Norman Scarth is FREE again: press coverage

Free again!

And this time the mainstream media did their reporting, albeit with a certain slant, based on the release produced by the Press Association:

  • Sky News and ITV

In print:

and in the blogosphere:

Much more if you google!

And here is the account by a close observer and supporter of Norman:


Maurice Kirk was at the hearing, along with the Musas.  I believe that there were other supporters of Norman from Leeds and other places all over the country also present, and it was a packed court.

Norman appeared by video link which was switched on before the hearing began.

At the start of the case, Lord Justice Pitchford was extremely hostile, and Norman was represented by Mr Waldman from Doughty Street Chambers.

Lord Justice Pitchford produced the pen that had been confiscated from Norman at the hearing, and told Mr Waldman that it had both audio and camera recording facilities.

He made it sound that it had all been pre-calculated, and I took this as an indicator that the appeal was going to be dismissed.

It also emerged that Norman had also took photos of the Judge and the prosecuting counsel, and all of the data on the pen had been downloaded.  Lord Justice Pitchford indicated that this had been deliberate.

Lord Justice Pitchford also stated that all members of the court had viewed a video recording as well, although I am not sure whether this was from Norman’s pen.

Chris Jarvis also served amended Grounds of Appeal and Skeleton Argument on the court and briefly addressed the court that he was Norman’s McKenzie man regarding the Habeas Corpus.

Lord Justice Pitchford asked Norman if he wanted Chris Jarvis to address the court on his behalf, and he replied that he wanted Mr Waldman to address the court on his behalf as his counsel.

There then ensued argument relating to whether there was an appeal against conviction and sentence or only sentence.

Mr Waldman explained that he had only had a brief conference with Norman that morning for the first time.

Lord Justice Pitchford told both Mr Waldman and Norman that the appeals against conviction and sentence would be heard together, but Norman applied for the appeal against conviction to be adjourned, so that he could decide which grounds to pursue and take further advice as he needed time to consider the points raised.  He also stated that this had been impossible in Armley gaol.

He also stated that if this wasn’t possible, he would seek to withdraw the appeal against conviction and proceed with the sentence, which was the most important issue before the court.

The court then retired and came back and refused the application for the adjournment of the appeal against conviction, but interestingly, didn’t appear to dismiss it, which may have repercussions later.

Mr Waldman was then asked to address the court on sentence, and his main submission was that it was far too severe in all of the circumstances.

He stated that the sentence had to be looked at in totality relating to the two consecutive three months sentences passed by His Honour Judge Rose.

He also referred to a medical report from a psyciatric nurse to the effect that the sentence was having a detrimental effect on Norman’s health.

He referred to a number of authorities, including the one made against Patrick Cullinane for four months, which was later quashed.

Throughout, Lord Justice Pitchford continued to be extremely hostile, and also told Mr Waldman abruptcy to speak up.  I thought that Norman’s appeal was certainly going to be completely rejected.

Crown counsel then briefly addressed the court, and stated that he had supplied a number of authorities that might assist the court.

Lord Justice Pitchford indicated again in a hostile manner that six months might be thought to be a lenient sentence, and again I felt that the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

Norman also interjected again, and explained that he just wanted the court to show him both “justice” and “mercy” and particularly “mercy”.

He stated that the prison was a “hell hole” and had been described as such by the Inspector of Prisons.

Norman also stated that that two days previously, he has been assaulted in his cell by three other prisoners.

The court then retired to consider their verdict and came back approximately five minutes later, and it was clear that they had already made up their minds, and that the judgment had already been written out before hand.

Lord Justice Pitchford then announced that the appeal against sentence was to be allowed, and that the total six months sentence was quashed, and was to be substituted by two three months sentences to run concurrently, which with half remission would lead to Norman’s immediate release that day.

After this was announced, all present clapped.  Lord Justice Pitchford didn’t like this at all and stated that if there was a repeat, the court would be cleared, and that everyone present “should remember where they were”, giving the impression that it was Westminster Abbey in the house of God.

I should explain that un beknown to myself, there had been two findings of contempt, for which His Honour Judge Rose had passed two three months sentences to run consecutively, making up the total of six months.

Lord Justice Pitchford then proceeded to deliver his formal judgment, and it emerged that Norman had attended a trial at the Bradford Crown Court, and was in the public gallery with the defendant’s mother.

Norman had been also acting as a Mckenzie assistant and had attended conferences with the defendant’s counsel.

The Defendant’s mother had complained to His Honour Judge Rose that she couldn’t hear the exchanges between prosecuting counsel and the judge, but that His Honour Judge Rose had told her to either be quiet or leave the court.

Lord Justice Pitchford observed that this was of particular interest concerning Norman, in view of his acting as a McKenzie assistant.

Norman had also been observed using the pen, and an usher had reported him to the Judge, who ordered it to be confiscated for investigation.

Lord Justice Pitchford then stated that Norman had then used abusive language and had called the judge and all the officials in the court corrupt, and also referred to the usher as a whore.

Lord Justice Pitchford made a great deal of quoting from Norman’s alleged quotes in the court, presumably from the transcript of the proceedings.

It also emerged that the court had been provided with a complete transcript of the proceedings at the Bradford Crown Court.

Norman was also heard to state on the video link “what bad language”.

His Honour Judge Rose had ordered Norman to be arrested, which was done by a Detective Sergeant of the South Yorkshire Police, and was ordered to be detained overnight.

It also appears that Norman refused to attend the adjourned hearing and dispensed with counsel, as he considered that the court was a “kangaroo court” dispensing “corrupt justice”.

There were therefore two contempt charges preferred against Norman, the first for allegedly using bad language in the court, and the second for recording the court without permission.

It also transpired that when the recording was played, it was also discovered that the mic hadn’t been powerful enough to pick up the discussion between the Judge and prosecuting counsel, but had recorded Norman’s alleged abuse to the judge and the court.


Lord Justice Pitchford announced that the sentence was being reduced, because although it might be appropriate for a younger and fitter man, His Honour Judge Rose hadn’t had the benefit of the medical report which the court had seen, and he indicated that the court was indebted to Mr Waldman for obtaining this.

This was the reason why the sentence was reduced to time served, and that no critisism could be made of His Honour Judge Rose’s sentence, as Lord Justice Pitchford had acted in the manner he did on the material that he had had at the time.

In effect, the court has tried to get His Honour Judge Rose completely off the hook and absolve him from all blame for the severe and harsh sentence.

The court then reconstituted as a Divisional Court of the Queen’s Bench Division and dealt with the outstanding Habeas Corpus application.

It appears that Mr Justice Wyn Williams when refusing the Writ two weeks ago, should have referred the matter to the Divisional Court, under court rules, as that was the only court that could technically refuse the Writ, being a criminal application.

The court purported to rectify this technical shortcoming and then stated that they were dismissing the Writ for the reasons previously given by Wyn Williams.

Lord Justice Pitchford also made comments that such a Writ could only be applied for regarding alleged unlawful detention and that this hadn’t been the case.


It appears that in order for Norman to have validly withdrawn his appeal against conviction, as this wasn’t done at the very beginning of the hearing, the court’s permission was required, and this doesn’t appear to have been granted.

In addition, he should have signed a Notice of Withdrawal on a Notice of withdrawal form, and as this wasn’t done, the purported withdrawal may be a nullity.

There is also a form for making an application to restore an appeal that has been withdrawn, either validly or not, and this will clearly have to be looked into.

Norman also stated that he was withdrawing his appeal against conviction under duress.

Norman may now wish to apply to possibly restore his appeal against conviction, as it raised a number of important legal issues such as Judges acting in their own cause and “freedom of expression” under article 10(1) ECHR.

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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37 Responses to Norman Scarth is FREE again: press coverage

  1. peter oakes says:

    First of All WELL DONE NORMAN.

    Next point ! the Bradford Evening Argus BBC Yorkshire News All reported that Norman has a ” mental Handicap ” was delusional etc. the usual
    Judicial propaganda.

    The Only people with delusional, mental health issues are the Yorkshire people
    and other ” Savers ” and ” Shareholders ” of the Bradford & Bingley Building
    Society that was ” BANKRUPTED ” by Legal Fraud and the friends and associates of the Legal Mafia No mention of Master of The Rolls Nueberger
    that concealed the thefts and Frauds taking place ! By use of
    HMCS Her Majs. Court Service. Land Registry, Insolvency Service etc.

    As Nueberger knows Mr.Ebert is not going away despite the criminal activity of Court Service Personnel and Magistrates in Hendon last Tuesday !

    Would some one please forward this to the Bradford Argos or other mental
    patients in Yorkshire.

  2. Colin Peters says:

    The old old story.
    Not a single word of criticism for the judge who sentenced Norman to 6 months.
    Nor for the judge who kept him imprisoned.
    Instead, the making of an excuse for judge Rose. Another cover up job for and by the judiciary.
    Over 2 and a half thousand people world wide have criticized the judiciary for being at fault in this case.
    Is the biggest jury in the world wrong and the judges right?
    If there ever was a case of a judicial ruling being in self interest, then this is it.

    But—- Isn’t that against the rules???

  3. Good to see that Mr Scarth has been released, which (of course) is the most important thing.

  4. peter oakes says:

    Dear Jimmy.
    Before you question Normans or any one else,s Mental
    capacity ! Please Google : http://www.publications.parliament. uk/pa/cm1998/
    cm select/cmhaff/ 467/467ap13.htm

    That is the Parliamentary Hansard Record of ( well see if you can manage )

    And when you have read that Google: Cheshire Building Society Fraud.

    Why decent honest, campaigners like Norman do their utmost to expose
    corruption that even you Jimmy are a victim of, ( I suspect you will be in total
    ignorance of course .) Your churlish childish remarks are not required !

    Join some other outfit to pester. and remember ” It is hard to soar with
    eagles, when you are surrounded by turkeys “

  5. Debra says:

    From what I gather from reports, i.e. quoted statements from Norman Scarth, and quotes from the judicial bench, Norman Scarth was released as a result of a plea for “Mercy” which can be traced back to his letter to E2 upholding the Coronation Oath vs. legal arguments by his team. Norman Scarth is a hero. May he learn to not fall prey to secular groups wasting his / our time.

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words-

  6. lesley Buchanan-jones says:

    Dear Norman , I am delighted to hear you have been freed from prison,

    A very well done Sabine I am very very proud of you


    • Thank you sooo much, Lesley!

      It’s really nice to get appreciation and acknowledgement, especially since there are soo many negative voices and comments re Vicky Haigh’s daughter.

      What’s the point being negative in public, I wonder???

      So, I must try harder, methinks!…

  7. JM says:

    So glad the man is out! Same old same old propaganda crap though… won’t be over until it’s over! In the shorter term I justhope he has a safe place to stay…..

  8. steve. says:

    thanks for keeping us updated on norman, lets hope the courts do not try this on anyone else.

    if nothing else normans case has shown how murdoch and his help a hero is just more propaganda for dave and rothchilds war on the gold dinar while carrying on the laterst 4th crusade for the pope.

    we know the police and there idea of law and order, theres a good quote in this months private eye, the only policeman to be arrested and questioned by the met-yard is the one who spoke freely to the guardian…………….lols.

    good luck to norman.
    as anony-mouse say, we will not forgive, we will not forget.

  9. if nothing else normans case has shown how murdoch and his help a hero is just more propaganda for dave and rothchilds war on the gold dinar while carrying on the laterst 4th crusade for the pope.


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  12. Nothing wrong with Norman’s mental health. He’s the sane one, ‘living’ in an insane world. Fact.

    The mainstream media are reporting: “Pitchford said Scarth suffered from a delusional disorder and was a conspiracy theorist.” Well, I believe there is an army of Norman supporters who must also be suffering the same delusions. Someone needs to tell the Judge that we can only be cured of our mental disorders when we have full transparency and accountability in the Courts and when all Governments, Government Agencies, the Judiciary and mainstream media are cured of their Masonic infestation.

    Whilst we have Secret Societies in existance and greedy, vile, subhuman creatures in positions of power, we will continue to exist in an unjust, insane, evil world and more and more people will develop these unhealthy afflictions of paranoia.

    On a positive note, looking at the photos of Norman leaving Armley Gulag, he looks surprisingly well – very healthy and happy. I certainly don’t see a frail old man. [That must stick in the crow of their Lordships!]

    Norman, we’re proud of you and we know that after a short period of rest and recuperation, you’ll be back, fighting fit and raring to go into battle again. We know that you’ll not rest until the job’s done; even if that means going to your grave still striving for FREEDOM – for truth, justice and fairness FOR ALL.

    Thank you so much, Norman. We salute you. Many thanks also to Sabine for this wonderful site. Thanks also to all of Norman’s supporters, esp everyone on ‘Team Norman’.

  13. THANK YOU, Sharon!

    It takes one to know one!!! And appreciation rolls down a lot better than negativity!…

    Onward and upward!!!

  14. Steve H says:

    The above comment by ‘Steve’ – is noted – but beware there are some different Steve’s. Don’t confuse them or draw any inference from the gravatar 5611621 Steve above.

    This Steve – is still equating who knew what and when and also of who knows sweet F A about how dirty the judiciary really are.

  15. What on earth does this mean?

    “if nothing else normans case has shown how murdoch and his help a hero is just more propaganda for dave and rothchilds war on the gold dinar while carrying on the laterst 4th crusade for the pope.”

    It’s just gobbledegook.

  16. Steve H says:

    To Sir “can’t think at alloud” – don’t forget Murdoch did it with Bliar just as he does it with Cammarooned. They’re all in the same sespool as Murdoch along with the “four (Crumbling) Pillars of the State”. Who do you “think” pulls Murdoch’s strings?

  17. Steve – you are talking absolute rubbish – nobody pulls Murdoch’s strings – he’s a billionaire already – anyway, I thought you were of the opinion that Murdoch pulled everyone else’s strings?

    I only read this website these days so I can have a laugh at all you conspiracy theorists – the best so far is people thinking that the Rothschild family (presumably Jewish) is working for the Pope.

    You need help Steve!

  18. Steve H says:

    To Mr doesn’t know how to ‘think’ outside of the box of your lifetimes indoctrination. I know more about Murdoch than you ever will. As for your pitiful retorts of ‘absolute rubbish’ & ‘conspiracy theorists’ – I am truly flattered by your desperate ‘smears’ but moreover by your utter ignorance. But then again – Mr “can’t thinkatall” – one wonders whose side you are on; in all of this and whether you should bother any of us with your ‘falseflag soothsayings’. Try reading ‘Gulag A history’ by Anne Applebaum. Cross reference history and then with some knowledge – come back and try preaching your bilge again.

  19. Steve – answer the question about Jews being in league with the Pope – you are talking nonsense and I suspect even you know you are.

    I’m not on anyone’s “side” – I want a smaller state with less interference, but I also respect the rule of law and scoff at people who espouse these ridiculous theories about the “Illuminati” running the world etc. Frankly, there are too many people on this site who are paranoid and think the world is out to get them.

    As for Anne Applebaum – are you telling me to read something written by a journalist? Surely not Steve – she is just Murdoch in disguise after all!!

    Finally, I see no reason to make any comparisons between the history of Russian oppression with modern day Britain. The suggest so is juvenile in the extreme.

  20. Steve H says:

    Whoever you are Mr “thinkyouknowitall” – why are you trying to lead subject matters into other subject areas? I make “no comment” re the Pope and Jews. I did not raise the subject. Are you on a “fishing expedition”? I am however very careful of state agents and interlopers of all kinds who attempt to “Entrap” people / bloggers into making comments. (You’ll have to try harder – you pathetic twit whoever you are?)
    “Entrapment & Blackmail” are the age old MO of the likes of Murdoch and his henchmen and their ultimate “stringpullers”. Read the 610 page book you cretin and ‘then’ speak with your forked-tongue. I refer to the “content” of the book specifically and only. I will endeavour to find out who you are such that you HAVE TO “hide and mask” yourself off behind your “FRONT”.

  21. Steve – do you ever read your drivel before you post it?

    Why would I read a 610 page book about Russia? What has that got to do with 21st Century UK? Nothing!

    You have sussed me out – Murdoch pays me to wind you up on here (an extremely easy task by the look of it).

    You are bonkers mate! You really do make me chuckle.

  22. Steve H says:

    Mr “can’t think at all” – you are required to re-read this whole blog & all the comments. You are the idiot with their knickers in a twist. Why? – here’s why.

    The reference to murdoch, dave, the rothchilds and the pope was made by blogger “Steve” (Comment NO 8 at 23:53 on September 9th. Following that comment I “Steve H” put in a clarification of possible confusion about which steve made which comment. So Mr “can’t work out a simple difference” – kindly take your growing personal invective and direct it elsewhere. You Mr “nameless” are the idiot on this blog. And Sabine should really have your increasingly personal comments moderated if not blocked. However the attacks upon me Steve H – are “flattering” to say the least – Norman I have no doubt; as a true Dissident would be proud of such low-level, scrape the barrel insults, smears and tactics. Please go away and bother someone else on another forum.

    • Steve – you are a sitting target. You are so easy to wind up that I can almost see your fingers trembling as you type. I look out for your responses with eager anticipation.

      Obviously Sabine is the arbiter of all that appears on this site and if she requested me to stop baiting such an easy catch as you then I would do so immediately. I have respect for her and her values. She can block me if she wishes of course, but I am not sure that blocking posts on a site dedicated to individual freedoms would be the most rational response.

      I am also well aware that you did not make the comment about the pope, as you will see if you take up your own suggestion and read from the top down. I originally made that comment when I was still blissfully unaware of your existence. I think you flattered yourself to believe that I was responding directly to you when, as you will see, I was not. My first comment to you was after you had addressed me.

      ….. that tenuous grip on reality that you have is slipping daily Steve !


  23. Steve H says:

    Once again I am “flattered” by the Virgin blogger who can’t think at all – here’s his / her short profile – from gravatar :-

    I am not a writer, not an activist, not a radical and not an extremist. I find life interesting and often confusing. This is my first attempt at blogging and I have a sneaking suspicion that nobody will be even remotely interested in what I write ….. that would be a real shame. I don’t need to be agreed with (or disagreed with), but I would hate to be ignored.

    The words Novice and ignoramus – spring to mind. Di dums Mr Novice Virgin. Perhaps your one of the “many aggrieved” Lawyers, Barristers, Judges, Cops or MP’s who I have made a turkey out of in the past 10 years. The “Turkeys who would vote for Christmas”.

    • Jimmy says:

      Why would lawyers be aggrieved with you? It’s nutters like you that keep a healthy proportion f the profession in work. One of the headcases listed here has issued exactly the same case over 150 times. He has his own judge to dismiss them. Another one has decided that the global conspiracy now involves the cast of Coronation Street. You, and people like you, are the reason why so much taxpayers’ money goes to the legal profession. I hope the Law Society remembers to send you a thank you note.

  24. I’m getting to you Steve – I can tell … and it is delicious.

    I was wrong about people not being interested – you seem VERY interested in what I write. Thank you for viewing my profile – shall I return the compliment and read your profile? ……. or would that be difficult?

    If you have “made a turkey” out of a barrister, judge or MP I would be amazed (as would anyone else who reads your incoherent ramblings) – you just don’t have the necessary!!!

  25. Steve H says:

    You are the complete deal – firstly I don’t need to suck up to nor attempte to curry favour with or endear myself to Sabine – her and my differences are widely known – Re Climate Change – I’m not a Global Warmist dupe.

    Bite your poisoned apple Mr Thinknotalot. That you preen yourself on the “interested in what I write” bilge – perhaps you would care to – and I invite you to put your real name in the name box of who is posting? – then we could perhaps give it some; on a “level playing field”? – Come on Mr Jekyll & hide “behind” your computer keyboard. Everyone on this blog knows who Steve H is – soooooooo let’s be having you for a “real game” Mr Smug.

  26. Don’t flatter yourself Steve H – I have no idea who you are and you haven’t the spine to post a profile, so I guess there are plenty of others on here who don’t know (or care) who you are. The only reason I even acknowledge you is because you are funny.

    Wow – you are a hard man I see – disagreeing with Sabine over global warming – you are such a rebel 😉 ….. I had better take care, you are obviously a Master of the Universe. I am sure the Government has a contract out on you as you are obviously just about to bring the whole house of cards crashing down.

    You remind me of a bastardised song lyric – have you got black eyes Steve?

    “The black-eyed blogger glared at me with malice in his eye – the spittle from his twisted lips ran down to his bow-tie.” Does that describe you Steve?

    Anyway, enough of this. I have tired of you Steve and will now get back to the things that matter in life. I shan’t be bothering with you any more, even though I have received quite a few mails from friends asking me to carry on – they have enjoyed it as much as me!

  27. Steve H says:

    It has been my pleasure to have read your twisted egocentric bilge Mr gutless Jekyll & Hyde. If anyone out there wants to e-mail me Strictly Privately & Confidentially any details about Mr “Can’t think at all” – I would be truly grateful. And anyone doing so – is guaranteed their anonymity – cos they’re not a party; to the psychiatric wingnuts diatribes on here. I shall consider libel defamation and slander – but the gutless one for now masks him/herself off from me. Touche.

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