Towards a registered charity: Victims Anonymous!

It takes £1,000 to register a charity. The advantage is for donors to be able to deduct their donations from their tax bill.

We’ve been operating withoug funds ever since we started in 1998, everybody contributing time and efforts for free, with occasionally some money for printing a programme or paying a phone or internet bill.

As soon as I have that charity registration number, I want to place big DONATE buttons on my various websites, hoping that people will respond to

Meanwhile I want the name to be Victims Anonymous and have formulated the following objectives:

  1. To aid victims of white collar crimes, such as financial exploitation, legal oppression and emotional cruelty
  2. To provide emotional, legal and financial support through face-to-face meetings
  3. To build mutual support networks by making best use of social media.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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17 Responses to Towards a registered charity: Victims Anonymous!

  1. peter oakes says:

    I have £80,000 locked into Manchester County Couty due to being criminaly
    bankrupted by Crewe & Nantwich BC.

    I will gladly donate £1000 to fund a Charity in return for ” victims” supporting me by
    bombarding South East Cheshire Council ( Crewe & Nantwich was disbanded I
    believe for it,s criminal conspiracies to have me imprisoned and bankrupted )

    I wish you would ALL pay attention to the LAW ! it is there for us to use!
    and to ridicule the authorities for ignoring the Law & treating the Public & Parliament with contempt!

    All England Law Reports Vol.1. Jan.-8 , 1938.

    R- V- Sharpe, R-V-Stringer.
    Court of Criminal Appeal ( Lord Hewart, LCJ,Humphreys and du Parcq JJ. )

    Obstructing course of justice- concealment of motor accident- False story told to police- Persuading others to corroborate false statements – No pending proceedings at time when acts done.

    It was argued in this case that the conspiracy to stifle a prosecution or to obstruct the course of public justice was a crime only when there were pending proceedings at the time of the conspiracy, with the result that acts charged to have been done before the commencement of the prosecution could not amount to that crime.

    This argument was rejected by the the court, since public justice requires that every attempt to conceal a crime shall be punishable.

    As To Conspiracy To Obstruct The Course Of Justice. see: HALSBURY,
    Hailsham Edn. Vol.9, pp. 351, 352 para.574; and for Cases, see DIGEST. Vol.15,pp.698, Nos, 7528-7548.]

    Would those with more computor ability than myself please ensure this is given the maximum exosure on the Internet because it confirms every police force ,every copper, judge, solicitor, councillor, MP, civil servant local authority, etc. etc. is

    Knowingly and Willfully breaking the the Law by Conspiring to Obstruct the Course
    of Justice.

    How,s that Nueberger. Master of the Rolls, Master of the Conspirators ! stuffed
    on your own rule book.

    Please notify dward Timpson MP. and John Hammond Cllr. S.E.Cheshire Council
    about their criminal activity

    Thank You. Peter Oakes.

  2. Jake Maverick says:

    The fact that you have to ‘consent’ to giving the fascist terrorists £1000 for permission to be a charity is a crime in itself….
    Wish I could do something, as I’m sure many will do but you don’t really know until it happens to you then one can’t do anything….

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  9. #safetytalk2 says:

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