Going viral – the tweets that make judges look like twits

I did NOT write this headline. It comes from the Butterworth and Bowcott on Law blog.

I just wonder when everybody who is writing about injunctions will look into those I am subjected to:

  1. by Swansea Council that hides the Stealing of Baby Harley
  2. by Doncaster Council that protects the paedophile father of Vicky Haigh’s daughter

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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3 Responses to Going viral – the tweets that make judges look like twits

  1. peter oakes says:

    Excercise Extreme Caution !

    Judges are not “twits” they are “Tw-ts” extremely cunning,dangerous,& deadly
    and Never under-estimate them ! All of us the “victims” know this is fact!

    The Corruption and Rot started in the UK with the end of Apartheid in South Africa
    many high court judges and Civil Servants came to the UK and polluted our judiciary & law enforcement agencies they soon realised Gt.Britain was a unique
    opportunity to start world domination with their knowledge of Diamonds & Gold
    every-one else was stuck with Oil as the creator of wealth, Oil is a messy difficult product to move around it needs pipelines ( easily sabotaged, tankers easy for pirates, and subject to endless politics Arab. Russian. Iraq. Iran, etc.)

    Gold & Diamonds are readily air- transportable you can get billions on one aircraft.
    the next method of high value goods for generating cash for operational funding was Art works paintings of very high value Van Gogh, Renoir, etc. and then you need a superd art forger to create ” genuine fakes ” Mr. J. Myatt. then get a secret agent
    John Drew and flog your forgeries in New York, Paris, London for millions
    there are dozens of fake paintings in Japanese co.boardrooms. ( these two got caught Drew got 6 years in Parkhurst, but Jack Straw let him out after 6 months )

    You now have a strong financial base and a fighting fund to work with all you need now is control of the worlds media Re: Murdoch & Co.

    Now you use the media to promote easy money availability via credit card, any clown can run up a debt of £10,000. then you create a housing frenzy, buy a house
    this week it will go -up 15% BY NEXT WEEK get on the property ladder, Buy to Let.
    etc.etc. Old home owners can release the equity in the house they bought thirty years ago for £7,000 THATS NOW WORTH £100,000 or more ! Now all you need to do is crash the housing market leaving the masses in fear of repo. destroy a currencies value Re; the Euro and you are now getting very near the Control you
    desire for world domination.!

    Apartheid was a system of Legal Seperation where the Rights of the Majority were curtailed and the minority legal mafia established control ! simples !

    This Legal Mafia now threatens you with Bankruptcy if you object to their control.
    They Brand you “vexatious” and Restrain you or make you a Sectn 42 ( most of the population does,nt know what a 42 is ! if you take legal action, but their most evil method is to torture and frustrate you into some violent act wherebye they Section you under the Mental Health Act.

    Now go to http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/law/article5080873.ece
    and you will see a proven criminal judge now Master of the Rolls Nueberger his quote: The ” Punch & Judy ” knock about of Parliament was not Parliament at its best and therefore that was not likely to be a suitable arena, He suggested committees where I see the possibilities of judges being asked questions .
    ( in secret of course and by solicitor, barrister MPs )

    His other quote: is very relevant ” the vacuum has been filled in the part by judges and more obviously by the press ” ( he means Murdochs press )

    Dont forget to read the Times Article then you will get the picture, genuine of course.

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