Victim turned Warrior and Chronic Litigant detained by Portsmouth Police to be handed over to South Wales Colleagues

Maurice Kirk’s saga is enshrined in a room full of files. No comparison to Mr Ebert’s suitcase of documents!…

Recently Maurice followed Mr Ebert’s model of WANTED posters to pinpoint those judges whose judgments have affected his life most detrimentally.

In the light of what judges do in family courts, Stephen Glover wrote Judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant.

Recently, Maurice and I completed this text as a summary of his odyssey and he said “this is still worth breathing for” – at 66, recovering from a hip replacement carried out in France, for the NHS refused to release the medical records without which his surgical team wouldn’t operate…

The ‘Rule of Law’ or the ‘Rule of Person’ – that is the Question!

John Hemming MP is fighting a lonely battle trying to establish the ‘Rule of Law’ rather than the ‘Rule of Person’ on various levels and especially in Family Courts and Administrative Law: and

Maurice J Kirk BVSc has been desperately looking for public authorities, lawyers, HM Court Staff and judges complying with the Rule of Law, especially since harassment by South Wales Police culminated in getting him struck off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons in 2002. Hence he applied to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, pointing to the violation of Article 6 of the EU Fundamental Charter, The Right to a Fair Trial, by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons: If only he had known that many organisations such as the Royal College are protected from prosecution by their Royal Charter [ ], he would hardly have begun to meet them in Court.

South Wales Police have had a ‘firearms response’ or ‘license to kill’, while a Warrant for Arrest is out currently Hence Maurice is seeking asylum in France, with documents illustrating the harassment he’s endured: But he also tried to turn to the appropriate UK authority for an investigation or disciplinary proceedings into the proven blatant misconducts by South Wales Police, HM Court Service, Crown Prosecution Service and the occasional judge. This summary illustrates what common sense must describe as a farce: the prosecution for possession of fire arms – a replica ‘gun’ attached to one of his aeroplanes:

He says there appears to be an anomaly in the criminal court sector: who is liable for the gross abuse of our judiciary that results in a person who is accused but acquitted? What can be done so that their wrong-doings can never re-occur? There seems to be no avenue for complaining effectively about a forensic psychiatrist who falsified medical reports which caused him enormous damages:

Maurice has won some 90% of legal actions (about 135 in total) against Police in South Wales, Guernsey and Somerset. He has over twenty years of paperwork, from Whitehall to Bridgend, South Wales to Strasbourg, of the apparent games organisations belonging to ‘HM Partnership’ [ ] play, seemingly to avoid remedy for repeated malicious prosecutions, false imprisonments and general misfeasance in public office.

Normally, the police put information before the CPS, expecting a prosecution. Usually the CPS then proceeds. In an obviously hopeless case, especially the machine gun case, it loses. But when HM departments are immune to prosecution, the only people who win are the lawyers and judges who get paid, no matter whether justice or injustice is carried out. This schedule of 40 roadside incidents [ ] shows hopeless bullying cases that were thrown out, while it seems that nothing can be done about the cumulative harassment by South Wales Police.

However, to be in line with the European Convention of Human Rights that guarantees a Fair Trial (Article 6) and a Legal Remedy before National Authorities (Article 13), the police and / or CPS should be prosecuted in the civil court. Yet judges strike out his claims, quoting legalese jargon that Maurice insists only protects political issues, such as rogue prosecutors, police or court officials manipulating misfeasance to obtain a conviction. See ‘Grounds for Appeal’ on

Obtaining a conviction in each incident results in the Crown or Government departments not investigating, because police or HMCS were plainly revealing misconduct, as he said on the video that is currently on The police have huge powers of immunity to deter independent investigation or remedy in damages. This is perfectly acceptable, but only if they play by ‘The Rule of Law’, which, he insists, they definitely do not.

Not just the South Wales Police are to blame for the loss of his membership of his loved profession. The disappearance, since the mid eighties, of integrity is at the heart of what is going wrong in our courts, he goes on to say, because he is now surrounded by a thoroughly corrupted system, driven by blinkered avarice and self-gratification, just as Stephen Glover writes in the Daily Mail: Judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant.

But who is accountable and where can the acquitted poor blighter turn for a fair trial and compensation? See the petition: WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation on

Together with many other victims of white collar crimes [ ], Maurice is sure that ‘The Memorandum of Understanding’ between police and the legal professions, giving either party immunity to criminal prosecution for their conduct in our law courts, should be annulled:

Faced with so many acquitted convictions that Maurice has now amassed, is he repeatedly being refused legal representation or any remedy by the government of the day, because the Rule of Person needs to govern?


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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24 Responses to Victim turned Warrior and Chronic Litigant detained by Portsmouth Police to be handed over to South Wales Colleagues

  1. albert john jewell says:

    My DEAR SABINE & all WE ( VICTIM’s UNITE ) system supporters ,greetings . WE are at the CUSP of taking Our LAWFUL Action’s to redress the OBSCENE STATE that WE Have seemingly ALLOWED , our Legal COURT’s Systems & Government Authorities to emasculate our “promised & ancient RIGHT’s ” . The construction of a new petition (OUT THE JUDGE ) may help . The KNOWN fact that they have vast information about US but we have none about them could be balanced . THEY are readily equipped to video , spy upon us ,Gang-STALK us ,& corrupt our Court Cases ,Bankrupting us in the process subsequently ; BUT we have not their TOOL’s ! Let us now get the “equality of arms ” via our ” Ancient Right’s ” to GANG- STALK them in return .I sense they will get very annoyed , angry , & worried when we EXPOSE their past ,present , & ( FUTURE ? ) corrupt behavior (s) .For this is what we have stupidly allowed them to do to us for years .Where they live ,their convictions ,sexual proclivities ( indiscretions ) ,corrupt ( COURT’s ) processes . EVERYTHING they thought well concealed could be exposed for the PUBLIC to Judge as to whether we “JOE PUBLIC ” accept to be governed any longer by subversive “INTELLECTUAL IDIOT’s ” (google: YURI BEZMENOV ) This will also allow us to ” get -at ” any others who appear to be equally perverting OURs SYSTEM’s of Justice ,which is only fair ,surely ? Written application’s would be sent to The Office Of Judges to demand the offending to immediately RESIGN forthwith accordingly for they are treasonous ,in their subversion’s . GOD Bless You All . Jim .

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    My word Jimmy Boy just how the devil do you expect anyone to argue against such undisputed facts as laid out above! When you suggest reader Google YURI BEZMENOV,
    I’ve already done that, therefore I also agree there is no one better to explain just how our Judiciary, Legal COURT’s Systems & Government Authorities have emasculate and deprived us of our “promised & ancient RIGHT’s” also Freedoms….
    In my opinion they should rot in hell for doing so!! May GOD be with you also Jim Boy….regards Stan

  3. Jake Maverick says:

    The only legal solution left to us, allegedly, is to invent timetravel so we can go back and nuke the bastards before it became illegal….

  4. Jake Maverick says:

    bit light on details though….recent development, what exactly happened? I thought Maurice was relatively safe in France, so why did he come back….? was he just beaten up and abducted or did they plant some evidence on him or accuse him of soemthing or soemthing….?
    thankful at least he has someone to get the details out….

  5. Jake Maverick says:


  6. albert john jewell says:

    Dear Jake Maverick ,my friend I think you’ve nodded off @ 01:06:47 Jun 15 ,2011 ? Is ” yuri bezmenov ” Ex . K.G.B. masterspy that boring for you ? Today we descended upon LEED’s CROWN COURT to give Norman Scarth a bit of moral support , it seems for once the Judge was a polite human & gave our Norman a bit of VERBAL lee-way & refused the other side their COST’s .When leaving the Court ( CASE LOST ) ; NORMAN put himself at risk of being arrested for street busking directly outside the COURT ; Security came out in force thinking someone was being attacked ,but found it was only NORM . singing in his raspy best base- contra -judicaria Orrible voice. .T’is whispered fearfully in the LEED’s ale-house which we had to drag him to . That dry-Knicker sales became enormous ,probably in part due to Norm’s ghastly rendition of a once beautiful sailor’s LOVE-SONG , but he’s now ” ON-NOTICE ” he has not got to sing before entering the Court ‘coz he gave the Judge a blinding headache . Subsequently two severely aged O.A.P.’s were to be observed gaily leg-plaiting “Having Quaffed ” a surfeit of LEED’s amber nectar , nearly to miss their last train HOME . No doubt you can guess their reception from their respective wives . Oh what a gay day . God Bless YOU All .Jim .

  7. Jake Maverick says:

    I really don’t sleep much anymore….! Terrible thing to ‘live’ (supposedly) in constant fear….
    Cdn’t find a great deal of details when I looked last night….and one does goe a bit square eyed sitting in front of a PC all day!
    Glad NS stil fighting on! Never heard him sing though….get him pissed and put a video up! Make it pay per view and you might even end up with a fighting fund….;-)
    I have been reading up on Maurice, but somehow had the impression he had escaped to France and was trying to claim asylum…no where safe now though, even relatively….and I have every right to be in this country formerly known as England, I was born here….might as well satnd and fight!
    I can’t even found out who the frackers are that did me….and totally blocked form Court proceedings…

    They say insanity is trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. I for one have already tired everything, ‘cept defend myself….what you reckon going to happen then? I don’t know how you have the strength to carry on…..I just hope I can muster some sort of defence when they come for me again!

  8. Jake Maverick says:

    actually Jim/ ALbert, that was 02.06—–posts here tend to travel back an hour from this point in the space time continuum…..yes, I am speaking to you from the future…!

  9. Stanley Embling says:

    Having attended Leeds Court to give moral support to Norm..(in his attempt to overturn an injustice.)… However having said that Norman I’m sorry to say you turned out to be his own worst enemy not sticking to the facts of your own case instead you kept wandering into the “mined” no mans land to emerge terribly wounded!
    Sorry Norm, yes, you let yourself down presenting your appeal to what in my opinion was; “a very polite obliging judge”..
    Therefore Norman .”Why oh why didn’t you consult with other victims from “Victims Unite” to gain the relevant laws from the relevant law books, (such as Moriarty [the Police Bible,] or Archbold Criminal Pleadings Evidence and Practice!??…Myself and Jimmy Jewell have these books, had you asked we could have extracted the relevant Laws to back your claims; had that happened there’s NO way that Judge could have refused you your appeal, unless corrupt! Mind you did enjoy the pint/s of Tetley’s (as a none beer drinker,) In the Victoria…Regards Stan

  10. peter oakes says:

    Well said Stan. the amount of time I have attended Court to support a “victim”
    that turn into their own worse enemy by not sticking to a simple script, by introducing irrelevent information concerning other matters, and giving the judge the ammunition
    to dismiss you as an unreliable, or vexatious individual. Is beyond belief ! you need to deliver your evidence in less than 10 minutes, so that there is no room for confusion or doubt, sure the judge will interrupt you because he can see what you are doing, at every interruption just repat the facts, and ask the judge to respect the court & the law, put them
    under pressure, they are in contempt !

    The only way to beat the present system is to make the judge a criminal,, by sticking to the law and pointing out two or at most three criminal offences you are a victim off !

    Never never attend a court with a dozen files of paper, it is grist for their mill, they revel in
    the confusion that can be created. Three or Four documents establishing a criminal offence puts the fear of God up them, learn to keep your gob shut and confront the judge
    with the plain truth.

    Never -never mention perjury, just say they, them the otherside have made a False Declaration. say no more but remember it is an undefendable offence Sect. 5 1911
    Perjury Act. look up R-V- Sood 1996 All England Law Reports it,s a “cracker” no defence
    is possible, no oversight, no mistake, its a done deal with no appeal, make the b—ds
    criminals and watch the hypocrites squirm.

    Look up R-V-Sharpe R-V-Stringer 1937. on Google it makes every copper, judge, solicitor, etc. into a criminal Obstructing the Course of Public Justice. there is no
    way out for them. It is The Law !

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  13. peter oakes says:

    It is easy judges can do as they please because as every vet knows, you can eat pork !
    you can stuff pork ! but you cannot educate it !

    If Maurice want,s to ” lay an Information ” in a Private Prosecution I will provide the
    relevent info.

    Stop talking action ! Lets do

  14. Maurice Kirk says:

    Maurice 2 would appreciate help , for the continuation of his already lodged ‘Private Prosecution’ against Chief Constable of South Wales Police and Adrian Oliver , Dolmans solicitors , Cardiff 07907937953

  15. peter oakes says:

    I do not understand the term ” lodged a private prosecution”

    Have You appeared before the Magistrates and ” Layed an Information ” that describes the
    Offence and the relevent Act that pertains to the offence ?

    Until You do, the Magistrates cannot issue a warrant for arrest, or a “Summons” to appear in Court to plead guilty or not guilty.

    It all starts with ” Laying an Information ” in the correct format on the correct Form
    ( easily generated on your PC )

    Peter O.

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