Judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant

Nearly every victim I’ve ever come across would agree with the subject line.

Here it is Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail who writes it because of the super-injunctions that are currently being discussed. Let’s hope they turn out to be the tip of iceberg!

Already The Independent has found that only 69 injunctions were by the rich and famous.

264 were meant to gag families whose children were snatched.

Vicky Haigh would have been imprisoned if she had not promised to comply with the order.

A woman told me recently that she had to sign a document to promise never to talk either.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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14 Responses to Judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant

  1. Sabine:
    You say “Nearly every victim I’ve ever come across would agree with the subject line.” I would certainly agree with the first point (‘Unelected’), & the last (‘Shockingly arrogant’), but NOT with the second one. They are very much IN touch, knowing they are well served & well protected by the rest of the Legal Mafia, their underlings, puppets, thugs & sychophants. The latter include the so-called ‘News Media’, in spite of the occasional flurry when they make a pretence of ‘challenging’ them.
    Norman Scarth.

  2. peter oakes says:

    The Judges are not out of touch ! It,s the public who are out of touch with reality.

    The judges are guilty of stupid arrogance, they realy believed the truth about their treason and ” legal mafia ” secretly enslaving the British public would never slip out and start to become widespread knowledge, they relied on their malicious bankruptcies to destroy people, their use of the Mental Health Act to Section
    whistleblowers. And of course the Vexatious Litigant device and the use of
    Section 42 Supreme Court Act to prevent any legal remedy ! for their “victims”

    The Supreme Court is another device to drag out the domestic process thus delaying any applications to the European Court of Justice ( you have to exhaust all domestic remedy attempts before you can go to Europe )

    Currently there are 7 applications everyday from the UK to the Euro Commission of Human Rights ! this is what they need to prevent as even a Euro nit-wit will know something is wrong in the UK.

    As for Super Injunctions they are ” gagging orders ” to conceal criminal offences of the legal mafia involving police ( sick joke ) Social Services, HMCS, CCRC. CPS, in fact every establishment body.

    Keep supporting that distinguished & honest MP John Hemming. give him the ammunition to cover his back ! as for sure the “knives” are out by Bercow & crew

    And get Real every body they know it,s going on, and they know we Know ! eventualy someone will break ranks, and some editor will have the courage of John Hemming, then we shall see. It took 40 years in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrein, Syria,
    Libya believe me HM,s legal mafia is on borrowed time, they are clutching at staws

    We all know Nueberger is concealing bankruptcy thefts & frauds Re; Mr.Ebert
    Royal Masonic Hospital, some-one will twigg the Zionists are involved robbing
    jew & jentile alike and then gagging them !

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    That is why the ZIONIST’s are happy to go along supporting Hitlers Nazi Laws on Legal Advice from 1935 knowing full well it is advantageous for them to do so! Because by doing so it “enables the ZIONIST’s to Rule The ROOST around the Western world!!
    It appears that Mr.EBERT for some unknown reason was an outsider, not supported by the ZIONIST’s movement…..
    In My Opinion the best Report on this Matter is put out by The ex KGB spy Yuri Besmenov….Also by The secret CIA “Red House Report” of 1944… which can be viewed via GOOGLE…

  4. albert john jewell says:

    DEAR SABINE ,with respect ,we need a new petition ” (OUT THE JUDGE ) start a ” CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT ” Petition .Get the Judge (s) resigned .By a proper Judicial Review TO ESTABLISH the correctness that the JUDGE in a selected case (V.U.) has many; has disregarded BOTH the rules governing his actions in court & the very law himself .”ignorance of the law -CAN be no excuse ” & “an unbiased Judge is a CORRUPTING criminal influence upon civilized society ,such allowed will only fester to create ANARCHY & destroy the peace to cause RIOTS & much blood-shed.Hang them high, if they refuse to resign ,or at the least seize their ASSETS then jail them for life for they (THE CORRUPT ) are individually much more damaging to our society than any single drug dealer/pervert or pickpocket the BAD Judge gets paid by us to prostitute & debase OUR Kin-Blood-Fought-For ancient ,agreed ,LAWS & CIVIL RIGHTS .Rights which our predecessors FORBADE Us to ever surrender at our immediate peril of disuniting this Kingdom-Land & shamefully chucking our jewelled Crown to SWINE. YE’A Ye may cry, “Better proud & dead -Than casually humped by a RED &your good wife ,sons , & daughters are next ,wake up G.B. for your END is already NIGH . God Bless The Brave (But when &where will you fight- ?)-The enemy is within our ranks NOW…What do we want ” OUT THE JUDGE ” When do we want it RIGHT NOW ??? jim

  5. albert john jewell says:

    Owners of this green & sceptered Isle get of your ” tush” (your but – end s) GOOGLE “yuri bezmenov ” .Then GOOGLE “The secret red house report ” .Then if you can understand the meaning & consequences of it GOOGLE Hitlers (1933-35 )Reich stag Fire Decree NOW being inserted by THE Intellectual IDIOTS into OUR Laws .Upon my Oath how stupid have our Elected/ & Other KIDDY-FIDDLERS become.Are we “x” FACTORED to the degree, that the Orwellian concepts of Animal Farm which can readily become by our wanton NEGLECTFUL domain ,& our loss of natural &national pride ,is there no ” Bottle ” left in Britain ?Are you already bent over to be truly be severely HUMPED by the PERVERTS within & without whom we GRACIOUSLY saved from being jumped & humped by Adolph Hitler’s follower’s in truth I think we should have let him win their miserable territories then we would not possibly have to endure the probably deranged ,myopic, manic,well misguided,satanic led ,Zionist inspired IDIOT’s who we have allowed to insert themselves into positions to infiltrate & usurp the international power & authority we once possessed (N.B. you do not have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, You only need to teach yourself how to hate everyone including NON-ZIONIST JEWS,I speak the truth ask any God fearing Jew ) They are said to be a mongrel race spawned when an ashkenazi king asked the two% Jews in his land to teach (and intermarry with) his very troublesome subjects who he wanted to control with an easy bought cheap &available religion (so I am informed-correct me if I err ) N.B. Our Henry VII did the same in G.B. As did Spain when they evicted all JEWS. Which are the very ones the Ashkenazi King made good use of .I guess the Zionist element must have tainted themselves from their close association with that Kings race; DO you notice the NAZI bit at the end of Ashkenazi ??? Interesting !

  6. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi Jimmy it appears you have made a couple of mistakes (I know not intentionally,) ..(i).. this the former comment whereby you use “Unbiased”Judge, when I think you mean biased….(i)..The later comment I believe you mean’t (Henry V111) …otherwise I can only suggest you stay clear of disguises the humper’s and jumpers now appear to crouch “behind”

  7. Stanley Embling says:

    It appears to me that many judges don’t listen to the “litigants in person” or want to read or understand evidence placed before them.. as many transcripts “when/if obtained” prove this fact, as in my own case! Therefore how many other GOOD cases get sabotaged/scuttled from such attitudes shown to “litigants in person” . AS JIMMY RIGHTLY SAY’S (OUT THE JUDGE.)

  8. Stanley Embling says:

    As this article says Judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant I Totally Agree!! Therefore it’s about time many Judges hung up their frocks and left the wrinkled tights for Nora Batty (on Last of the Summer Wine,) to show herself -off in!
    Therefore I’m in total .agreement with Jimmy when he advocates..”OUT THE JUDGE” let Democracy and Common JUSTICE prevail once again as it did before in this once proud and respected country; that myself and Many Many others fought to preserve and protect!!

  9. albert john jewell says:

    Thank you STAN , thank’s for correcting nicely my STUPID Typo. errors so promptly . As you know I have have recently got to buy, & get to know the basic elements of computer. .This ( at 70 Y/Old ) has not been easy for you to teach ,& me to learn (thank you again) . . The (OUT THE JUDGE ) petition & a ” CLASS-ACTION-COMPLAINT ” demanded into the correct Department for action MAY enable the offending Judges to resign promptly . (& NORA BATTY like ) ; finally hang- up for ever their SEXY SKIRTS , stockings , Suspenders , & fine sculpted wigs . These uniforms are part BADGES of Regal Office and to signify we should give their status some RESPECT. Upon my oath ; I ask you all ,how can you determine “WHETHER” the Judge you appear before ,dressed in all his finery ,IS or IS NOT as BENT as a NINE-BOB-BIT ???This discernment can only occur when he can no longer parade like a peacock and strut his way about, with his Fine Wine ,Food ,& Lodge ,Paid for by JOE PUBLIC expensively. I Here offer the bad Judges some acceptable excuses to use, (1) I have become stupid (2) I have Become corrupt. (3) I have been taking ,perks,& Backhanders (4 ) I have only protected my interest me being a LLoyds NAME.(5 ) I am no longer able to read ,comprehend,understand what my JOB is (6) I can no longer write ,nor excuse the rubbish i’ve written . (7) I think I’ve become a PLANK (plonker ) SHORT- of -A -LOAD . PLEASE ALLOW ME NOW TO RAPIDLY (or rabidly )RESIGN & I deeply am sorry for offending GOD ,MY QUEEN, This Country ( G.B.) & it’s HONORABLE long suffering PEOPLE. (8 ) & may I wish Sabine every success with her (OUT THE JUDGE ) petition .

  10. albert john jewell says:

    I must tender my abject apologies to all because I stupidly forgot to sign out as “ANONYMOUS, do forgive me please. “

  11. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi Jim another stupid error; you cant be anonymous because your name is already up there above your comment!!

  12. MAGNA CARTA DAY! Wednesday 15th June, Leeds Combined Court Centre LS1 3BG. TWELVE NOON!
    (To borrow from The Bard):
    “This story shall the good man teach his son;
    And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by,
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers (& sisters);
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    (anybody got a hanky?) (:-(
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    this day shall gentle his condition;
    And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
    (Close by the Town Hall. With a massive great dome it is a good landmark. Free bus from the railway station.)

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