Appealing on behalf of WWII Veteran Norman Scarth – a passionate plea and accusation from Canada + demo details for Saturday

Here’s what Jean from Canada wrote to all members of the House of Commons and Lords, as well as media contacts:

Dear Sirs:



Norman Scarth, nearly 86 years old and a World War II navy and arctic convoy veteran, badly needs help to save him from the torture and abuse inflicted upon him by the British government in Her Majesty’s prison, Leeds. As you will see from Norman’s open letter, there is British corruption, not only in politics, media, and police, but in the prison service. Judge Jonathon Rose, at the very least, lacks good judgement and compassion, and the National Health Service (NHS) have failed in their duty of care;  they are not providing Norman with basic medical care, which is wilful negligence because a phone call was made to Clare Shepherd, head of NHS PALS Leeds on Sunday, July 30, 2011, and she assured me that she would attend to his medical needs. As you will see below, Ann Lavery from the same unit was also approached and refused to take any action, despite the fact that Norman has lodged a complaint from inside the prison, which he has a right to do, but he is being ignored. Norman is being denied, not only his medical care, but also his paperwork is being blocked and complaints ignored.

David Cameron will have his hands full in September, and I am sure that Her Majesty will be outraged that a navy veteran should be denied basic care, particularly with the Royal connections to the navy. He is in solitary confinement in a prison for serious offenders.

His crime? Making a video recording of a court hearing. Sentence? Six months, and it would appear to be solitary confinement for six months. How many six months periods does he have left in his life, he is asking…

This is in the public interest worldwide.

Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, was advised last week, and numerous other ministers and members of parliament were also advised about Norman’s case, along with members of government’s supposed Joint Committee for Human Rights, but the British government is notorious for ignoring their accountability and setting up quisling quangos and, as usual, there has been no response

Here are the people in government who were advised a week ago:


The Director-General of the National Offender Management Service, Michael Spurr, was also advised, along with UN Human Rights, and Leeds Prison Governor and assistant, Rob Kellett and Dave Parsons,  and the Prisons and Probations Ombudsman:

Not one responded except for the latter:

From: PPO Mail []
Sent: August-01-11 2:03 AM
To: Jean James

Dear Ms James

Thank you for email about the treatment of Mr Scarth at HMP Leeds.  I am sorry to hear of your concerns.

The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman can only consider complaints from prisoners’ themselves about their treatment whilst in the Prison Service.  His complaint about not receiving medication is not covered by our terms of reference.  If Mr Scarth is not satisfied about the lack of medication then he will need to complain to the Health Service Ombudsman.

With regards to the condition of the cell, if Mr Scarth is not satisfied about this then he needs to complete the internal complaints procedure before the Ombudsman can intervene.

I am sorry that I cannot be of more assistance.

Yours sincerely

Emma Marshall

Assessment Team

Norman HAS filed a complaint. Everyone is ignoring it.

The only member of parliament to have show any concern, as usual, is the Rt. Hon. and honest  John Hemming, MP.

You will see that the email list includes human rights groups, which we know to be merely shop fronts used for political purposes. There are no human rights in the UK for anyone who is victimized by the criminal fraternity.

British prisons are full, and 20,000 of the prisoners are veterans, who are being denied counselling and psychiatric healthcare needs, the British government preferring to funnel money into prisons rather than veteran healthcare, and now they imprison this little old man and abuse him simply for turning on his video recording equipment. He is a retired stud farmer, and decorated war hero and this is a national disgrace. If anyone knows anything at all about horses, you will know that you have to be gentle with them. Norman is a gentle man and a gentleman.

Please help. I write from Canada. Norman is loved around the world. He devotes his life to helping others 24/7. Will you cover the story please?

The attachments have been transcribed from Norman’s handwriting. Originals are available on request, but so many attachments made this email to large to send. He can barely write because his muscles are cramping due to the fact that he has been denied the medication that he needs, so it would have been difficult for you to read the originals.

These are serious human rights issues, and it is an absolute western society disgrace.

This was the response received from PALS (NHS) when friends advised them that Norman was being denied medication, warmth, and exercise.

From: Ann Lavery (NHS Leeds) []
Sent: August-01-11 5:14 AM
To: Jean James

Good Afternoon

Thank you for contacting PALS unfortunately we are unable to act on this issue without the consent of the patient; however I will look into the possibility of passing it to a member of staff within Leeds Community Healthcare who provide the healthcare service within Leeds prison.


Anne Lavery
PALS Officer
NHS Leeds
1st Floor Rear
North West House
0113 8435074
0800 0525 270

The NHS Leeds PALS team can be called on the following telephone number 0800 0525 270 between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Alternatively the service can be emailed at the following address:

Please read on. This letter will go out around the world, and to every member of parliament in the UK.


Jean James




There will be peaceful and lawful demonstration and rally in support of decorated World War II veteran, 85 year old Norman Scarth. Norman was imprisoned for six months on July 25th 2011 for making a recording of a court hearing. Norman’s barrister apologised on Norman’s behalf when Norman returned to court, but he was sentenced to an excessive six months in a prison for serious offenders, regardless. Since then, he was only allowed one phone call, and is being denied all visitors; his conditions could be described as torturous as he been denied exercise.

He has been told that either he walks for a full hour or not at all. He is unable to walk for a full hour – he is an 85 year old man with health problems. He is cold at night and sleeps in his clothing.

We feel the sentence is excessive, cruel, and inhumane for an 86 year old man with health problems, who has been fighting for our freedom, not only during World War II, when his heroic acts helped keep Britain free, but on a regular daily basis for many, many years, with his efforts to bring truth, justice, and transparency into the UK Courts and legal system and to highlight the corruption. It is a serious human rights issue.

Leeds Prison is a prison for serious offenders. Whereas, once, the demographics of this prison were predominantly that of serious offenders in their 30s, the population is now dominated by senior citizens. Who is sending them there?

Norman has been fighting for our freedom and now we have to fight for his! It is imperative that there is a massive turn out.

TIME: 10.00 a.m.

DATE: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leeds Prison
2 Gloucester Terrace, Stanningley Road
West Yorkshire LS12 2TJ

Paid parking on site.


Ride the Double-Decker Demonstration Bus from 43 Main Street, Greetham, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7NJ. Map:,+Greetham,+Oakham,+Rutland,+LE15+7NJ&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x487828377c86ff25:0xb9901a91ae7e420,43+Main+St,+Greetham,+Oakham,+Rutland+LE15+7NJ,+UK&gl=ca&ei=tJE6ToSZJ7HSiALvkpW2Dg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBYQ8gEwAA

There is plenty of street parking. Look for the big red bus. Bus leaves sharp at 7.00 a.m. and can pick up people enroute, if prearranged with Paul Talbot-Jenkins


Please bring placards to support the release of Norman Scarth, and video cameras if possible.

For information on how to reserve a seat on the bus, or make a donation regardless, contact Paul Talbot at There is a donation request of 5 to 10 pounds towards expenses. Donations can also be sent by Paypal to You can put it on your credit card and it will be transmitted instantly, and with complete security via Paypal.

Any surplus will be given to Norman for his comfort fund while in prison, or whatever he may need. He has to pay for every phone call and many other things. Please help Norman in any way that you can. Donations can also be mailed to Paul Talbot at 43 main Street, Greetham, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7NJ.

MEDIA: For media package and information, please contact Chris Jarvis at or Jean James at

MEDIA CONTACTS AT THE EVENT: Chris Jarvis:  and  Gwen

For more about Norman Scarth, please see the following:—leeds-15th-june-2011-norman-scarth-_515.html?m=125


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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16 Responses to Appealing on behalf of WWII Veteran Norman Scarth – a passionate plea and accusation from Canada + demo details for Saturday

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    Congratulations from another Veteran Jean and Sabine for highlighting Normans plight to The British Parliament, also Sabine putting it in this posting ..I’ve posted the same to Sky News, BBC World News, and to The ITV News; therefore lets hope he’s released very soon..because we all know what Norman did in my opinion was that of an 85 year old Veteran; exercising his rights to get “A FAIR HEARING” And Democratic Rights and Freedoms which he laid his life “on the line” to preserve and protect; which without doubt are now absent within our UK Courts; whom it has been shown over the last 45 years are utilising similar Draconian Laws as were utilized by Hitler and his fascist mob to deprive decent ordinary German citizens of their rights (after “THE REICHSTAG FIRE” in February 1933,) when introducing the “ENABLING” ACT also The “Reichstag Fire Decree” directly after that fire; The very same Laws concerning Legal Advice which remains compatible (to this day,) with all EU Legislation and The Lisbon Treaty on Human Rights for which Documents are there at hand to prove,.. Kind regards Stan……

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