John Hemming: the MP who outed Ryan Giggs in superinjunctions row

John Hemming MP has not only been supportive of victims of injunctions, but he attended also our meeting on January 25, 2011.

The victims who gathered have experienced all sorts of white collar crimes and included someone who is also threatened with prison for allegedly having violated an order.

I have been threatened with prison, too, in case I violate two such orders!…

This Guardian article mentions the fact John Hemming MP removed the gag on Vicky Haigh and Doncaster Council. But it concludes with a quote by Tom Harris, the former Labour transport minister:

It is behaviour that is unacceptable for an MP.

He is obviously enjoying the reputation of being something of a maverick,

Power to your being a maverick, John!!!

The BBC reports Super-injunctions row: Hemming denies abusing privilege.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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14 Responses to John Hemming: the MP who outed Ryan Giggs in superinjunctions row

  1. Colin Peters says:

    John Hemming is exposing much of what is wrong with the ‘system’ and a fellow MP says that it is behaviour unacceptable for an MP.
    Surely John is doing a part of the job he was elected to do since he is exposing the behaviour of supposedly public servants, and others ,that is unacceptable to the public!

  2. Good for you John Hemming – keep it up! Take no notice of the precious, arogant, self-important MPs who criticise you, but haven’t got the integrity or courage that you have. It is quite pleasing to see their antics. The spat they are having with the equally precious, arrogant & self important judges is quite entertaining. Time for them to realise that the rest of the people do not regard them as the Gods which they believe themselves to be. Contempt? I have the utmost contempt for both groups. “Publish & be damned!”

  3. albert john jewell says:

    JOHN HEMMINGS is correctly doing the job he was elected to do.HE now is trying to repair some of the damage LABOUR CREATED whilst in office. ONE only has to look at the OBSCENE state that they have manipulated our courts SYSTEMS-SO NOW THEY DO NOT FUNCTION. they;, the DECEASED,and DISEASED commieNU_labour have under B LIAR tried(successfully ??) to remove treason from our constitution -TREASON itself. They have seemingly allowed unlawfully JUDGES the NEW abilities to GAG us,FINE us,BLINDSIDE by judges OUR constitution AND our ancient written and well enacted LAWS; (treason again). ANARCHY AND UNREST will follow for we are now the most oppressed and undemocratic nation in the WORLD unless JOHN gets some URGENT assistance to return OUR rights and jail via TREASON the GUILTY quickly.To this we must daily pray for.

  4. Stanley Embling says:

    I think the below information will be further ideal information for John Hemming’s cause…
    Because the reply I got back from the Victims Commissioner below leaves me somewhat mystified, with many questions unanswered such as:- What exactly is this Commissioners job then??….Who grades the the Victims?? Surely it’s not meant only for Person who can buy flawed Justice and/or Super Injunctions is it??

    Because according to the German Law on Legal Advice drawn -up in 1935 (which to this day compatible with all EU legislation!.. Therefore considering The Hitlers law of 1935 it states in it that I should be entitled to the best Legal Advice/help; but here in the UK every attempt I made to get such help/support (over the many years, as an impecunious Victim,) I’ve continually been denied by help/support by the many Legal Services Commissioners….So was Hitler such a bad chap after all??
    Could the UK “Establishment” and the Victims Commissioner be working to some draconian laws; made-up as they go along?? Which when inspected at close range appears to me to stink of nepotism and dependent on who you are, does it not?? And, in total contradiction of The 1935 German Law on Legal Advice! ….(Copies of which can be produced if and when needed.)
    Also as detailed in Law books such as in:- Archibold Criminal Pleadings & Practice 2007, (which I was educated to obey and respect,) Also as deemed by:- Law Lords Rulings (*i) …and Human Rights rulings*(ii)… below :-
    (*i)…Concealment of evidence…Ref: Adams v The Queen, Law Lords Ruling.
    (*ii)…Human Rights ruling:- As Article 6 Directive76/207EEC…State to protect workers against retaliation of Employers

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Victims Commission
    Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 3:25 PM
    Subject: RE: I’m A Victim of fraudulently concealment/ Theft of Property by Fraudulent Means
    Dear Stan
    I’m really sorry, but (as we’ve mentioned to Sabine before) the law that created the post of the Commissioner specifically prevents us from intervening in any case. Your case seems to be a complex one, perhaps requiring specialist legal advice, and whilst I can appreciate the frustration you describe, we are not allowed – and are not able – to provide this I’m afraid.

    From what you’ve said, I would suggest that the best person to raise your actual case with might be with your MP (you can find your MP here) – and/or you could raise the broader points you are making with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, whose Ministers can be contacted by clicking here.
    I’m sorry I can’t help more directly.

    Best wishes,


    Phil Poirier

    Commission for Victims & Witnesses

    ( 020 3334 2700 / 07909 997824


    From: Stan []
    Sent: 17 May 2011 17:54
    To: Victims Commission
    Subject: Fw: I’m A Victim of fraudulently concealment/ Theft of Property by Fraudulent Means
    Dear Commissioner, I contact you because to this day from being injured and disabled doing my Job of work and due to The Employers Negligence/fraudulently concealed Scam I remain a deprived Victim from such!! Which is explained in short in the Attachment and Items in Blue below…….
    I’m ALSO A VETERAN, (who was on active service in the Malaysian Jungles During 1950’s, there (on orders of the then government,) to preserve and protect our democratic rights and freedoms,) who’s been denied by fraudulent concealment of primary evidence , (some of which was official GMB Union Documents used against me yet forged,) and perverting of Her Majesties due Court Process, which also included tampering with and “Vaporising of crucial evidence (and a paid for by me Court Order) whilst in the “security” of HMCS, also whilst held in “security” by the Police, also by two former Labour MP’s Elliot Morley and Ian Cawsey!
    Therefore by such practiced conspiracy to defraud me it did also deprived many other unwary victims of their rightful employment entitlements, and me my industrial injury compensation, (quantified in 1994 @ circa £200,000,)..It appears was all done to protect the Conspirators and British Steel insures (Then The Iron Trades Insurers,) and make sure the huge progressing cloaked Scam (I unearthed as operating at former British Steel Scunthorpe from circa 1980,ongoing to 2010 at Corus Scunthorpe,) remained fraudulently concealed/suppressed from the Public domain! And as a result of such left me suffering many violations of my Human Rights also!! Such details are explained in the attachment; also in Sabine’s links below … However,…my petition over such serious theft of property by fraudulent means got entered into Parliament in Hansard, where from there it appears “got buried”, because I’ve received No feed back from Parliament whatsoever since it was entered..Why???
    Therefore as a disabled victim also Veteran; having informed you of my 21 years struggle to get those Democratic Rights and Freedom I fought in the Malaysian Jungles alongside The Gurkhas to preserve and protect addressed; also the many violations of My Human Rights (not least Articles 3.4. 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, and Article I of the 1st Protocol,) what Help do you propose to give to me as an impecunious senior citizen of near 74 please???
    I will await your reply thank you …….Kind Regards Stanley Embling,

    —– Original Message —–

    From: Sabine K McNeill

    To: ‘DAKIN, Nic’ MP

    Dear Nic
    Please find enclosed a letter that I wrote, based on a draft from your constituent Stanley Embling, who attended our last meeting at the House of Commons.

    The letter requests an investigation into the GMB Union and former British Steel, now TATA Steel, as prime culprits in a white collar crime that affects many union members and TATA Steel employees, still ongoing to this day!

    While Stan thought that Vince Cable should investigate the GMB Union, I feel the letter could go to

    · the whole Cabinet

    · the Justice Committee

    · and the Business Committee – to support a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crime.

    For, once again, this case is representative of the same kinds of problems that victims encounter anywhere in the country. Thus it is addressed TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. The last sentence says: Mine workers got compensated when their benefits got filched by solicitors. So why not the steelworkers???

    As victims, I Cc not only Stan, but also Mr David Patterson who was active as an expert, Ms Cooper who has been most seriously victimised herself, whilst being aware of the plight of steelworkers, besides Dr Oraki as serious victim and Vince Cable’s constituent.

    I also Cc Lord Ahmed and the other MPs who expressed their support for victims of white collar crime on the occasion of our last meeting.

    You will know best how to achieve justice and compensation as fast as possible for the veteran who was fifty-two when his accident happened. Since he is now seventy-three, it is time he becomes the “model of compensation” for his “co-victims”!

    With many thanks for your steady support,



    Blogger, Victims Unite!

    … Empowering victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression: > 7,000 visitors

    Web publisher and McKenzie Friend, Flying Vet and Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

    … Advancing the Cause for Litigants in Person: > 1,600 visitors

    Petitioning “HM Partnership”:

    WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation: > 230 signatures and 4,000 page views

    Web Publisher, Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694

    … Based on Early Day Motions 1297 and 597 tabled by Austin Mitchell MP: > 18,000 visitors

    National Co-ordinator, Forum for Stable Currencies

    … Advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from National Debt since 1998


    Buschower Dorfstr. 16 – 14715 Märkisch Luch – Brandenburg

    T: 0049 33876 90166 – M: 07968 039 141

  5. Stanley Embling says:


    Federal Judicial Ministry Berlin, 28 November 2000
    Ref No: RB 1 – 7525 – R 3 793/2000
    Please quote when replying To

    The secretariat of the petition committee
    of the Federal Parliament
    Platz der Republik 1
    11011 Berlin

    Subject: Legal Advice ActHere: Petition introduced by Herr Stefan Füger, 64673 Zwingenberg dated 19.10.2000

    Reference: Your letter dated 26 October 2000 – Pet 4-14-07-37-028039
    I comment on the petition of Herr Füger dated 19 October 2000 as follows:

    At present the Federal Government is not intending to initiate significant changes of the Legal Advice Act (reply to question 4 of the overall enquiry by, amongst others, delegates Rainer Funke, Jörg van Essen and the FDP faction, Diet printed matter 14/3959 concerning the future of legal advice).

    Although the Act originates from 1935, it has been subject to several post-war amendments and no longer contains discriminatory regulations.

    The regulations of this Act are aimed at pursuing justified common interests. The Act serves to protect the general public. The individual seeking justice is to be protected against the danger of leaving the settlement of his legal interests to a person not having the required expertise. On the other hand, legal action should not be impeded by the employment of unsuitable i.e. unreliable persons.

    The Legal Advice Act contains occupation regulating regulations as can be found to exist, for instance, for a number of occupations such as medicine. Such regulations are necessary to prevent third parties from suffering damage due to malpractice. Consequently, the Act serves to protect the user. The person seeking justice and tasking another person with the representation of his legal interests is consequently facing a “user situation”. Often he cannot even properly assess the quality of the legal advice. Consequently, the person seeking justice does not only run the risk of receiving poor advice. He also risks suffering from legal disadvantages and losing his legal position. That is why there are restrictions for people providing legal advice.

    The Legal Advice Act, as outlined by the Federal Government in respect of the occupation of business advisor in the reply to the enquire made by the FDP faction regarding the future of legal advice (reply to questions 23, 24, Diet printed matter 14/3959, page 12), provides a flexible legal instrument enabling a proper assessment of the handling of non-business related legal interests by entrepreneurs. Article 1 § 5 of the Legal Advice Act allows entrepreneurs to deal with the legal interests of their clients if there exists a direct connection with a concrete case related to the actual occupation. Consequently, entrepreneurs who, as stated by the petitioner, are involved in energy advice can also provide legal advice if the commercial activities cannot be carried out effectively without that legal advice.

    The compatibility of the Legal Advice Act with European legislation has been confirmed by the European Court by verdict dated 12 December 1996 – Rs. C-3/95 (Travel Agency Broede/Gerd Sandker), European Magazine for Commercial Law (EuZVV or EuZW) 1997, page 53. The Federal Constitutional Court adopted the compatibility of the law with the constitution by its decrees dated 29 October 1997 – 1 BvR 780/87 (Monitoring of patent fees), official collection of decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfGE) volume 97, page 12 = New Judicial Weekly (NJW) 1998, page 3481 and dated 15 December 1999 – 1 BvR 2161/93 (Girmes). NJW 2000, page 1251.

    By order
    Certified by Federal Judicial Ministry

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  7. Stanley Embling says:

    Is there any wonder Police remain silent!? It appears that many themselves are the wrongdoer’s and you don’t have to have much intelligence to make that judgement ….

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  9. albert john jewell says:

    Thank GOD for JOHN HEMMINGS at long last we have an honest M.P. who speaks not only on behalf of ” WE “( VICTIMS UNITE ) but also many un-named others who are suffering alone in silence with-out a voice .This glorious NEW HERO stands out as a clear beacon of new hope, HIS lone stance reminds me of the other lone great hero who also stood alone SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL GOD rest his HONORABLE soul. This man was not perfect but was many times compassionate to the NEED’s of G.B. people ; He also endured much verbal abuse from people who lacked foresight for future events, & the acuity of his VISION to both meet our then desperate NEEDS of how to UNITE G.B. to one specific purpose & to defend our country against a much superior force . T hus to allow US to retain OUR traditions, culture ,LAWs, & the way WE ALLOW Ourselves to be governed . Once known as disabled with stuttering,this magnificent human became a superb orator WORLDWIDE acclaimed . HIS shortest recorded speech consisted of only nine words ,NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE UP ,NEVER GIVE UP, He delivered this great oration to a packed-out university assembly-hall in The U.S.A. greeted with a standing ovation from an ecstatic, Hero-worshiping audience,who had patiently waited for hours to hear a more lengthy speech .This occurred at the end of the WAR . Before the war many of those intellectual IDIOT’s ( ,fellow M.P.’s ), derided his superior vision of future events ; They proved totally , stupidly , criminally , & ethically WRONG ! The same “ilk” ( intellectual IDIOTS ) in the Palace Of WESTMINSTER are the braying Donkey’s, Who mealy-mouthed JEER & cat-call OUR adopted HERO. They lack moral’s & British BOTTLE. Their behavior & habits are as a pack of TRAITOROUS Jackal’s .Mr. JOHN HEMMINGS M.P. (SIR ) ; NEVER GIVE UP ;NEVER GIVE UP ;NEVER GIVE UP ! thank you jim .

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  11. albert john jewell says:

    Dear WE (VICTIMS UNITE ) ,google ” yuri bezmenov “: To see some one helped into a POWER-POSITION due to his deviation’s .At a LONDON Court ,during his wild student year’s a man was convicted & fined ,he gave his name as Mr. CHARLES LYNTON ,his CRIME : COTTAGING OUTRAGES .This young gay-b lade regularly CROSS-DRESSED . For his “HORNY ” hooray henry friend’s he often acted OUT on STAGE , his fantasy of being a female stripper “Miranda ” ( I think ) .Then followed with with his guitar playing ,not so good .The highlight of his STRIP-SHOW was when he got down to “BARE essentials ,HE revealed a rampant Pri ‘apism displaying behind his frilly french under-garb .For which he got well applauded . Whisper’s in Westminster are that to achieve his new ambition of being THE QUEEN OF EUROPE he’s getting QUOTE’s to GET -THE-CHANGE ( operation ) under New N.W.O. RULE’s .That should make even “BAMBI’s eye’s water wonder what ZIPPY think’s about THAT ? .Mind YOU now ,thinking about IT , it’s better that HE mutilates HIM-SELF ; Rather than the poor people’s of PALESTINE ,Iraq & Afghanistan ,I do hope you agree ??? God Bless You One & All .

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