Same circus (US), different clowns (UK)? Judges who Refuse to Recuse Taint our Justice System

When I attended Caul Grant’s hearing of his appeal for over six years of fraudulent imprisonment, I was surprised that he asked for one of the three judges to recuse himself. They disappeared for a moment but came back with the conclusion that he’d stay… However, he hardly said a word.

This article comes from the US, but was sent to me by Colin Peters, one of the many ‘seasoned victims’ who suggests that it applies in the UK, too. Same circus, different clowns!?…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to Same circus (US), different clowns (UK)? Judges who Refuse to Recuse Taint our Justice System

  1. peter oakes says:

    Please be aware the Law in the USA is pretty much the same as British Law
    In 1776 when America gained independence from a corrupt monarchy, they
    did,nt have time or the forethought to create their own legal system, they stuck with the law they knew, British law with one exception. The Supreme Court was made
    completely independent of Goverment, whereas in Britain the judges swear allegiance to the king- sovereign- monarch and seeing how it is HM Government the
    judiciary is NOT independent and never has been ! constantly dupeing HM slaves into thinking they live in a democracy.

    The clever queen does,nt like her Euro Citizens haveing Rights Fundamental or otherwise ! That is now why they have created a Supreme Court filled with the
    queens agents called judges, so as to twart Europe. One day the people of
    Britain will Wise Up !

    The Supreme Court of the USA can prosecute the President and has done ! re;

    Richard Nixon it is completely free of US Govnt. interference ask the US Attorney

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    I agree Peter; how very true! But until the remainder wise up they will continue to dupe /deceive us deprive us our democratic rights and freedoms in every way shape and form and laugh up their frocks whilst doing so!

  3. Jake Maverick says:

    I’m still hoping for ‘rise up’ rather than ‘wise up’…’s the only way it’s going to get sorted out!

  4. peter oakes says:

    Hi. Stan – Jake.

    The police and establishment would just love you for creating an
    up-rising, they have been altered and manipulated over the years to a point where they are “thugs” they would relish cracking your skull and kicking the daylight
    out of you ! as the newspaper seller in London found out.

    The answer lies with ridicule and publicity our newspapers have a different agenda to most people and delight in mis-information and celebrety clap trap. or of course
    football mania, the olympic propaganda will soon kick into gear.

    If Stan picks up this comment I would like him to scan the document that shows
    the GMB Union conspireing with Govnt. agents to deprive steelworkers of their
    compo. this also applies to the Miners who were robbed.

    Some years ago I contacted the Pension Theft Org. these poor sods were robbed of their lump sum and pensions when the company they worked for was bankrupted.

    These bankruptcies were deliberate legal thefts & frauds but the organisers of these protest groups keep a tight grip on their members and constantly mislead them for their own private reasons, the same applies to the Share Holders Association where companies shares collapsed looseing millions from their shareholders, it is hard to imagine but there is an industry in these groups constantly asking their members to cough-up £50 each to finance legal action that goes no-where other than into legal mafia pockets,

    We need to rise-up and demand the criminal law is enforced, we are victims of police fraud ( gross negligence) solicitor judges fraud (legal mafia) tax fraud
    ( HM court service CPS ) taking our taxes under false pretences promiseing
    services we never obtain re: justice, no-one is above the law ?unless your name is Nueberger, Yes we have the info. on Nueberger he was involved in the theft of the Royal Masonic Hospital and Mr.Eberts case. We should be demanding Nueberger
    head as Master of the Rolls.

  5. albert john jewell says:

    I agree with all the above well informed & precise commentators.For the benefit of people who may not realize how BADLY we have been stabbed in the back ,TREASONED against ,stripped nude both of our culture & our once envied LEGAL SYSTEMS dearly paid for by the blood of OUR many fallen HERO’s by the low moral stances of many illiterate recent Governments (not just commie NU-Labour )Ex K.G.B. (google up) ” yuri bezmenov ” (videos ) show how easy it has been to subvert both the U.S.A. & G.B.- from 1945 unto 1960 their psychological war against the WEST was nearing completion .THE main key PEOPLE they needed to USE were the same very intellectual IDIOTS in charge NOW. Hand picked ;Slipped into positions of high power ;Lured abroad for homosex &kiddy Orgies these were easily BLACKMAILED to toe the line & and comply with their NEW K.G.B. Handlers treasonous instructions. They were slotted into Key positions which over the years you can see how great the damage is now; Until we ,OUR QUEEN the intellectual IDIOTS and the ASLEEP G.B. people,AWAKE now to exterminate the verminous; then we all LOOSE. jim

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