Kill all the Lawyers: The Shakespearean Solution

From the About page:

More than four hundred years ago, William Shakespeare gave us the answer to the ever increasing judicial problem of incompetence and corruption that exists in our court system today.  In his historical play Henry the Sixth, part 2, William Shakespeare had his character Dick the butcher, a character no one remembers, utter one of the few memorable lines from the entire three-part Henry the Sixth cycle. “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

There are Shakespearean scholars who argue that Dick the butcher was being sarcastic, and that he was actually expressing support for the importance of lawyers.  Whatever honor and dignity lawyers may have once possessed, they have lost it over the last four hundred years.

Dick the butcher’s words now provide us with “The Shakespearean Solution” (Kill All The Lawyers) for law abiding citizens to reclaim the judicial system.

Of course, as law abiding citizens trying to live moral lives, we can’t physically kill unscrupulous lawyers and judges though that’s what they deserve.

However, by documenting their transgressions, we can kill them professionally.  Our documentation may pressure law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, to do their job and arrest the corrupt lawyers.

Further links:

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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10 Responses to Kill all the Lawyers: The Shakespearean Solution

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    It appears William Shakespeare had other brilliant ideas..Regards why; go to “Solicitors From Hell” via Google, pick-up on Hetts (former Hett Stubbs & Kemp) from Scunthorpe, with near 3100 Hits…. and read my comments gladly….with regards Stan

  2. Colin Peters says:

    I tried without success to persuade the CID to investigate the crime of fraud and deception being committed against myself whilst it was ongoing, before it was progressed through the civil court system.
    After the crime was successfully progressed through the civil court I had all the documented evidence that I needed in proof of that crime, yet twice the West Yorkshire Police have refused to act upon it.
    With the best will in the world Sabine, if I cannot persuade the CID and the West Yorkshire Police to act upon the evidence of crime that I have laid before them, in this country,then what chance have I with the FBI over in America?

  3. peter oakes says:

    Stop being silly everyone.

    William Shakespear. is an inference to a “sabre rattler” or ” sword waverer ”

    Example I ” Shake the spear it is a ” veiled threat ” a “velvet glove ” covering a
    mailed fist ! Thatchers ” Handbag ”

    William Shakespear was not an individual ! He was a group like ” victims unite ”

    They were aware of treason very much more in those days without the ” internet ”
    Only the chosen few could read & write Re: literate !

    He must have been in the Kings Court and at the highest level of info and intreauge

    Shakespeare WAS NOT AN INDIVIDUAL no man could possibly achieve so much
    without assistance ! think about it ! for christ sake they only had candle,s no
    printer, no paper, no real pens or ink. just feather,s quill.

    Stop and take stock ! Look at the works of Shakespeare. No Man. No Individual
    could possibly amass the amount of detailed information, it would have only been possible by a group priviledged to be party to all the important information available !

    You would need ear,s in every sphere of influence, the king, Bishops religion, politics, and street corner gossip. No person of standing and stature could possibly
    mingle from royalty & court to dockside taverns.

    In more recent history the finest ” wordsmith ” cum manipulator was Rudyard Kipling and he was a Government spy-agent what-ever. Read the books, digest
    the info. Kipling and Shakespear are todays ” victims unite “spreading the word ! We need the Adolph.
    the Winston, The Stalin. Roosevelt, or may-De-Gaul. The masses are in deep do-do
    John Hemming, shows flickers of light, Salmond in Scotland, ( I don,t like the B– but
    I admire his goal ) lets hope he does,nt end up on a rope under Blackfriars Bridge
    like ” Gods ” banker Mr. Calvi. ritualy murdered by masons.

  4. Jake Maverick says:

    oh yeah! keep trying to appeal to a higher power, see what that gets you!

    the highest powers are the one’s that need to be wiped out most!

  5. Colin Peters says:

    I’ve got to agree with Jake Maverick
    In seeking to put my case before the Court of Appeal in London, I was fortunate enough to appear before the only decent and honest lawyer who I have encountered in this sad and sorry saga; Registrar John Adams, who, despite my being opposed by the barrister, Andrew Thompson, allowed me through whilst advising me to get professional representation.
    I could not afford it and I could not get legal aid even though my opponent who had gained his legal aid certificates on false claims which the lower court had now rejected, was allowed to keep his.
    I spent one hour and twenty minutes before judges Dillon and Evans proving through the documentation, that my opponent had gained legal aid certificates on one pack of lies and a judgement, favourable to himself on a conflicting pack of lies.
    I was talking to the wall.
    In their pre-written outcome driven judgement they ruled that their lower court brother judge had been ‘right on the evidence’ and yet,in doing so, invented two claims of their own which were at odds with the documentation before them.
    They ruled on two of their own inventions!!!
    After this charade, I realised that the further up the ‘system’ one goes for justice, the greater the resistance to justice one encounters.
    This is the one and only reason why I did not appeal to the house of so called lords.

    I must confess that I am getting very disillusioned with so many of you out there ,who I know of, who have similar tales to tell.
    Sabine is working her butt off to help us all.
    For my own part, just like so many of you, I am an expert with first hand knowledge through my own experiences, of ‘white collar crime’ and judicial corruption.
    So many of you have been there and experienced it all for yourselves and yet it seems that you are quite happy to sit on the shelf and watch and wait and see what happens to those who have the guts to stick our necks above the parapets before making your own voices heard.
    We have strength in Unity.
    For goodness sake, come out of your shells and tell your own stories. There are thousands of us victims. Why are only an handfull lof us responding to this chance to seek to expose the ‘system’ in the hope of bringing about change?
    For Goodness sake show some guts.

  6. peter oakes says:

    Hi. Colin. I showed sum “guts” fought the system tooth & nail and for my trouble
    I was maliciously bankrupted by Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council.

    These wonderfull “civil servants” entered into a criminal conspiracy to pervert justice and to have me imprisoned. I had 13 witness summons,s issued and all of them were
    “set-aside” by a bent judge Woodward at Warrington Crown Court.

    Elgin Edwards bent judge Chester Crown Court would not let me cross examine
    any witness,s because it would have exposed the thefts & frauds by solicitors,
    judges, police , who use the courts to facilitate their crimes along with the Land Registry, Insolvency Service, in fact every govnt. body conspires to conceal these thefts and frauds because due to Govnt. Dept. gross negligence . They are liable for billions in compensation due to the victims who lost their pensions, homes, & assets.

    The police are ordered by the Home Office not to investigate any fraud complaint,
    The CPS take over any Private prosecution and drop the case saying ” it,s
    not in the public interest ” Every Citizens Advice Bureau has evidence of these frauds.
    And to name the Criminals in Crewe & Nantwich now South East Cheshire
    council they are John Hammond. Brian Sylvester, Cllr. Brickhill ( bent mason )
    Andrew Wisely, Deirdri Mann ( Court adviser) David Beardmore, Riddel Graham.
    Phillip Cottrel ( rates collector ) Edward Timpson MP ( barrister) Irene Latham. Dawn Threadgold. Alan Wenham. Cheshire Constabulary Chief Insp. Brierly, Sgnt.
    Balmer, the blasted lot is rotten ! concealing the foulest crimes against the
    NOW THAT SHOULD BE LIBEL ! Bring it on, I guarantee you no one
    will say boo to a goose

    The Government knows who the criminal judges, police, solicitors, MP,s are
    they dare,nt take any action because the economy would collapse ! Once the World knows how rotten & corrupt the UK is, money would go to the Swiss.
    Frankfurt, anywhere that was trustworthy !

  7. Stanley Embling says:

    “A Well Tried and Tested System” utilized it appears by the Masonic Builderbergers to establish the fourth Reich as detailed via Google…in The secret CIA “Red House Report” of 1944, also detailed by Ex KGB spy Yuri Besmenov to gain total World Dominance p[reviouslydenied them…

  8. Jake Maverick says:

  9. albert john jewell says:

    The above Video depicts Our QUEEN giving her Sacred word ,swearing it on Oath, SIGNING it and kissing Our bible to endorse same .WHY does she appear to spit in the face of GOD & the long suffering,sorely , grossly abused,G.B .public.THE QUEEN lives in gross luxury; could not in a 1,000 years spend her wealth. Whilst she sweetly smiles upon those who suck up to her -these swine only culture her association as long as she continues to follow their obscene cultural disabilities willingly. WHY has She lied to both GOD & US ??? How can She not SEE the many in London & our Cities, Towns,& Villages LIVING in card-board boxes ,eating by trawling through filthy dust bins so they can EAT. Coronation OATH , my oath who do she thinks She’s kidding?Then consider the dysfunctional entire corrupt legal profession corralled by the piggy snouts in the trough (ZIONIST ) thinking,motivated,satanic inspired filth drawing good public monies and Honors from this same unscrupulous thinking person occupying the Throne may-haps undeservedly (CORONATION OATH BROKEN ) desperately tight holding onto the illegitimate crown She now is wearing. Meanwhile Her people She swore to protect suffer total abuse, theft-by fraud,unjust fines and Court costs, unbearably heaped against them Yea even unto bankruptcy whilst My QUEEN dines pleasantly with her sewer rat minded ” Honorable Friends” Does She not think us the” ONES” who allow Her to rule “over” us deserve some respect and honor equal ,or superior to Her verminous traitorous snouts in the trough sympathetic, greaser,FRIEND’s. Show us you have shame ;renew your VOW to us, beg our forgiveness before your slimy friends who have robbed US rob you too (& as TZAR-KILL YOU TOO ) do not hesitate for tomorrow will be too late. Symbiotically we can help each other ,that only depends on whether YOU are as corrupt as the worst that your people have suffered abusively froml . Show us that you have the courage;then we may forgive you in return .REFUSE us ,then may you burn in hell. YOU are too arrogant to reply to our many appealing letters( some 21 pages in length-6 months ago posted) is that a fault of your controlled underlings whom obviously are instructed by YOU.???

  10. Stanley Embling says:

    Jim Boy…. you’ve outdone your best!..Great!…..Whoever can refute or dispel the true facts??

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