One more week in Prison before the Appeal is heard on Friday 9th September 2011

Next week it’ll be for Norman Scarth, in the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand in London again.

Let us hope that even more supporters

So far, the Ministry of Justice and the Justice Committee have been informed about the results:


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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6 Responses to One more week in Prison before the Appeal is heard on Friday 9th September 2011

  1. A week is a long time in politics – and a long time in prison. Let’s just hope his appeal is successful.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I see the dream team lost again yesterday:

    Let’s hope he has a proper lawyer this time.

  3. peter oakes says:

    False imprisonment will be ended If Christopher Booker
    publishes the release of Elizabeth Watson. IE: Same offence : That is
    Not a Criminal Offence, it is a Perk for a Tyrannts, wherebye Freemen & European Citizens that are not ” licking his shoes ” or dare I say showing respect ! touching their forelock or genuflecting to this pompous idiot. that demands respect ! but shows non for justice, truth, law, or decent citizens. that in truth are ” Victims ” Victims the police don,t want to recognise ” but
    gladly accept their pay from the ” Victims Taxes ” under false pretences etc.”

    The police should be prosecuted by Trading Standards for taking wages under false pretences, Sale of Goods Act. for taking money and not providing the Services paid for ie. arresting criminal solicitors & judges

    The Respect a Tyrannt demands ! He- She does not respect ECHR the Fundamental Rights of a European Citizen ! You know the secretly enslaved Taxpayer with no Rights, The police don,t even respond when the ” Victim ” is
    being unlawfully, kidnapped, press ganged, Hi- Jacked into a Tyrannts prison.

    There is no such criminal offence as Contempt of Court. If you went in to a Top Celeb Chef cafe and were served a ” Turd on a Plate ” the arrogant chef would claim ” You are treating his gaff with contempt ” ( cos he,s on telly see ) If you refused to eat the Sh–t.

    Why do British Judges demand we put up with their dishonest S–t and then get dip stick police to support them ! Oh and the Prison staff, ( cum drug dealers, phone suppliers etc ) It must be them or members of the Magic Circle
    that get drugs & phones into prisons

    Nobody should be imprisoned for more than 4 days. It should be a Jury His
    fellow citizen that say,s guilty or not guilty ! Not some Mafia member covering up for his bent colleagues

  4. Stanley Embling says:

    Peter how right you are again PETER …..therefore there should have been NO delays whatsoever in releasing Norman other than a Political one surely??
    They Government as with The Judiciary, Lawyers, know that Norman Scarth highlights a very serious flaw that’s being allowed to operate against us “VICTIMS” even though very serious crime was committed against most of us yet ignore by Government/s The Police Judiciary Lawyers ( over many decades,) whom without doubt continue to turn a blind eye and allow it to continue to happen and progress!! A very serious Flaw that Russian TV draw attention to because most of our own media (restricted by D Notices from the \present and former Governments,) won’t get involved with made most obvious over many years…
    What of the Democratic Rights Fundamental Freedoms and Common Justice as detailed in UN Booklets on Human Rights, also as detailed in The ECOHR, and The Many EU Treaties, that Norman Scarth , Myself, and many hundreds of thousands of other men and women who “Laid our lives on the Line” (many paying the ultimate,) to preserve and protect in 2(two,) WW’s?? Perhaps MR DAVID CAMERON or MR Kenneth CLARKE, can answer WHY HAVE WE The many BEEN allowed to be:- WELL AND TRULY STABBED IN THE BACK by Fifth Collumist Quizlings ????????

    PS…By the way Peter, did you entered the Details of the massive “Corporate” Fraud to The proper Channels of The EEC as you stated (in former comments,) you would do, but only If I agreed, (which I later placed a reply COMMENT, in a former Posting from Sabina agreeing to such… ??)
    But since giving you that go ahead Iv’e had NO further info from anyone concerning the many 10’s Millions of EEC Funds and Grants (meant for retraining redundant steelworkers,) which former British Steel unlawfully diversified into their own coffers, away from, and unknown to the many duped/deceived, deprived redundant Victims, myself being just one of the many victims until unearthing such facts from December 1998 to 2004…..Have you received and response From The EU Commissioners please??, Regards Stan…..

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