Veteran Victims United before Royal Courts of Justice

Maurice Kirk and Norman Scarth have been helping each other by also acting as McKenzie Friend when appropriate.

Yesterday, Maurice was refused an oral hearing and security was ordered to accompany these two ‘veteran victims’ out of the court.

As I am just collating comments from signers of the petition The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW, I feel like quoting this one:

United we stand to gain results that we could not imagine. All that is required of us is to keep up the positive momentum of what is right and just and demand that the establishment who allegedly represent us DO THEIR JOBS THAT WE PAY THEM TO DO.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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22 Responses to Veteran Victims United before Royal Courts of Justice

  1. peter oakes says:

    I just cannot understand Why do people engage in acts of obvious

    Why were they in the RCJ in the first place ?

    Both individuals have been detained in Mental Units, they are asking for permanet incarceration!

    One minute they want to pursue a Private Prosecution then screw it UP.

    Are they both Sectn 42 Vexatious Litigants because if they are they will
    never get to Lay an Information before the Magistrates. until the Sectn 42 is lifted.

    They will bring discredit and ridicule on ” Victims Unite ” and any other
    honorable group trying to help them ! They are classed as ” Fixated”
    ” Mentaly Handicapped ” and they will tar everyone with the same brush

    There is NO PLACE FOR MAVERICKS engaged in solo schemes, it is going to structured, organised efforts from several persons, properly researched and prepared ! ” shooting from the hip ”
    will not do it. We are up against the most highly educated, sophiticated
    criminals who control the Courts they also have a police goon squad to back-em up. Plus a Parliament of MP accomplices. We need to ask every MP
    Where does He/ She stand on Law & Order Democracy. 3 questions
    needing three answers, with the caveat if you do not respons you are confirming by default & omission you give a DAM for ewither 3 issues.

    That will start the rot. and reveal corrupt MPs like Edward Timpson. Mike Freer. there two crooks for a start !

  2. Colin Peters says:

    Until the judiciary are made answerable to the public for the blatant injustices which they heap on so many ‘victims of the system’, they will continue unabated.
    They are out of control. It’s as simple as that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Norman and Maurice in my opinion are doing a good Job to get such matters out to the Public Domain…Peter Oaks says they were detained in a Mental hospital,Well I can assure Peter that is very easily done by the present Fascist/Communist infiltrators running our “Establishments”…because two friends of Mine got similarly UNLAWFULLY detained in a mental Hospital after they went to a firm of solicitors to give statements on my behalf to help expose/finish unearthing a Huge Scam that was operating (whilst concealed and suppressed[to this day,]) at British Steel Scunthorpe =£10’s millions being diverted and into British Steels own coffers away from the Intended recipients the Many Redundantees as put there from the EEC from the 1970’s to 2002,) for the retraining the many intended redundantees brought about from the rundown of the Iron Steelworks and Coal mining communities.! as stated I found that money was being unlawfully diverted; helped by certain officials of the GMB Union from the Midland and East Coast region (attached to involved in members affairs at British Steel Scunthorpe,) who were helping Fund the Labour Party and sponsor former Elliot Morley,……….. ( the later of whom now serving a spell in Jail) as you know one of many caught for filching “Expenses” or Allowances” off us The Tax Payers,)……….. on “TAINTED” Political Levy’s; I know got extracted unlawfully off myself also many duped deprived displaced(on the cheap,) unwary GMB Union members, (who’s terms and condition of employment contracts got made null and void, that remains unknown to the many this day,]) achieved by the dishonesty, whilst concealed/suppressed, allowing that huge Scam progress which the Press or TV wouldn’t mention even though informed (whether because they had D notices slapped on them? Or, because it involved the internal affairs of certain labour Ministers and the “TAINTED” funding given to the Labour Party from the GMB Union got off certain GMB Union members Steelworkers from Scunthorpe who had, (but unknowingly ) been “EXCLUDED AND BLACKBALLED” Fiscally disenfranchised from such “DISHONEST DEALINGS” from circa 1980; Which from discovery of the true The facts got reported to the Police and Many other Public Authorities only to be swept under the carpet yet such Involved untold Millions of £’s being syphoned off!!
    Therefore it’s made so easy because even at their own age’s the Establishment have their names asterisked I’m sure; similar as they have mine asterisked, also many others involved with “Victims Unite” asterisked that is why for Norman and Maurice to draw such attention to the corruption whats happening in the name of Her Majesties Due Court process does want Highlighting..especially when it’s made apparent (recently,) by two top Law Lords, (Lord Judge and Lord Nuremberg,) that there’s a big divide between them, as to who’s Laws British Courts are using, or making -up as they go along!? Therefore if Law Lords can’t agree, what chance do victims, impecunious Veterans as myself/others (left to represent ourselves,) have of ever getting “A Fair Hearings” “The Level Playing Field” or Common Justice, fought over for centuries, then entered in our Magna Carta of 1215?..that answer is Nil!…………..
    Also it has to be noted when certain Judges names appear as names on Lloyd’s Register, also when reporting bent solicitors/misfeasance of malfeasance of judges HMCS to the Police, the Police don’t make it known to Victims that:- There’s a “Memorandum of Understanding” operating between ACPO ,The Law Society, Insurers also other “corporate” Quango Authorities, (A fact I only discovered in 2011 !)… Surely if thats not a smack of “COMMON PURPOSE” cloaking “Conflicts of Interest”, detrimental to trusting victims/Veterans Right to receive “Fair Hearings”, then I would like to know what is?? In the UK we are preached to about Democratic Rights and Freedoms “Fair Hearings”, Common Justice, but from experience in courts I found “Fairness” reserved only for scumbag terrorist bombers, the illegals, criminals and “privileged” elite, is it not??

  4. Anonymous says:

    The above comments are mine STAN.Embling’s.. AND I did not want it sent as Anonymous and unfinished ; that happened mysteriously when I got some sort blip (power drop,) in my computer , I’m mystified…Regards Stan

  5. peter oakes says:

    Well said Stan. I was not intending to criticise Maurice & Norman for
    trying to expose corruption, just the methodolgy ! ” We have been there and being doing that for 12 years to my knowledge ” And achieved very little.

    The Country is Controlled by the ” Judicial Masonic Mafia ” They destroy
    their enemies by ( 1 ) Bogus- Malicious Bankruptcies. (2) Anyone who tries the tack tried by Norman & Maurice will be made ” Vexatious Litigants ”
    Sectn, 42 Supreme Court Act 1984. (3) Sectioning Mental Health Act.
    I personaly know of 4 victims.

    Now call their bluff ! Mr.E. has established every bankruptcy in the last 20
    years orso is fake-bogus. The correct Forms and Procedures as SPECIFIED
    in the Insolvency Act have not been COMPLIED with. Therefore they are illegal null & void.

    No -One to My knowledge has been issued a Sectn. 42. document in the
    correct Format, some clown re: Harriet Harman scabbled a note on a piece of paper and claimed it was a Sectn. 42 Order. That is a pack of lies because
    every order has a Govnt. Form re; a number. It is a Draconian Order only
    issued by the Attorney General or in Harmans case Solicitor General
    I believe only the Attorney General can issue such an Order.

    Can we get Google to Obtain a copy explaination, for a Sect.42. because
    they are nothing more than a Super Injunction to conceal thefts & frauds.

    Now when you start with publishing the truth after you Google Gorsey Hey
    masonic home ( this will get removed by next week 7july11 ) people will
    take you seriously, and when they realise the Charity Commisssion admitted
    theft from charities in their report it was rapidly concealed, every charity is
    getting robbed ! legaly of course for legal services, consultancies etc

    Pensions Theft Org. Shareholders Association. FSB. National Pensioners
    Convention. Help the Aged. All have been informed about serious thefts & frauds but their controllers are part of the CORRUPTION ! it,s a job creation
    scheme for smart criminals

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes Peter thanks;..but what I was also going to add to my previous long comment was the Fact: If Legal aid funding is granted to lawyers to represent scumbag terrorist bombers, also illegals with god knows how many criminal records against their names (whom The “Establishment say cant be deported! Which in my opinion is a load of Bull****,) also the criminals and “privileged” elite..see:- ( ..)
    Then in my opinion the same Legal Aid Funding and Legal Expertise should be there as first priority , out the same Public Purse, (BEFORE any is afforded to Lawyers to represent the Scumbags previously mentioned.) ……For The Veterans such as Norman Scarth, Maurice Kirk Myself and the many Hundreds of thousands who were, after being in The Forces were then tied to the same as Army Emergency Reservist until the age of 54 which many forget..That is why Veterans should receive paid for Legal Representation for Life, to ensure we get Those Democratic Rights/ Freedoms Common Justice we were Prepared to Lay our lines on the Line to preserve and protect for Queen and Country!!..Surely.???

  7. Anonymous says:

    Again that bloody anonymous appears Why?? regards Stan

  8. peter oakes says:

    Once again Stan. I agree with you. The reason “legal aid” is there, is to pay the “legal mafia” not to see the ” victim” re: Norman & Maurice obtain justice !

    The establishment have the sworn allegiance of All Solicitors, to reward their
    loyalty to the “legal mafia” they get a monopoly ( or did ) on all house sales
    and as you well know nobody ever successfuly sued a solicitor for negligence
    when a bye-pass or similar was built on their door step. Or indeed for inappropriate legal services charges at extortionate rates, on the odd occassion a bent solicitor is prosecuted in order to assure the Public no-one
    is above the law, the ratio will be one in a thousand.

    By granting “legal aid” the establishment has you by the curlies ! They know the solicitor is secretly working for them, whilst spinning the “victim” a right line
    of gobble de gook, this solicitor will rack-up hours of costs for himself and then conceal any evidence that would benefit the ” victim” and embarras the
    establishment mafia. Re; Birmingham Six 2000 files disappeared from
    West Midlands Police as illustrated by Chris Mullins MP.

    The Home Office operates the Citizens Advice Bureau, they are fully aware
    of the ” Legal Mafia ” Ken Clarke decided he would halve prison sentences
    for an early guilty plea. The “Judicial Masonic Legal Mafia” soon made him to back-down as with-out long drawn out, stretched, never ending legal proceedings the ” Mafia” was getting it,s major scam cut-off ie: Legal Aid
    Fees. for years they dragged out the proceedings for months on end ! Then
    on the day of the Trial they advised their “legal aid funded ” client to plead guilty ! so as to get a reduced sentenced. Ken Clarke was trying to prevent
    the theft of Public Monies by reducing Legal Aid costs to a minimum. It had
    now,t to do with justice.

    And when I was falsely imprisoned due to a criminal conspiracy by Crewe &
    Nantwich Borough Council I was interviewed in prison by a Home Office
    Official about the ” supposed ” offence I had committed, She was dumbstruck
    but filed the report. You ought to see My pre-sentence report from the Probation Service it is the most accurate report I have experienced and it
    say,s it all. But there is always a but ! My MP Edward Timpson hides the
    truth of mega thefts & frauds from the Public Purse ! but he is also a
    Barrister along with the other 30% of MP,s

    I believe these issues should be publicised not individuals situations that
    take hours to explain and usualy cause more confusion ! Tell the public
    who stole their House, Pension, and HOW they DO IT in corrupt Courts
    Not asking silly questions ! ie: ” Ever Trusted a Solicitor ” That banner
    should have said ” Never trust a Solicitor-judge-or policeman” that
    would spark interest ! Make Statements force them to act. re: libel
    harrassment etc. If you are acting lawfully imparting knowledge Article
    10 ECHR protects you, and If you are ever Interviewed by police or anyone
    the term is ECHR the British HRA is not a valid act for a European citizen
    because the Mafia has removed Article 1 & 13

  9. Colin Peters says:

    Well done Peter Oakes for highlighting much of what is wrong with the ‘system’, based on not what you have heard somewhere, but on what you have personally experienced.
    I can verify some of your claims through my own experiences.

    Re. bankruptcy being used as a weapon against the public
    :- In the late 80s I was trying to rebuild my life and although I had never earned enough to be vat registered, some duck egg told me that being vat registered would improve my chances of getting work from the local council.

    In the early 90s after suffering a gross and blatant injustice through the civil court I was still fighting for justice through the appeal court when I received a statutory demand from customs and excise who were seeking to have me bankrupted.

    The demand contained my name, my address, but a vat number that bore no similarity to my own at all!!!
    Neither did their quoted account figures bear any similarity to my own

    I appeared alone before a judge and had the action thrown out.

    A year later, the same forms were reissued and once again, I appeared alone before a judge and had the action thrown out.

    A year later, for the third time, these forms were reissued and because I was out of work at this time, I approached a firm of solicitors under the green form scheme.

    Using my paperwork only, a solicitor by the name of Alan Petheridge was successful in having the action thrown out with an order from the judge that customs and excise could not bring it back again.

    Regarding Peters claims on the subject of legal aid, I can only reiterate that legal aid is only there to ensure that lawyers get paid, no matter how bad, inept or downright corrupt, their performances.

    Regarding Peters claims regarding MPs not wanting to know, my own MP, Gerry Sutcliffe, was a justice minister who would listen and sympathise, but not do anything at all constructive in helping me to get justice.

    A great many of my emails were ignored by him and I sincerely believe that I was part, if not the whole reason, why he was transfered from being a minister for justice to being a minister for sport.

    With our individual experiences having so many common links, is the time not overdue for many of us to get together in a well publicise class action?

  10. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi Colin; Yes we already have the many common links there is A Case already that encompasses the dishonesty/malfeasance of Lawyers and Judges as happened in all our cases and that is the case of Lewis Nicholson;….no 26 of “Victims Unite” entered into Queens Bench as Ref HQ050247,…to the Court of Appeal as Ref:A2/2008/2058:…To the European court as Ref:43496/09.. This case in my opinion is well worth reading (even though about 30 pages of A4,) also in my opinion well worth building a sturdy case from those foundations already established..I do believe ….

  11. peter oakes says:

    Hi Stan. Collin.
    Go very carefull about ” Class Action ” you can only do it
    Once and ALL the Individuals in that “CLASS ACTION” cannot proceed with their OWN Individual case ! By joining a CLASS ACTION You forfeit your right to act as an Individual Victim. Forever !

    It is the Establishments way of removing a ” flock of starlings” or similar pests!

    A class action is no differant than a conspiracy to pervert justice, conceal offences etc. in fact the establishment takes a class action against You !
    the non compliant slave cum subject ! Who dared challenge corrupt authority,
    the HMRC. Police. CPS. CAB. Local Authority, DVLA, HMCS. Social Services, Enviromental Agency.Law Society etc. etc. Take a CLASS ACTION against YOU !

    For being honest & decent Citizen Who now realizes he /she has been duped
    & conned all of your life, the sad part is only experience reveals the truth!
    it takes 30 years or more !

    Todays Students are getting F————d Right now with Uni Fees & Debt.
    They will realise in 5 years what took my generation 30 years! to recognise

    Then we get Bahrein, Libya. Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Indonesia,Egypt,
    UAE. despotic kings, princes, emirs, sheiks, royal families. these Muslim states have realised in 40 years what the stupid british people have,nt seen yet after 400 years and a royal wedding ! Murdochs Sky crew will be pumping out Canada and a future dictator ( king ) establishment subject controller !

    All of the above states countries are in fact colonies created by the Masonic
    dollar ! and before you all get ranting and raving 95% of Freemasons are
    honest decent dupes, just like you and Me. It is the Elite who are the problem
    they can only profit when brother fights brother, jew fights gentile, catholic fights ( Belfast NI)
    protestant and Man U. beat Man city. Rangers Beat Celtic. it,s the same
    Band with the same conductor ! and judges rule un-elected because MPs are
    to busy robbing us expences etc. and being Grossly Negligent in theirOath
    of office Omission ( criminal Ofence )

  12. Jake Maverick says:

    woagghhh! long thread! way too much to read and nowhere near enough time, where in theory now all i have is free time….

    glad we got Anonymous on our side though! 😉 been reading abt them, big fan of their work…shame abt Lulzsec…sure they’ll be back in one form or another!

    I’ll support anybody who is doing something…but in reality….I think you guys need to watch Arlington Road….that’s the way to go! Nice to see the good guys win for once….so unusual for an American film!

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  17. peter oakes says:

    They are still at it ! 3years later Maria Miller MP resigns after getting caught stealing from the Public Purse Easter week 2014.

    What a bunch of arrogant bastards they are ! and the contempt they hold the British public in is breath taking

    And David Cameroon is as corrupt as a West African country, Ghana, Nigeriea
    etc. the UK is worse than Zimbabwe !

  18. John Carroll says:

    I should never ever have been subjected to the hurt the degrading treatment the persecution that these course dish out the police are the judges gang and the judges use the police as their Mobsters sadly the police are frightened to say no because they’re risk not getting their pension and I understand fully that they do have to pay their bills and cannot be what they stand for they do not act on their affirmation that they take and swear when they become a police officer they breach every rule in the book it’s them at the top that filter it down to the Weakest Link at the bottom to do the dirty work who isn’t paid for it either

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