Inquiry into Phone Hacking: make sure it’ll be INDEPENDENT!

Here’s Phone Hacking as an Emergency Debate, where you can add an annotation. I don’t know, however, who reads them.

Here’s The Telegraph’s report where Chis Bryant MP compares Murdoch to Berlusconi.

And here’s the Hacked Off petition to sign, initiated by the Media Standards Trust.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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2 Responses to Inquiry into Phone Hacking: make sure it’ll be INDEPENDENT!

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    How much whitewash as been ordered for this “Hearing”??….What Independent body is going to scrutinize the Judges background /associations??

  2. Jake Maverick says:

    The point I keep making here is that the ‘perpetraitors’ were allied more with the Conservative party at the time….the ‘ruling party’ had the RIPA laws….anybody remember Milliband letting it slip that he had been eavesdropping on David Davis and Shami Chakrabarti? Or all those other MPs, lawyers, activists etc. taht were routinely being spied on….? The Conservatives ‘had to’ in order to compete…..hence the reluctance to investigate…..seems to me with recent revelations that some in Murdoch’s Empire decided to take advantage and went a lil bit too far….of course nobody will ever admit to any of that! and the people involved will have to be protected, to varying extent- and probably rightly so on this one!
    The only solution I will be happy with tearing up RIPA and prosecuting real crims involved….at most just a few sacrifial lambs to the slaughter….but I can’t blame one saide for stepping when forced to compete!

    same with cruise missile attacks into capital cities……people respond/ retaliate any way they can….

    same with mobile masts near schools……any telecom company suddenly decide to use three masts instead of one they quickly go out of business, snapped up by rival THEN only one mast again at the centre next to the school…..

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