On not being able to bridge the gap between the EU Fundamental Charter for Human Rights and the UK Human Rights Act

Dear Ms McNeill,

Thank you for your reply of 2 December 2010 in which you emphasise that you are not looking for the Commission to intervene on individual cases but rather you are asking the Commission to close the gap between the EU Fundamental Charter for Human Rights and the UK Human Rights Act 1998.

As a matter of principle, the Commission’s powers regarding acts and omissions by Member States are limited to overseeing the application of Union law, under the control of the Court of Justice (cf. Article 17(1) TEU). The Commission would recall that, according to Article 51(1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the provisions of the Charter are addressed to the Member States only when they are implementing Union law. For this reason, the Commission is not in a position to address the relation between the UK Human Rights Act and the Charter.

Anyone who considers that any of her or his fundamental rights have been violated may lodge a complaint with the Council of Europe’s European Court of Human Rights (Council of Europe, 67075 Strasbourg-Cedex, France). Please note, however, that the Court may only deal with a matter after all domestic remedies have been exhausted.

Yours sincerely

Olivier TELL
Head of Unit


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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4 Responses to On not being able to bridge the gap between the EU Fundamental Charter for Human Rights and the UK Human Rights Act

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    Does this Head of Unit know that:- The Court of Human Rights imposes a 6 months time limit for placing such claims..also these Judges at THE COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS are in my opinion also specifically picked (from Masonic Lodges,) to operate this “Common Purpose” Plot…. Therefore they know in most cases it’s made impossible for Victims to comply with such rules; A fact made most obvious when Evidence/Facts relevant to our right of action is deliberately allowed by The Judiciary, HMCS, and other Public Authorities to remain willfully concealed suppressed, deliberately depriving us the Victims (of Crimes,) ever getting those “FAIR HEARINGS” our Democratic Rights, Freedoms and Common Justice that we are supposedly rightfully entitled to from our Courts!!
    So when this Head of Unit gives such answers as above, you can let him know that us fraudulently deprived Victims are sick and tiered of being shunted around in ever diminishing circles by shyster quislings operating the many “Corporate” Courts, Public Authorities, and Quango’s would have us do until we drop dead!!…..
    What we the VICTIMS need is immediate action, investigations, and restitutions , Not continual Fob offs….by the Shysters Quislings operating this “COMMON PURPOSE” Scam…regards Stan

  2. peter oakes says:

    Masonic World Control.

    Did you know that in virtualy every Town, City. & Village there is a Masonic Lodge.

    To control the World you need to control Europe, America is already controlled by
    the Masonic Mafia. The EEC was a ruse to get European Countries trading together, Then you need to form a European Court system, Judiciary, Police Force etc. all done by stealth Maastrecth -Rome- treaties etc. each one giving more
    power & control to the the European Court of Justice, it helps to convince the citizens
    of Europe that they Have Fundamental Rights ( un-enforcible of course ) The
    Europen court of Human maybe Rights is a useful device to expose the non-compliant citizen so that they are isolated and dealt with, the bulk of the sheeples
    watch football, dolly birds, etc.

    Of course all this corruption & manipulation requires vasts amounts of monies
    the Masons robbed their own charities. Google: Gorsey Hey Masonic home.
    Royal Masonic Hospital ( theft off, Nueberger & crew tried to but a £45 Million
    hospital for £7Million ) Mr.Ebert and many other members of ” victims Unite”
    are Masonic Legal Mafia solicitors, police, judges, civil servants, court staff etc.

    Your local Masonic Lodge is involved in treason and it is secretly enslaving You!
    The average 3rd. Degree Mason will attain the rank of Passed Master if he is
    lucky the higher degrees are only open to the favored few ! Duke Edinburgh.
    Duke of Kent in fact every royal , civil, judicial,police, of high rank is an elite
    mason !

    We are very near to the United States of Masonic Europe. same as USA a
    dream to unite the New World & the Old World controlled by Zionists finance !


    I know there are Honest, Decent Masons out there – make enquiries at
    Grand Lodge about this subject and the resignation of Bro. Fries. re; Hospital
    & Nuebergers input.

  3. Jake Maverick says:

    it’s not just the lawyers that require massacreing…..

    the telling line is,

    “may only deal with a matter after all domestic remedies have been exhausted”,

    so the UK just denies you access to the system, or lose your paperwork or just blatantly lie and manipulate making it impossible to take it to the European Court! these frackers know what they’re doing! But even that only possible if you got a couple of million to throw away then be prepared to let the state have your mobile no. so they can track and spy on you, your bank acc. details for same reasons AND be prep’d to pose for the nudey pictures and get blasted with radiation….and that’s just the stuff they tell you abt!

    war is war and pacifists dnt win wars they just get wiped out….

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