Website to Help Litigants in Person

This article in Accounting Web describes the site which is one of the many outcomes of the meetings we’ve been having at Westminster since 1998, but focussing on victims of white collar crimes since 2009.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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9 Responses to Website to Help Litigants in Person

  1. peter oakes says:

    There has already been established for many years a “Litigants In Person Society” This group has been discredited and found to be operated by a criminal fraudster!

    I therefore suggest a re-think on the terminology as LIPs is a busted flush.
    Sadly as many decent people have been used & abused, thats the nature of the problems all innocent victims face, We become victims for every piece of filth out-there we are something to be exploited.

    At least the idea is founded in the meetings at the House of Commons as the senior cess-pit that is the cause root of all innocent victims problems. That is where the clean-up begins.

    If anyone reads these comments ? I draw your attention to two items in The Guardian Monday 1st Aug.11. Chief political correspondent Nicholas Watts.
    Quoted headline: “We the jury: campaign launched to take power from “feral” elite.

    Quote: “Britain is being run by a “feral” elite whose members are responcible for a series of crisis- from phone hacking to row over bankers bonuses-which have scarred the country.

    We at “Victims Unite” know the Country is being run by a “feral” elite: Judges Lawyers, Bent coppers re: John Stephenson Met.Top Cop. We need a Public Jury. This writer knows full well who and what is going on from the Inman articles about Patrick Cullinane. Then why does he highlight as causes for concern

    Media ownership. The financial sectors role in the crash. MP selection accountability. Police and public interest. How to apply “public interest
    first” test more generally to British political & corporate life.


    We Know at Victims Unite. It starts with LAW ENFORCEMENT! god knows we have plenty of LAW and we know we have plenty on un-convicted criminal lawyers, judges and white collar fraudsters! Let’s start applying the LAW.

    COMMENT& DEBATE same Guardian page 24. Neil Lawson. and Andrew Simms.
    “From banking to hacking public horror has failed to tame Britain’s feral elites. We need a people’s jury”

    NO. NO. NO. Guardian You have failed the British Public by CENSORING the evidence and information you have been provided with. You are as guilty as every other British Newspaper in concealing white collar thefts & frauds.
    corruption in every Govnt. Agency HMRS. Land Registry, Police, etc. etc Oh
    & treason by British Judges re: Master of the Rolls Nueberger. MPs.
    re: Barrister MP. Edward Timpson. copncealer & conspirator to pervert justice.

    Please think out another term for LIPs.

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    Peter I again agree with every word written above! Yes as an impecunious person, I was “Enforced”..(whilst ill and just after having major surgery ,) to Litigate myself in the totally corrupt Court/Judicial System,.. (or be declared bankrupt by The GMB Union to whom I was a paying member for 30 years;) knowing that Common Justice and restitution and finality I sought would be kept as far away from me as the “Pot of gold” claimed to be at the end of a Rainbow.!….Yes I knew I was under No delusion whatsoever that I would get Democratic Rights or Common Justice in our Totalitarian State; which has adopted similar methods has Hitler and his Mob put into being against German citizens after “THE REICHSTAG FIRE” (of February 1933) when he and his Nazi mob brought into force the “Enabling” Act, thus followed followed by The Law on Legal Advice (in 1935,) which to this day remains compatible with all EU Regulations on Human Rights; also as in The Lisbon Treaty…That is precisely why impecunious UK citizens have over the last 70 years been deprived of our Democratic Rights, Freedoms, Common Justice, and Finality is it not?? Because those draconian German Laws from 1933/1935 have in my opinion proven too far too beneficial for our Totalitarian Regime/s to discard!!…..

  3. 4warasbent says:

    Hi. Stan.
    No doubt you have heard the often quoted speal used by
    degenerate solicitors and barristers to be-little the Litigant In Person.

    ” The man who represents himself in a Court, has a fool as his client ”

    Honesty , Integrity count for now,t the legal professionals will not allow
    you to escape paying one of their legal mafia members for shoddy, dishonest
    legal work ! The judge protects his mafia bretheren. It,s a bit like a Doctor
    making you sick, so that you require his professional services !

    It is this legal profession stranglehold on justice that is in fact the shackles
    that keep you in secret slavery, it is far more subtle and soul destroying than
    any cudgel or whip! And if you complain your fellow ignorant citizen brands
    you the ” troublemaker” because they swallow the constant propaganda
    pumped out daily by the ” FERAL ELITE ”

    Anyone getting “legal aid” should realise the Gonvnt. Establishment or
    us the taxpayer is footing the bill ! The bent solicitor will advice you to
    plead guilty at the last minute, after racking-up legal fees on spurious
    grounds to mislead you into the belief he is on your side, this sneaky
    bastard knows if he does an honest job! and gets you found not guilty

    He won,t be getting any legal aid work in the future !

    Thats how it works I am sorry to say, and until we start publishing, exposeing
    documentary evidence of the conspiracies the public will not believe
    it. I have that documentary evidence, I need the platform and assistance
    to expose it ! Let,s see if this hacking affair will provide an avenue

  4. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi…4warasbent. I’ve already written to Kenneth Clarke about the Crooks who allowed my good case to be sabotaged/scuttled….This Included Lord Justice Mance, formerly of RCJ…Now a Top flyer at the Supreme Court whom I most recently discovered, his Family are big names on Lloyds Register facts and a “Conflict of Interest” not previously made known to me. I attach but a few paragraphs sent to Clarke…Doubt I will get a helpful reply though..certain main details of my application for leave to appeal are as follows
    (a) Most all facts above were reported to Humberside Police in February 2000 progressively to 2006 by myself/another, but with NO action/investigation from the Humberside Police, I then reported such facts to Metropolitan Police, they also refused to act as did the SFO..claiming its Humberside Police matter to sort out! ….Surely that was wrong??

    4. Former Labour politicians promised help and investigation into what they claimed, if opened as intended then “A Big Can of Worms” would be revealed;..therefore myself and other Victims presented facts and evidence to the former Labour MP Ian Cawsey (former Chairman of The Humberside Police, also member of the GMB Union [these facts were kept cloakedfrom myself other Victims until 2003]!) But it became apparent once Ian Cawsey secured that evidence off myself and other victims in January 2000, those promises got broken! Presumably Ian Cawsey could have realised opened he opened that “Can of Worms”, then a murky trail of corruption would lead directly back to the Labour Party, who were receiving “TAINTED” funding off the GMB union, extracted unlawfully (as Political Levies,) off thousands of unwary GMB union members, employees at British Steel Plc Scunthorpe, whom GMB had, (but unbeknown to most GMB member victims,) unlawfully Excluded and Blackballed us deprived us accessing rightful employment entitlements and benefits ! To our utter disgust and sense of betrayal, the Labour MP’s reneged on those promises made, left that stinking “Can of Worms” tightly shut; ongoing to this day! .
    .Surely that “Can Of Worms” should have been investigated by The Police to whom all known facts were reported to with evidence confirming such facts from February 2000, but they refused to investigate; surely that was wrong also was it not??

    5) Only from the Phone Hacking Scandal being “Forced Out” (into the Public Domain,) was I able to start under-standing why; because I also discovered, the spurious (unlawful,) traitorous (seditious) ACPO “Memorandum of Understanding being utilised betwix The Police, Law Society, Insurers, and certain other self regulating “White Collars” , which previously was totally unbeknown to me!
    Only from making this discovery and reading the contents, I soon became aware this cosy arrangement among these “self regulating Organisations” is in my opinion, a smack of “Common Purpose”, meant only for use in a Fascist or Stalinist state, and not in a democratic society (wherever that may be, ) surely??

    6) Does it not appear that these ACPO “Agreements”, are published in a way to allow a Reduction of committed crime, among these “agreeing” partners; isn’t this (idiot ordained) “Poppycock”!?… Also aren’t such arrangements detrimental to us wronged Victims seeking access to our Rights and Justice?? Because as of fact, these “Agreements” are most definitely Not operating in the interests of a Democracy as is now proven by this Phone Hacking Scandal , now are they??.

    7) Clearly the amount of skulduggery taking place among these self regulating “Organisation” is made clear in my own case and also most definitely in The Phone Hacking Scandal… surely??,… Its deplorable, and in urgent need of action being taken now to stop such Skulduggery ever taking place between these “Corporate Organisations” ever again!..Is it NOT??

    *8) Such misfeasance or malfeasance, cloaked “Conflicts of Interests” of former MP’s, similar with “charlatan” solicitors, certain Judiciary, as with tentacles from such spreading into HMCS. A fact confirmed when HMCS allowed primary evidence, and a paid for Court Order (All crucial to my right of action,) to get removed from out my bundles of evidence, whilst held in “Security” by HMCS (at Scunthorpe County Court,) in 2001! It then got replaced back among my bundles of evidence at a much later date;) but only after my Appeal “hearing” at Hull Crown Court on 14 February 2001 (before His Hon. Judge Tom Cracknell,) got unlawfully sabotaged/ scuttled! Even though myself and witnesses complained bitterly to the Judge and HMCS …Its obvious only someone in very high authority (maybe a Judge,) whom had knowledge access to remove those documents and Court Order could do so !.. Yet NO investigation ever ensued as to whom ordered removal or why! Why Not??…..Hopefully The Lord Chancellor does not condone such violations of a persons Human Rights, in whatever circumstances, surely??.. Or does he now intend to prove me wrong??

    *9) It’s been made abundantly clear that;… instead of me getting unadulterated access to “Fair Hearings”, Common Justice, Restitutions and Finality, from within Her Majesties due Court process, all I got instead was my good “Cases” sabotaged/scuttled by calumny/detraction forged documents, fraudulent concealment/suppression of primary evidence (some to this day,) by The GMB Union and former British Steel Plc, allowed by cloaked ”Conflicts of Interest” of certain Judges, solicitors and certain MP’s, then “Sweep it under the Carpet” by The “Common Purpose” of ACPO in agreement with the self regulating “corporate Organisations” controlling/ running our Police Forces and Judicial System! …Is this not correct ??

    *10) Sir at 74 years of age, after being foisted by so many I now find myself “impoverished” whereby yourself are not, for my taxes paid (over my lifetime of work,) did help ensure your pay and lifestyle –- whereby had I your resource’s, I would be assured “lawful justice”, for I state in truth to you the previous Government, promised me help and investigation on more than one occasion, but then failed to follow through because, after getting crucial documents off myself also off others victims who attended former Labour MP’s Ian Cawsey’s called for a meeting in January 2000 it became obvious that any ensuing investigation would have exposed a trail of corruption (also the Scam,) which involved The GMB Union who were extracting political levy’s unlawfully off myself and the many other “excluded and Blackballed ” British Steel employees, which then went to help fund the Labour Party, also sponsor former Labour MP Elliot Morley on “Tainted” Political levy’s ill gained off myself and many other “Excluded” GMB member by fraudulent means to 2010!

    11) Yes… with honour and dignity I laid my life on the Line to preserve and protect Democracy, also paid my taxes to help pay MP’s wage’s, and get a Duty of Care from Police and other “White Collars”. So why were these reported criminal acts swept under the carpet when reported The Police from February 2000, also to other Authorities and Parliamentarians , whilst the Labour Government were in control as Government??

    12) In 2001 The Labour Government precluded many Victims from obtaining access to Legal Aid Funding; thus “enforcing” myself, an impecunious victim, (whist Ill, suffering great pain/distress,) to self Litigate.

    13) It appears now Legal Aid Funding has been made “even more remote”, further depriving myself and many other Victims from gaining access to Common Justice. Wasn’t similar deprivation/s and draconian laws used by Hitler’s mob to deprive Germans Citizens of access to their civil Liberties (after the “Reichstag Fire” of 1933,) when they brought into being “The Enabling Act”, and in 1935 A Legal Advice Act, claimed still, to be compatible with present EU legislation, and the Lisbon Treaty!..Therefore is this German law being used in UK please?? …Please see attachments.

    14) Because as a prime comparator; I find the proven “Expenses” or “Allowance” filching MP’s— on much higher incomes than I, and caught terrorist bombers; and illegals, (with how many criminal records against them,) get afforded Legal Aid Funding copiously..Yet myself an impecunious Veteran gets denied (this earned right,) to funding. ..Why??

    15) Sir I find this “obscene differential” grossly offensive, also discriminatory; an anomaly which must be ended immediately…Or are you about to confirm to me, that this mixed Government, as with the Labour Government before you, that:-…The Democratic Rights/Freedoms of Veterans, IS ANYTHING BUT INVIOLABLE??

    16) Criminal acts of , theft of property, forgery, age/disability, unlawful injury, and gross discrimination against me, have all been refused investigation/s by The Police,and other Public Authorities (even though they were supplied with all the facts/evidence confirming such crimes from February 2000 to 2006) They claimed that:- These matters are “classified” as “Civil Matters” then destroyed my bundles of documents without even handing them back to me, Why?? ! Wasn’t such “Vaporisation” and “sweep it under the carpet ”, attitude similarly deployed by the IPCC and Police during the “Phone Hacking” Scandal??
    Sorry for boring anyone but had to get such facts to Ken Clarke (during the bringing out into the Public Domain of this Phone Hacking Scandal,) to confirm many serious things had been swept under the Carpet far much longer that being claimed by The Police The Press and Parliamentarians.

  5. peter oakes says:

    This morning Jeremy Vine BBC. regarding foam pie man getting six weeks
    in jail. Peter O,Bourne journalist said it was totaly out of order to jail this man
    for flan flinging Rupert Murdoch. He said it was easier to get into Oxford or Cambridge than a British jail !

    A listener then complained Murdoch ( character murderer ) was a frail 80 year old man, and this pie thrower deserved six weeks hard labor.

    How does that equate with 82 year old Norman Scarth getting six months for
    doing his Civic Duty exposeing judicial corruption ?.

    Norman has rattled the feral elites cage ! and they are proving their terror tactics to cower the British Sheoples ! propaganda fed ignorants who complain
    about their taxes and costs of living, it does,nt bother expence fiddling MPs and
    the legal profession at the same trough ! Who exploit us all !

  6. peter oakes says:

    Today 3rd.Aug. 2011.
    May I suggest we drop the Litigants In Person LIPs tag. And call the website the 53 Club. or similar.

    Today the chief constable of Cleveland was ” ARRESTED ” the first time in 53 YEARS a serving Chief Constable has been ARRESTED ! charged with “Misconduct in a Public Office ” and “Gross Negligence”

    Those of You in Victims Unite Know these terms come from our Parliamentary meetings arranged by Sabine and well recorded for Victims Unite notes by Brad in the House of Commons Committee Rooms.

    You are ALL well aware you cannot record or minute meetings in the House of Commons. Unlike Murdoch and others that “hack” our phones. Just like our campaigner Norman who was merely recording the proceedings because of his handicap of deafness brought on by old age, (the Clerk of the Court
    should have provided Norman with hearing aid assistance as required by law)

    Was this “Gross Negligence” on the Clerk’s behalf?

    I am not daft! neither are YOU thanks to Sabine, Austin, John, Vince, Brad, OUR message is being acted upon. Now we need a JUDGE re: Neuberger.

    The Chief Constable of Cleveland. the Assistant Chief Constable of Cleveland and the corrupt Cleveland Police Force Solicitor were ARRESTED TODAY.

    VICTIMS UNITE get our man! just like the ” MOUNTIES ” RCMP.

    The “Legal Mafia” know their number’s up!

    Some-one is taking notice! I wonder if She keeps Corgis? you get my drift

    and Edward Timpson MP will soon be in the frame Re: GROSS NEGLIGENCE.

  7. peter oakes says:

    Hi Stan.
    I will be brief ! think what I say, Consider it carefully.

    I have had contact with several European Officials upto director
    level E.U. Commission. The word play, political speak is, All my issues
    raised concern UK domestice law etc.

    The E.U. Authorities cannot get involved in Domestic situations ie. UK
    because it does not violate European Commision law or issues.

    Now In you reply: You stated that European Commision Money was
    inappropriately used by the GMB to finance – further the cause of Labor
    Party Officials being used for Labor Party Political Progress when the
    monies were being provided for the Compensation and Retraining etc
    to help and assist the redundant workers from the Scunthorpe and
    no doubt other British steel workers.

    If the above is correct ! Then it is mis-use, inappropriate use, fraudulent use
    of funds provided by the European Commision,s financial treasury division.

    It is therefore the duty of the European fraud- crime agency to investigate
    fraud & theft of EU monies as it is an offence against all EU State members.

    Can you please confirm documentary evidence of abuses concerning
    EUROPEAN MONEY. Let me know I will make the COMPLAINT to
    the right authorities

  8. Stanley Embling says:

    Yes Peter, Go Ahead please make those complaints because I can produce the relevant documentary evidence and certain used but forged official GMB Union Documents confirming such Matters, because of Fact I was one such Victim so deprived out of Hundreds; I can also point to bring forward other well know Victims similarly deprived by that Theft of Property by fraudulent means (All former duped unwary GMB Union Members former employees at British Steel Scunthorpe) from 1980″…
    NOTE:- The Main Cog to understanding that Theft of Assets/Property (Those EEC FUNDS/GRANTS,) off the many duped /deceived unwary Scunthorpe Steelworkers concerned the fraudulent concealment/suppression, (by certain GMB Officials aiding/abetting former British Steel to do so,) of certain annual “Divisional Agreements”. These “Agreements” drawn -up from 1980 contained “enabling clauses” 2.2 -2.3 .These “crucial “Agreements” should have been made available to ALL British Steel employees to allow us become aware of our rightful employment entitlements and benefits this meant to be able to retrain for alternative employment (if facing redundancy,) or be afforded help and training to set-up in our own business (if so desired.) Most of this funding was supplied to The Iron/ Steel and Coal mining communities (facing the many Closures from the 1970,) out of EEC Funds and Grants, which allegedly remained being supplied ongoing to circa 2002.But No Those “AGREEMENTS” Got fraudulently concealed/suppressed even denied at my industrial Tribunal in March 1991 and during the progression of my Industrial injury compensation claim as:- NOT TO EXIST Blatant perverting of Her Majesties due court Process by British Steel and The GMB Union I also Have a copy of an Affidavit sworn by a GMB Union official denying the existence of the very “Agreements” ……Yes I can also bring forward a certain expert (former ISTC Union Official Secretary,) who was a negotiator signatory to those annual “Agreements” Regards Stan

  9. Stanley Embling says:

    Also Peter ..The Labour Party The Police Judiciary and All Public Authorities to whom this Huge Scam “Corporate” Fraud was reported to know once investigated then “A BIG CAN OF WORMS WILL BE REVEALED”!… That is why the many Authorities above( to whom evidence was supplied to,) allowed it to either get destroyed, or allowed it to mysteriously “Vaporise” out their security; even out the Security Of HMCS, and from the Security of Scunthorpe Police Station and MP’s Office, This confirm to myself and other victims that former Labour MP’s and the informed Public Authorities didn’t want this matter all even though such investigations got promised, but then reneged on….Regards Stan

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