Stories behind Secret Prisoners, e.g. Families who speak out after their children are stolen

The M-Family whose six children have been stolen, has been threatened with prison unless they withdraw their videos and other references.

If Vicky Haigh had not promised to comply with her gagging order, she would have become a secret prisoner, whom John Hemming MP is keen to defend.

Here he gives a talk at the Freedom Association that he recorded with his mobile phone.

And here he speaks of the vested interestes of the legal system:

One of the problems with how things have developed, and with all the secrecy rules, is that they seem to act to protect not vulnerable people but those who make money out of the system.

Anna Raccoon writes:

It is up to the Blogosphere to make sure that Hemming’s voice is not a lone forgotten whisper in a dark corner.

Alex Massie writes:

It is extraordinary, disgraceful and shaming. I can understand why social services want to bully and silence people; what seems inexplicable is the willingness of judges to endorse this approach and preserve the right of the faceless state to intimidate the citizenry and, still worse, make it a criminal offence to even complain about your treatment by the courts.

That is the core issue of secret prisoners.

That’s why the petition The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW is important: we can the marvellous comments to everybody who ought to be in touch with the Court of Public Opinion!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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22 Responses to Stories behind Secret Prisoners, e.g. Families who speak out after their children are stolen

  1. peter oakes says:

    Please grow-up. the Freedom Association is another Govnt. Phishing group looking
    for underhand sub-versive commies or whater they perceive as a threat to common decency and integrity.
    They are based or worse just have a PO Box in Bridgenorth Shropshire, scanning, fishing for malcontents.

    They , them is nothing more than a govnt. group looking for traitors, treason, or legal mafia members who have robbed UK Ltd. blind.

    This group had ALL the Evidence 8years ago about the Zionists traitor Nueberger and othe members of the legal mafia duped into raising dirty -black money for
    their perceived world dominance !

    When this capitalists group created by Cecil Rhodes realises they have ALL the money in the world !. Some other group will move the “goal posts” and will will revert to sea shells, coco beans, & gold.

    Mugabi who has done the dirty work has only got a few years left ! He wont be
    assasinated or disposaed of ! because the elite need to convince us of the
    Law. Truth, Justice, etc as Ghadafi or is it gadafy said

    ” In need freedom is latent ” work that out you intellectual university educated
    know-alls. Arab logic is logic. run out of water you die, 48 hrs. camels take
    weeks——— same result

    Dream On..

  2. Jake Maverick says:

    I’m wondering if this John Hemming is the new Shami chakrabarti….he’s barely brushing the tip of the iceberg with what he says and he’s just there to provide the illusion of opposition as she does?

    In case nobody knows what I’m talking about, here’s a few facts abt Shami….

    1. Took up the her current post at Liberty from the HOME OFFICE Spetember 10th 2001
    2. She only ever gives lip service to the issues involved, at most…
    3. She accepted Kinighthhod from that govt which makes her position untenable and has been for years…..

    You do know what the poo lice were during the miner strikes way back when….? times have moved on a lot since then, way more sophisticated now…..

  3. albert john jewell says:

    TO all above comments though I cannot completely agree I stupidly mailed to H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 D.G.F.D.Etc. a 21 page dossier of many complaints through out HER realm; RESULT to date(from 6 months ago)NOT a thing.As a rapidly (OR rabidly) diminishing ROYALIST I can only think today that my once BELOVED QUEEN the one totally responsible was at the time wearing her diamond encrusted BLINKERS whilst sat on her hands on the W.C. in need of toilet paper SHE MUST HAVE HAD need of my 21 pages to facilitate her obligations (EMBOSSED VELUM is a little coarse I presume). OBLIGATIONS:the coronation oath SWORN by my QUEEN ,she stated that her job was to now look after this land & it’s people-the way we are NOW we could be better served by a toilet attendant.WAKE up my liege before our enemies chop your &your families heads off.As done to yours in RUSSIA(you forgot?)?Love jim.

  4. albert john jewell says:

    To those interested;to maybe self- educate why we now are in deep s**t ,just GOOGLE up “URI BEZMENOV” gives the K.G.B. twin prong attack plan against U.S.A.& G.B. to subvert and enslave us by the use of-intellectual IDIOT’S(1945).” THE SECRET RED HOUSE REPORT “the NATZI (4’th REICH) masterplan to create the E.E.C. &by it WORLD CONQUEST(it’s kindalike working now in’it)?IS HE REALLY DEAD-? NOoo.(1943). ” THE REICHSTAG FIRE DECREE ” (HITLER-1933) .TODAY parts of this obscenity is being used by Lawyers Judges &Authorities to KNACKER us from winning whilst we self-litigate within our aborted shambles of this once PROUD nations superb world respected people’s/community RESPECTED Court &Government systems;Our many willingly gave their LIVES in vain for this corrupt,TRASHY bunch of HOORAY HENRIES,marbles in their BIG GOBS.YES???

  5. albert john jewell says:

    TO PETER OAKES, You are wrong on a point or two-Please note security forces of this once great and friendly pleasant land( of long ago-aah I recall from my youth) ARE no longer allowed to TRAWL for TRAITORS &TREASONABLE ACTIVITIES co’z Tony B Liar did away with the Treason Act ( About 2007 I think).Which was a good move for him, The BONKY Bankers & Many other scum-Traitors Some I am well informed have Knighthoods &stand NOT to loose their well grovelled gains &Honours ; WHY ? You may ask me c’oz they cannot be charged for TREASON;If Treason ACT returns I know which part they need hanging from(TODGERS) T’is said that IL-DUCHE Mussolini was met with his death this way .BUT you can find out &let me know Please/??? What diameter rope can hang a man efficiently,how much the cost, how soon will the rope be rationed.Is a Banker very heavy ?Cheers jim.

  6. Jake Maverick says:

    albert, you’re lucky ‘nothing’ happened….like having your door kicked in or having the shit kicked out of you and/ or far worse…..that’s what usually happens! at least 5 wd have opened file on you…..

  7. Stanley Embling says:

    They did kick Jim door in and arrest him then chucked I’m in a nut house, pumped him full of dangerous hard drugs, because he had the audacity to give his MP, A VIDEO, depicting police corruption locally!! Had I not had the relevant laws to hand I have got Jim out as quickly as I did!! ..Note another one of our 4 (legal group) seeking Justice against the Cops/Courts/ CORRUPTION; Dave got the same treatment; AND to AFFIRM what had taken place my own solicitor (HETT STUBBS & KEMP,) handling my good insurance case against THE GMB union told me they was about to get me an appointment to be physico-checked & RAMPTON??
    This weird offer I rapidly (or rabidly,) most obviously declined!! …He said but Stanley this would sort my good insurance case out! But from my refusal this was met with my good insurance claim sabotaged and scuttled and me left a Bill of Cost fraudulent Made against me for circa £27.000!… (Google Hett Stubbs & Kemp,).. The solicitor (Danian McAlinney) suddenly (just prior to my nearing court “hearing,) decamped, took up refuge in the defendants solicitors camp (THE GMB union,) with much of my paperwork needed with him!!
    The facts of which were only made know TO ME when reading the Bill of Costs of circa £27.000!! The facts of which were reported to the Police, MP’s, The SRA and many other PUBLIC OFFICE QUANGO’S with NO recompense or investigation!.. This stinking “Can of Worms” the MP’S promised to investigate; sadly remains tightly closed to this day!!……Regards Stanl…

  8. Jake Maverick says:

    Stanley, wow, i can well beleive all that….they did the same/ similar to me! I really dnt want this to turn into a ‘who has suffered most conversations’ and i doubt either of us are in a position to help each other….but i had/ have no allies, and even my so called family concluded with them! i was tortured/ chemically labotomised for somewhere between four to six months, not sure exactly….i never even had any real evidence of what was done to me before that! The cash sum you mentioned- they did me for a similar amount! no hope of paying that off… addition no income at all for over five eyars now, only surviving on other people’s charity…..i’m still getting harassed and constantly threatened to this day, they murdered my dog…..splitting conatct headache for five eyars now and still a lot of pain in other areas, it comes and goes…loss of earnings alone is in the several millions by now!
    Raoull Moat is the only way to go now….he must have been TI, even if he did not know the term….

    anyway, not sure if i can post links here but here goes…

  9. Stanley Embling says:


  10. Jake Maverick says:

    Stan, all we can do is hope now! It’s going to take a lot more than Johgn Hemming to really sort things out though—–I’m not entirely sure if he is totally ‘for real’ anyway—–may well be the new shami chakrabarti! he even censors me on his own blog, but surprised my last comment made it there though…

    I think in reality the whole situation is far worse than of us actually know…..we only know the bits that we have been exposed to…..suppose we should consider ourselves fortunate that we are all white (presumably)…..when you hear the rumours of what else has been going on….well, those who drops bombs on children and torture children really are capable of anything…..which is why i say i already know, we either continue to put up with it or we get organised and actually start to fight the war that has been declared on us and all decent people……

    reghardless of whether lawful or not, these things are still very much crimes! perpetraitors need to be in jail…..and theinnocents released….

  11. Jake Maverick says:

    and just look what they’re doing to Bradley Manning….technically British citizen to, although that shouldn’t make any difference…..

  12. Stanley Embling says:

    Talk about Bradley Manning would you believe I found a word written in one of the posts on Google that word was ITANIMULLI,…..being inquisitive to find out what it meant I looked it up in the dictionary but with NO result; therefore I entered it Google and searched..To my surprise what did I find??…..That word allowed me me into NSA Americas Secret agency area….seeing that and knowing what the Yanks are like I nearly crapped myself! so I exited it! I also discovered the word was spelt correctly was ” ILLUMINATI “.. I then added .com to the end of ITANIMULLI……low and behold it came back with a different result altogether..SO THIS PROVES JUST HOW SECURE THE AMERICAN SECRET SERVICES ARE…Or I ask myself, is it a trap to lure in unsuspecting Victims like Bradley Manning and That young Chap whom the Yanks are Hell Bent on extraditing to America for entering their Secret Services sites looking for details about alien craft landings ??? What comments??

  13. Jake Maverick says:

    that was intriguing! and got me to look into it….you need to read this


    yep, not heard much on Gary McKinnon recently….i wonder why? maybe he’s already been shipped out….

    but looks like it kicking off agn big time this end. Gran recently died so sad time anyway. Bizarrely the funeral being delayed to twentith June, didn’t undersatnd why until today. It seems that the central heating is being replaced (owners of this prison i’m in been on abt it for past six months) and the only day they can is that day. The only day in four years that I could not do and it has to be that day. Coincidence? i think not…i need to be here to see exactly what they’re doing, so going to have to miss the funeral, and i’m fucking steaming abt it! My Gran was the last emmber of my family that i actually cared abt….murdered by an nhs employee/ subsidiary to….probably, or very least manslaughter….
    Already expecting a good kicking and abduction again….seems she has left me some mney which i can’t accept with no bank account and the requirement that you have to give ‘consent’ to them having that info……wish my family wd just tell the solicitors that i have gone AWOL and they have no means of contacting me….but they’re not going to do that vindictive spiteful so and so’s they are….so i’m left seriously contemplating suicide again. Or doing a Raoul Moat……anybody know where i can get some guns? Even if i do survive it i wd probably be in an official prison which wouldn’t actually be any worse than here……

  14. What prevents you from setting up a bank account, Jake? Surely the bank manager will accept your gran’s wish!

  15. Jake Maverick says:


    Full details spelled out in the blog, but i know it’s a long read though!
    Apparently, some secret law….suspect it may be called Money Laundering Regulations act or soemthing, same reason I can’t have a solicitor….

    Becuase I’m homeless, no ID, no multiple forms of photo ID, no phone bill—and I refuse to ‘consent’ them having that without a warrant on principle anyway! So been in this situation for over ifve years now—-can’t have a home or a job or a bank account with the other, but once you have all 3 you have all 3 until one or all is taken from you then you have none and no hope of acquiring the other two….

    anybody actually tried to open a bank account or apply for anything in the last few years? especially when you’re homeless and have no papers….? so not a penny of income for over five eyars now, not even form the state (I always paid my taxes so feel i am entitled—-but thye went and spent it all on bombs and things!)

    Banks are looking for excuses to steal money anyway…..i remeber reading the case of a Lloyds bank manager who stole sixt million quid out of a Lbyan’s bank account because he had a beard and he thought he was a terrorist/ might be a terrorist! Considered perfectly legal… know how it goes!
    Fortunately he didn’t starve to death so he must have had another bank account and was able to bing a case in court and finally got his money back minus interest and and cost after six years i think, if memory serves….bank manager probably got promoted!

  16. albert john jewell says:

    Jake Maverick GOOD VIDEO I thank You. Dear Sabine, the adulteration of ( VICTIMS UNITE ) site by the INCLUSION of your misuse of the word ANONYMOUS negates the strong impact you originally gave it. Usually used to describe poison pen false allegation type nasty letters sent secretly and offensively to get someone into trouble. (V./U. ) site people do not hide their injuries ,NOT even their attendant induced reduction of STATUS by arrest to be slung into NUT-HOUSE imprisonment without due correct process of Law. THEN lied about to cover the offense’s up . SECRET Courts ( CHILD COURTS) (secret injunctions ) these are ANONYMOUS they are offensive .They are truly UNJUST .They are an abomination to God. (OUT THE JUDGE ) petition , (VICTIMS UNITE ) ,Lord Demming Master Of The Rolls who may I misquote said “Where injustice prevails ANARCHY WILL FOLLOW “, U.S.A.’s J.F.K. ; Winston Churchill ;& Many others were not ANONYMOUS so why do you think we should adopt this offensive stance being so rapidly appended ,to emasculate your excellent previously w ell described intelligently named SITE ?(May I beg to inquire ? ) Could (OUT THE JUDGE ) petition get rid of Secret Courts unfair practices– Will it become an International warning BEACON for everyone to follow your leadership towards newly Re-CLAIMED sane Court’s , & AUTHORITIES present abortive systems ? (CHILD COURTS ) offer a ready target;Stan & Ebert Also ??? GOD Bless & Guide Your Judgement’s . jim

  17. albert john jewell says:

    Sabine My Dear, REF Jake Maverick’s situ. BANKING in G.B. ; Like a stray dog awandering the streets; You have NO-FIXED-ABODE, thus no home address for communication purposes. May ‘haps Germany may be more lenient on their Dis-possessed ,But U.S.A. & G.B. treat all ” VICTIM’s ” with shameful neglect whilst heaping money & honor’s galore upon the thieving wastrel’s who occupy UN-EARNED usurped positions of power ,which some enjoy using to abuse us also .Urgently ( OUT THE JUDGE ) petition could make changes a possibility ? I hope you find this of use. God Bless YOU .jim .

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  19. Jake Maverick says:

    thanks Jim/ albert?
    but done enough petitions/ talking here….i refuse to even try and communicate with them in anyway now, learnt my lesson! it only ever leads to futher abuse…

    the only reason PTB allow ‘petitions’ and the like because it makes the people ‘think’ they’ve done soemthing really ‘cept waste their time and probably added to the dissidents list/ get them list…..

    pointless endeavour. only thing that ever achieves anything is action! like Joe Stack. Raoull Moat. and other names that history will never remember…..ifonly we can get organised and act collectively then maybe we could wake enough people up…..

    just a thought. i have nothing left to lose really now that my G has gone. and i really have had enough

  20. Jake Maverick says:

    name, shame them, prosecute them…..

    i dnt even think there is actually a law that makes g-men exempt froma ll the other secret/ contradictory laws….

    and what about putting on disguises, creeping up behind people and shooting them repeatedly in the head? putting on masks and breaking into people’s homes/ attacking them? raping folk constantly with cameras? all the ganag raping and troturing that really is going on….

    rounding up the children and holding them at gunpoint to? that is a terrorist act and the perpetraitors should be prosecuted/ locked up for life if anyone should….how many Raoull Moat’s is it going to take before sanity is restored?

    Get Blair and hopefully the rest will follow….but the only legal option now appears to be invent timetravel so i can go back and nuke the bastards before it became illegal….

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