Abolish the ban on recording court proceedings – picked up from last year’s campaign

Last year it was journalist and author Heather Brooke who voiced her concerns about the difficulties of reporting on court cases without being allowed to record them.

This year we have Norman Scarth in jail since 26 July 2011 for having recorded!

Hence this invitation to sign Abolish the ban on court proceedings – as an add-on and spin-off to Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds Prison.

The first comments are very “promising”:

I was banned by a corrupt judge in Pontypridd, South Wales for taking notes in the public gallery during the fraudulent frame up of Patrick Cullinane by the South and Mid Wales Safety Camera Partnership.
The judge insisted that I handed over my notebook I refused. He accepted that the notebook and pen be kept arms length away from me.
Therefore, anything that means openness and transparency in Society – particularly closed sinister corruption within the HM Partnership; gets my support.

I had to pay for transcripts and had to wait weeks while the transcribers sent them to the court and the judge rewrote them to his satisfaction… all to cover up for an earlier judge who was covering up gross solicitor misconduct. There can be no justice through appeal if judges are allowed to alter the truth. Recording would close this – which is why judges don’t want recordings.

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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20 Responses to Abolish the ban on recording court proceedings – picked up from last year’s campaign

  1. peter oakes says:

    Why does the ” Legal Mafia ” and corrupt Monarchy Establishment want to prevent Recordings in Court instead of their MONOPOLY RECORDING system ???.

    It is for the same reason they don,t allow ” Lie Detector Tests ”

    The total deception of justice, truth, rule of law, will be exposed for the total
    Fraud they have been using for years to ” Secretly Enslave ” British European Citizens.

    It is the same reason they refused to Sign & Committ British Courts to the European Convention of Human Rights. To maintain their ” secret – enslavement” of European Citizens in Britain they deleted ( removed )
    Article 1. of ECHR. This Article 1. BINDS British Courts to uphold ECHR.

    By deleting this Article 1. they prevented British Citizens obtaining their Freedom via. the European Convention in direct Contempt of the European Court of Justice.

    Besides defying Your Right to ECHR they also removed Article 13. The
    Right to a Remedy. Therefore if you are being Tortured, Falsely Imprisoned, Maliciously Bankrupted, Robbed by False Tax Demands You
    have no Remedy as a British European Citizen ! As a British Citizen You
    are a second rate , secretly enslaved european citizen !

    Now if the above was mentioned in any British Court it would NOT ! appear
    in any Transcript you have had to pay for, the words would have been omitted
    or put down as in-audible !

    As Norman now knows the KING. QUEEN. has,nt the courage to reply with an explanation of the Coronation Oath ! because it is now illegal and irrelevant
    because we are no longer HM SUBJECTS secretly enslaved ! We are
    European Citizens being deceived and defrauded by HM Legal Mafia
    lawyers & judges, represented by lick-spittle MP,s to busy fiddleing public

    Now you know WHY they don,t allow Recording in Court it un-ravels and
    reveals British Corruption, Homes stolen, Mortgage fraud,by use of The
    Land Registry, Bogus & Malicious Bankrupties to steal homes & assets
    by the legal process in County Courts, Insolvency Service. DTI. Pension
    thefts & frauds by liquidating sound companies so as to loot the Pension
    Funds. False Tax Demands HMRC. Oppression & Persecution re;
    Norman Scarth for exposing bent judges ! Corrupt judges how about ?

    Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss. kidnapping – child abduction Corey B——–
    perverting justice falsifying the Court Records King of Saudi Arabia !¬
    ( there is a reason they dont want recodings in Court ) How about ?

    Master of the Rolls Nueberger concealing thefts of property via. Insolvency
    witnessed by Rudi Vis MP. who informed the lovely cur John Stephenson
    you know the one ! head of the Met. that did nothing wrong IPCC Aug.
    2011. the rotten cop had been concealing corruption on a monster scale

    Now you know why Cameron want,s to close down Inter-net sites, they
    were O.K. when assisting to get rid of corrupt regimes, Bahrein, Egypt,
    Tunisia, Libya, Britain is just as rotten as these police states.

  2. The ban on recording in courts definitely needs to be lifted. I can think of no good reason why the ban should be in place. There are obviously practicalities to be considered and it may be sensible to ban large recorders with cable microphones etc., but surely hand-held, self-contained recording devices could be used?

  3. Jimmy says:

    There is a ban on broadcasting court proceedings which I think would become impossible to enforce if people had access to recordings. Having seen the circus atmosphere of American trials on tv I support the broadcasting ban. I understand people have concerns about the cost of transcripts, but they’re not cheap to produce. I do however think that the recording and broadcast of appeals should be permitted, but not of anything involving witnesses.

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  5. peter oakes says:

    Dear Jimmy.
    No one is suggesting ” live broadcasting ” of court procedeedings. We are demanding the Court proceedings are video
    recorded ” Live ” 3 copies made ! 1st. for the record. 2.nd. for the Defendant
    3.rd. for the prosecution. and handed over daily to prevent
    ” misunderstandings ” or ” errors” as they said in the case of Dame Elizeth
    Butler-Sloss. When she was caught falsyfing court records his Lordship
    said ” Dame Elizabeth had MIS-Directed herself ” What rubbish ! she had
    perverted justice !

    These recordings can be restricted as to “publicity ” How-ever there purpose
    is ” accuracy ” and the detection of “perjuries” ” perverting justice” etc.

    Concerning witness,s. You need reminding that the Birmingham 6. the
    Guildford 4. & Steve Kisko were all innocent ! yet they had been subjected
    to corrupt witness evidence !

    And further more these were high level published convictions that we know about ! How many more innocent people are banged-up for no other reason than they did,nt make the media or TV news.

    And the Home Office last week admitted approx 30 yes thats right 30 !
    innocent people are imprisoned EVERY WEEK ! and thats a bloody disgrace !
    in this day and age

    We need video recordings and the availability of lie- detectors when two or more individuals contradict ! I know it,s not perfection, but it has got to
    be an improvement on the sheenagans going on at present in our courts.

  6. Derek Abbey says:

    I had overwhelming evidence of total incompetence by a solicitor I had instructed, but when I tried to sue him in court for damages and loss, the crooked judge completely twisted the material evidence and blamed some other party for my loss, when that was not the case.

    I requested, and paid for a transcript, but was continually held back by the court and transcription service. The transcribers repeatedly sent the transcript back to the judge, who would not release it until he was satisfied with its content. No doubt it was also shown to the solicitor who I took to court, to see if he was also satisfied with it.

    When I eventually received the transcript, it was no where near to what was said in court, and even the sentences in the transcript did not follow on correctly to the next page. I always thought that a transcript was a “word for word” copy of the court hearing, evidently it is not.

    British judges and the judiciary system in general is as bent as a wire coat hanger.

    • Dear Derek

      Your comment ought also to go on the petition “Abolish the ban on recording court proceedgins”. I have just submitted the analysis of the comments of the Free Norman petition to the Justice Committee and a few other supportive MPs and I hope we’ll get as many comments together for recording! See http://bit.ly/oETGYz

    • Andrew Jackson says:

      Well, I hope Derek that you’ve placed that solicitor onto the “solicitors from hell” website, as it’s the ONLY recourse open to the common man or woman.

  7. peter oakes says:

    Hi Derek.
    I am deeply concerned with your comment ” the transcribers sent
    the transcript to the judge for approval ” before you obtained it !

    I was under the belief Transcribers removed items of contention from
    years of training and to keep hold of their priviledged monopoly as Transcribers.

    I had no idea Transcripts were sent to the Courts for approval, before being
    sent to the ” buyer ” If this can be proven ? then it renders Transcripts null
    & avoid as an accurate record of the Court proceedings.!

    Many of us, victims know there is vital pieces missing or deleted in someway
    but put this down to official convenience, rather than deliberate tampering
    with evidence !

    Can anyone substantiate your claim, as this will go a long way to bring
    pressure on the corrupt system for actual daily recordings to prevent
    tampering, perverting justice, We can also name and shame Transcribers
    cos. the ain,t that many. Making claims of wrog-doing is rife we need
    examples. That is why I call Master of the Rolls Nueberger. and Dame
    Butler-Sloss as criminals ! I can prove it !

    I have,nt been arrested YET ! and I don,t think the crooks will crawl from
    under their rocks into the light of Truth ! to complain about my statements
    of truth. along with judge Onions, Fletcher, Elgan Edwards, Woodward,

    Come on judges prove me a liar, it should be easy for you as your bloody
    expert liars and perverters thieves & frauds as know accessories before
    and after the offences you conceal in HM Courts.

    Name & Shame the treacherous venal cretins !

  8. Jimmy says:

    Bizarrely it would appear that Mr. Scarth’s legal “experts” decided it would be a good idea to make an audio recording of the High Court hearing and podcast it. This proves my point that recordings will inevitably be broadcast, but besides that you have to ask yourself what these brain donors were thinking. They seem to doing their best to keep him locked up.

  9. peter oakes says:

    Hi See You, Jimmy.
    What point are You making ? is it court proceedings are a circus for entertainment ? or are they to see the Law is upheld and Justice seen to be done ?

    Whether or is it weather comments from Normans supporters are aimed at keeping Him in Jail are Bye the Bye !

    Norman is in jail because of PRINCIPLE. RULES. RULES that apply to everyone.
    And Yes He is an arwckward Cuss with more ” Back bone ” ( no transplants
    for this commodity ) and principle !

    Norman stands for that ” silly sod ” that worked for a company for 35 years,
    paid his dues, then experienced his the firm he worked for ” Loyaly ” for
    35 years ” Bogusly Bankrupted ” so that solicitors & judges could loot
    the pension fund !”

    Then when he seeks redress for the THEFT of his & Families Pension + Lump Sum. He is told to ” Seek Legal Advice ” In other words ” Go back to the legal mafia that robbed you in the first place. Daily Express todays date FRONT
    PAGE . Pensioners retireing today will loose ” 60% of their pension over the
    next 20 years ”

    How ? does the Daily Express KNOW This ? Answer the media Express, Mirror, Times, Telegraph, and of course THE GUARDIAN have known for
    years about the ” Legal Mafia judges, solicitors, barristers, police ” looting
    the European Citizens of Britain. That is Why the Mafia removed Article 1
    and Article 13. ECHR. The Fundamental Rights of a European Citizen.

    And that is the reason certain vested interest want Norman in jail and hopefully
    disposed of ! like they did to Harold Shipman. murderer to ” Order ” for
    Lawyers ! Shipman. never murdered a person with nowt. He murdered to
    ” Order ” for assets, houses, stocks-shares, etc. He did,nt murder any
    layabouts, dole getters, or other dregs of society ! It,s an industry. And the
    general public are ” farmed ” like animals and then fleeced in HM COURTS

    Every Copper know,s it ! but keeps gob shut for pension ! see. easy peasy

    And as I have said before Dame Elizabeth Butler- Sloss is a kidnapper
    & child abductor, falsyfier of Court Records, and Master of The Rolls Nueberger is concealing Thefts & Frauds by use of the Insolvency Service !

    WHEN ? are they going to put me inside next to Norman ? or will it be the
    Sectioning Mental Health Act Re: Robert Ashman. 10 years ago !

    The Whole British European population need sectioning the retarded fools!

    How many times do you need to shout Fire, Or Cry Wolf. answer You need
    a riot in London and a stabbing at the Nottinghill Carny. 6, 000 police
    doing the OBVIOUS and still the Video,s were,nt working Re; Brazilian
    electrician shot dead by accident by 7 met. goons, no film on train. no film on station, no f–All.

    Grow-up! Get real ! it is all around you ! but you cannot see wood for trees.

    • Jimmy made a valid point in my opinion. He intimated that, whatever motives Mr Scarth had for making the recording and then broadcasting it, it was not conducive to keeping him out of gaol. I certainly think he is aware of what he is doing and knows that he will gain the most publicity by staying in gaol and I neither condemn or praise him for that attitude.

      He is attracting publicity, but I am not sure that it is being properly focussed. You, however, have resorted to ranting and raving and are not helping to advance your opinion at all. People will read sentences like these below and perhaps reach the conclusion that you are rather slightly off the plot.

      “That is Why the Mafia removed Article 1 and Article 13. ECHR”

      “The Whole British European population need sectioning the retarded fools!”

  10. Jimmy says:

    “What point are You making ?”

    That if you’re trying to help someone appeal after he’s been banged up for taping a court, it’s probably not too clever to put two fingers up by doing exactly the same thing again. And then telling everyone you’ve done it.

  11. peter oakes says:

    Why don,t you listen ? think ? We are supposed to live in a democracy
    where freedom of speech and thought are allowed !

    They are allowed until the public start taking notice !

    Funny not Ha Ha. but as in truth. Why have you avoided the Daily Express
    headline today ? ” Pensioners retiring today will lose 60% of their pension
    over the next 20 years ”

    Buy a house now ! they will increase 25 % over the next 5 years . Oh
    and Rents will be going up by £200 / month because of the Housing
    shortage and first time buyer,s cannot get on the ” Housing Ladder ”

    In the meantime the youth of today is bust going to UNI. so that they can get
    £ 30,000 in debt ! I am no academic but how does anyone owing
    £ 30, 000 get a mortgage ?.

    At 67 years of age I now realise I am an alien, I don,t belong on terra firma
    the worlds gone mad ! but no doubt Obama. T.Blair. teflon Tony
    Cameron have the remedy.

    In the meantime Norman Scarth is in a prison for telling the ” tactless truth ”

    Save- save – save interest rate 3% if you are lucky ! Truth inflation 5%
    admitted ( more like 10% ) either way for saving money YOU lose.

    And poor old royal Wooton Basset won,t be on the telly anymore, embarrasing
    the Government on our sons & daughters killed in an illegal war fighting
    for queen & country a country now being invaded by immigrants from god
    knows where. a land fit for heroes ? and the un-employed.

    • earthlinggb says:

      Peter Oakes: Well done sir. But you are trying to preach to the afflicted. They will never understand you nor wish to. To paraphrase a man by the name of Paul Craig Roberts:

      The unwillingness or inability to entertain any view of “the law” different from the official view dooms to impotence many Internet sites that are opposed to the wars and to the rise of the domestic police state. These sites, for whatever the reasons, accept the government’s/judiciary’s view and the status quo; yet, they try to oppose the judiciary’s actions and the police state which are the consequences of accepting the view of how law should be enacted and procedures which are put in place by that same group of people. Trying to oppose the consequences of an system whose justifications you accept is an impossible task.

      If you believe, on one hand, that the system put in place has been done so for your benefit then you will forever be arguing against yourself and they will forever win on the basis of you accepting their ultimate authority.

      A country whose population has been trained to accept the government’s word and to shun those who question it is a country without liberty in its future.

      Most of the people on this forum haven’t got a damned clue what they’re talking about or are up against. They will forever bow to the system that, through its own corruption (purposefully) will keep Norman Scarth in jail if it so wishes, will bankrupt whoever it so wishes and will allow true criminals within its own system – such as Lord Chancellor Clarke – to get away with murder.

      Good luck to you all in your absolute impotence and incompetence.

  12. There are a couple of issues in Earthlinggb’s latest reply that I would take issue with.

    I don’t agree that ….”Trying to oppose the consequences of an system whose justifications you accept is an impossible task.”

    I see no dichotomy in believing a system justified whilst still opposing the consequences. Surely we can all see the justification for maintaining the rule of law whilst still objecting against the resulting unfairness suffered by people such as Mr Scarth? I want the rule of law improved, not scrapped!

    Secondly, this statement …. “A country whose population has been trained to accept the government’s word and to shun those who question it is a country without liberty in its future” ….. cannot possibly apply to the UK. We do not shun those who question the government – I question the government all the time, but I am not “shunned.”

    It is others, like the previous contributor who may find themselves shunned, not because of the system, but because they cannot seem to apply appropriate reactions to the actions of others, a good example of which can be seen in his/her final sentence.

  13. peter oakes says:

    To earthling.garb.
    Thank you brother alien for seeing, a bit of light
    or is it lite ! I am just doing My incompetent best to try and adjust, tweak,
    a world out of order, I have had the good fortune to have worked overseas
    for 25 years ( out of the uk. or midin as I call it ) My last 10 years were in
    Libya ! ( and yes I was in Libya when they bombed it, and PC. Fletcher was
    shot ? in London when I was on leave) Oh and bye the way , When an Aircraft had been hi-jacked and wanted to land in Tripoli. ( those hi-jackers cost me 4 days of my field break and endless pestering by Kate Adey. amongst other world media vulture presenters
    of TV News.)

    I have had the good luck to get a job ( work ) I have had 25 of overseas work in my lifetime and pleased to say My employers would hire me again, If they had,nt been bankrupted, victims of theft and frauds, All of them were creators, chancers,
    gamblers, money where your mouth is !, but I got paid, on the dot. and yes I worked for Haliburton, Brown & Root. Sante Fe. Nolty Theriot, Caterpillar.

    All American and run by good people. For gods sake dont mention Politicians.
    They never did a days work in their life ! And don,t come the dichtomony crap

    Most hard , gut busting Americans I knew were iliterate, from Southern States
    Texas, Alabamah, Okies, Coon Asses, They would,nt Know what a dicktome
    was. They think it came from the cat house, or is it pussy shop ? You get
    my drift.

    And these guys would show you a days work ( like 12 hours bustin ass ) our
    young tender university -gap year cum substantial debtors would cringe At !

    And don,t mention Authority. Respect is earned ! Not demanded, and don,t
    blame some one who knows the differance as Non Compliant, or Malcontent

    How do you respect corruption, Thefts & Frauds ??

  14. rose says:

    How would judges lie if all is recorded?

  15. peter oakes says:

    Dear Rose.
    Judges lie and pervert justice because they are Govnt. agents
    and given immunity from prosecution. The Judges are fully aware of their
    Treason !

    Please observe the Leveson enquiry regarding phone “hacking” in the
    royal courts of injustice. Taking place right now !

    You will note that behind corrupt judge Leveson there is a large blue
    curtain, beyond sight of the media and public is the royal cipher cum
    coat of arms that is the royal warrant that gives authority to any court.

    Any old room in any old building will be a court of bogus law if the royal
    cipher is hung on the wall behind the judge.

    The purpose of this cipher is to say “The King is Present ” same as a church
    alludes to god being present.

    Any judges telling lies. perverting justice, committing offences in front of
    this cipher is committing treason because of his oath, the same applies
    to barristers, solicitors, police constables.

    When these oath sworn criminals are going to commit treason, they retire
    to chambers, to conspire in another room that is not a court of law!

    That is why the cipher is hidden behind Leveson, they hope the public
    do not realise the ruse taking place, these corrupt judges have relied
    on the Publics ignorance from time immorial. and they are guilty of
    Treason !

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