Norman Scarth News as “tweets” from Twitter

11 07 27 Your country needs YOUMany reporters in court today, including Associated Presss.



Weeks have passed and no word from the Queen on Norman’s Pardon. Norman fought for his country and it has come to this.


#FreeNorman @FreeNorman


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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32 Responses to Norman Scarth News as “tweets” from Twitter

  1. Colin Peters says:

    Surely with the strength of public opinion so much in favour of Norman and against the judiciary, as evidenced in the petition, these arrogant public servants (are they not ???) are doing their own cause no good whatsoever.
    By their treatment of him they are showing themselves to be arrogant beyond belief and completely inhuman. This is unacceptable.
    Let’s just hope and pray that any public backlash against them will be all that Norman would want it to be.
    They will have brought it upon themselves.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Oh for heaven’s sake, the old coot needs a solicitor, not a group of keyboard warriors who plainly have no idea what they’re doing. The one sensible practical post that was on here seems to have been removed. Habeas Corpus? Whose bright idea was that?

    • Colin Peters says:

      So Norman needs a solicitor does he?
      Like a hole in the head he does!!!
      A solicitor who will more than likely seek the ‘opinion’ of a barrister?
      A barrister who, in seeking to protect the corrupt ‘system’ that nurtures them all so well will then sell him short before a judge who has no interest at all in Norman; – no interest at all in you or I; and no interest in justice, but guess what!!! An interest only in protecting and preserving the corrupt system that they all thrive upon.
      After being screwed by the whole dirty rotten lot of them there is then the opportunity of putting your grievances before the regulatory bodies, who will then jump on the bandwagon in covering up for and protecting their brother lawyers and judges.
      Sheer unadulterated self and mutual serving corruption.
      But just a minute!!! Isn’t this the reason why Norman is languishing in a prison at this very moment in time???
      Back to the drawing board Jimmy!

      • Jimmy says:

        Would you ask a blogger if you needed heart surgery? No. The principle is the same. If you need something doing, get someone who knows how to do it. You don’t.

      • EXTREMELY well put, Colin!

        Jimmy, it takes a LOT of ‘cases’ to study or personal experiences to reach this state of disillusionment and realism.

        Why would there be a site called “Solicitors from Hell”?

        Why do they try to bankrupt the publisher?

  3. JM says:

    what is this Jimmy’s problem? he smakcs of establishment, especially if same Jimmy who been posting on Hemming’s blog….

    bannedfroms signing up on twitter never understod why….

    it’s entirely impossible to reason with these yobos whoa re entirely unreasoable…the only way to get a name out of one is to kill one in self defence! what it takes to make them admit they’re g-men/ see evidence/ ID is anybody’s guess…..

    it’s not just one or two bad apples anymore. they turned the whole barrel long time ago. i say it’s time to burn down the entire orchid! cases like this prove it’s the only way fwd now….

  4. Jimmy says:

    Just trying to help. I just don’t understand why you want to keep the old man in prison. An appeal and a bit of grovelling maybe you’d get him out with time served. Strasbourg? If they take your case (doubtful) you’ll be lucky to get a hearing in two years. Not much use to him really is it? Get him someone who knows what they’re doing.

  5. JM says:

    duh? you can not be serious? why would you beg/ grovel to the kind of people wh refuse to say whether they even know who they are and are the one’s that are torturing you? why would you give them the satisfaction?
    they inflcited every threat on me even when i capitualted….i know first hand what they’re like better than most (they even murdered my dog for christs sake)….they don’t even stop WHEN they have broken you…’s some kind of satanic sadism i think…..perpetuating their own ‘religion’, which is what it is at end of day….
    applying to a higher power is one way to go. physically defend onelf is another, either on the micro or macro level (i.e. get organised and liberate this country, like in the Libyan model but in reverse)…there doesn’t seem to be any other option, in reality, by anyone who knows what it is really like……..if you’re not one of them i suppose you’re the sort that will just let them break into your house, murder and torture your family and then probably promptly bend over and literally take it up the a*** from them?

  6. Jimmy says:

    Well if he’d rather stay inside than apologise then that’s his choice. But it’s his, not yours.

  7. JM says:

    apologise for what exactly? he’s like me n the sense of not actually even defended himself yet…I really don’t think you have any idea what is going on, now run along and go play with the traffic please….

  8. Play with the traffic? That is hardly an adult response JM.

    We are all entitled to our opinion and Jimmy’s is as valid as yours or mine.

    I am sure we all think it an utter disgrace and that it brings shame to our country seeing Mr Scarth incarcerated in this manner, but it may be that Jimmy’s suggestion is more pragmatic than many on this board.

    The question that needs to be answered is whether Mr Scarth wishes to be released at any cost or whether he believes that his principles are worth sticking to, no matter what the consequences? That is a question only he can answer.

  9. Norman would rather die in prison than ‘play the game’. Why do you think he got a 10 year prison sentence back in 2001? See ‘Political Prisoner Norman Scarth’ on for the history. Norman has sacrificed his freedom [twice now] so that we could have ours. His only ‘crime’ is that he’d uncovered widespread corruption at the highest levels in the courts, government, police and other ‘Authorities’ and that he was unafraid to tackle it head on. He believed that one way this could be done was by bringing private prosecutions against top public servants. Please see his blogs He relentlessly pursued justice through due judicial process throughout his first incarceration, which lasted 6 years [in which he had numerous appeals and other court actions and refused to use a lawyer] and after his release. He says: “If we are ever to have a semblance of Justice in Britain, we must break the stranglehold which the Legal Mafia have on The Law. One way we can do it is by Private Prosecutions (a right we have had from centuries before the police & CPS were invented). THEY know this, which is why they use every dirty trick to obstruct Private Prosecutions. I am seeking to overcome this obstruction by Judicial Review in the High Court.”

    Norman is an intelligent, articulate, upright member of society. He is also a kind and gentle man and very brave indeed. He goes in “all guns blazing” just as he did when he was fighting for Queen and country during WW2. Norman, secretary of the Litigents in Person society, believes in the rule of law, not the rule of law-yers. He has helped many other LIPs, often travelling far and wide to many different courts at his own expense and spending hours transcribing court tape recordings for the benefit of other victims who also refuse to employ a parasite lawyer. Norman knows more than most people about the skullduggery that goes on in courts between solicitors, barristers and judges and he passionately believes in democracy, truth and justice – for all. When he was aged 70 and after learning about widespread fraud in the legal system, “rampant and rife it flourishes unchecked and unreported” he studied law at Leeds University and became a parliamentary candidate, standing against Tony Benn in the 1997 General Election and had intended standing against Tony Blair in the 2001 General Election but was prevented from doing so due to his unlawful imprisonment 2 weeks beforehand. He had single-handedly brought about a vital change in UK law, had written a book naming and shaming dishonest judges and had become a prominent Human Rights activist. As such he was and is a very prickly Thorn in the Establishment’s side and he had to be silenced. BUT the unlawful and malicious actions by those he seeks to expose and bring to book have only succeeded in giving him a stronger, louder voice. Fools if they thought they could lock up and shut him up. No chance. Ever. He’ll never be broken. He weighs less than 8 stone, has spondulosis, osteo-arthritis & congenital fusion of the spine, but he’ll never give up exposing the real criminals and fighting for freedom. OUR freedom. For those of you who do not believe we already live in George Orwell’s big brother society, please research the New World Order [plenty of links on my site.] We are all indebted to Norman. He is a true hero.

    • Jimmy says:

      “Why do you think he got a 10 year prison sentence back in 2001?”

      Trying to chop up a Court Bailiff with a chainsaw as I understand. You’re not actually allowed to do that you know.

      • Colin Peters says:

        Now we know what you’re all about Jimmy.
        At no time as Norman Scarth ever tried to ‘chop up a court bailiff with a chainsaw’.
        That is fact, not fiction so please confine your mini rants to subjects that you KNOW something about.

  10. JM says:

    well said Sharon! I say let’s try and ignore this ‘Jimmy’ twonk, I don’t think he really has no idea, I think he knows damn well and he’s just here to try and provoke….! He smacks of estblishment, rather than gullible numpty, IMHO

  11. Was he convicted and gaoled in 2001? If he was, was was the conviction for?

  12. This is getting confusing. It seems the facts support Jimmy. This may or may not be pertinent to today’s matters, but if he was convicted of trying to cause another person harm by using a chainsaw, then shouldn’t that be acknowledged?

    Mr Scarth may be eccentric but also may be correct that he is being victimised. I have no idea (although I have my suspicions), but denying the entirety of the other side of the story makes one look paranoid and, frankly, a bit crazy.

    All I wish is to know the facts!

  13. Jimmy says:

    He seems to be a paranoid nutter who spends his time going to court hearings and shouting at judges. He’s now banned from courthouses, which I would have thought was enough to deal with the problem. Of course I don’t know exactly what he did but even allowing for remission (which I think is automatic for contempt now) six months is probably a bit harsh.

  14. JM says:

    Facts? One side doesn’t give names, rape, torture and murder with impunity and everything else in between.

    They pick on the weakest and most vulnerable members of society.

    Anybody tries to tand up to them they get victimised even more and ‘criminalised’…or labelled as crazy and given chemical labotomies.

    Never heard the expression history is always written by some C***called Victor?

    What do you think Victor would say if Norman got a gang of his mates together and went around and broke into one of their houses and attacked them? Do you think it wd be ok for them to defend themslves?

    I wasn’t there, so i don’t know exactly what happened. But here is another fact for you. It takes two hands to operate a chainsaw. Yet he was also accused of trying to stab with a knife at same time. I do not believe that Norman has 3 hands! If you have any evidence to the contrary please provide it.
    Regardless, what does one thing have to do with the other? ‘Cept to indicate that vedetta is beig pursued against him?

    According to that link, a ‘judge’ also accused him of being ‘possessed’? so what Centur was this in? Any evidence evil spirits exist and have the ability to possess people? if so, Norman obviously wasn’t guilty…..

    Do you not remember that the Conservatcvs also lost millions in party funding beause the person that left it to themused a metaphor of evil spirits surrounding the Labour govt of the time? So presumably evil spirits only exist when it is convenient to those in power….? where do you think they stand on the tooth fairy?

    Another thing, if you talk to God they call it religion, but when God speaks to you hy call it schizophrenia… why da fuck wasn’t Blair sectioned? He was most definately a danger to other people and still is to some extent….

    The kinder thing to do to him and me wd be to just put us out of our misery….but then they wd cut their evenue streams off…..and they obviously enjoy torturing people too much.

  15. JM – I think you have just made up my mind for me …….. after reading your latest tirade I think I choose to believe the opposite of whatever you write!

  16. JM says:

    ???? stating simple/ the blatantly obvious forces youto choose to believe the ocmplete opposite?? how bizarre

    it seems quite clear to me that someof those illegal enemy combatant types are infiltrating this board….obviously not spook standard as tehy’re not too subtle…..but quite possibly a good sign int he sense that is they are prsion/ court/ poolice ‘staff’ they know they’re on very shaky ground when they axctually try to ‘justify’ their position/ totally unjustifiable…

  17. I am not trying to justify anything, least of all myself, but you are ranting like a madman. You are not even reading what you post. Because I disagree, you think that I work for the prison or court service and that I am infiltrating this board?

    You are bonkers mate – a real fruitcake.

  18. Jimmy, are you suggesting we can rely on newspapers and mainstream media for the facts???!!!

    Norman writes in his blogs on Victims Unite and in various documents on my site “On 8th August 1999 there came a potentially lethal terror attack by a mob-handed gang of West Yorkshire Police (being used as a private army) – without even the pretence of a lawful excuse. They demanded entry & radioed for a battering ram & riot shields – against one solitary old man, doing no wrong in any shape or form. The intention was to silence me by fear, a heart attack or a stroke the hoped for outcome. Few men of my age would not have had one or the other. Though my heart was pounding & my head bursting (as yours would have been) I defied them. Because a crowd of concerned neighbours had gathered, they did not use the battering ram, but instead laid siege to the house for three hours before backing off, saying, “We have decide this is not a police matter”, but adding the sinister threat – “We’ll be back!” (all that, & much more is on tape.)” Also on the same blog: “My fear proved justified on 20th July 2000, when there came a second attack. This time (armed with a bogus Possession Order), they did smash into my home & gave me a brutal kicking that put me in hospital on intravenous treatment. To cover up this police criminality I was stitched up for a non-existent ‘crime’. Instead of my attackers, it was me in the dock at Sheffield Crown Court, a Kangaroo Court if ever there was one. My witnesses & my evidence were banned, AS WERE THE PRESS!” He says: “The very minor ‘collateral damage’ sufered by the bailiff who smashed into my home to do the dirty work of the real villains, the private army of Gestapo police.” N also states: “Provable perjury was not only allowed by Judge Bentley, but he himself repeated it to the jury and virtually directed them to find me guilty. They then gave him the verdict he wanted and he then gave me a ten year sentence – for a first ‘offence’ at the age of 75.” Also: “Others for similar crimes got probation, community service, some who killed got less than 2 years.” And: “Not one case complaining of the bias of a judge has ever reached court. I know of at least 20 LIP complainants.” Norman states so much more – please take the time to read his documentation – he has a brilliant and witty way with words which will make you smile despite the horror he endured and the horrendous message; his unique style is wonderful and everything he says is absolutely true. He is certainly well read, especially in law.

    From my own experiences [going through 6 years of hell in the courts] of widespread corruption in high places in North Wales I have no reason to disbelieve Norman. You have to be a victim of the judicial/govt masonic mafia to believe and support another victim. “You couldn’t make it up” is a phrase I hear so often from other victims. Some victims who bravely battle on forever trying to seek truth and justice through our Royal Courts of Injustice and Corruption meet the same succession of brick walls as Norman did and eventually they too end up getting locked up or forced to flee or drugged until they succumb to death. See the cases of Andy McCardle and Maurice Kirk and Patrick Cullinane. See also other victims’ stories on Victims Unite and also linked to my site.

    Newspapers do not give the facts, only propaganda. Norman had been trying [during his time in prison and after his release] to get truth and justice by his numerous court actions. He, a frail old man, had about as much chance as a mouse in a snake pit [N’s words]. If N’s lawsuit against the Chief Constable Graham Moore [now retired] and the Chairman of the County Police Authority Neil Taggart [now Lord Mayor of Leeds] had not been obstructed by conspiracy and collusion between corrupt lawyers, police officers, the judiciary, prison service and the Home Office he would not now be languishing in prison. If his appeal against conviction, against sentence and his application for bail pending appeal had not been obstructed by the legal establishment, the judiciary, the court service and the prison service or his permission to appeal had not been refused, the perjury by police and human rights violations by the “gangsters with wigs & robes who infest the judiciary” would have been exposed.

    Now let’s examine the ‘chainsaw massacre’ story and see what the Yorkshire Evening Post ‘News’paper are telling us: “The Judge added: “You started up the chainsaw and immediately lunged at Mr Teale with it. He received cuts to his hand as he pushed the blade away. Had the blade sliced into his abdomen, the injury would have been serious if not fatal. You then took a knife and tried to stab Mr Teale, but at that point bailiff Lynden Evans managed to disarm you”.” Right, let’s picture it, Norman, paranoid and crazed [Judge Bentley’s description of him], is apparantly lunging at Mr Teale brandishing a working chainsaw. Mr Teale has pushed the blade away with his hand. Surely Mr Teale would have lost his hand or at the very least had VERY SEVERE CUTS to it. That is not stated by Judge Bentley or the newspaper. Also, Norman has then supposedly grabbed a knife and tried to stab Mr Teale. Why would he bother grabbing a knife when he still has the chainsaw in his hands? [At that point he hadn’t been disarmed!]

    If our mainstream news could be relied on to bring us the truth, there would be no New World Order. There would have been no 9/11 [how the heck did building 7 collapse?!!! – no planes ploughed into it and no fires could be blamed ] There would have been no 7/7, no dead Dr Kelly, no slaughter of Iraq, no need for Brian Haw to spend the last 10 years of his life protesting outside parliament, Libya wouldn’t now be being bombed to bits etc etc etc The few brave journalists, celebs, politicians … who do try to bring us the truth are murdered – JFK, Nancy Schaefer, 2Pac, Sean Hoare suspicious death – Murdoch News Intl phone hacking scandal – police collusion, a number of microbiologists that died in mysterious circumstances in the immediate aftermath of 9/11…

    After the first attempt on his life, Norman made desperate calls for help to the UN Commissioner on Human Rights, to the Council of Ministers of Europe, Amnesty International and every other so-called ‘watchdog’. As N says: “There has not been a single word of acknowledgement. They all claim to be independent, but the news media in particular are as essential to this Police State as was the Propaganda Ministry of Josef Goebbels in Nazi Germany. Controlled by the Press & Broadcasting Committee they will allow the public to know only that which The State wants them to know.” I wrote to MP Tony Benn on N’s behalf, the reply I got was: “I’m afraid you have been mis-informed. I know Mr Scarth.” I wrote back again saying that if Norman’s facts are wrong, could he tell me the true facts. No reply.

    Norman became a marked man when he said: “You will recall that in the Civil Appeal Court on 24th March 1999 I gave lessons in law to you, Lord Justice Otton & LJ Ward. On 24th June 1999 I told you, “Her Majesty the Queen, whose courts these are, is badly served by the shysters who now infest the judiciary”.” Since then it has become his mission, during his latter years in life, with steely determination and in most vocal manner to expose and bring to justice the men in their Secret Societies – thieves and vipers dressed as lawyers and judges and officers of the State, and for that he has paid a heavy price – his liberty, his health and possibly his life.

    Finally for those of you agents provocateurs and quislings [the most cowardly of creatures] who come on these boards to spread your disinformation and slander, just remember, the beast you are protecting will one day turn around and bite you and your loved ones. As Norman rightly says: “What decent person would want to live in this ‘1984’ Police State? Sadly there are millions who enjoy being a part of it, just as in Hitler’s Germany, all but a tiny handful too brainwashed/apathetic/cowardly to speak up.” Sure, Norman could get himself outta there quick smart by playing the game and grovelling and saying all the things the parole board are programmed to accept, but he won’t because it’s not about him. He’s just one very courageous, self sacrificing soul with a very loud voice and a very important message.

    A last word from Noel O’Gara: Judge Jonathan Rose who imprisoned Norman Scarth is himself a dangerous criminal and responsible for knowingly covering up for murderers when he worked as a barrister. Rose is the person who should be behind bars. see for the hard
    evidence. He helped keep Stefan Kiszko in jail knowing him to be innocent and then he assisted in the stitch up of another innocent man Ronald Castree who was jailed for that same crime. How could he ever be made a judge?

  19. JM says:

    yep, what she said! lady obviously has patience of a saint….’fraid i dnt have much of that anymore!

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  25. “It must be true, it was in the paper”????? This ‘Jimmy’ quotes from a ‘Newspaper Report’. How could they publish a Report, when no reporters were ever present, having been banned. by ‘Judge’ David Ronald Bentley? (Banning Order available) Let ‘Jimmy Quisling’ give his full name & address, as I do: Norman Scarth, 36 Anvil Court, BRADFORD BD8 7QW. Email:

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