Smart Justice: Florida Homeowner forecloses on Bank of America

Now here’s a real success story but seems to take the ‘cowboy tactics’ of Americans rather than the stiff upper lip culture of the UK, where lawyers are in the pockets of banks who are their clients…

The story was sent by Brad Meyer who publishes Litigants in Person as the bridge between the judiciary and us the victims who don’t know how to make sense out of this senseless cruelty and injustice that we’re experiencing.

Brad is especially looking for Tips from Winning Legal Battles to encourage victims!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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2 Responses to Smart Justice: Florida Homeowner forecloses on Bank of America

  1. Jake Maverick says:

    really hope that one is truth…but if they had no mortgage that’s attempted theft, threats, slander/ libel, abuse of personal information….and also forging some evidence presumably……so why not individuals prosecuted for these real crimes?

    at least the Polish have the right general idea, despite the assassination of most of their govt last year….

  2. albert john jewell says:

    JAKE MAVERICK ,I THANK YOU, for obtaining copy of that excellent press article ,it clearly shows there is far more DEMOCRACY to be readily available now in Poland (Ex. U.S.S.R.) than in G.B. the so called second cradle of DEMOCRACY . The reason is obvious should you spend a few minutes to GOOGLE up ” yuri bezmenov ” Ex.K.G.B. spy defector who fled to the safety of the U. S.A. This courageous clear speaking man exactly predicted our & U.S.A.’s present totally CORRUPTED SYSTEMS of abusive Legal ,& Government Authorities whom appear to be much more interested in THIEVING , committing unnatural CHILD ABUSE ACT’s ,prostituting OUR ancient good Law’s for their own gain ,or gleefully humping each other in dark chambers. Then going back home to THEIR unknowing wives & children as if they had done no wrong.Read between the lines that “YURI BEZMENOV ” speaks then you will know completely how well the secret psychological WAR (ZIONIST COMMUNISM ) subversively fought against both G.B .& U.S.A. .Originally U.S.S.R. did calculate it could take 20 to 25 years to achieve but were successful within 15 years (1945-to-1960 ) .It was fought by the selection of the best INTELLECTUAL IDIOT’s they could PROCURE via them pandering to these “IDIOT’s Base carnal /unatural urges & needs ,the alcohol fuelled sexual orientated ORGIES ,journeying them to quickly view workers holiday camps in the Gulags ? ( dissident slave camps ) Etc. The brain dead nutter’s returned home with beautiful ( STUPID ) ideas of how wonderful RUSSIA WAS & HOW WELL people were cared for there Then the “IDIOTS ” got Blackmailed, over their stupid behavior’s in Russia ,So now they knew the price. The Zionist Masonic’s placed them into power-position’s & now we have BOTH COUNTRIES in a mess . I suggest we hang the TRAITORS we find now in power , AT ONCE BEFORE WE FEEL RUSSIAN JACK-BOOT’s UPON OUR TENDER COWARDLY FACES ! Quo Vadis My friends . jim.

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