WWII Veteran Jailed for 6 months – for Audio Recording in Court; Prisoner number A1903 CF

11 07 27 Your country needs YOUOnce again: you cannot believe it, for you can’t imagine it.

Norman Scarth was born in 1926. He proudly wears the medals he earned fighting against  the threat of complete Tyranny. Now in his eighties, his latter years of his retirement have been hijacked by constant harassment and targeting from the authorities. This is the kind of tyranny he and so many others fought – and died fighting against. (And still exist in SO many countries across the world).

Links below set out the history of his case. The Help Norman Campaign calls for sending him things to prison.

He is now imprisoned for 6 months and we fear for his welfare (when detained previously he was roughly handled and injured). His  ‘CRIME’: AUDIO RECORDING IN COURT.

To get him to tell you what happened, send him your phone number and cash so he can ring.

To send him an email, quote the prisoner number A1903 CF and Leeds Prison with Email a Prisoner.

If you would like to help this “old warrior’, please send mail, a note or a card  to him at the address below. All mail is vetted and read, so this is a message from ‘concerned’ friends who are worried about his welfare while imprisoned (and on release). – We need the authorities to know there are many many people from across the world watching out for him.

LS 12 2TJ

http://normanscarth.blogspot.com/ – his own blog




Here’s the letter I’m sending him.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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38 Responses to WWII Veteran Jailed for 6 months – for Audio Recording in Court; Prisoner number A1903 CF

  1. Firefighter Chris Johnson wrote this to Sir Alan Haslehurst, Richard Howitt MEP and Mark Hunter MP:

    Sir Alan, I write to you as my MP, Mark, as the Minister helping Small Business Survive and Richard, my Euro MP.

    I also copy in others, to see the attached, advise why recordings in Court are banned? In our Open & Honest Society.

    Clearly I am aware of how recordings can be changed, but in this day & age; secure recording is not a problem at all.

    I am also aware of the problems litigants in person, on low income also many small business people trying to survive, just do not have easy access to professional advice, help or advocates, copies of Court Recordings, or even the notes! I requested copies of recordings, if you can afford to purchase them, time, and the Judge is at liberty to change them.

    After requesting a copy of Judges Notes, I was refused, told to obtain an order, after obtaining it, the notes were LOST!
    I have recently requested to review a Court file, clearly documents and the Judges Notes were missing, refused to me.
    The very same notes are offered, without any request, to officers of the Court; Solicitors, acting against me? Why???

    I am about to ask for the notes, and what records a Circuit Judge saw to refuse my request to appeal, out of hand, another District Judge at the same Court rejected my Counterclaim, knowing I was a litigant in person, no appeal,
    clearly if you make any form of constructive complaint or appeal the court/it’s officers become prejudice against you!

    How can poor people, on benefits, small business people trying to survive access any form of Justice, see attachment.

    I await your considered reply/advice.

    Yours Sincerely

    Chris Johnson

  2. Another excellent letter comes from Albert Burgess who publishes A Case for Treason.

    The Governor Albert Burgess
    HMP Leeds 15 Parliament Road
    2 Gloucester Terrace Thame
    Stanningley Road OX9 3TE
    LS12 2TJ 26 July 2011

    Ref Norman Scarth

    Norman is an old salt who was serving on board HMS Matchless a destroyer when she was in action against the German Battleship Sharnhorst at the battle of the North Cape.

    Norman who is now an old man proud of his service to his country and a great many of us the law abiding subjects of Her Majesty’s are proud to call Norman our Friend, Norman is still fighting for the England he loves, he believes that the court system has been largely corrupted.

    Norman’s action in videoing the courtroom in which he was bringing a private prosecution, may well have been unwise, but he was collecting evidence of a court which he believed was corrupt. We all of us have a clear duty to fight and expose corrupt practices whenever we come up against them.

    It does not matter whether the court was indeed corrupt, what matters is that Norman genuinely believed it would be, his only desire was to expose this corruption and bring it to the attention of those subjects of Her Majesty’s who could assist in dealing with this perceived corruption.

    I would like to ask that you take Normans age and previous service to his country into consideration when deciding how you take care of our friend. We Her Majesty’s loyal subjects and Normans friends are anxious that no harm should come to him, and in a prison environment he could easily come to harm. If you could ensure he remains safe and is returned to his friends alive and well at the end of his sentence, if not sooner we would I know be in your dept.
    Respectfully submitted

    Albert Burgess
    SPC 5119 QK Metpol retired

  3. Jake Maverick says:

    good god, it never ends! wish i could do ‘something’……and i di recollect once that i actually caught THEM secretly recording the ‘hearing’…..just to underline the hypocrisy of it all!
    i dnt even have access to stamps, but if anybody gets to see him please tell him i’m thinking of him

  4. peter oakes says:

    I am amazed that after all this time and effort people have not realized we are
    “secretly enslaved” despite the method being explained there is this niave belief that as Norman recently quoted ” there might be one or two honest judges out there ”

    There are none, they are Oath Sworn oppressors working for a corrupted Monarchy ( if the queen herself ain,t bent her establishment certainly is)

    Regardless of the truth of a situation the judge- solicitor- policeman will be
    reminded to Remember their Oath to the Sovereign, this now intimidates them into unlawfull conduct as they are mindfull of their families future etc.

    It is HM Courts, HM prisons, Crown Prosecutions, it,s All in direct conflict with
    your Fundamental Rights as a European Citizen. These Crown Agent Judges
    removed the Countries obligations to ECHR by deleting Article 1 and Article
    13 of the European Convention. Its staring you in the face ! poor Norman
    thought he could obtain a summons in a Private Prosecution ! there is No
    chance it would open the floodgates !

    A few years ago it was all about “Zero Tolerance” no chance the major crooks are police, judges, lawyers etc. Only last week the TopCop in the Met.” jumped
    before he was pushed ”

    I have had “summons ” issued in a Private Prosecution the case was ” bang to
    rights ” but the judge blatantly dismissed the prosecution ( I am not making
    this up, I have the docs. to prove it ! )

    We should be petitioning the European Parliament not the European Justice commission because they are all lawyers looking after their own profession !

    Norman has got them beat and they know it ! but it was absolute nonsence to
    provoke a ” contempt of Court ” there is no appeal and Norman can be imprisoned for life ! Yes for life ! if he refuses to purge his contempt. You are dealing with Adolf Hitlers British judges are the worst in the World, but very articulate and devious.

    I just hope Norman survives this lot. And I request Sabine organise a meeting
    to get to the reality of the truth ! We are secretly enslaved, and denied out
    Fundamental Rights and Freedoms as European Citizens and our MPs are neglecting their duties to the British Public.

    Sorry to be brutal, but please please please stop believing a knight in shining armour will come to our rescue.

    Todays prediction before 10am. Mr. Ebert will be thwarted again in 3 hours time in Hendon Magistrates Court. I know Eberts Right, I know he has all the facts but the Crowns Agents will stuff him again even after Sir John Stephenson lied to Rudi Viz , Eberts MP in 2001. Yes thats the truth Britains
    Top Cop knew in 2001 Master of the Rolls Nueberger was concealing thefts and frauds by the Insolvency Process, along with David Blunkett, Derry Irvine Lord Chancellor, The tactless truth, that no one wants to see !

  5. dai pugh says:

    Double Standards/Hypocrisy etc???



    Mr Scarth gets jailed for contempt of court – solicitor gets slap on the wrist [or not even that] for disseminating private information – looks like financial information.

    Our MP’s are apparently livid with News International [the Murdochs etc] for accesssing private information and apparently now looking for some people to be jailed – yet one of the friends of the courts gets nothing not even an hour in jail – Mr Scarth is not an officer of the court but Madeleine Welch is and should have been appropriately punished. One rule for ordinary members of the public and former defenders of our freedom another rule for those who fail to defend our private documents/rights?

    what planet are we on now?

  6. Dr Rita Pal says:

    I have raised this issue with the Attorney General. I suspect nothing will be done because that is the classical modus operandi of offices such as these.

    If the UK can allow the Lockerbie Man to go free, they can either free Norman or place him in Community Service. There is no public interest in imprisoning a man who is in his 80s.

    The approach to the AG was essentially to exhaust all urgent remedies within the UK. It is up to them to take action. If he dies in prison, the authorities will have known that this matter was raised with them.

    Lastly, while the UK is largely ineffective in these issues due to the police state, an approach should be made by his supporters to instigate the UN procedure immediately – see http://www2.ohchr.org/english/bodies/chr/complaints.htm or there are special procedures depending on what rapporteur you wish to approach.

    There is absolutely no point in approaching politicians in the UK, nor is there any point in approaching the authorities. They are largely staffed by those who will be obstructive.

    As a side line issue, it is important to raise the imprisonment of over 65s with the European Commissioner of Human Rights so allowances are made for reasonable sentences according to their rights, their health and their welfare.

    With Best Wishes

    Dr Rita Pal

  7. peter oakes says:

    To Dr.Rita Pal.
    It is reasonable to state that ” Norman Scarth was following
    a lawfull course of conduct in trying to expose the torture re; cruel de-grading and inhuman treatment being inflicted by the british judiciary and courts on European Citizens ”

    The corrupt courts operate a “controlled and censored recording system” the
    Transcript is only available from court appointed transcribers at great cost and
    they are Censored as anyone who has purchased a Transcript will tell you at
    every important step ! for instance when the tape proves a witness committed
    perjury or the judge acted unlawfully the transcript allways say,s IN-AUDIBLE
    or is left with a ——- and continues with the damning quote removed ! it
    is perverting justice and of course contempt of a court.

    It is obvious in todays world to video the day,s proceedings in any court, make
    3 copies 1 for each side and 1 for the Record. Of course the ” legal law enforcement mafia ” would soon have their thefts, frauds, oppression and persecution readily exposed destroying the myth of their integrity ?

    Norman Scarth,s problem is : He grew-up in an age where the police, bankmanagers, solicitors,doctors and judges could be trusted ! Those days
    are long gone and you all know even your MPs cannot be trusted, sorry
    folks but thats the truth ! and until the matter of TRUST is restored in our
    Public Officials Normans and others Torture will continue !

    The answer lies in the humiliation and embarrasment of the british corrupt
    establishment, and that will only come from the European Parliament. No
    judge, solicitor, policeman or woman is ever going to admit that they have
    the same weakness,es and temptations as every other Citizen. The Citizen
    is expected and required to comply with the law, where-as the legal mafia
    know they are immune from prosecution. The law is deliberately complex
    and confusing in order to increase costs and fees for the mafia whilst leaving
    the Citizen dumbstruck and speachless at the audacity of the legalease
    magicians that steal your house & wealth all nice and legal like done-up
    stitched-up bemused and left bereft and headed for the medical section
    you deserve if you complain ! I do hope the message has got through to you all.

    • derek says:

      Norman Scarth,s problem is : He grew-up in an age where the police, bankmanagers, solicitors,doctors and judges could be trusted ! Those days
      are long gone and you all know even your MPs cannot be trusted, sorry
      folks but thats the truth ! and until the matter of TRUST is restored in our
      Public Officials Normans and others Torture will continue !

      Excellent I couldn’t have put it better myself. Yes the whole system here in the UK is rotten to the core with corruption. Maybe we should have a revolution like they are doing in many Arab countries. The people rebelling in those countries have had enough of their corrupt regimes, and likewise most of us in the UK feel the same way.

  8. Steve says:

    Norman’s prison number is A1903 CF.

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  10. Just found out Norman is again incarcerated. I echo the words said in the related comments and especially in Sabine’s letter to Norman. Sabine, your letter is so beautiful and witty – you have a wonderful way with words. Peter, you sum it up so well. BUT, take heart everyone, there is a mass awakening going on and that is worrying the ruling elite. What the fat controllers fear the most is a united, intelligent, educated, THINKING populace. We just need to keep on educating Joe Public. Once the critical mass arise from their slumber and realise the truth, the rest will fall into place. Take a look at this http://beforeitsnews.com/story/897/483/11_Occult_Secrets_Now_In_the_Open.html=

    Blessings to everyone http://www.sharonkilby.co.uk

    For anyone who is interested, here is the letter I sent Norman on 4th August 2011:

    Dear Norman,

    Just found out that you are again incarcerated. You are obviously troubling the buggers. You’re a star. Hope you’re bearing up just as stoically as you did last time. Be gentle on your jailers! Jesus said “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    Norman, I’m not sure if you are religious; I’m not, but I do believe in a higher spiritual being – call it God if you like. Anyway, thought you might like some spiritual messages:

    If you do your job well enough, folk will laugh at the truth, call it [and you] insane and ridicule anyone who promotes it. Persecution is good for us – it matures us. Don’t punch or hit back. The pen is far mightier than the sword. Use Spiritual weaponry – truth, integrity, peace, faith, sword of the word of God and prayer. These are the assurances of eternal salvation. Feel joy when you encounter trials of any sort. Understand that this is a proving of your faith and brings out endurance, steadfastness and patience. Blessed is the one who is patient under trial and stands up under the temptation.

    Persecution delivers to the trusting and faithful believer such special and great rewards that we should thank God that we have been counted worthy to suffer for Him. You are not alone with your troubles and sufferings. You have to be broken before God to help others find God. You have to ask HIM for wisdom without worldly fear. He will help you embrace trials. He says he won’t test people beyond their ability to endure. HE is true to his word. His word takes authority over our actions. No one starts out to be a Daniel in the lion’s den. Daniel was obedient. God did the rest.

    Jesus taught the road to life is “hard” and only a “few” will find it. People who do God’s work are hated on Earth. We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God. “Dear Saint – it’s easier to stay on the road that leads to life than to get on it in the first place.” We must endure to the end.

    Love people. Faith is energized by love. Love is patient and kind. Love conquers all. Help God’s people. Endure, persevere and be gentle. Don’t underestimate the power of positive words. We are in an intense, spiritual battle. Be a good soldier of Jesus. Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.

    We live in a cursed age, with rampant deception, sin and injustice. The world is the Devil’s turf. Satan is Prince of this world. He hates us here. We disturb him.

    Be alert in the full knowledge of the enemy in these last days of deceit and unlimited wickedness. Stay self-controlled. Be diligent as a guard on duty who sees that the enemy cannot harm God’s troops. We need to stand together and pray a hedge around each other and praise God for whose glory we stand. This life is not home. We are strangers in the world. We live our lives as strangers here in reverent fear. We are merely passing through this life.

    Corrupt men created religions that suppressed spiritual knowledge that will set humanity free from its mental and emotional prisons. The leaders of the secret societies don’t want us to worship God. They don’t want us to behave like true Christians. We must break down Satan’s deceit and blindness.

    Jesus said: “Men’s hearts failing them for fear.” Satan beats up the sheep. Most people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because they reject knowledge. Those who live well now are on their way to the lake of fire where they will be tormented forever. Weak men don’t realise that they are used of Satan to fight against God’s kingdom. Hear their pain. We must love them [the greedy and corrupt, the world leaders, the big business directors and the men who are bound by the oath of their secret societies.] We must love them enough to stand against their blindness, their Satanic deception and their malice towards us for teaching truth. And when they persecute us [as they surely will] we must love them enough to forgive them. Freemasons claim to know God, yet they walk in darkness. God is light. He does not lie. He is not mocked. He knows and sees everything. Don’t underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit.

    The court which has the ultimate and greatest power in the world is the “People’s Court”. Satan’s followers will awake to shame and everlasting contempt. God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. All liars, cowards, vile folk, the sinners et cetera will be in the fiery lake of burning sulphur. Judgement day is real. Either we get it together or none of us gets it at all. We all have to enlighten together or we die all together in this polluted nightmare endgame crisis.

    The reader should be left in no doubt that just as there are secret orders and brotherhoods on Earth under the control of the Forces of Darkness, so too are there networks and communities of the Light. These are the Remnant scattered throughout the planet, working quietly. They are, even now, quietly carrying on their work of healing and teaching to preserve the ageless Religion of Light and bare witness to the Divine Plan.

    Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth and of the sea, for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. Upon the horizon Armageddon is shortly to come to pass. The forces of darkness [of negativity and slavery] are aligning themselves for the final death throes of darkness upon the Earth. They are desperately moving to manifest on the physical Earth plane a couterfeit of the coming New Age Kingdom of God. Through their human dupes these ‘Prison Warders’ want to usher in their hell on Earth world order – the ultimate deception to keep humans Earth bound, trapped within the Luciferic Consciousness.

    Peace is a spiritual problem, not a political one.

    The spiritual way is tough and no one makes it easy.

    Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Norman, I do believe God kept you alive and well for so long [well into your twilight years] so that you could continue serving him. I believe that anyone who gets locked up for having the courage to speak the truth, expose corruption and do what’s right has to be a good servant of God’s.

    Fondest love,

    P.S. Please don’t stay in there too long, we need you out and on this side of the bars, alive and fighting fit.
    P.P.S Hope you wear your badges of honour with the same pride as you wear your war medals.

    [The badges I sent him on his card have the words: ‘You’re a Star’ and ‘Little Hugs’ {piccy of cute bear} also a badge with a cute bear and a big heart.]

    • Many thanks indeed, dear Sharon!!!

      Your blog is very remarkable and your letter to Norman WONDER-FUL!

      The only way to make sense of all this non-sense is, indeed, only spiritual!

      Hang in there!!!

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  22. peter oakes says:

    Today I learned via ” Victims Unite ” Liz Watson has been imprisoned for
    being honest . Decent. Honorable. and Courageous ! We need to strike a
    medal ! Re; Emily Pankhurst & womens or should it be Mothers Rights.

    It is amazing to myself the stupidity, or lazyness, apathy, whatever ? of the British Citizens ( probably a poor choice of words, but the description is right !)

    Just a few days ago the Government asked several Chief Constables to put themselves forward for selection as the next Metropolitan Police Commissioner

    The countries “TOP COP ” As you ALL KNOW none have been brave,
    courageous, honourable, or have the ” guts ” to ” STAND THEIR GROUND ”

    They ALL KNOW the next TOP COP will be investigated to the max, to see
    ” Who has been up his rectum ” and ” who,s rectum he ? she has been poking ” They ALL have the QPM. ” Queens Quasi Police medal ” But there is not a Copper in the lot of them !

    The facts are they know they are going to be investigated to the ” MAX ” to avoid anymore embarrassment for the corrupt establishment ! And they ALL have “Skeletons in the cupboard ” they ALL know their own Constables have
    ” The black on them ” ( honest coppers know what I mean )

    Peter Fahy Chief cop Manchester knows Judge Elgan Edwards is corrupt I gave him the evidence and got the reciept 1

    They know We Know and their time is numbered ! Rot eventualy eats rot
    and becomes self cleansing, we are at the sewage farm at present, but believe me there will be salmon and trout in the river eventualy, when we get rid of
    Mr.Calvi,s rotting body from under Blackfriars Bridge ( A masonic ritual murder ) suicide to the Met. Fancy being hung on your own ” cable tow ”
    where the tide regularly flows twice in 24 hours ! every bricklayer, rough waller & plasterer knows what I mean.

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  24. Ray Pope says:

    You’re all certifiable nutters. Norman Scarth is a complete fruit cake who if he wants to live outside the rules has to take his chances on the consequences. It’s only a pity that the High Court didn’t increase his sentence to keep him out of the way for longer.

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  28. David Mccann says:


    I/we propose that any member of a secret society, should be banned from also being permitted to be a member of government or its related bodies, i.e. our town halls, the judiciary, military and the police etc. – as it’s without doubt a major conflict of interest. – This currently abhorrent state of affairs where anyone involved in our governments etc. are allowed to be also members of a secret society that require death defying oaths to be sworn, – whereas the blindfolded initiate, and with a dagger held to their heart, swears to be 100% allegiant and committed to the Masonic agenda, – and over and above that of all else. The potential for corruption and dodgy deals makes a complete mockery of our democracy and justice system. Our government and its representatives; via our town halls and justices of law must be free from commitment to these highly influential groups if they are expected to maintain a shred of credibility and earn the public’s trust and respect once again.



  29. peter oakes says:

    THE TIMES February 20. 2012 Page 23.

    ” Insurers rush to settle cases in wake of Autofocus collapse ”

    RBS Insurance ( where have we heard about that Scots outfit before ? )

    Sabre. RSA and Allianz Insurance were among more than a dozen motor insurers that may have ( they mean have) made millions in total as a result of
    Autofocus allegedly fraudulent activities.

    ” If proved, ( key word that ) it is difficult to think of a more serious conspiracy.
    We are talking about industry-scale perjury ”

    A high court judge has already declared himself ” flabbergasted ” by the
    alleged evidence against Autofocus Lord Justice Moses told a High Court

    This Judge is a colleague of the thieving lying Master of The Rolls Nueberger.

    He knows all about Ebert,s case.

    Conspiracy, after Conspiracy to defraud the Public.

    Norman Scarth. is just another Victim. and his prison warders like bent cops benefit from reduced Insurance Premiums We the Public subsidize.

  30. Marian says:

    I think the admin of this web site is truly
    working hard for his web page, as here every information is quality based material.

  31. peter oakes says:

    Please google: tom harper operation tiberius independent.

    This article confirms Victims Unite items are completely accurate in
    our concerning the legal masonic mafia that secretly enslaves us all.

    The Duke of Kent should be facing treason charges but no doubt he
    is “under instruction”

  32. Adam Hiley says:

    I wonder if anyone wants to look at these two worthy sites they are the following davidmurrin.co.uk and Bradbury-alliance.org

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