Excellent TV video of Norman Scarth on Russia Today + Press Reports

The irony is the country he fought for, is now the country he’s fighting against!

This is how this excellent video about Norman’s imprisonment ends.

Besides Yorkshire News, the Irish Sovereign Independent is the only paper that has been reporting on Norman!

More on our online petition which has attracted marvellous comments.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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14 Responses to Excellent TV video of Norman Scarth on Russia Today + Press Reports

  1. A good report that gives an indication of what other countries think of our legal system

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great report! Well done RT. My god! We’re in Britain and we need to look to a Russian newsmedia to provide us with real news our own media will not? This just goes to prove everything we are saying about the corruption and the collusion going on in government (parliament is now, effectively, impotent), the EU, our Courts, media and our Police.
    The British administrative government of the EU superstate should now be exposed and the people who transfered powers to the EU prosecuted for the treason it was and is. This video of David Cameron actually makes it clear who has the power in this country, who doesn’t and, in fact, proves the point that those in government since 1972 have been committing the crime of treason in handing OUR sovereign power to the EU. NO UK government was elected by the people with a mandate to do this and Cameron himself says they had no power to do so. They never have, they never shall. It is therefore (all treaties) VOID. While he, himself, has now continued it and not overturned it. He is also, therefore, culpable.

    Until the British people recognise and act on that recognition of what Cameron is telling them and hold our successive governments (and judiciary) to account on this then we are lost. We must remove ALL corrupt MPs and Judges in the realisation that Cameron states the power belongs to the people because…?

    It’s simple: Because our CONSTITUTION states it. Where else does he draw that correct presumption? From the fact that the Monarch swears a Coronation Oath to the people. Parliament is supreme (or meant to be but is not because the Cabinet Ministers in government have usurped that power and act on the Royal Prerogative while Parliamentary WHIPS ensure that Parliament vote the way the government want them to) BUT Parliament’s supremacy is based upon them acting ON BEHALF OF the people. Are they doing this? No. They do not start wars in our name (Parliament does not even have a say because an act of war is not declared by Parliament. It lies with the Royal Prerogative and, therefore, only a very select few in the Cabinet (and the Monarch’s advisors – which shall include people such as Lord Rothschild and others in her Privy Council) and neither do they legislate in our name NOR sign treaties such as the Lisbon Treaty. YET, EVERYTHING these people do should be as public servants (and WE are the public). It is a TRUST relationship and they as TRUSTEES have broken that TRUST. Time and again. They have a FIDUCIARY DUTY to us and WE are the BENEFICIARIES of that trust.

    People are missing all of this. They have been so conditioned to believe that the government is some form of body of power (They are no elected into POWER, they are elected into OFFICE) while their SOLE role is to serve and administer FOR us.

    Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE creates what is termed a LEGAL PERSONALITY or LEGAL FICTION. As such, you are the SOLE BENEFICIARY and, if you wish (and you should), in such a capacity, you elect an ADMINISTRATOR or DIRECTOR of what is, essentially, a CORPORATION ( Corporations are legal fictions/personalities too). Your NAME is a legal fiction. Now, such an arrangement creates a TRUST between you and the government (While it was created deceptively at first instance). YOU are the controller however. We have 65 million people in this country who are the SOLE BENEFICIARIES of their legal fiction/trust and the government know it. They just don’t wish YOU to know it. As such, WE dictate policy TO our public servants.
    What the government are doing are acting as agents, in effect, for what is known as the CROWN. But that CROWN is NOT Her Majesty, that CROWN is the CROWN CORPORATION.

    Now ask yourself: ARE YOU AN EMPLOYEE OF THE CROWN CORPORATION? If not, then why do you feel you are bound by THEIR (a CORPORATION) statutes when you, like them, have your OWN CORPORATION created, in trust. YOU have your OWN “statutes” (policies) and if you wish to enter into some contract with another corporation you may do so but you may wish to do so under YOUR terms.

    Mr NORMAN SCARTH is NOT, I would believe, a member of the legal society nor a member of the Crown Corporation. The latter have made a presumption at law and I would suggest Mr NORMAN SCARTH (the Corporation) may wish to rebutt their presumptions. He may wish to request that they offer him proof that he is subject to their POLICY. If they cannot offer this proof but simply come up with all manners of other presumptions at law which can also be rebutted, then Mr NORMAN SCARTH (the legal personality which they are acting upon and presuming that the MAN Norman is one and the same – he is not although he is a major component OF the legal personality and, in fact, is sole beneficiary while the state/judiciary etc are simply trustees in the arrangement) should be AND IS free to go unless he has caused actuall injury, harm or loss to another person. IF he has then let that person come forward and state his claim on the PUBLIC RECORD.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Apologies, the above comment was not meant to be anonymous. I have now logged in.

  4. Colin Peters says:

    What an absolutely brilliant news video.
    At long last Norman is achieving what he set out to do a lot of years ago.
    If and when the seemingly impossible happens and the media want instances of the corruption that Norman claims is rampant within the legal and judicial system, then let’s all band together and support him with the evidence that we all possess through our own individual experiences.
    Collectively we can prove beyond any doubt at all that the whole system is rotten to the core.

  5. We know a lot (but not all) of politicians are corrupt. Here is an interesting little article that suggests the politicians knew it as well


  6. D Pugh says:

    I said the Rusia Today would be interested. They appear to be interested in cases in the UK which have gone wrong/bad.

    It puts our TV channels to shame.

    The Russian justice system is nowhere perfect and maybe as corrupt as ours but even they have had enough of the likes of Jack Straw and judiciary and their arrogant criticism of the russian justice system.

    The more the world recognises that our justice sytem is corrupt the more likely something will be done about it. Lawyers should start speaking out as insurance and arbitration and maritime contracts are starting to use singapore and other jurisdictions as jurisdiction for determining disputes. Your top UK lawyer will be undercut by an asian lawyer or he/she may have to relocate [or just become as corrupt as the rest].

  7. Mr Angry says:

    The simple fact that birth registration is under compulsion speaks volumes in itself! REAL MEN like Mr Scarth did not put his life on the line to suffer at the hands of these corporate thugs slavering over their disgusting ill gotten gains! Free this brave man or be damned! How on earth can one be under compulsion in a democratic system?

  8. Anon says:

    Oh no not Mr Hemming jumping on this band wagon as well !

    The abuse within secret family courts has hardly been touched on for years, although he has a massive amount of evidence of authorities stealing children.

    If this is how public servants can treat our elderly what do you think they are doing to the children ?

    These ecclesiastical priests operating within the private bar guilds need exposing for what they really are and it will be the people not public servants that will be doing the exposing.

    • anon says:

      Now if we replaced him with this man then we might get somewhere

      Brian Gerrish – Child Stealing by the State ( 1 hour Talk )

  9. JM says:

    Russia the only country left with freedom of speech now? you’re amaking this all up surely? the world can not actually be this mad….?

  10. JM says:

    forgot this system does not like pointy brackets! (yes, sarcasm)

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