The Cash for CRASH Conspiracy: greedy lawyers + Police = higher insurance premiums

Eveybody is a victim in one form or another, but this story by the Daily Mail brings it home: every car owner is taken to the cleaners by a ‘huge racket’ (in the words of former Justice Secretary Jack Straw)!



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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to The Cash for CRASH Conspiracy: greedy lawyers + Police = higher insurance premiums

  1. peter oakes says:

    Staffordshire Court Case 15-2001. Having recognised the intended theft
    by bogus bankruptcy, myself and others attended the surgery of Stafford
    MP David Kidney ( a solicitor-cum MP ). We informed MP Kidney of
    how the County Courts were going to be used for thefts & frauds by the
    Insolvency process !

    He instructed us to report it to the police, which we did at Stone Police station.
    Insp. Hallam said ” you show me the crime in Stafford I will do the rest ”

    On the 19th April 2001 a Process Server arrived at the targeted victims address. I performed a ” Citizens Arrest ” of this Process Server cum thief !

    Several police officers from Stafford & Stone attended WPC.677. PC 1836.
    (Podmore) PC.3596. the Incident was Numbered 243-19-04-01 Staffordshire
    Constabulary. Staffordshire Police Archives have the evidence ( some-one
    do a Freedom of Info. Request ).

    PC1836 Podmore requested I write to Chief Constable Giffard. concerning these thefts & frauds by “The Legal Mafia” I was assured by C.C.Giffard.
    I would be contacted by Insp.Grazziani. no such event ever happened.

    A few years later 2007 Staffordshire Police had no record of any such
    Incident. Their Archives will show differently ( enquire quickly before
    they are destroyed -mislaid same as 2000 file West Midlands police
    Birmingham six )

    The legal mafia realised sometime back not to carry on useing bankruptcy
    for thefts & frauds, so they went onto Mortgage Frauds falsifying documents
    in the Land Registry .

    The Government Know due to the Gross Negligence and the Concealing of
    Offences by Judges, Police, HMCS. HMRC. etc.Seriously Flawed Office
    SFO. CPS. and so on. The Govnt. is Liable for ALL THE LOSSES OF
    EUROPEAN CITIZENS Who were once British Citizens, But due to the
    1974 European Act. we lost our British identity ! and Became Europeans
    just check your Passport. This is European Court of Justice business
    because British Europeans are secretly enslaved in a corrupt Monarcy
    and it,s corrupt Establishment Re; Bahrein, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt,
    Jordan, Emirates,Syria. There is no difference and papers like the Daily-Mail
    slip-up from time to time and publish the OBVIOUS truth about Bent Police,
    Thieving Solicitors, Judges & Barristers, and the criminal are assisted by my
    own MP Edward Timpson ( barrister ) who sent the police to my home because
    he thought I would kill him with a Samuri Sword like Robert Ashman did to his
    corrupt MP in Cheltenham in 2000 after his home was stolen by the Legal Mafia. Yes I will destroy Edward Timpson MP. by Character Assasination !
    the same as the Authorities do by saying we are Vexatious Litigants,
    A Danger to the Public, Mentaly De-ranged or Bankrupts.

    We are honest decent citizens in the cause of Victims Unite and We will
    defeat the Judicial Masonic Mafia as all true brothers know !

    The Cash for Crash Conspiracy by Bent Coppers & Lawyers has been going
    on for years in their BCL group. re: Bent Coppers & Lawyers

    • paul parvin says:

      the banks went bust and the goverment bailed them out , you and I get into a spot of bother and they want the lead out of your teeth, aint life shit,justice is a load of bollocks.

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    Snap to Peter Oaks,,,Because In February 2000 after discovering theft of property by fraudulent means off myself circa 2000 other union GMB union members, employees at British Steel Scunthorpe (between 1980 and to 2010!) from such discovery of such serious matters Myself and others reported such facts to the Humberside Police.
    As in Peters case , the documents confirming the progression of a huge corporate Scam (=many £10millions of EEC Funds and Grants,) we supplied to the Humberside Police from February 2000, We also supplied the same copies of forged and other substantiating evidence to Labour MP Ian Cawsey (who promised an investigation,) ; only when I asked for the documents to be returned in 2001 I was told the documents and copies I’d supplied to the Humberside Police and (then Labour MP,) Ian Cawsey couldn’t be found!
    For unknown reasons they had “Vaporised” from the “Security” of The Humerside Police, and also from the “Security” of then Labour MP Ian Cawsey (who previously asked myself/other Victims to supply the same to him to allow him keep them for us in his “secure” constituency office!!)
    The “CAN of WORMS” Ian Cawsey and The Police promised to investigate and open;…to this day that Stinking “Can Of Worms” it remains tightly shut!!
    Then to compound that; the Reported Crime Reports printouts, I managed to secure back from the HUmberside Police (under the Data Protection Act,) Those reported Crime Print outs had been obfuscated and made totally spurious!! !! (Deliberately in my opinion, to put anyone off at the Police station from making and further investigations into the matter reported,)
    Even though I complained bitterly also took what I claimed was either misfeasance /malfeasance to the The West Midland IPCC; again this proved to be a Total Whitewash by That IPCC ….the Police again had been let off and the theft of property by fraudulent means (Corporate fraud,) stolen ,off the many ex Steelworkers at former British Steel Scunthorpe to this very day remains fraudulently concealed/suppressed from the Public Domain…
    As In Peters case The Labour Government were informed of gross negligence/malfeasance in Public Office by the Judiciary HMCS, The IPCC, The Police, The Law Society, The SRA also the Many other Public Authorities but sad to say All complaints made apparently got swept under the carpet! To then detriment of the Many deprived Victims/Families now struggling to get by!

  3. Jake Maverick says:

    regardless of the DPA violations, nobody ever enfirces anyway, taking somebody’s car without permission does also actually constitute theft? and all involved should be prosecuted…? i bet ya if i stole one of their cars or anything else and then it’s SOP, you can’t touch me it wd be a different story….
    then again i doubt i wd get promoted to royal protectiopn squad if i put on a disguise, crept up behind one of them and shot them repeatedly in the head….betya they wd call that MURDER!
    the only SOP I have is to defend myself in any of those fuckers get within ten feet of me ever again… eevrything i can to avoid being taken alive again….no it doesn’t really mean i’m a schizo if i do manage to kill any of them in self defence….

    will anybody print the truth for me here…?

  4. Jake Maverick says:

    sry typo…third line…’then say it’s SOP’ makes more sense!

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