First we take Manhattan (9/11) then we take Berlin (6/26/2011)

Unbelievable but with a probability that borders on certainty:

The album It’s only Rock’n Roll conceived by Jennifer Warnes with lyrics and songs by Leonard Cohen proves to be most prophetic, especially with First we Take Manhattan then we take Berlin.

For once you look into 9/11 and the untruths of official explanations, then it doesn’t take long to notice that there are people who were forewarned of what was to happen on 9/11.

The German lawyer Torsten van Geest had met such people and then began to notice warnings about a similar event: a false flag operation planned for the opening of the world cup in Berlin on 26 June.

Next Sunday, 7pm seems to be the concensus among those who have studied the symbology and numerology of signs and signals in the language of Freemasons:

Torsten van Geest sent a 405-page document with an ‘injunction order’ accusing Merkel and Koerting of State Terrorism and not warning the population of a nuclear attack by foreign secrect services.

It is hoped that the internet community can prevent the event from happening.

An English video relased by van Geest is here.

More English links are here and here.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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14 Responses to First we take Manhattan (9/11) then we take Berlin (6/26/2011)

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    In my opinion The 9/11 and London Underground Bombings were used as a similar method of passing the blame as was the “Reichstag Fire of 1933, used (by The Nazi’s,) to pass blame onto others; when in fact it was a deliberate set-up allegedly by the internal Securities of the said countries in which the atrocities happened!!..
    In my opinion that is why most all traces of evidence either got obfuscated or as in the 9/11 the metal ruins and rubble got shipped out to other Countries (such as China,) for disposal, or as in certain cases sunk in the deepest depths of the Ocean.
    Or as in The UK the Files on happenings/events get locked away to shield the perpitraitors for 100 years!!..My Ho My … How convenient; and just how brainwashed have the British and Americans people become to be taken in over such serious matters!??

  2. Many thanks indeed, Stan!

    I can only hope that enough Germans have NOT been sufficiently brainwashed yet!… We used to be the ‘land of thinkers and poets’…

    But Hollywood and Washington have done a LOT of damage, here, too!

    The German lawyer who lodged the injunction order talks very explicitly about ‘state terrorism’!

    Sighingly yours,

  3. peter oakes says:

    At the turn of the last century around 1898-1900. I am sure a quick google will
    confirm the date. A United States battleship the USS Maine. exploded in port in

    It is widely accepted the US Govnt. planted a bomb on board in order to blame the Spanish
    who were the occupiers of Cuba, The reason was to start a war with Spain which of course it did ! The Americans won this war and gained the Phillipines Islands with other
    Spanish properties ie: Cuba.

    The problem is the public find the truth unbelievable, but they readily swallow a virgin
    birth, the Emperor of Japan was God, until a bigger god the US $. put paid to that myth.

    But Kings, Queens, Emirs, Chiefs, Popes , Princes, and Dictators serve the $,s purpose
    and can be got rid of as and when required Re: Tunisia, Bahrein, Libya, Syria, Emirates.
    Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Phillipines ( Marcos) etc. etc. Democracy is a myth and the biggest
    confidence trick ever created and will remain so until we are rid of Tyrannts Kings,
    Queens, Chief etc.

    And virtualy every country has a vipers nest in it,s financial-commercial centre and
    in England Wales & Scotland these nests of traitors & dupes reside in every masonic lodge in every town & city, their charitable work is there to dupe us, it,s your money they
    have stolen to pay these charities, they even steal from the Bretheren google Gorsey Hey
    masonic home, even the Charity Commisssioners concealed these thefts.

    Pretty sick world at the moment.

  4. peter oakes says:

    shradrach – mechac- & abendego. book of Daniel. I know I spelt it wrong but you will get my drift .

    Are we all wasteing our time is google a masonic tool used to unveil evil or to
    promote honesty integrigity decency moral conduct ect. ? I feel that if there is any more
    television exposure of the holocaust and 5 million murdered jews ( dare I say that word )
    or zionists ! Whats the problem ? the Russians lost 20 Million !

    I feel if there is any more TV exposure of what our neighbors the Germans did to these
    victims, that they will not stop the zionists media propaganda untiI I know the name of the
    5 million victims and it is to much, I can,t cope with the endless crap ! The next phase will be I have to remember the names of 20 million Russians, then Poles, French, it,s endless

    We are being used and abused, and whats more we are paying taxes to provide this endless propaganda to destroy ourselves ! Oh. I maybe a conspiracy theorist !

    In truth I am utterly sick of these Gay arseholes who take the p–s out of us,

    And now Gay,s can become Bishops providing they are celebate, it,s a bit like
    catholic priest who swore an oath not to engage in sex with a female, said now,t about sex
    with choir boys & sheep etc.

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  7. Jake Maverick says:

    pick you up on a point of order, officially now it’s SIX MILLION jews were killed…..strange, i was always taught to believe 5 million as well, but that has changed over the last decade….havne’t seen any evidence of another million corpses being dug over the last decade though….but wait, if roughly they’ve been adding 1 million to the figure every decade, and then you count back….you get….?
    ummm, bit suspicious….of course if anyone comes along like David Irving and says soemthing different they lock u up for years and label you a holocaust denier….i still don’t know exactly what that bloke said!
    and no mention of the millions killed by churchill in his indscriminate bombing raids, or why he carried on even after he had ‘won’ (it was to intimidate the Russians into accepting the settlement)….but you’re not allowed to teach people about Churchill anymore, even the sanitised (old) propaganda version…totally impossible now to keep track of the offical/ legal position is now! as long as you keep pretending freedom of though/ freedom of expression is still legal they ‘may’ leave you alone….

    as to the article, as too many are aware now they wd change the date/ change/ delay the plan a bit…..or soemthing else is abt to kick off and it’s a plan to make you to look over there so you don’t see it until after the fact…..something definately off here!

    but on a personal note i think it’s about to kick off big time tomorrow again… i dnt expect to be still posting tomorrow night! somebody please check on me if anybody cares! that central heating thing i mentioned previously…..soemthing definately not right! and weird crap going on with my ebay account again to, so looks like i’m getting intensively targetted again!

    if i get disappeared again it’s doubtful that anybody i even care a bit about will even know……

  8. peter oakes says:

    Hi Jake.
    Suggest you investigate the ” Nordic League ” Herr Hess. & the High
    Constale of Scotland.. Quick look see: ” Happy valley ” and the murder of Jock Haynes

  9. bruno2606 says:

    I remember there was antoher case where people in Montreal , Canada had knowledge of a possible attack on the tube´s. That was back in 2008. They even went to the Montreal city councel and achieved a public hearing about their situation. It´s probably too late to have this kind of thing in Berlin. Here is the video:

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