Legal aid fees for David Cameron’s older lawyer brother hushed up

The Daily Mail speaks our mind once again: Legal aid fees for David Cameron’s older lawyer brother hushed up. So the cuts affect the public’ but not the ‘private’ legal profession.

Already on 18th June the Mail published: How crime DOES pay: 500 legal aid barristers earning more than the PM.

  • Peter Oakes spots the articles
  • Maurice J Kirk BVSc calls it the public gravy train
  • Patrick Cullinane talks about HM Partnership
  • I would like those who can make a difference save their face by turning our dishonest money system into one that is sustainable, honest and thus more equitable. But then I am too idealistic aka naive while ‘they’ will make sure to keep their noses in the trough, as some would say, while we need to continue to challenge the effects of such bad habits, whether it’s the financial or the legal profession or both, while politicians are the fallguys (or not).

In any case, so-called public servants are clearly just doing it in the NAME of the ‘general public’ but not in reality.

Who would be generous enough to do something for ‘the public’ rather than themselves and their old boy’s network?

We can only keep trying so that we can live with our conscience, and we will see whether Stewart Jackson MP will join our cause!


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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3 Responses to Legal aid fees for David Cameron’s older lawyer brother hushed up

  1. peter oakes says:

    Just a few weeks back The Hon.Kenneth Clarke QC. was trying to
    prevent ” Legal Thefts & Frauds ” from the Public Purse re: Legal Aid

    He proposed to halve the prison sentences for anyone pleading guilty
    at the Start of the prosecution. All hell was raised by the un-educated-
    ignorants etc. aided by the gutter press media !

    Ken Clarke was forced to do a ” U ” turn- ” back-down ” not by the ranters !
    By David Camerons “legal mafia ” Brother. Who,s major source of income
    is thefts & frauds on the Legal Aid fund !

    Alex Cameron QC is probably a ” judicial masonic mafia member” like
    Master of The Rolls Nueberger, ( the one who steals monies via the Insolvency Process and conceals theft of properties from the Charities re: Royal Masonic Hospital) The Legal Mafia Lawyers instruct their clients to plead Not Guilty
    so that long drawn out legalese fiddles and scams rack-up huge legal
    bills paid for from public funds, After spinning the clap-trap for months sometimes years on end sending letters at a £125 a throw , phone calls at
    £50 a call, When the Trial date comes along, they advise their client to
    plead guilty in order to get a lenient sentence ! . They also charge £150
    hourly rate a visit to a client in custody plus expences, mileage etc. of course the boss does,nt go they usualy employ a retired copper ( poacher cum-gamekeeper ) for these visits.

    If they followed Ken Clarkes advice, the guilty would get a reduced sentence and saved Us the Tax payer millions of pounds in legal aid fraud.

    The last big pay-day for the legal mafia was the ” Bloody Sunday Enq.” held
    in London, not where it should have been in Belfast ! that load of tripe cost
    the Tax Payer £400 million !

    MP Stuart Jackson needs all our support to force the Govnt. to print a league
    table of who gets what in legal aid monies, and of course wether they were
    successful in defending a client ? He certainly wont get any support from My MP Edward Timpson ( barrister) who has had all the evidence concerning the
    BCL Group ( bent-coppers & lawyers )

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    If this isn’t a case of out and out theft of Public Property by fraudulent means then getting such facts FRAUDULENTLY concealed and suppressed FROM THE PUBLIC DOMAIN by “The Establishment” THEN I would like Kenneth Clarke to explain to the general Public what the hell is it????????????

  3. peter oakes says:

    The lack of comments confirms the malingers time wasters
    have no back bone ! There are thousands of gutless victims
    just hopeing the Crusaders will save their bacon !

    Dream On ! Beth, John. Evah. Johane, Patrick, get out of your
    trench. Stand Up.

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