The Abuse of Grandma B – a sad story of organised white collar crime

Whether it’s children or the elderly: when money is in sight, Social Services, local Police, local councils and politicians – they seem to prefer to benefit from bribes than stand up for the vulnerable and victims…

This link is about her short story and this one a bit longer – very reminiscent indeed of Paulette H Cooper whose assets have been plundered in the same systematic way. On top of that, she now is suffering from NHS blunders… But, of course, the NHS is protected by a Royal Charter just like all other civil servants…

Here’s an article about the diamond wedding and here about the husband’s death.

Some call it ‘state terrorism’ when the state is out to get its citizens – whether as individuals or ‘en bloc’ and ‘en masse’…

For any hope for justice or compensation seems useless. But we owe it to our conscience to have tried our best!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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18 Responses to The Abuse of Grandma B – a sad story of organised white collar crime

  1. This is a startling story – it is definitely worth reading the longer version in order to get a true idea of what is going on.

    You would hope that if, as stated, there is sufficient evidence to bring a prosecution against the wrongdoers in this case then that prosecution is brought without delay.

    I would add one note of caution however – and that is based upon the Wikipedia page relating to Peter Hofshroer. He is obviously an intelligent and well-read man, but these two sentences should also be taken into consideration:-

    “Fellow historian John Hussey successfully sued Peter Hofschroer for defamation in 2008 after Mr Hofschroer used internet forums to attempt to discredit Mr Hussey and his work.”

    “Peter Hofschroer was banned from The Miniatures Page (TMP) forum following his behaviour towards fellow forum members.”

    It is difficult to ascertain the accuracy of these statements, but if they are true can we be sure that the article is completely accurate? Or am I being over-cautious in my assessment?

    • Grandma B says:


      If you speak the truth, expect nutters and criminals to object to that.

      Hussey is criminally insane and has been stalking me for a good fifteen years now. He and his pals fabricated a libel case against me because they did not like the facts I raised in history books about the first duke of Wellington.. Hussey is a pal of the eighth duke, as was the judge in this bogus case, which was an abuse of process. You may like to ask him if he has tried to enforce judgement, which he would have to do in my domicile in Austria. He has not, as there is an arrest warrant out for him for the criminal offences he has committed against me.

      Like I say, criminally insane.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are true i am victim also and there are
      many others further more the evidence examined by
      professionals expert in the required fields.

  2. peter oakes says:

    In 2001 I knew the police, solicitors, courts and other Govnt. agencies were
    totaly corrupt and worked against members of the public that owned their own houses etc. The preferred method was theft by the Insolvency process on
    bogus debts for tax or any other handy device.

    I joined ” Grey Power ” in Stoke on Trent. Grey Power is part of the National
    Pensioners Convention. I tried to alert the pensioners to the threats to their
    homes etc. I attended the National Convention in Blackpool obtained
    contacts and members etc. I then contacted ” Help the Aged ” Citizens
    Advice etc.

    It became obvious to me many years ago ! the Home Office, MPs, Govnt
    agencies, leading charities have known about this corruption for years & years
    they know the police are institutionaly corrupt from the chief constables down to Sgnts. In fact Sgnts. go no further unless they join in the corruption !

    Because HM Government has been grossly negligent ! the Govnt. is liable for damages to the Victims ! Hence the CPS term ” it is not in the Public Interest ”

    They mean it is not good for the general public to know we are governed by
    incompetents & criminals, and Theresa May is having a ” clean-up ” attempt by
    laying of 3,000 police. Are these honest police ? No they are bent, but the
    Govnt. won,t admit it.

    The corrupt judiciary rob us blind Re: Nueberger, thefts of £ 10 mill. concealed
    because judges & the legal mafia used HM Courts & Insolvency to steal
    property. This mafia protects the police because they are it,s Goon Squad
    terrorising, fitting-up, Oppressing any one who objects to being a victim.

    The Daily Mail is a major supporter for this corruption in it,s propaganda articles, lets see if it publishes our fellow victims release from Holloway in
    the sameway it published her false- malicious imprisonment !

    Good luck to ALL VICTIMS. we are getting through slowly, very slowly
    but the trickle will turn to flood and then a torrent when the right case
    becomes public, at the moment Joe Soap cannot believe it is true

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    Whilst the Judiciary and Solicitor control happenings within courts and get away using calumny and detraction against innocent Victims to blacken name and ruin good Characters and then after doing get away with supplying totally inaccurate Transcripts from biased “hearings” ; and The Government/s (many of whom are Solicitors and/or Barristers,) allows them to carry on doing so! Until such utter abuse within Her Majesties Due court process is totally banned (and proper recording facilities installed,) , and the sinister Memorandum of Understanding” that operates between ACPO , The Law Society, Insurers and other “Corporate” Organisations; a smack of Common Purpose more akin to Hitlers Nazi Regime (after The Reichstag Fire of 1933,) is totally outlawed..then We the innocent Victims seeking access to our Democratic Rights, Freedoms and Common Justice will sadly, continue to suffer the many detriments unjustly!.. Surely??

  4. It seems that the Local Government Association have a guidance note entitled:-
    “Guidance note on ‘unreasonably persistent’ complainants and ‘unreasonable complainant behaviour”. In this document they list what they consider constitutes this “unreasonable” behaviour …..

    Refusing to specify the grounds of a complaint, despite offers of assistance with this from the authority’s staff.

    Refusing to co-operate with the complaints investigation process while still wishing their complaint to be resolved.

    Refusing to accept that issues are not within the remit of a complaints procedure despite having been provided with information about the procedure’s scope.

    Insisting on the complaint being dealt with in ways which are incompatible with the adopted complaints procedure or with good practice.

    Making what appear to be groundless complaints about the staff dealing with the complaints, and seeking to have them replaced.

    Changing the basis of the complaint as the investigation proceeds and/or denying statements he or she made at an earlier stage.

    Introducing trivial or irrelevant new information which the complainant expects to be taken into account and commented on, or raising large numbers of detailed but unimportant questions and insisting they are all fully answered.

    Electronically recording meetings and conversations without the prior knowledge and consent of the other persons involved.

    Adopting a ‘scattergun’ approach: pursuing a complaint or complaints with the authority and, at the same time, with a Member of Parliament/a councillor/the authority’s independent auditor/the Standards Board/local police/solicitors/the Ombudsman.

    Making unnecessarily excessive demands on the time and resources of staff whilst a complaint is being looked into, by for example excessive telephoning or sending emails to numerous council staff, writing lengthy complex letters every few days and expecting immediate responses.

    Submitting repeat complaints, after complaints processes have been completed, essentially about the same issues, with additions/variations which the complainant insists make these ‘new’ complaints which should be put through the full complaints procedure.

    Refusing to accept the decision – repeatedly arguing the point and complaining about the decision.

    Combinations of some or all of these.

    So it seems that there is a list of “Do Nots” which the complainant must adhere to if they wish to be listened to. It strikes me as bizarre that the organisation being complained about is able to set the rules for how the complaint is made.

    A little one-sided perhaps?

  5. peter oakes says:

    I think ” notthinkingoutloud ” is a Government Plant ! ” Double Cross ”

    cum triple cross ! There to confuse, obfuscate, muddy the waters, any dam thing to extend the debate with endless drivel ! He- She knows full well ! what is going on from the comments Made !

    Now NOTHINKINGOUTLOUD Master of the Rolls Nueberger is a criminal concealing theft, theft of Mr.Eberts Home by use of the Insolvency Process

    Dame Elizabeth Butler- Sloss is a child Abductor Re; Corey r. Br Y. and
    a perverter of justice because She falsified the Court Records concerning the King of
    Saudi Arabia

    Stop changing the subject ! address the facts ! The Country is totaly corrupt and run by the Legal Mafia, a group of Freemasons Judges, Lawyers & senior Police Officers and protected by Lawyer MPs like Edward Timpson

    Facts. not opinions. We are Secretly Enslaved by a corrupt establishment and You are part of that Establishment. Hence the knowledge expressed in your comments. Civil Servants are taugnt , coached, trained to destroy an Individual citizen they deem non compliant ! and Teachers are part of this
    massive fraud ! a youth of fifteen years has had 10 years education paid for by taxpayers. result : illiterate lout, locked out of society because he has been deliberately educationaly HANDICAPPED by fraudulent teachers , taking
    wages for turning out a Malcontent who cannot stack the shelves in Tesco
    cos. He can,t read- reed. get my drift.

    Google : Cheshire Building Society Fraud ! Google: Gorsey Hey Masonic
    Home where a registered charity was robbed !

    DRIP DRIP DRIP. then rivulet, stream, flood, torrent, equals SUNAMI it,s
    on the way, but takes time, time the fraudsters ain,t got ! The US Govnt.
    is going to sue 5 Banks including a British Bank ! Victims Unite have lots of Info. for the US Marshals.

    • Jimmy says:

      “a youth of fifteen years has had 10 years education paid for by taxpayers. result : illiterate lout, locked out of society because he has been deliberately educationaly HANDICAPPED by fraudulent teachers , taking
      wages for turning out a Malcontent who cannot stack the shelves in Tesco
      cos. He can,t read- reed. get my drift.”

      I’m sorry to hear that. Have you considered evening classes?

  6. Peter – you are a fool – government plant my arse.

    Have you ever taken the time to read the drivel you spout before you even post it on this site?

    I am becoming heartily sick of you and the barely comprehensible tripe you peddle on here. I have made no personal comments about you, yet you accuse me in this manner. You are a disgrace of a man!

    You tell me not to change the subject – but it is you who keeps bringing the topics back to Dame Butler-Sloss – what has she got to do with the Grandmother in this blog?

    You have made me so fucking angry with your semi-literate ramblings. Did you even bother to read my last comment? Is the whole world against you? The freemasons have teamed up with the mafia now according to you.

    You are an idiot and should give up your online ramblings. You even say that I am trying to extend the debate, but surely that is what you want?

    My conscience is clear. I am a man of integrity and I am an honest man. I am certainly not paranoid and delusional.

    Sabine – I understand if you wish to remove this comment and I apologise for venting my anger in such a way, but people like Oakes should not be allowed to get away with their behaviour.

  7. peter oakes says:

    I feel sorry for you And Jimmy.

    Yes I did go to night school 1960 through 65. after I had done a days work as an Apprentice. And yes I can still get a job world wide in Marine or Oil Field
    Engineering ! It,s Something to do with a ” Skill Shortage ” I hear Morrisons
    are offering 3 Year Apprenticeships ( doing what ? ) I served My time 6 Years

    And thank god I did, It stood me in could stead and fed my family. No dole,
    benefits, or other hand outs.

    And regarding Dame Elizabeth Butler- Sloss. She Kidnapped a child or to
    lower it a touch. She abducted a Child. Inspector Wood. Burslem Police Station when confronted with the ” complaint in 200- ” said I can,t fault it. But
    I will have to ” kick it upstairs before I arrest her ” Fact. not your gobble de gook fact.

    Now Kidnapping carries a sentence of Life Imprisonment. a serious arrestable
    offence, and for your info. ignorant you are! a Serious Arrestable Offence IS.

    An Offence that carries five years or more, first offence, for a Person Over
    Eighteen Years of Age.

    You should pay attention to My comments on ” Victims Unite ” because they are the truth and researched backwards and forwards to establish there VERACITY !

    Get back on Facebook -Twitter- CB Radio with the over time wasters ! There is
    serious business going on with-your and every other Citizens Interests at Heart

    Norman Scarth is in a squalid cell, standing-up for your rights, Your not fit
    company for the man. go of and tittle tattle elsewhere.

    And IF you wan,t to know the TACTLESS TRUTH of judges corruption
    be in Hendon Magistrates Court 10am. Tuesday next. Sept.6th. 2011.

    See; the theft of a FAMILY HOME witnessed by Rudi Viz MP in 2001.

    Be there or go back to your bingo. cum dog walking you insignificant ———–

  8. peter oakes says:

    Dear Victims of ” Victims Unite ”

    Would you All please read COMMENT 9.

    You will then understand what I say concerning AGENTS. After 20 years
    experience you can read between the lines !

    ” All done in the best possible taste of course ” Kenny Everit dressed as a
    trany showing knickers.

    Get My Drift ?

  9. Peter – you need a lie down I think. Your posts are becoming increasingly bizarre and unhinged.

  10. peter oakes says:

    Is it Thinking out loud or just not thinking ?

    At 08.21 hrs. today. Sept.-2.2011 You said on Victims Unite

    Your Comment. Quote :

    ” You would hope that if as stated, there is sufficient
    evidence to bring a prosecution against the wrongdoers in this case. Then
    that prosecution is brought without delay ”

    ” Or am I being over-cautious in my assessment ”

    Your WORDS When you wen,t to great lengths to point out a ” Victim ”
    on Victims Unite had been sued for Libel. ! To destroy his credibility.

    You are a dirty little git engaged in character assassination ! and this time
    you shot yourself !

    It,s up there ! World Wide Pillock

    After 20 years pal. You don,t stand a chance ! stop making a fool of yourself.

    See : ” Those who know “

  11. What the hell are you talking about man? I genuinely haven’t got a clue what you are on about now and I doubt if others do either.

    I went to “great lengths” – what great lengths? What have I ever said about someone being sued for libel?

    After 20 years – 20 years of what?

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  13. willow says:

    Grandma b case being read global judge judy ex fbi legal criminologists psychologists psychiatrist s famous invest igative journalists everywhere i rang cqc for grandma b for reference no he suddenly said gi to police put phone down i reminded him law and safeguard hope help coming to rescue her soon shamed themselves to the world

  14. peter oakes says:

    Looking back at my comments made several years ago perhaps, just perhaps
    the critics now agree with the Tomlinson Report. RBS ” Distressing SME,s ” in
    order to steal their assets, homes etc. 10,000 cases in Scotland alone £800
    million set aside to settle claims ! Our money us the blooby tax payer
    we are all victims now ! even the dipsticks that said I was delusional.

    Bloody Jimmy Savile, Fred the weather, Max Clifford, Stewart Hall,Rolf Harris

    If You want a ” GLITTERING EXPERIENCE ” follow Victims Unite
    Garry got 17 years, do you want to be in his gang ?

    Have a Google : Sgnt. Fluit NSW Police Paedophiles, Thats exactly what has
    and is going on in the UK. No wonder they wanted to spike the inquiry with

    The people of this Country are bloody stupid ! moaning about a multi million
    pound coffee company not paying Tax. The Government Treasury bloody-
    well love the bastards every cup of £3 coffee collects 60p VAT, for the treasury !

    There is no way gutless MP,s will stop this gravy train and Joe Public is
    duped again, I bet cups of coffee net the Taxman £1million/ day.

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