and others that behind their veil of secrecy the courts operated unfairly and were biased etc. etc. ( say it again Sam )

    The senior judge in this case was the El Supremo Presidente of the Family Division
    Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss ! she held he was immune from suit as head of state and imposed a gagging order forbidding any indentification of the parties or publication of the details of the case ” Once the press are aware of this she said
    they will dig a public claim that demands open litigation ! it was one of legitimate public interest and debate ”

    Well there it is from the “horses mouth” the President of the Family Division if it is in the Public Interest and Debate it is Legitimate ! How can Judge Bellamy go
    against that ?????.

    Judges rejected the argument as ” particularly unpersuasive ” and rules that ” Dame Elizabeth had “misdirected herself ” The Guardian reported 5th June 2005.

    So there you have it ! Falsifying court documents, perverting justice, conspiracy to conceal offences is ” misdirecting yourself for a judge ! But 7 years inside for
    ordinary people as the king calls us.

    Dame Elizabeth took early retirement, was encouraged to step down as Coroner
    in the Diana enquiry ( because some busy body informed Mr. Al Fahed at Harrods )
    and she now works with Edward Timpson MP. Dr. Barnados, Cafcass removing all
    the safe guards that protect children from state kidnappers they call them “Obstacles” things like the Custody of Children Act 1893 chapter 12.

    Seems to me Liz & Sabine have a first class defence to breaching any illegal gagging order as Dame Elizabeth found out. Hows that judge Bellamy wig & all
    And Dame Elizabeth falsified the Court record by giving the Case a false name
    Re: Marple-V Marple choosing the name of the district judge who had been involved earlier in the case ( does anyone one know DJ Marple ? )

  2. Dai Pugh says:

    As an experienced journalist reporting on court cases Christopher Booker must be aware that most judicial decisions are made or assisted by/with a “bench memorandum”

    – perhaps that is what Bellamy had to correct – the bench memo was deficient – something which the parties to a case cannot correct as they do not get to see it!!

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