Police accused of silence on crime

This article in the Northumberland Gazette does not come as a surprise to us ‘seasoned victims’.

What’s good is that Ronnie Campbell, Labour MP for Blyth, has stepped in!

However, the article focusses more on releasing information to the media than investigating crimes. For our experience has most definitely been that the Police does not seem to want to investigate white collar crimes or any other in Paulette Cooper‘s case whose perpetrator had too many ‘mates’ in the Police.

Or, as in Maurice J Kirk BVSc‘s case: they are bullying and harassing him to the point of putting a ‘firearms response’ in place, i.e. be ready to shoot to kill.

Long live Crime and Disorder as a replacement for Law and Order!…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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7 Responses to Police accused of silence on crime

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    How very true; they shift many criminal cases over into the civil arena thus cutting down on to falsely manipulate true crime figures, and purposely depriving many Victims of ever getting crimes against them investigated; (yet everyone other than the Police know the acts committed were/are criminal.) Just What the devil do we Pay our Council Taxes For?? Because most certainly we do not get that “DUTY OF CARE” we darn well pay for!!… Regards Stan

  2. peter oakes says:

    It goes much deeper than that Stan. The police are a part of and an integral member of the legal mafia. In 1999 Then Sgnt. Brierly in Crewe ( now Inspector
    Brierly still in Crewe Cheshire Constabulary ) was told by myself, I still have the Statements concerning the “legal mafia” useing the Courts for thefts & frauds.

    After I had made a “citizens arrest ” of a bent magistrate Dawn Threadgold I was charged with assualt and a PC Balmer and Brierly conspired with several employees
    of Crewe & Nantwich BC. the CPS to ” fit me up ” with perjured statements and testimony.

    Now get this ! the bent judge Master of the Rolls Nueberger say,s you are entitled to privacy re: HRA. It also say,s in the Human Rights Act Article 6 you have a Right to examine witness,s I had 13 witness summons,s issued and everyone was ” set aside ” to conceal the truth !

    Super Injunctions are a Device to conceal offences of the ” legal mafia ” Article
    10 HRA says you have a Right to impart Information to your fellow Citizens.

    So why are journalists prevented from reporting the information ?? that exposes
    Nuebergers thefts & frauds re: Royal Masonic Hospital theft !

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    Yes I agree Peter they are part of a much greater “Common Purpose” body, I know I began to understand after they set my son up (on two occasions;) whether to get at me for trying to expose the Huge Scam which involved the unlawful diverting by British Steel of £10’s millions of EEC funding/grants, meant for the retraining of proposed redundantees, or giving grants to allow others set-up in business if so desired, (but as later turned out was only got by nepatism and cherry picking! ] But sad to say for the many others kept in the dark, duped and denied of access to and knowledge as detailed in certain annual “Agreements”, {which by rights should have been appended to The Contracts of Employment to inform all B-S employees of their rightful employment entitlements benefits.}
    Sadly that didn’t happen, because unbeknown to the many uninformed terms and conditions of Contracts got violated made void unbeknown to the many Victims; because those annual “Agreements” got fraudulently concealed suppress from circa 1980, denied Not To Exist!! thus allowing the huge amounts of EEC Funding/Grants to be unlawfully diverted into British Steel Plc own coffers instead!!
    Yes….That fraudulent concealment of that Scam was (aided and abetted by certain corrupt GMB union officials associated to British Steel Scunthorpe,) which in turn did clearly enhance shareholders share payouts to the detriment of the many thousands of unwary duped/deceived displaced/deprived redundant injured/disabled steelworkers at British Steel Scunthorpe’s..who’s denied an Investigation to this very day!!
    Even though myself and certain other Victims who unearthed that Huge Scam informed the Labour Party (from 1990,)also via certain Labour MP’s. Also as Whistle blowers we informed the Police, certain Judges, HMCS, and many Others Public Officers in Authority..But when doing so (from 1990) we were not then aware how deep the corruption was, among the many in High Public Office, where we later discovered “The Memorandum of Understanding” was active and running rife, among those Public Authorities to whom we the general Public have to report such matters to in the Hope of getting an investigation, Help and Support…But then and only years later we discover the Truth..In my own case this became most apparent (when reporting The scam I helped unearth as operating at British Steel Plc Scunthorpe,,) to the Scunthorpe Main Police Station!
    Myself and another on reporting that unearthed Scam/Concealed theft of Property by Fraudulent means got Threatened by the Police; told in no uncertain terms to….”GO HOME”… “Let the matter Drop.. or.. we could instead find ourselves in Bother!”… “You Know what we are telling you!” …Yes we certainly did….
    Then years later we then found when securing the printouts of the Reported Crime REPORTs (filled out at The Main Police station Scunthorpe,) that those Reported Crime Reports were totally incorrect/spurious; in my opinion done so to obfuscate and conceal that reported Theft of Property by Fraudulent means, and by obfuscating such did in turn cover-up also the Fact, the Labour Party were receiving “TAINTED” Funding from the GMB Union, who were extracted such as Political Levies/subs unlawfully off The many unwary duped Excluded/Blackballed Union member employees at British Steel Scunthorpe from circa 1980 that’s when the Scam first got implemented and used from through to 2010…
    Therefore it’s my opinion the Labour Party and many Labour MP’s gained access to/remained in Parliament on what in my opinion was “TAINTED” funding, which remains un-investigated/swept under the Carpet by the many in Public Offices utilizing what in my opinion is “Common Purpose” tactics to this day!
    Made most apparent by “The Memorandum of Understanding Between ACPO, The LAW SOCIETY, INSURERS”, and who Knows who else??
    Regards Stan

  4. albert john jewell says:

    I can agree with above N.B.(1) the police in Lincolnshire ,Humberside &S.E.Yorks. WILL NOT accept & “CRIME “(number ) ANY complaints of THEFT by FRAUD they if you attend a police station will give you a phone No.to ring . Then you get told THIS now IS a CIVIL COURT’s matter and will refuse to either RECORD it as a CRIME, nor will they investigate the THEFT.(2 )This weird NEW policy is designed to reduce the CRIME figures for these areas ,backing their SPURIOUS claims now of actual A VAST reduction in CRIME in their domains (3) To further compound their INSANITY these intelligent IDIOTS ( “ref: YURI BEZMENOV “) will enter onto their records as a CRIME SOLVED.???Further should your theft by FRAUD have been done on YOU by YOUR “good family solicitor ” the MEMORANDUM of AGREEMENT between A.C.P.O. & the LAW SOCIETY now gets activated this obscene instrument has been allowed to be used since it was “INVENTED “quite some time ago it effectively BLOCKS your FRAUD (theft ) case completely.(you may now think GAME OVER ??? ) . But you will be WRONG again here for as ” EBERT’s” case & many others in Sabines “victims unite ” ORGANIZATION will show the obscene depravity continues …DO you realize that the Jewish people number only about 2% of the population of both U.S.A. & G.B. but the percent who are in power positions (Government- Law -Etc. ) are DIS-PROPORTIONATELY much higher this was what HITLER discovered .Could this explain how when he addressed that anomaly( in an O.T.T. manner )he was successful in turning Germany round within four short years thus his country became strong enough to attempt to go for World conquest & the institution of his NEW WORLD ORDER(where have we seen these words RECENTLY?).It is well concealed but obvious if you look for the proof that large contribution of funding to put him into power came from the many ZIONIST large businesses who seemed to think this (MAD MAN )was the best thing since sliced bread (not yet invented ).THAT proved mayhaps an error (historically-YES? ) Consider the word HOLOCAUST- Jewish word for Holy sacrifice or Offering to GOD ??? Is one drawn to the obvious conclusion (from the use of the word HOLOCAUST ) that ZIONIST ‘s were complicit in another FALSE FLAG operation against their own people?This has been a good-psychological profitable situation subsequently ( YES ? ) Should you now go through Civil Courts process YOU will then be emasculated by the POWERFUL but minority 2% (or far less-for I know that the majority of the Jewish people obey God (in a good Christian manner ).Unlike the SATANIC INTELLECTUAL IDIOT’s who have us corralled for the moment.Invest in rope shares they will go up when we make NEW Laws to hang these traitor infiltrators;does any-one disagree with my brief analysis of history.Please agree both WE & GOOD JEWS have been sorely BETRAYED ??? LOVE,jim.

  5. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi Jim, nice to carry on conversing in this way….But what interest me with you above comments you seem really well versed regards The Holocaust, and of decent hard working Jewish people; but what on earth made them become in cohoots with The Zionist lot??…. Perhaps you could enlighten myself also other interested readers….Regards Stan

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