The Law, The Law, but Where’s the JUSTICE? He with the biggest wallet wins…

But Where's the Justice?

He with the Biggest Wallet Wins

As if we needed a book to get it confirmed…

Still, the author is clearly another victim turned starfighter, as he describes his case and the mistakes made:

From inception my case took 7 years to finalization. You will see exactly how both the solicitor and barrister failed to prepare and present my case properly.

(1) Entered the wrong name on the Original Document Headed Statement Claim,

(2) Allowed the time limitation to expire by 8 months. (6 years being the life span on any one claim). On discovery made a desperate 11th hour application for amendment. Which the Judge on his discovery had no option, but to automatically, and quite rightly, strike my claim out!

Once firmly believing in Good Old British Justice, but no more, as my story will show.

Here’s the review:

Excellent reading, and about time someone had the guts to speak out, the legal system needs a gigantic overall to protect the victim as described in this book, recommend everyone reads it!!!!!

And here’s the resume by a blog reader:

The victim Roger Rabbit firstly was set up by his firm, embezzled out of £86,000 which were rightly his after completing 10 years service with his company. Who deliberately terminated his contract a few days prior to completing his ten-year service.

The company issued a reference, which obviously according to the book was proved to be false, prevented the man from working indefinitely.

Roger Rabbit sought legal aid, which was granted, his solicitor was clearly incompetent, pasta scribed in the book moved many times owing to his incompetence, but led Roger Rabbit to believe it was always someone else who was to blame, causing his client Roger Rabbit to believe he was telling the truth.

After many years it was discovered the wrong entry had been made on the original document headed statement of claim, unbeknown to the client Roger Rabbit his claim was struck out, as the time limitation had expired.

He was lied to by both barrister solicitor, but eventually the truth as it always does came out, via the introduction of an independent solicitor.

According to Roger Rabbit he could not get legal aid to fight his claim, as all the firms he approached declined to take on his case once they knew it was against a fellow solicitor.

Roger Rabbit attempted to take on the system under the pre-protocol for professional negligence, without boring you to death, spent many years fighting for justice, only to discover eventually after being granted legal aid, after having to threat the legal services with the court of human rights, one of the firms of solicitors threatened his new solicitor, with  financial intimidation, which would of course Roger Rabbit to have lost his home, and being in debt for the rest of his life, as he would have had to pay the insurance premiums for the companies who solicitor and worked for.

Finally, after more years, of going up against the system, to find both the legal services commission, and legal services ombudsman condone the actions, so where is the justice.

Perhaps you should display this book on your website which I been looking at with great interest.

Good luck with your campaign, as it needs someone like you, as Roger Rabbit described in the book, he wants the legal system made transparent, and that was his sole reason for writing the book.

The secrecy in family courts is just the tip of the iceberg, it seems…

Still, a good reason for signing our petition: The secrecy of family courts should be lifted NOW! Campaigning granny Maggie Tuttle aims at 1.000.000 signatures!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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6 Responses to The Law, The Law, but Where’s the JUSTICE? He with the biggest wallet wins…

  1. peter oakes says:

    Where is all this nonsence going ? I know Right from Wrong. Decency, Dignity,

    I know evil & corruption rules ! Why is my time and other decent, honest
    peoples time is being wasted !

    This constant drivel of Victms Unite is meaningless, It,s job creation for
    under achievers !

    Come on Show us a positive result ! Victims Unite is the CAB it,s the
    propaganda ” Through work is Freedom ” it,s a Nazi con. ! You are going on holiday, write tour name on the suitacase, destination ?

    Bergen Belsen. Autswitch, Buchenvuald, Treblinka. Isw everyone Conned ?

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  6. mr Grumpy says:

    If we had a justice system we wouldn’t need the laws. When points of law take priority over what is right then the laws are not fit for purpose. The system of law presupposes that we the people know what is right and what isn’t, if we know what is right why would we need the laws.

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