Gerald Carroll: the biggest criminal fraud heist in British history

“This is crime” Gerald Carroll says on this video, once running the third largest private business empire in the UK. Today he is BANKRUPT and he believes his life is in danger!… Sounds familiar?

“Systematically defrauded of millions and millions of pounds!”

SkyNews seems to be the only mainstream media outlet interested in his story:

There are a 154 videos on the YouTube channel PublicInterests where the comments are significant reading. It introduces itself by

The Carroll Foundation Trust Criminal Case is the largest organized crime offshore tax evasion fraud heist operation which stretches the globe.

Report by The Guardian 0n 6 May, 2000:

Online Presence

carroll trust’s Instablog:

3 August, 2009: Guardian’s = BLACKOUT = Britain’s Biggest Tax Fraud Scotland Yard Carroll $1,000,000,000 Trust Case

7 July, 2011: FBI Los Angeles Sensational Disclosures Howard Hughes Gerald Carroll Billion Dollar Trust Loet & Loeb LLP Fraud Case


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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53 Responses to Gerald Carroll: the biggest criminal fraud heist in British history

  1. Richard C writes:

    Interesting Sabine,

    I feel sorry for him, but Gerald Carroll should have been even more careful than he was.

    He seems to have had a lot of what he calls personal possessions in a trust or owned by companies; companies that were worth a lot on paper, but made nothing and didn’t have a lot in the way of tangible assets, apart from the things he regarded as his.

    What happens when the market takes a downward turn, the bottom falls out of the property market and / or the banks find they have overextended themselves? (Which actually the banks always are, of course.) The directors of these subsidiaries realise they are going to lose their salaries, and they start stripping what assets they can, legally or otherwise, and when employees realise what the directors are doing they jump on the bandwagon; simple enough.

    As for changing the names of a tranche of companies and leaving the possibility wide open for someone else to start companies using those names; madness! Without looking up the rules I don’t know what they are, for re-using the name of a closed down company, and I don’t know whether Carroll’s were even UK companies, but wherever they were, the correct thing to do would either be to transfer all business to the new company and keep the other dormant, or make sure of the rules and see that as soon as the name becomes available you apply for it.

    It sounds like changing the names was some kind of fiddle in the first place, though a legal one perhaps; but it’s pretty obvious that unless the old name was associated with some very bad deals or something and no one trusted it, it could be used to receive payments for services rendered by the new company, and all sorts of dubious activity.

    Gerald Carroll sound like the kind of businessman that will bounce back; that’s assuming the spooks don’t kill him first! His dealings with the security services sound dodgy to me, and I wonder whether some of his companies prospered because he was getting our money through government departments to set them up as fronts for security operations. Employees stealing movable assets is one thing, but people breaking into properties to steal stuff is another. One set of candidates for that are the spooks; they only need to steal things to make it look like a burglary; when fearing Carroll’s business empire is about to collapse they go in looking for any incriminating documents he may have.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I actually met Mr Carroll a year ago-ish. He was a very decent man, I had never heard of him before but he told me about his life and honestly does not seem to be the person you speculate he could be. He told me about being involved with royalty as well as high profile security issues.

    He also said that he had a lot of money still in Russia but it was left unobtainable because they wanted him to being involved with them and he said he would rather not have the money. I must say I do believe him, At the time when I met him I was scepticle about everything but after doing a bit of research I found it is all true.

    I hope that he manages to sort this out but honestly I think its been left too long, and has not enough backing publicly and it was also alleged that the Govt. wouldn’t even let his interviews be aired on British television.

  3. richard card says:

    4th December 2011


    Your problems with Mike FULLER Ann Barnes and Kent Police

    I thought I should write to inform you that in 2009 I prepared my own Judicial Review File against a decision of Mike FULLER, Chief constable. I sent this to Royal Courts of Justice.

    Initially RCJ Registry denied receiving it. So I had to trace the delivery through post office who had a record of delivering it and obtaining a signature.

    RCJ then said they had found it. Next thing a parcel from RCJ arrived returning the file to me. Apparently it was not paginated in one run and they would not put it in front of a Judge. Anyway I sent it back and wrote to RCJ that if they wanted what was an obligatory Information of Treason to be amended in its pagination I would come along to RCJ with my pen and do it there. But a report of Treason is not allowed to be interfered with it must go before a Judge. (Misprision)

    The parcel in due course was returned to me and I returned it again. This time it was called for by person unknown from the Registry and disappeared. IE Stolen and denied access to a Judge.

    I decided to report this matter to the Senior Law Lord who appears to be “Monarch in parliament” and hence the highest judicial authority to whom discharge of a Treason report can be made. He refused to sign to acknowledge receipt of the report and indeed the parcel was posted back to me. Back and forth it went again. Until eventually the law lords secretary wrote with the catch all mean nothing explanation “It would not be appropriate that the Law Lord signs”.

    It would be a burden to you to impose a full explanation of what this is about. But the same matter was afoot when the Home Secretary got FULLER’s predecessor, David PHILLIPS, out of Kent Police without notice in 2003 to also take up a civilian sinecure.

    I did read that you fund a Chair in Irish History ? So I would mention that in 2003 General De Chasterlain made a report of concern to the Northern Ireland Office. About the decommissioning terms of the Good Friday Agreement and about whether his terms of reference empowered the arms de-commissioners to deploy to Kent to examine all firearms certificates issued by the force; activity at Kent Gun Ranges involving police; paramilitary training activity originally based 75 to 78 at Deal Marines Barracks; and that the decommissioning terms did not include the three planned IRA weapons of industrial sabotage, agricultural sabotage and poisons.

    If you are in contact with FBI then maybe they could do worse than look at the New York Fire Brigade explanation for the collapse of Tower Seven. The fact is that since 1987 Kent Police have refused to record crime complaints of sabotage of Petbow (later Cummins) backup generators. IE Police helped Petbow and the BIRD family protect their market share and no product re-examination in field occurred (An exercise which would have bankrupted Petbow/Auto Diesels)

    Included in the alleged sabotage methods was diesel transfer system over-pump (as Credit Suisse London 87 and Tower Seven 9.11 where 12,000 gallons of diesel was over-pumped into the fires consequent on the aircraft impacts) and diesel transfer systems non-pump (As in the two incidents at Guys Hospital 87 and 95). In the non-pump situation the small local tank emptying acts as a de facto delay timer to failure. Hence Guys then a major A and E, in a power cut emergency with trauma clearance would appear to be functioning on backup power. But twenty minutes later the backup diesel would run out of fuel and a hospital blackout would occur at height of initial trauma clearance.

    Guys Hospital had a three fault sequence alleged sabotage. Starting with mains monitor corruption (this is what switched mains power off the hospital in 87 and 95 as the backup genny control has auto control over incoming mains switching and it represents a point common to incoming mains power and control of emergency backup power) In 87 an engineer called John WOODBURN found that wiring had been changed in the control system for BP HQ backup generator system. In fact he had first reported sabotage in 1981 and had been told to keep quiet by management. So in 87 he was alarmed when investigating this wiring change to find that BP house incoming mains cut off (IE Same as Guys) but by selecting auto and closing the panel up mains restored. So mindful that he would be told to shut up again John left the lurking sabotage fault in situ.

    I have sent reports of concern over the years. Roger Evans MP Monmouth in 94 sent reports to DTI and MOD ministers. I will include a copy of a self explanatory letter I just sent Wales IPCC. Roger (a barrister) sent the Petbow concerns report together with my Plessey findings in which my technical explanation had in fact been subsequently agreed as correct by two MOD Procurement experts.

    In 2007 I compiled another report that my MP sent to Home Secretary. When Ian GREY was Scottish Energy minister he called for a report from me. I think he ordered Nuclear Police to second guess the HSE Nuclear Inspectorate reports into the serious nuclear incidents at Dounreay and Hunterston B due to backup genny failures. But I think the Nuclear Plod effort (Perhaps with Kent Plod shoot the messenger help ?) ended up nil action with Mike SMITH unqualified Head of nuclear security at DTI.

    For sure the technical reports never reached Dr WEIGHTMAN Head of Nuclear Inspectorate. I emailed him when he was given the duty to investigate UK nuclear security and safety after the Japanese tsunami. He emailed back within an hour requesting a copy of my 2007 report. I sent it and its receipt was acknowledged by energy secretary Chris HUHNE MP.
    Lord knows what sort of quids pro quo and shenanigans have gone on. Kent Police were cross case compromised when they conducted the Lawrence Inquiry into the Met murder inquiry.

    Kent Chief constable PHILLIPS got his backside kicked off the Rosemary NELSON murder inquiry (guised as being required too much in Kent ?) Then his deputy AYLING got to be official investigator for the Rosemary NELSON Inquiry tribunal (He also having carried out the LAWRENCE Inquiry) and on that tribunal sat former Gwent Chief BURDEN who was on the payroll of Reliance Security. The company who should have featured large in Kent Police investigation of the 1989 IRA bombing of Deal Barracks a crime associated with sabotage of backup generators consistent with Stage 3 of the OIRA Garland terrorist plan.

    I hope this has informed you about other concerns and confrontations with Mr FULLER. And perhaps another matter in which Attorney General has broken the law to get FULLER off the hook and, with him, STRAW, BLUNKETT and BLAIR (In my cases).

    Best wishes in your efforts

    Yours sincerely

    Richard Card

    Enc Copy letter to IPCC Lynette WHITE corrupt officer trial collapse.

    There is a copy of the letter to Mr CARROLL. I think it was April 2009 I sent the Judicial Review file to Royal Courts of Justice and hence about May/June 2009 when someone appears to have stolen it from the Registry of RCJ.

  4. richard card says:

    Sabine I just had a quick read of your profile. Dresden etc. Bomber Command’s Leonard CHESHIRE lived with his wife Sue RYDER on my former rural beat in Suffolk 1972. His aide there, it now transpires, was none other than Richard D NORTH now of the Institute of Economic Affairs. I have spent a long while since resigning police in 72 trying to get a suicide verdict quashed. New Zealand Quaker volunteer Matron Mary McGILL 22.1.72 allegedly found drowned in the home boating lake on her due day of departure after some period of severe criticism of CHESHIRE and RYDER abysmal care standards. My money remains on that on the night of 21.1.72 there was a venomous argument between McGILL and CHESHIRE and RYDER. That the sainted pair evicted her on what may have been the coldest night for forty years. That she was not in the grounds voluntarily in just her pyjamas. What happened in the grounds ? A very sinister case with the Home Office lying to Matron MCGILL’s New Zealand govt. An inquest held in secret in the Sue RYDER Home just three days after the death. Sue RYDER conclealing the holding of an inquest from the NZ family and UK friends. Sue RYDER lying to the NZ family that a GP death certificate of natural causes was in post and conning cremation consents from the NZ family so she got the body cremated at Colchester before the family found out the truth. Suffolk POlice lies to hospital pathologist and destruction of forensic caused only the short non-suspecious autopsy procedure. THis is the case that Ros HOWELLS of LAWRENCE Inquiry said “What Suffolk POlice did in the McGILL case was far far far worse than anything Mt did in the LAWRENCE case”. If only Mary McGILL had been a Maori and not a white quakerf who knows we might have been able to play the race card in the McGILL case too.

    I see you have a technical background. So would be better able than me maybe to understand transient loading ? Step and ramp loading ? Third harmonics from fluorescent lighting ? Transient loading torques ? Closed loop stability by PID? I have ONC electrical ONC mechanical and HNC electronics control and was a JIB approved electrician. I ask because it may be that you would be able to take on board some of the more complex arguments about unreliability of Plessey torpedoes, due to electrical corruption from a wrongly wired factory, and the sleeping sabotage of backup generators consistent with Stage 3 IRA Garland terrorist plan ? Best wishes

    • Sorry, Richard, no, my ‘technical’ mind operates at different levels.

      • richard card says:

        Not to worry. Report is in with Dr Weightman conducting the UK post Japanese tsunami review of our nuclear plant safety and security. Acknowledged by energy minister Chris Huhne MP. So the matter of unreliable backup generators, on emergency nuclear shut down roles, is now at the top level. And a couple of years ago the NHS introduced new security of electrical supply regulations for NHS hospitals. Including the change to bespoke dersign of each hospital backup generator. The manufacturer designs around the hospital’s individual “Harmonic profile”. So I made some progress.

  5. richard card says:

    I have to comment to tick the notify by email of follow up posts box

  6. hhhh says:

    gerald carroll foundation
    i dont no if this is anything or not, a yaRD i rented about a year back had an old storage container in the yard i opened the container one day and inside was old paintings, books, photos and paper work i took the name from the bottom of the painting (gerald carroll) and typed it into google and what i found was this case against this persons company. the painting at the front of the container was painted by lenard boden and presented to him by the princes trust, there are photos with gerald carrol and world leaders the paper work fills a container 20ft by 8ft when i have looked through it its bank statements from the carroll foundation all sorts of letters fromm accountants and gerald carrolls company diarys showing meeetings with 100s of people including lords and sir’s even royalty there seems to be every thing to do with this companys accounts and what it did, this container is on its own in the mddle of no where, the stuff in side should not be in a place like this,
    i contacted crime stoppers in england and reported this about 6mths ago and nothing has been done no one has even been to look at it so i spoke to some local police about it and when they did some research into it the said its somthing the did not want to get involved in as they did not no who to trust it with.
    i belive this is the stuff from the robberys in luton and kent or is the hidden accounts that could involve some very important people,
    so this is where i am with it i am contacting yourselves to see if there is any sort of reward for this information the police in this counry dont seem to want to get involved or are to scared

    thank you for your time reading this if its some thing you are interested in please reply to me the land where the stuff is is being developed soon so the container will be gone soon

    my contact if you need to talk is

  7. peter oakes says:

    Is there a connection Re; Charity Leonard Cheshire Home and
    The Railway Children charity ?

    Both have bases in Sandbach Cheshire UK.

    Some very interesting comments on here!

  8. elena says:

    I met Gerrald Carroll many years ago. Yesterday I was in London looking for the Carroll Foundation office and there was nothing to show they had ever been there. I would like to hear that he has recovered. I thought he was a good decent citizen…. Elena

  9. elena says:

    Related to the above… I am now reading news about the case, I am horrifies and do not understand a word. Hope things did settle for the best eventually./ Elena

  10. Richard says:

    Peter .. I don’t know of any connection between those two charities.

    Leonard Cheshire Homes was founded by Lord Denning and his former law tutor Professor Cheshire (Leonard Cheshire’s father). USA funding (Carnegie I think) kicked them off by paying for a purpose built care home at Le Court in Hants I think.

    Leonard Cheshire figure headed the burgeoning charity which now has an annual PR budget of four million.

    Cheshire married Sue Ryder whose charity had been founded by Airey Neave and Harry Sporborg of MI6.

    The family home was the Sue Ryder HQ at Cavendish Suffolk which was also a care home for “Forgotten allies”.

    Suspicion fell on Sue Ryder’s activity in Europe. She had been arrested on suspicion of espionage by German police at one stage.

    In 1971 there was a “Release scheme” of 1200 men allegedly held in German postwar internment. The scheme was run by official Sue Ryder, Airey Neave MP and Willi Brandt.

    In UK, unknown to each other, two persons formed suspicions about the role and agenda of the charity network of care homes.

    (1) Volunteer Matron Mary McGill of the HQ Sue Ryder Home Cavendish.

    (2) In Wales a Det sgt of Regional Crime squad.

    Matron McGill was a New Zealand quaker.

    She drowned in the Cavendish care home lake 22nd Jan 1972.

    The RCS Det sgt defied Special Branch threats to drop inquiries into suspected identity acquisition by GP death registration malpractices. He too died suddenly and he too got a suicide verdict.

    It is obviously a very long story.

    The Regional Crime squad had discovered an allegedly unlawful secret monitoring exercise of Special Branch at “Forces liaison levels”.

    In short that they were allegedly spying on and corrupting police inquiries (including sudden death and death registration malpractice inquiries) with de facto MI5 as their secret master.

    It would be difficult to label this situation as political control of police (IE Undermining the constitutional safeguard of Crown Authority assuring independence of police and judiciary). Because there developed very good reasons to suspect that MPs, raising concerns about the McGill decd case, were subject to mail intercept. And further reasons to suspect that letters written by MP to Police Minister and Attorney General were edited before Minister and Law Officer received them.

    The more accurate description would be of secret control of police enabled by police betraying their oaths of office having been selected, it seems, for the personal quality of moral inferiority.

    In the Carroll case, just as in the above cases, what if just one senior police officer upheld his oath of office and (R v Bembridge 1783 etc) and actually discharged his duty faithfully ONLY unto law.

    remember the principle set out by Lord Denning “No matter how high you are the law must be above you”

    the irony being that the great judge founded a charity that was allegedly de facto above the law by virtue of unlawful control of special branch ???

  11. Mike Carmichael says:

    Sir i do not understand your contact response re; gcarrll_Uk please respond to my email address it will be of interest to you

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is all bollocks, all the sites and accounts related to this story self reference themselves, they are packed with misinformation. And any videos linked to this story are either still images of his heritage or completely unrelated to the the title given to them.

    Basically Gerald Carroll is a bitter billionaire who got himself involved in dodgy practices and instead of coming out and admitting it, hes venting his frustration by pumping the internet with absolute shite.

    Dont waste your time.

    • That sounds like a possible explanation.


      • Anonymous says:

        Definite explanation, 3 largely used twitter accounts all post the exact same words at the same time. Never answered my requests for sources, neither did the YouTube account.

        There are blogs so called connected to this case, but theyre packed with ominous incoherent information. Or low resolution hard to read letters received by Gerald Carroll, which presumably means someone who set this web site up is either faking them, invading Carrolls privacy or is infact Gerald himself (blatantly the 3rd)

        The modern day romanticized conspiracy theories usually start with inexplicable unanswered events

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ive now actually checked with an institution which received “mail” from gerald carroll, or so one of his blogs reported by posting an image of the letter up.

    They have no record of him contacting them.

    This is all bullshit. Shame on Gerald Carroll for pumping the internet with bullshit and misinforming 100’000s of peeps.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Gerald Carrol, is a complete nutter. His claims are ridicolous, his businesses collapsed because it was based all on borrowed money. Now he blaming everyone particularly, lawyers from a number of city firms. He is out of control and we are just so bored and fed up with all his lies.

  15. lionel; says:

    I agree with Mike, this is a load of bollocks from a deranged individual, call the doctor please

  16. Jason says:

    Truth or dream, someone changed the names of those companies back and forth….and shuffled millions around doing so. Jail is the only destiny for this person….would Gerald make these noises if he had a chance of getting bum badgered in jail till his dying days?

  17. Treavor says:

    Someone changed the names??? Why isn’t that person being sued, prosecuted, jailed etc. All unsubstatiated nonsense and coming from one only source, Gerald himself.

  18. Mike Carmichael says:

    Mike Carmichael
    I have some very interesting news for gerald carroll, and indeed i am able to return some funds to him, perhaps his representative could contact me

  19. Anonymous says:

    This Carrol guy is a complete fraud, mad or indeed dead. In my view it is all lies and that’s why no one is interested. It’s all so 1970’s.

  20. Treavor says:

    yes, I think he is alive. I have seen a court order posted by goodman derrick, a law firm because Gerald was defaming them on the internet saying they were crooks etc. Maybe Gerald is in prison?

  21. Anonymous says:

    He has just contacted on the Zoosk dating website

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  23. Anonymous says:

    He was a good man to my family

  24. steph says:

    I have now read part of all his shite, Carroll is a deranged fruit cake. Don’t waste your time.

  25. Roger Fuqurada says:

    I worked for Carroll sometime in the late eighties . He came across as a supercilious twat and I heard him repeatedly verbally abusing a P.A. until she burst into tears . It looks as if he pissed off some extremely powerful people who systematically took him apart for his arrogance . Now he is a full-time professional victim whining about his missing money .

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