Disabled man ‘under court protection’ evicted

Once again, John Hemming MP stands up for a victim!

His legal rights have been removed from him and now he has been made homeless without any notification that people were about to smash his door down.

This case differs from many of the Court of Protection cases only in that you are allowed to report it. Others are covered by secrecy. It shows how badly run the system can be.

Here’s the report by The Independent. It combines what we are all very aware of in terms of white collar crimes:

  1. people “judged” to be unable to manage their own affairs
  2. the Official Solicitor NOT acting in the interest of the ‘client’
  3. medical reports not being disclosed
  4. wills NOT being executed in the interest of the beneficiaries
  5. state appointed solicitors acting fraudulently
  6. bailiffs “just doing their job”
  7. official bodies “do not comment on individual cases”…

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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10 Responses to Disabled man ‘under court protection’ evicted

  1. Colin Peters says:

    All I needed to see were the words “will” and “legal costs” to get the picture. Full marks to John Hemming for his display of compassion and humanity in trying to intervene, but where will it all end?
    Where is the person or organisation with the clout to stand up against these creatures and put a stop to their grasping evil ways?
    Apart from John Hemming, is there no one within the ‘system’ with the intrgrity and the guts to stand up for the little man against the corrupt legal professionals?
    It certainly doesn’t look that way. Roll on Armageddon!!!

  2. Jake Maverick says:

    ‘non physical entities’ again! not even ‘officially’ human….yobos did that to me i wd go str8 for the knife to protect myself, and probably wd have been labelled a schizo, chemical labotomy, puppet solicitor then trial by kangaroo…..happens at least twenties times a year this country alone y’know! better dead than smeg i say….

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  4. Lawrence says:

    Under Helen Clift Solicitor within the Official Solicitor of the Supreme Court office
    things have not changed since 2005

    Hospital Medical Director Report reference: Leonard Lawrence:

    1. He was then medicated to the extent that he lost
    mental capacity.

    2. During the period the Official Solicitor of the Supreme Court acted as his
    Guardian ad Litem, three Court of Protection medical certificates (CP3s) had
    been obtained but not registered with the Court of Protection.

    3. He was, therefore, for nearly 18 months regarded as a mentally ill patient
    without access to the Court of Protection. During this time considerable
    amounts of his assets went missing.

    Google: Leonard Lawrence Pilot

  5. Leonard Lawrence says:

    Internal legal report disclosed by the Law Society 2011.
    “the Official Solicitor was acting as Mr Lawrence ‘s representive and Guardian
    and as such had the greater duty to protect him. I consider that the majority of steps Mr Lawrence feels should have been taken to protect him should have been taken by the Official Solicitor rather than the firm includinging the decision and action necessary to invoke the protection of the Court of Protection. The firm was acting for and was instructed by the Official Solicitor and also relied upon Counsel’s advice”. (Counsel’s Nicholas Allen 29 Bedford Row, Caroline Willbourne 1 Garden Court)

    In September 2010 Barrister Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk finally identifes after 6 years to his Head of Chambers that Leonard Lawrence had been a patient and subject to the Court of Protection. Whist a patient and subject to the Court of Protection Mr Brazil had over 60,000 pounds of adverse inferances placed upon Mr Lawrence at Slough County Court without the knowledge of the Court of Protection.

    August 2011 Dr Davies Director Bar Standards Board identifies to Mr Lawrence
    that Mr Brazil had not informed the Bar Standards Board that Mr Lawrence
    had been subject to the Court of Protection during thier investigation.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Families Against Court of Protection Theft http://www.factuk.org.uk come together to expose this mass fraud abd corruption

  7. family courts are a disgrace, many councils will come to pay the price when dhildren snatched from their parents reach adulhood and begin to sue them for their total disregard for their human rights.

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  9. peter oakes says:

    Please note ! The ” Legal Mafia ” use three methods of destroying the
    intended victim. These methods are used in any order that is most effective !

    The Mafia will try to get you sectioned under the Mental Health Act.
    this is the worst and most destructive form or torture devised by these
    evil judges, it means that even if you do survive all the cruel degrading
    treatment and fight back using the courts, the “other-side” will claim you are
    an unreliable witness due to your “mental handicap” you are considered as
    a handicapped person ! believe me I witnessed it in Harrow Crown Court

    The next method is bogus & malicious bankruptcy brought on by legal
    costs awarded against you or by a false debt. it is a very destructive
    method !

    They also have you declared a Vexatious Litigant for bringing on legal
    activity without merit ( their term ) a Section 42 Vexatious Litigant
    Supreme Court Act is a living death sentence !

    You have been Warned !

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