923 Signatures on the Petition Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds Prison

It’s NOT only about numbers, even though 923 in 5 days is pretty impressive! It’s, above all, about the QUALITY of COMMENTS that came in and that I put together in this latest 22-page report.

Since yesterday I added a few more titles and am truly fired and inspired by sooo much support for Norman!

If possible, please show it also by coming to Administrative Court no. 28 at the Royal Courts of Justice tomorrow – at 10.30am. 

From my perspective of having looked at MANY victim stories of many different kinds, this is the best comment:

805. In the name of HUMANITY AND JUSTICE FREE THIS DEAR MAN and while you’re at it THE STATE should return all the kidnapped children by social services.

For just as you don’t believe that an 85-year-old WWII veteran can be imprisoned for recording a court session, unless you hear about it, you cannot believe the horrendous stories that are happening in the name of “child protection”: with gagging orders and in the Secrecy of Family Courts!

But crimes, injustice and pains cannot be compared… They must be endured and learned from. My mum said to me at a crucial turning point in my life: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

Many, many thanks for your support for Norman! Now I need to update the mailing list.

More on Justice for Norman Scarth.

Also, more testimonials have come in:

  1. UK Political Prisoner Norman Scarth on Sharon Kilby’s blog with LOTS of documents to download
  2. Testimonials of clients whose horses Norman ‘whispered’ to.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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15 Responses to 923 Signatures on the Petition Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds Prison

  1. Stanley Embling says:

    In my opinion it’s about time certain “out of touch” Judges observe the correct Laws of the Land not make them up as they go along; as I’ve personally found in my own dealing in various courts, starting from Industrial Tribunals to the Appeals made to The Royal Courts of Justice….
    The Fact that Laws being made up as Judges go along was referred to by the two top Law Lords themselves!……When the two top Law Lords are at loggerheads over such matters then there is something drastically wrong within Her Majesties Court system that needs immediate attention surely??
    Therefore in my opinion they should free Norman Scarth, also OUT none conforming Judges whom through misfeasance or malfeasance bring Her Majesties due court process into ill-use.

  2. JM says:

    Why not free the innocent and jail the guilty for a change?

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    Certainly makes sense JM because god knows how many innocent Victims are presently illegally banged-up after being set-up with false/missing evidence??..
    I know it happened to my son a few years ago..and Similar blatant corruption happened My good court cases, when they got sabotaged and scuttled, because evidence thus paramount to my right of action got willfully concealed and suppressed (some to this day,) or “Vaporised” whilst in the security of Her Majesties Court Services! (Not content with that; it got replaced back among my bundles evidence at a much later date whilst still held in HMCS,) but only replaced many months after my good case had been wilfully sabotaged and scuttled;, that was in addition to forged evidence also being used/concealed by the Defendants (a “Corporate” Organisation) in their serious attempt to bankrupt me; and allowed by what in my opinion was the misfeasance /malfeasance of an alleged bought Judge …
    Therefore out with the corrupt British Justice, which myself and many other “Enforced” impecunious self litigating Victims of “WHITE COLLAR FRAUD” have personally experienced, (over a number of years.)…. In my own case 21 years, whereby as a 74 year old decorated Veteran (similar To Norman Scarth, ) I’ve been deprived of my Democratic and Human Rights; fortunately only just avoiding being illegally encarserated (along with my two witnesses/friends,) during my attempt to get those Rights/Freedoms!

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  5. JM says:


    i’ve expereinced exactly the same ‘cept it was govt I went up against….been in one prison or another for over ten eyars now!
    Is yoour Son out now though?

    And on yesterday’s news, can you believe FOUR YEARS prison just for talking?????

  6. Stanley Embling says:

    Thanks JM. Well actually it was the Government I was up against as they Controlled the “Corporate” Organisation Filching Millions out of the Hands of employees originally placed there by The EEC from 1970’s to 2002…and in my opinion it was Government minister/s interference that got the crucial Documentation removed out my Court Files either them or Orders placed back to The district judge whom had my documents in his possession at the County Court; but was supposed to release them because I applied to a Higher Court for Mandamus Certiorari.
    (But the transcripts/documents to be placed to a Higher Court from the Lower court for a review [ no transcript were forthcoming because the lower court didn’t take Any recordings whatsoever,] which confirmed to me total skulduggery, similar as many other unwary deprived Victims have also discovered to their great cost.)
    Yes my son got out a few years ago (after being set-up,) but my god did he get hounded by the Gestapo for years thereafter…Regards Stan


  8. JM says:

    Aye Stan, i was there when they did it to me to….ans same story i keep hearing everywhere…..so i still struggle to believe that the majority in this country are genuinely so stupid they can’t actually see what is happening…….but looks like we’re in danger of hijakcing the man ‘s thread……Sabine promised to put my story up here soemwhere, if you want to email me direct…;-) dnt really wanna paste here….

    Glad Norman geting all this support though….i wonder how many thousands+ are still languishing inside without any support? i’m stillexpecting the more intensive abuse to happent o me again sooner or later— so one of the things i keep trying to get in going is some kind of regular contact list, so if soemone disappears at least the others knw, try and publicise at least or soemthing…..

  9. Dear JM

    How many stories have I put up in summaries, videos and books???

    How many comments have I collated over how many petitions? See http://bit.ly/fL9gP1

    To add another storiy does NOT seem priority where the unique chance of Norman’s petition / hearing is to get the comments before high places “while the pot is boiling”.

    I’m sure it would make you feel better if your story was also under “Cases and Stories”. But I do need it written up as if it came from a journalist.

    Take heart!

  10. JM says:


    Hadn’t realised you actually hadn’t, just took you at your word….I’m really no good at writing anything, I know that…the point was just thought it better or me and Stan to chat by emaila bit rather than spamming this thread with a private convo twas all….
    Hooraay for you for all you’r do for Norman, I wish I could do soemthing…you’re an absolute Gem andneed a couple of bodyguards or soemthign! Twasn’t having a go ifthat is what you somehow miconstued…??!!???!

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  12. verity murley says:

    what a shocking way to treat an old man of 85 years of age, for daring to speak out about corruption in the legal system. this is a man who served this country during times of war, who deserves to be heard and respected not sent to prison for such a small offence, clearly this is just a measure to silence him. the corruption in this country is every where and it seems that white collar crime is acceptable in the UK only crimes that the working classes commit seem to have any punishment attached to them. it is ok for bankers and MP’S to financially rape our country, but not the common man to express freedom of speech.

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