President Zuma ready to boycott Olympics to Stop Child Snatching in UK

When the direct route doesn’t work (Tim Loughton, the children’s minister, slams Christopher Booker’s ‘unhelpful campaign’ against the child-snatchers), an indirect one opens up:

Boycott the Olympics to Stop Child Snatching in the UK


In line with our request to the UK Judiciary The Secrecy of the Family Courts should be lifted NOW, President Zuma of South Africa is prepared for his country to boycott the Olympics in 2012.

He will call for other African countries to follow suit, as soon as we get 2,000 signatures to support him.

A Facebook group gathering members is here.


We, the undersigned, encourage and support President Zuma of South Africa in his willingness to boycott attendance of the Olympics in 2012, unless UK Social Services stealing children aka State Kidnapping in the UK is stopped forthwith.

The short link is, for you to click, sign and spread the word, please!



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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18 Responses to President Zuma ready to boycott Olympics to Stop Child Snatching in UK

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    The Comments below are those of Jimmy Jewell who asked me to copy and paste them into this relevant Blog because he’s having Problems in carrying out copy/paste task…..Stan Embling

    DEAR ALL , What can we expect next ” A PERSONAL STRIP-SEARCH ? With sweet smelling ( as used on CHAP’s ? ) vasilene , &, rubber gloves ,done on you by an Ex . CON PAEDOPHILE, freshly released , needing a JOB ,& willing to work for minimum wages . (WHY ? ) ,BECAUSE the perks are good???. Surely only a practicing KIDDY-FIDDLER (could have) ” dream’t this one UP ” ? How many politician’s do you need to change a light bulb ? PROBABLY ALL OF THEM ! That’s if they are all on this level of intelligence. Google up “yuri bezmenov “,He got it right (Rule # 1 ) select the best intellectual” IDIOT “you can find. ( Rule # 2 ) KET’CH /select them YOUNG , or encourage them to engage in some Satanic depraved ” HANKY-PANKY ” ; Then blackmail them to betray OUR COUNTRIES ??? This is what “Bohemian Grove ” (google ) ,WAS invented for , YES ??? (Rule# 3 ) Get US poor fool’s to “AGREE ” ( ? ) to stupidly go along with their” CRAZY ANTICS ” ; How soon do you think it will be before VIDEO’s appear on U’Tube showing your 4 y/ old ‘s private- parts ? May GOD forgive our collective ” MADNESS “!. (Rule # 4 ) Whom to select ? Inhumane , Hypocritical ,Self- Seeking , Pompose , Cottaging , pervert , Loners , Desperately wishing to get some Power & GLORY kind of people . ( Rule# 5) Should they not DO as their Master’s Command they will get thrown to the Media – Jackals for character assassination ; Allowing other’s to take their place ( ONLY Commie card recruit’s need apply )……. . Q.E.D ( i.e.) :- According to ” Eyre International’s ” recent POSTING (Rapidly, or rabidly REMOVED on ” Media Mogul’s Complaint “) ? .Of which I , take the liberty to mis-quote,for the sake of comedy ,(Please DO Forgive this geriatric Geordie Twit rabidly perambulating to-ward’s blessed senility “Whence we get Relief , ” from this now apparent insane World ? ) . In LONDON allegedly during his wild guitar playing STUDENT day’s .A Gay-young-blair’d Allegedly plead guilty , & paid a fine for Cottaging Abuse’s .He gave his name as ” a Mr. CHARLES LYNTON ” ( A.K.A. “The Hypocrite” ,” Bambi ” , “MIRANDA “, “The Mass Murderer of innocent MUSLIM Children & People’s ” (Al Jazz era T.V. ) Etc . ) Allegedly ; ALSO during this GAY-blade’s mad student days ,this (NOW ) well – known , pervert regularly entertained his equally Horrible ,Horny , Hooray-Henry ,Friend’s ,with his cross dressing Performance’s as “MIRANDA ” (the stripper ) on stage ,to ecstatic approval ,& much applause ; ( He- Ho- HaHaHA ! What a stupid PLONKER ? ); Stripped down to just “HER ” ( ? ) frilly French-Knicker’s ,barely concealing the obstreperous PRI’APISM this Gay blade gyrated away .Truly the” STAR of THE SHOW, ” he well illustrated how well he would later perform on the World’s Stage’s . This Chameleon of religious belief’s ,it is said , may be getting the SNIP to become a true “” Zionist Jew” ….Later he thinks that if he invests some of his MILLION’s (got with backhander’s ) ; in having a sex-change adjustment to his multi-persona ,messianic ,predisposition’s …….. Obviously his future target could be enhanced in the N.W.O. competition to get ” CROWNED ” as the ” New -Queen -of -Europe “…. . Will this enable him to DO ( better Police) ” PEACE-KEEPING ” ? ‘Pon my oath you must be JOKING ? You already know from experience what to expect from a well pandered, supercilious , Piggy-snout-in-the-trough ,arrogant ,perfidious ,LYING BAR-STEWARD ,con-man IS like ,do’nt you ??? I do’nt know what ” ZIPPY “will make of these event’s ,DO YOU ? GOD B /Y Jim .

  2. Colin Peters says:

    Actions of this kind and intervention from world leaders is the kind of support that might just stop some of the evi which is happeningl in this country.
    I pay tribute to President Zuma and hope that he might be the first of many world leaders to voice their disgust and lend their support to the innocents.

  3. albert john jewell says:

    DEAR ALL, I give many thank’s to my mentor & tutor of computer’s STAN .He was kind to enter my BLOG as I could’nt C /P/& copy it. ( 2’nd up from here .) Originally it was my blog reply to a BRASSCHECK sent video of U.S.A. senators objecting to INTIMATE-SEARCHES , done also to toddlers which have got really personal ,& must end . Google , “http://www. ” .Iknow you will be shocked at how personal they have become & how CRUEL ; now causing mental trauma to both the observing parent’s & the assaulted toddler’s .To me it illustrates how far the perverted authoritie’s are prepared to go to “Get-Their -OFF’s ” ( sex mental manual relief .) . GOD B/Y JIM .

  4. albert john jewell says:

    Colonel Muammur Ghadaffi ,Does not live in a gold plated PALACE He lives as a simple man in a tent & often runs out of razor blades ;The OIL money that has come to Libia has been spent BY Muammur ,not on himself ,but on HIS peoples betterment .He has created a river of fresh running water from vast underground reserves ,this envied Worldwide ,gave His people good housing ,pensions ,jobs , hospitals ,medical assistance ,self respect ,laws , & Court systems .Abolished SLAVERY ,Severely Punished KIDDY-FIDDLER’s , Etc. .Muammur’s people’s have enjoyed a better lifestyle than G.B. people’s . Do His people’s realize these things ? No the greedy , myopic , bar-steward’s do NOT . Gullibly blinded by Western PROPAGANDA THEY now will lose all they have GOT ! MADMAN ? UNDEMOCRATIC ? TERRORIST ? The future will judge him probably as great as Sir WInston S .Churchill Whom also was NOT PERFECT ,but was acclaimed as a GREAT MAN . You must admit this MAN has got BOTTLE .May GOD guide You Sir .Jim .

  5. Colin Peters says:

    We have postings that have nothing whatsoever to do with the posted thread/subject.
    I’ve been ‘at it’ for 25 years searching for justice for myself, and along the way, meeting and getting involved with other supposedly like minded people who have been seeking justice for themselves too against this same evil legal system that we are lumbered with.
    I’ve seen it all before Sabine, so please check out some of these postings, which are little more than unsolicited ‘rants’, in order to ensure that your worthwhile aims and intentions are not being deliberately sabotaged by those with a different agenda to your own.
    Colin Peters

  6. dai pugh says:

    see attached link for a petition [petition 079] that was neatly sidelined by the assembly which was to increase the powers of the children’s commissioner to look into issues arising in the family courts.

    • I published it on and wonder what is necessary to re-open it!?…

      • dai pugh says:

        presumably, another petition from welsh based people
        or an assembly member to ask for reopening or John Hemmings to ask about it at Secretary of State for wales questions or even President Zuma to say something.

        Or find a way for the papers to be published – one of the committee members Andrew RT Davies did not see why it should be private “but I will listen to the [legal] advice and be guided by it” – what a pity the supporting papers showing presumably the wrongdoing to justify the reasons for more powers were denied to the public and public debate – legal adviser says it is case studies from various family proceedings.

        Big mistake for politicians to listen to legal advice from the executive. don’t see Joanest Jackson legal adviser registered with any legal body eg Law Society but I stand to be corrected. Legal advice to MP’s smashing superinjunctions would have been don’t do it. Assembly members have the same parliamentary privilege but the Chair seemed to want it heard in private????

        Jane Hutt’s letter in the completion makes interesting reading – no witnesses called to assembly to substantiate the allegations?

        PS – Andrew RT Davies standing to be leader of Conservatives in Wales.

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  8. Jake Maverick says:

    hooray for the pres!

  9. Jake Maverick says:

    why that only post half the quote? i also said

  10. Jake Maverick says:

    ???? ok, obvioulsy doiesn’t like pointy arrow quotes….

  11. Jake Maverick says:

    now, that was something i never thought i wd say!

  12. Jake Maverick says:

    ha ha! works! u can’t censor me Sabine….;-)

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