Stop Fraudsters Selling Stolen Houses – the petition of the owner of a stolen home

This is a petition by someone to whom it happened: she bought a house that turned out to have been stolen.

But what about those victims whose businesses and homes were stolen through fraudulent bankruptcies before they were sold on by corrupt insolvency practitioners, accountants and lawyers?

  • Mr Ebert wrote something on the house that was taken from him as part of a fraudulent bankruptcy
  • he is now provoking the police to show “beyond any reasonable doubt” that it is NOT his house…
  • other “key cases” are still struggling for justice and compensation…

And what about those who foster this greed and materialism because they put dishonest money into circulation? See


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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8 Responses to Stop Fraudsters Selling Stolen Houses – the petition of the owner of a stolen home

  1. Definitely a petition worth signing. This is not something I have ever heard of before and would be catastrophic for anyone who purchased a ‘stolen’ house.

    Surely there is a case that can be brought against the conveyancing solicitor, who must have a duty of care in all their activities?

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    Whilst such abuse is allowed, continue taking place within her Majesties Courts and ignored by progressive Governments, (many of whom within the Governments are either Solicitors or Barristers,)..Surely until such abuse is outlawed and proper Recording allowed within Her Majesties Courts, then us many Victims (past and present,) who’s experienced such theft of property by fraudulent means, will continue to suffer!! Therefore I say….isn’t it about Time this Government got their fingers out and made to Ban this continuing theft of Property by Fraudulent means!!… Surely??

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    notthinkingaloud……Having read your Comments it’s made most obvious you’ve had No dealing with the former OSS, The Solicitors Regulatory Services, or The SRA….who are a “self Regulating “ORGANISATION” Run by The LAW society……Had you done so more than not you would have discovered (as many more Victims discovered when too late,) that these “Self Regulating Authorities” are only there to protect the Interests of The fellow brethren Solicitors….And also, but Not Least you cannot Trust the Police to Investigate (if complaints are laid to them!….. Because Their Association of The Cheif of Police Officers are locked into “A (cloaked,) MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING” with The Law Society, (who control the SRA,) also with Insurers, plus other “corporate” Organisations; which I can assure you is a real smack of “COMMON PURPOSE”!…. More akin to protecting each others interests rather than affording DEPRIVED VICTIMS any investigation/action to ensure them (or myself,) our Democratic Rights, and access to Common JUSTICE; or what was stolen from them (also myself,) in the first instance! ..Therefore notthinkingaloud I would suggest if you didn’t know about the(cloaked,) “Memorandum of Understand ACPO have with the many other “SElf Regulating Authorities” Google will most certainly enlighten you…..

  4. Thank you for that – I shall read further to see if I can find unbiased and neutral reporting about these Memorandums of Understanding. That way, I will be able to draw my own conclusions as to the extent of their grip on the legal system.

  5. peter oakes says:

    Property frauds are widespread, and known to the police and
    Land Registry for at least 9 years !

    For those with little or no experience I suggest you Google :

    ” Fraud on Cheshire Building Society ” £50,million ! 4 solicitors –
    Property Valuer & Estate Agent 6 people into £8 million ea. + expences.

    The former Chairman of Cheshire Building Society. High Rank Grand Lodge
    Freemason———— any connection ????

  6. peter oakes says:

    You need to realise that property theft & fraud is facilitated by Govnt. agencies
    the courts, land registry, insolvency service re: bogus & malicious bankruptcies
    because of the Official connection it means that the Treasury is liable to
    compensate Victims because of Official “gross negligence”. Because it is
    gross negligence it is also Criminal ! therefore the Gov. including the police
    are accessories and accomplices in serious criminal offences thefts, frauds etc.

    Every local Cllr. judge, MP. constable etc. swear allegiance to HM the queen,
    it is her Government ie. HM Government. disregard all the democratic
    bull s–t. you are a secretly enslaved taxpayer – worker with No Human Rights
    as enjoyed by French, German, Italian european citizens all your MPs know
    this and therefore steal from us using many devices, expences, planning
    permission for friends, contracts from schools, hospitals, hmp,s etc. to
    provide transport, food, stationery etc. to enrich their accomplices

    We must be bloody stupid ! the MOD ministry of defectives has just admitted to projects being 40 years late and £6 billion over budget ! Now that is theft
    and fraud in your face ! this money has been diverted in a hundred ways to
    enrich corrupt civil servants, do not expect any action in your life-time !!

  7. peter oakes says:

    Todays Press Gazzette 5th Aug. 2014. Daily Mirror lawyers defending the
    Mirror re: phone hacking have complained that the Fee,s charged by the other-sides lawyers are highly disproportionate! being lawyers they are to
    scared to call it THEFT ! by Legal means might draw the legal mafia into
    disrepute ??.

    So where are the Daily Mirror brave- decent hacks Now ! Victims Unite has been telling them the Truth about Judicial thefts-frauds facilitated by HM Court Service, Insolvency Service with the police as their accomplices ! and fellow

    Oh wonderful Mirror readers how you have been duped and betrayed! the Mirror treats you all as Andy Cap or is it the Handicapped ? mentaly
    challenged defectives, they certainly treat you with contempt !

    The Mirror gladly makes out it is on the Public side by it,s two faced articles
    No win no fee medical claim victim got £2000, his lawyers got £63,000

    Silly, silly Mirror readers they believe any cobblers ! but cannot see their NHS being destroyed by thefts & frauds committed by Lawyers ! legal thieves
    and professional liars and the Mirror could end it tomorrow if it was not corrupt!
    itself confirmed by it,s phone hacking, pity they did,nt hack a few lawyers !

  8. peter oakes says:

    Getting back to the meat of this petition. Stop people getting the monies for selling Stolen Houses !

    Stealing is Theft ! Fraud is a theft ! Where is plod the policeman ?

    Does he know about The Proceeds of Crime Act. ?? no they are two busy getting paid under false- pretences ! Every crime TV programme you see is cops working 36 hours a day, busting arse catching crook ,guys in hooped shirts, drug dealers and of course the money maker speeding motorists,
    and of course putting their lives on the line more often than a suicide bomber.

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