220 signatures and more than 1,100 page views on Stop the Secrecy in Family Courts petition

I would never have thought that I could watch signatures coming in on The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW!

11 05 22 SecretBut with this lovely image, David Icke listed it under his headlines. Since 2006, he published over 80 articles referring to the State Stealing Children.

The challenge is to get 100,000 signatures together which would give us a formal debate in Parliament. At the current rate it’ll take us three years!

The comments by signers are really worth reading – just in case anybody thinks that family courts act “in the child’s interest”.

And if you do want to know about “child protection & family justice” with academic certainty, do visit Dramatis Personae – a most comprehensive index of all the players in the UK and Wales during the last 30 years.

Originally started in the UK, it’s been taken on board by a University at the West Coast in the US.

If it’s not money, it must be sex that makes the world go round… Unfortunately also in very traumatic and INSTITUTIONALISED ways of abuse…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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5 Responses to 220 signatures and more than 1,100 page views on Stop the Secrecy in Family Courts petition

  1. joe says:

    Hate Socialwork for sticking there claws inn on family buisness every day of life totally controlled by them over threats of removal of kids wen we have got to comply or else type thing its abuse of power
    Got baby currently just out of intensive care after life saving surgery after she was struck down with bacterial meningitis septisemia for those sickos to say on a recent report there bigger brother who’s only 9 that thinks his wee sister taken I’ll because she picked food of the floor and again they commented that there other siblings were all unsure if they were to visit there sister alive or dead utterly saddened and devestated by these poor heartless cents little jade is 2 years old and has had three limbs removed recently and undergone lifesaving treatment her voice can’t be heard but her mum and dads can so saddened to hear some appauling story’s thanks readers vote for your rights and your kids always tell the social services to go away

  2. joe says:

    A message to all readers that love their kids keep well back from they social workers as they fabricate stories make up lies come between you and your partner try to say you neglect them for not punishing them correctly and all sorts of nasty tricks are also good at playing best pals and empty real promises kids are still waiting on there MacDonald’s a support worker claimed kids would get for being good and going to school I’d hate to be starving.forcebly against mum and dads wishes drawing case conference meetings under neglect charges also had house raided by police and threatened I better go to a meeting at 130 pm and only myself and Socialwork new so put 2 and 2 together as to how my door went inn apparently looking for stolen property and left empty handed but both parents were charged under a section 12 category child neglect now they’ve got us on this charge they are pursuing the reporter making our life a misery and I’ve told them we’ve done more than what they expected and still comply to them through bullyboy tacticts by the using the kids as a weapon also they say its all about the kids then pull another one as they didn’t think kids wen telling there mother that they’d be taken away as there dad was staying over at a hospital watching over our sick baby after meningitis struck so someone was there for her and see her through her recovery due to her losing her limbs don’t trust them as they claim I didn’t care and mum didn’t realise the seriousness of her own 2yo condition how can these ruthless people sleep at note x a very upset dad and family thanks for reading oh wee baby jade is on the mend in Glasgow’s Yorkhill for the sick children and thanks to all well wishers in her recovery x

  3. kath c says:

    we had the same treatment we got two grandkids since tiny babies went through court won our case then bump one day me and my husband were arrested bailed then social workers took the kids made up loads of stuff also got stepson and our son to lie I bet thay were paid by them thay tried to put them up for adoption but some one at top stoped it but were put in long term foster care were there kids bit them a lot then thay turned it to them biting there kids first and thay said that my grandaugher said that nanny head butt I never done this in my life I don’t like this sort of behaviour it scares me all I want is my grandkids back we never did any wrong but of course some of my kids gave statement then thay through the statement out and belived them we had no chance and thay took our 14 yrs old son but cos he was to old for them to make money to line there pockets he came back home this as affected him but thay do not care as foster carers have four kids of there own thay will never feel part of that family we have collected some evidence but don’t now who to give it to cos we are scared this will not be looked at

  4. chloe oldham says:

    social workers are devils.

    • kath says:

      social services still taking wrong kids thay don’t take the ones who really need help look at how many kids that have been killed cos thay don’t care about them

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