After the demo at Leeds Prison: how to Free Norman Scarth (A1903CF)

The photo is published on Yorkshire News + Media Services Press Agency.

It shows the support of many people, yet far more keep signing the online petition Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds Prison. Once 100,000 are reached, we could get a Parliamentary debate!

The real test of the Judiciary will be the response to the Writ of Habeas Corpus that is used to release prisoners.

Quoting A1903CF, you can call the Prison Governor Rob Kellett on 0113 203 2600 and find out whether Norman gets his medication at long last, whether he is warm at night and whether he does get the emails that supporters pay for to get to him.

For you can use that prisoner number to send an email at 30p each via Email a Prisoner.

And you can appeal to authorities: Norman has sent a petition to HM The Queen.

You can write to his MP Marsha Singh ( ask him to write to the Lord Chancellor to release Norman on compassionate grounds.

Anything else that comes to mind: e.g.

Making Norman Scarth a household name, making his story to one that Christopher Booker in The Telegraph is describing of a “country of men” – that is what “going viral” and Publicity Online is about.  May you enjoy your way of spreading the word – online and/or offline.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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24 Responses to After the demo at Leeds Prison: how to Free Norman Scarth (A1903CF)

  1. Anonymous says:

    There were about fifty people at the demo. Most were off camera. I believe there were only one or two people from Victims Unite, which is a very sad statement.

    • Look at the half of the glass that is FULL: the number of signers of the online petition, the number of tweets on Twitter, the blogosphere! To go to a demo is not the only way of showing support. Nobody knows how many emails are being sent to Norman. Nobody knows what everybody is doing for him! Here’s a press release I put together for online purposes:

      • earthlinggb says:

        Sabine, what I would like to know is why you wish to ignore “Common Law”? Why, as you put it, you are “just not into it”? Why something as fundamental as the fact that the SOCIAL SERVICES CANNOT TOUCH A CHILD WHO DOES NOT HAVE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE (because, therefore, they are not a LEGAL PERSON and, effectively, do not exist) does not make you sit up and take notice and understand what this is telling you! It is quite obvious and transparent to a blind man! WHY are you ignoring something that is SO immense in its meaning and would shoot an arrow through the heart of the entire justice system which has locked up Norman and has taken children away form their parents?

        I MUST question someone’s motives or competence when one ignores what is plainly in one’s face! Now I am stating this to HELP not to hinder. Your unwillingness to listen and to pass to your supporters is, in itself, doing them an injustice because they are missing a vital element in the justice system which, if they understood it, could very well help them!

        Why are you so willing to ignore this? Is it because you don’t understand it? Is it because you do not wish to ruffle the feathers of MPs because it is outwith either their knowledge and understanding OR because they DO understand it but dare not discuss it?
        The gold dust is NOT gold dust when they do not listen but simply try to keep people using the same system which is corrupt. Using that system takes up immense amounts of time, costs and emotional stress. It is DESIGNED that way. It is COMPARTMENTALIZED in that way for a reason.

        BUT, the COURTS, not just the Prisons and Police, are CORPORATE! The Crown CORPORATION is CORPORATE. The STATUTES (the vast majority of them) are not based upon fundamental GOOD law – they are statutory acts which are being enforced by a CORPORATION and, are therefore CORPORATE LAW. Norman Scarth is being incarcerated because he broke a POLICY of that CORPORATION. If Norman Scarth did not have a Birth Certificate he could not be touched. It is ALL in CAPACITY and you must understand this issue! EVERYONE must!

        It is similar to this: Ken Clarke attends Bilderberg.

        The government say it is of no concern (for decades). Why? Because they state over and over again that he attended in a PERSONAL CAPACITY and not an OFFICIAL CAPACITY. Do you understand the implication of this? Can you then understand that the Birth Certificate is a RECEIPT of a Trust set up? It is SIMPLE Sabine and you are willfully ignoring it! You just don’t wish to know!

        Now, I ask you, do what is necessary and that is to bring this issue to the attention of those who are trying to have Norman released, get justice for parents who have wrongly been victims of social services AND the bankrupts.

    • annette says:

      It is very difficult for a lot of people who support Norman and others to travel to the many demo’s etc,it does not mean they are not supporting in other ways. Ill health,finances etc.I am sure everyone is doing their best to their own capabilities,if the Leeds media had informed the people of Leeds then I am sure there would have been a good local turnout. Wherever there is a demo perhaps fliers could be put out by any local people who can be contacted,leave the fliers on buses,lampposts,in pubs,toilets,shopping trolleys. It works because I’ve done it years ago for other reasons of advertising conferences.This is an excellent web site for drawing information together in one place,I have been reading some of the cases and it has taken my breath away,words fail.

      • THANK YOU, Annette!

        Yes, yes, it takes a LOT to get people to come to a demo. And it even takes guts to put your name on a petition! Compare over 2,000 page views with 381 signatures!

        Thank You for appreciating the site!

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    Free Norman Scarth! Free Norman Scarth! YES …YES.. YES ….also Lord when doing so.. Please…”Out this 19th century Judge”; similarly with those whom by misfeasance or malfeasance (in public office,), do deliberately set out to deprive decent ordinary Victims, ( using draconian laws made -up as they go -along,) from gaining access our Democratic Rights “Fair Hearings” Restitution Common Justice and Finality; whilst at the same time (in some cases,) are cloaking a “Conflict of Interest” to “corporate” Organisations! Which is totally unjust and in need of stopping surely Lord!?

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    Anonymous…My oh my.. Why be Anonymous what do you fear in our “democratic country” the UK ?? Also I will tell you I wasn’t there myself due to the fact I had other important matters prearranged weeks before Norman got incarcerated! Therefore is it not best for you to get your facts correct before making such irresponsible Comments about other from “VICTIMS UNITE” not being there??
    And Please Note:- I personally sent many emails supporting Normans release to the many TV programs such as Sky News, The BBC News, ITV, Panorama and Calendar news from Normans initial “questionable” incarceration;….. Regards Stan

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