Norman Scarth Freed by Appeal: Exact Account of Hearing and Outcome

Here is the account of the appeal hearing on 9 September 2011 in the Royal Courts of Justice – by a close observer and supporter of Norman:


Norman’s appeal against both conviction and sentence was listed for hearing and heard in Court 5 at the Royal Courts of Justice Strand London WC2 on 9 September 2011 at 10.00 am in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division).

Also listed was his previous Habeas Corpus application as a Divisional Court, and it emerged later that this was so due to a technical hiccup made by Mr. Justice Wyn Williams at the end of the second hearing of Norman and Chris’s application for the Writ.

The court was presided over by Lord Justice Pitchford, sitting with Mr. Justice Wilkie and Mr. Justice Holroyd.

Maurice Kirk was at the hearing, along with the Musas.  I believe that there were other supporters of Norman from Leeds and other places all over the country also present, and it was a packed court.

From the commencement of the case,there were two goon court security guards at both entrances to the back of the court.

Norman appeared by video link which was switched on before the hearing began.

The proceedings began by the Associate in court asking Norman, “Are you Norman Scarth” and he asked this several times, as Norman appeared to be having difficulty in hearing what was said properly.

After several requests from the Associate, Norman stated that he was “Norman Scarth”.

At the start of the case, Lord Justice Pitchford was extremely hostile, and Norman was represented by Mr Waldman from Doughty Street Chambers.

Lord Justice Pitchford produced the pen that had been confiscated from Norman at the hearing, and told Mr Waldman that it had both audio and camera recording facilities.

He made it sound that it had all been pre-calculated, and I took this as an indicator that the appeal was going to be dismissed.

It also emerged that Norman had also took photos of the Judge and the prosecuting counsel,and all of the data on the pen had been downloaded.  Lord Justice Pitchford indicated that this had been deliberate.

Lord Justice Pitchford also stated that all members of the court had viewed a video recording as well, although I am not sure whether this was from Norman’s pen.

Chris Jarvis also served amended Grounds of Appeal and Skeleton Argument on the court and briefly addressed the court that he was Norman’s McKenzie man regarding the Habeas Corpus.

Lord Justice Pitchford asked Norman if he wanted Chris Jarvis to address the court on his behalf, and he replied that he wanted Mr Waldman to address the court on his behalf as his counsel.

There then ensued argument relating to whether there was an appeal against conviction and sentence or only sentence.

Mr Waldman explained that he had only had a brief conference with Norman that morning for the first time.

Lord Justice Pitchford told both Mr Waldman and Norman that the appeals against conviction and sentence would be heard together, but Norman applied for the appeal against conviction to be adjourned, so that he could decide which grounds to pursue and take further advice as he needed time to consider the points raised.  He also stated that this had been impossible in Armley gaol.

He also stated that if this wasn’t possible, he would seek to withdraw the appeal against conviction and proceed with the sentence, which was the most important issue before the court.

The court then retired and came back and refused the application for the adjournment of the appeal against conviction, but interestingly, didn’t appear to dismiss it, which may have repercussions later.

Mr Waldman was then asked to address the court on sentence, and his main submission was that it was far too severe in all of the circumstances.

He stated that the sentence had to be looked at in totallity relating to the two consecutive three months sentences passed by His Honour Judge Rose.

He also referred to a medical report from a psyciatric nurse to the effect that the sentence was having a detrimental effect on Norman’s health.

He referred to a number of authorities, including the one made against Patrick Cullinane for four months, which was later quashed.

Throughout, Lord Justice Pitchford continued to be extremely hostile, and also told Mr Waldman abruptcy to speak up.  I thought that Norman’s appeal was certainly going to be completely rejected.

Crown counsel then briefly addressed the court, and stated that he had supplied a number of authorities that might assist the court.

Lord Justice Pitchford indicated again in a hostile manner that six months might be thought to be a lenient sentence, and again I felt that the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

Norman also interjected again, and explained that he just wanted the court to show him both “justice” and “mercy” and particularly “mercy”.

He stated that the prison was a “hell hole” and had been described as such by the Inspector of Prisons.

Norman also stated that that two days previously, he has been assaulted in his cell by three other prisoners.

The court then retired to consider their verdict and came back approximately five minutes later, and it was clear that they had already made up their minds, and that the judgment had already been written out before hand.

Lord Justice Pitchford then announced that the appeal against sentence was to be allowed, and that the total six months sentence was quashed, and was to be substituted by two three months sentences to run concurrently, which with half remission would lead to Norman’s immediate release that day.

After this was announced, all present clapped.  Lord Justice Pitchford didn’t like this at all and stated that if there was a repeat, the court would be cleared, and that everyone present “should remember where they were”, giving the impression that it was Westminster Abbey in the house of God.

I should explain that un beknown to myself, there had been two findings of contempt, for which His Honour Judge Rose had passed two three months sentences to run consecutively, making up the total of six months.

Lord Justice Pitchford then proceeded to deliver his formal judgment, and it emerged that Norman had attended a trial at the Bradford Crown Court, and was in the public gallery with the defendant’s mother.

Norman had been also acting as a McKenzie assistant and had attended conferences with the defendant’s counsel.

The Defendant’s mother had complained to His Honour Judge Rose that she couldn’t hear the exchanges between prosecuting counsel and the judge, but that His Honour Judge Rose had told her to either be quiet or leave the court.

Lord Justice Pitchford observed that this was of particular interest concerning Norman, in view of his acting as a McKenzie assistant.

Norman had also been observed using the pen, and an usher had reported him to the Judge, who ordered it to be confiscated for investigation.

Lord Justice Pitchford then stated that Norman had then used abusive language and had called the judge and all the officials in the court corrupt, and also referred to the usher as a whore.

Lord Justice Pitchford made a great deal of quoting from Norman’s alleged quotes in the court, presumably from the transcript of the proceedings.

It also emerged that the court had been provided with a complete transcript of the proceedings at the Bradford Crown Court.

Norman was also heard to state on the video link “what bad language”.

His Honour Judge Rose had ordered Norman to be arrested, which was done by a Detective Sergeant of the South Yorkshire Police, and was ordered to be detained overnight.

It also appears that Norman refused to attend the adjourned hearing and dispensed with counsel, as he considered that the court was a “kangaroo court” dispensing “corrupt justice”.

There were therefore two contempt charges preferred against Norman, the first for allegedly using bad language in the court, and the second for recording the court without permission.

It also transpired that when the recording was played, it was also discovered that the mic hadn’t been powerful enough to pick up the discussion between the Judge and prosecuting counsel, but had recorded Norman’s alleged abuse to the judge and the court.


Lord Justice Pitchford announced that the sentence was being reduced, because although it might be appropriate for a younger and fitter man, His Honour Judge Rose hadn’t had the benefit of the medical report which the court had seen, and he indicated that the court was indebted to Mr Waldman for obtaining this.

This was the reason why the sentence was reduced to time served, and that no critisism could be made of His Honour Judge Rose’s sentence, as Lord Justice Pitchford had acted in the manner he did on the material that he had had at the time.

In effect, the court has tried to get His Honour Judge Rose completely off the hook and absolve him from all blame for the severe and harsh sentence.

Lord Justice Pitchford also made comments concerning Norman that he wasn’t a person who would purge any contempt, and that in the court’s view was delusional and a conspiracy theorist and against anyone who represented the system.

Many others however may think he has jolly good cause and conspiracy theorists generally prove to be correct.

The court then reconstituted as a Divisional Court of the Queen’s Bench Division and dealt with the outstanding Habeas Corpus application.

It appears that Mr Justice Wyn Williams when refusing the Writ two weeks ago, should have referred the matter to the Divisional Court, under court rules, as that was the only court that could technically refuse the Writ, being a criminal application.

The court purported to rectify this technical shortcoming and then stated that they were dismissing the Writ for the reasons previously given by Wyn Williams.

Lord Justice Pitchford also made comments that such a Writ could only be applied for regarding alleged unlawful detention and that this hadn’t been the case in his judgment.

At the end of the delivery of Lord Justice Pitchford’s judgment, Norman was heard to say “Thank you my Lords! Thank you for showing me mercy!”

The Court Associate then informed Norman that he was proposing to switch off the video link, and although Norman continued to address the court to express his gratitude at being released from the Leeds Armley goal “Hell Hole”, he was suddenly cut off midway during sentence, and the proceedings then terminated.


It appears that in order for Norman to have validly withdrawn his appeal against conviction, as this wasn’t done at the very beginning of the hearing, the court’s permission was required, and this doesn’t appear to have been granted.

In addition, he should have signed a Notice of Withdrawal on a Notice of withdrawal form, and as this wasn’t done, the purported withdrawal may be a nullity.

There is also a form for making an application to restore an appeal that has been withdrawn, either validly or not, and this will clearly have to be looked into.

Norman also stated that he was withdrawing his appeal against conviction under duress.

Norman may now wish to apply to possibly restore his appeal against conviction, as it raised a number of important legal issues such as Judges acting in their own cause and “freedom of expression” under article 10(1) ECHR.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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56 Responses to Norman Scarth Freed by Appeal: Exact Account of Hearing and Outcome

  1. Marieanne Lindsey says:

    I am so pleased Norman is free. To have put him in jail in the first place was a disgusting misuse of power.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If the revised sentence was already decided, then our lobbying must have had an effect. Thanks to all who did. May I suggest Norman drops the appeal against conviction. Did I read he was ordered to keep out of court for a year, that penalty has not been mentioned.Unless the court of appeal invites his appeal, and pays for it to examine the issues, with a guarantee of no further sentence at the end of the new judgement, he should use his energy on other matters.

    Why was he in solitary, why was his prescription medicine withheld, why did the judge say he refused his medicine. Are there errors and lies that need to be corrected.Perjury??? How could you download the material from the pen device, sounds unlikely.
    Note, no sanction against the earlier court for misleading itself. Any admin errors by the court systems are glossed over, but errors by defendents are punished.

    Please Norman, also tell us of the case you were observing when arrested.

    JFV Anon

  3. earthlinggb says:

    Very pleased at the outcome and very happy for Norman. The judge was probably acting hostile to try and make the point “this is a very serious matter which we will generally be hard upon” knowing Norman’s sentence was going to be quashed BUT trying to impress on others the state’s willingness to still be a Police state!

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  5. Jimmy says:

    “Lord Justice Pitchford asked Norman if he wanted Chris Jarvis to address the court on his behalf, and he replied that he wanted Mr Waldman to address the court on his behalf as his counsel.”

    So not completely crazy then.

    • JM says:

      ???? how do you know what pressure was applied to him to make suddenlt ‘choose’ someone he had just met? kept in solitary for three onths… on earth can one make any posible informed choice? and they do drug and use DEW weapons on people in those kind of places………..i dread to think what was in the so called ‘food’……i’ve mad eit quite clear to them i cook and prepare my own food on CLEAN utensils/ cutlery etc or i go without….y’know what they do to you then right?

  6. ANONYMOUS says:

    JM – It was taken from him on July 25 in Bradford Crown court. The contents could have been downloaded 2 minutes later.

  7. Anonymous says:

    JM – Why don’t you (or one of your supporters) really do the decent thing and let Norman live with you. Then you can keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t stray off the straight and narrow? For the record, I do not agree that he should be locked up at 85 years of age but he really cannot be allowed to go around insulting any authority and/or person he so chooses. Usually, his rants are simply because he cannot ‘get his own way’. Go on – give him a home and look after him in his twilight years. I hope he lives to be 100 – I wonder what he will do with the monarch’s congratulatory card if he achieves that milestone!! Long live Norman!!

  8. Chris Jarvis says:

    Not an exact account of the hearing, a selective one at best!

  9. anonymous says:

    So give us your version.

  10. anonymous says:

    That’s not very bright.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Chris = are you not a little bit peeved that Norman preferred a qualified Legal Person to speak on his behalf and he ‘pushed’ you to one side? After all, weeks ago a contributor told you that you were approaching the case all wrong and you spat the dummy out then. Sides which LIz Watson tore a strip off you! Barrack Room Lawyer are you?

    • Jimmy says:

      They’re freemen. They once saw a youtube video which told them that if they start calling themselves Morticia of the Addams family or some such then they don’t have to pay council tax or insure their cars. Most people would work out it’s a scam to begin with, some people don’t work it out until the first night in jail.

  12. tracey says:

    TO Anonymous

    I think Chris did a great job for Norman and he did it where he could be seen un like you. Easy to be critical when you are under cover. You might as well wear a burka when you walk the streets lol

    • Jimmy says:

      Why all the racist anti-moslem stuff on Chris’ site? Is this a BNP thing?

    • anonymous says:

      Yes, he did do a great job, and he jumped in and helped right away. NOBODY was going to get past that Justice Williams. NOBODY.

      To Jimmy. You post all over John Hemming’s site too, don’t you. No job to go to? No friends?

  13. Jimmy says:

    The barrister got him out. If he’s got a lawyer in the first place as I suggested he wouldn’t have been in this long.

    And are you saying we’re not friends? I’m hurt

  14. anonymous says:

    “Jimmy” you are a moron who doesn’t know the facts. They should pay you a bit more and you can hire someone to get the facts for you.

  15. Jimmy says:

    August 26th: Dream team representing. Result: stays inside.
    September 9th: Proper grown up representing. Result: gets out.

    As I predicted. Seems pretty clear to me. The moral of the story is if you’re going to court and your “legal expert” studied at the University of YouTube then you’d probably better pack a toothbrush.

  16. anonymous says:

    So what’s your point, constable?

  17. tracey says:

    Somethings are easy to understand and you don’t need to go to University to understand this….Norman is Free and this is all that matters… We got the result we wanted…Great effort was put in by all who cared about Norman….Norman is greatful to all his supporters especially CHRIS… Chris was brilliant and he did a fantastic job anyone who thinks differently are just jealious, they have the green eyed monster lurking inside them so they better go and see a shrink….so, the VERY FEW of you who are out there spreading vermon it is too late you missed the train now go and play on the train track…..looooooooooool

  18. To tell the whole horror story of the last 7 weeks will take volumes, & must wait. For the moment I tell only of the skulduggery which caused me to allow barrister Amos Waldman to speak on my behalf rather than Chris Jarvis. The hearing of 9/9/2011 was ORIGINALLY listed as ‘Application for PERMISSION to Appeal’. At the last moment they changed it to being a full APPEAL hearing (against both conviction & sentence). A PERMISSION hearing is very different to an APPEAL, & needs a completely different approach. I didn’t learn of this until the evening before, & Chris knew nothing of it at all! THAT was why & chose to have Waldman speak for me instead of Chris. A few minor corrections are also necessary, but for now I mention only one, about ‘Solitary Confinement’. This was not OFFICIALLY inflicted upon me, though it was EFFECTIVELY for the first week. After that ‘Association’ (with other prisoners) was allowed, but at weekends & holidays this was only for an hour a day, i.e. ‘Bang Up’, was for 23 hours a day, something which is only used as a punishment at other prisons. Other days Bang Up was for 21 hours a day.

  19. Jimmy says:

    “THAT was why & chose to have Waldman speak for me instead of Chris.”

    Because you wanted to get out.

  20. anonymous says:

    Do you have a written comprehension problem? It seems that you do. What is your reading age? Have you ever been tested? Get a life, “Jimmy”. You have a real anger problem, don’t you? Go and see someone, “Jimmy”. You need help in many ways. You are not fooling anyone “Jimmy”.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous: Oh dear now Norman seems to have the Vicky Haigh bug!! Change of story syndromes. Did Norm go on a hunger strike? Did Norm get homosexually raped? Was he in solitary? He seemed remarkably fit to have endured all those sagas in such a short period of time!! Nice of the BARRISTER to get him out! Perhaps Norm should have used the Barrister allocated to him when he was first brought before the judge! As I said before,. I am chuffed that an 85 year old is released. I cannot see anything in Jimmy’s comments to justify the tirade of abuse in the previous posting. Quite the opposite! In fact your posting, anonymous, was very childish.

  22. anonymous says:

    Did anyone see a press release saying that Norman went on a hunger strike or was homosexually raped? If so, who sent it out? I certainly never saw anything about that.

    The trouble is that the public does tend to make up stories all by themselves. It is the same with anything. Everyone knows that. Except you, I suppose.

    I don’t know where you got that information from but it wasn’t from anyone close to the source.

    Jimmy is just trying to cause trouble for people who helped Norman. It is quite obvious that that is all he is doing. He is contributing nothing.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Read the file again!!!! Norman stated it himself! Unless, of course, Norman was mistaken!! By the way, did i say that it was in press release? I don’t think I did. What made you think it might be? As for the association period being one hour or three or whatever, is of no significance. Norman stated he couldn;t stand for an hour. Thus, it seems irrlevant about how long he was banged up because he, Norman, couldn’t manage an hour cos he was (he said) deprived of his medication. Not that these seemingly contradiction of facts interest me – but they sure will the Defendants Legal Team if Norman goes ahead and tries to sue the Governor of Leeds Prison. How ids Jimmy trying to cause trouble? This is an open discussion board.

  24. Jean James says:

    Why did you take down my posting, Sabine?

  25. anonymous says:

    Well you must have privileged information and a FILE!

    Isn’t that nice?. It’s pretty clear who you are working for. Who said Norman was going to see Leeds Prison? Is that in THE FILE too?

    Someone is pretty scared now aren’t they?

  26. anonymous says:

    For “see” read SUE. typo.

    Your comment is really interesting.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Why must I have privileged information? It is all here on this website. I aint working for anybody. You obviously draw conclusions without any evidence of facts. That is a very dangerous thing to do – as Liz Watson found out! Read the WHOLE of this Norman Scarth saga again. You are missing very salient points. I am as delighted as anyone that an 85 year old has been released. That release was due to a qualified legal person making representations to the Court. As simple as that!! Petitions and protestations on here were irrelevant. It’s like a Football crowd saying that their team won because of them!! Norman wasn’t jailed for simply recording. There were his outbursts after he was told not to record. I don’t think there are many men who go around calling Court Ushers ‘whores’. I know what most men would do if someone called their wife/girlfriend a ‘whore’. After all, the Court Usher was only doing her job – like the Bailiff who Norman attacked with a chainsaw. Someone said ‘but the chainsaw was not switched on’. I see, so a Bank Robber threatens a Bank Cashier with a gun during a robbery. But, in court, he says ‘it’s OK – I didn’t fire it !!! C’mon, this is real life!!!

  28. anonymous says:

    So who posted about the homosexual assault, etc? You say it is NORMAN and you read the file. I only see one posting from Norman. Who posted that? It wasn’t Norman, as you say.

    I OWN a chainsaw. It is impossible to operate a chainsaw with one hand. Wake up! They said he had a chainsaw in one hand and a knife in the other.

    No Exhibits were produced in court.

    Really, you need to get your facts straight an not believe everything you read in the media. Can’t you even understand, from the Murdoch scandal, that the media is controlled by government? What planet are you on?

    Planet weed?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ecuse me….. When and where did I say that the posting headed “Norman Scarth” had not been posted by him? If Norman felt he was badly done by the findings after the chainsaw incident why did he not appeal? So the media report of the Judgement in Norman’s cases was ‘doctored by the Government’ is what you are arguing. Or is it not? Why the f… was he carrying achainsaw in his BEDROOM?? On your reasoning, presumably to saw a couple of inches of the wooden leg of his bed as the bed wasn’t level? I repeat again – I am delighted he is FREE. However, his stories do have more than the odd anomaly and incongruity in them. That’s what I am saying!!!

  30. anonymous says:

    You misunderstood. I meant, but did not express myself clearly, that what YOU said was NOT posted by Norman himself, as you claim.

    It is very interesting to note that you have been following Norman Scarth for many years and certainly are no friend. How you can claim, Smarty Pants, to be pleased about his release is beyond me.

    Why not try reading Norman’s posting again, where he expressed his approval about Chris. Had Chris and others not done the groundwork (and I don’t mean the petition because you have no idea of what was going on behind the scenes) the outcome would not have been the same.

    The lawyers would have screwed Norman over for months. They are, as a group, either corrupt or borderline so. If you think otherwise, then you must be one yourself.

    I am not saying media reports were doctored. I am saying that the media knows what message it is to send to the public.

    Do yourself a big favour and rent a copy of MANUFACTURING CONSENT by Noam Chomsky. You obviously believe fairy tales if you believe that the media is not biased and slanted. For God’s sake, it’s been in the news all over the world about the corruption of media and government.

    Are you going to argue against that now?

    I really don’t know why you don’t have anything better to do that to go around to websites where people have obviously received injustic and proceed to pick them apart.

    You are extremely naiive in matters of corruption and how the public is manipulated.

    Good luck to you though. You will lead a long and happy life with a heart as pure as yours. LOL

    Leave the old man alone. Why keep kicking him?

    • Anonymous says:

      There you go again with your suppositions. i have never said I have been following the saga of Norman for years.You say I misunderstood. Then you say you did not make yourself clear. No wonder then that if your message was not clear I misunderstood. You admit, by your lack of clarity, that it was quite reasonable for one to misunderstand. You say that the media is corrupt and that it’s been in the news all over the world that it is. But, on your illogical reasoning, if we cannot believe what the media says then you would presumably assume that the fact that the media says it is corrupt, then it’s the opposite i.e. NOT corrupt. Or do you just proferr arguments when it suits your purpose. You say “where people have received injustice”. What you mean to say is that where YOU believe they have suffered an injustice. One is allowed to have their own opinions, you know. I aint kicking anybody. Naive in the way the public is manipulated?? Excuse me, but I didn’t get taken in by the Vicky Haigh story but many of you lot did!! Now, who is easily manipulated? The answer is quite simple – if you don’t like the laws of the land where you are domiciled – GO!!!!

    • Jimmy says:

      “Had Chris and others not done the groundwork (and I don’t mean the petition because you have no idea of what was going on behind the scenes) the outcome would not have been the same.”

      He’d probably have been out two weeks ago.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Quote from the Guardian: “…….Earlier, Scarth asked the Court to release him from the ‘hell hole’where he said he had been subjected to an “evil and homosexual assault by three thugs”.

    You infer he never said that. Did he or didn’t he?

    Also, in the “Exact Account of Proceedings” as above in this website it states that Norman was arrested by a Det Sgt of SOUTH Yorkshire Police. Are you sure? As BRADFORD is in West Yorkshire I can only assume that the Local Force was so undermanned that they needed a call to be made to Doncaster/Sheffield Area to arrest Norman? As you keep trying to tell me, you cannot believe everything you read in print !!!!

    • anonymous says:

      I never posted any of these things, so if you are asking ME if I am sure, it wouldn’t make any sense, would it. I didn’t post it, nor am I the reporter from the Press Association that sent out the biased press release to the Guardian and everyone else. You could ask him, I suppose.

      Also, the Guardian posting (that you refer to as part of THE FILE) doesn’t seem to be here. Can you show me where it is on this site?

      The main posting on this page was not necessarily from a reliable source, as I can hazard a guess as to who it was. It was not Chris Jarvis, that is obvious from his comments.

      There have been many things posted on this website that turned out not to be true, so I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

      You are obviously a kind loving person who loves to kick people in the teeth. You could do with three years national service, and then you might know what a star Norman is.

      As it stands, you haven’t a clue.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Next time you need ‘groundwork’ doing I suggest you ustilise the Services of Jimmy and Anon! Then the ‘foundations’ and, indeed the whole ‘building(s)’ might be secure!! At least they ‘dig’ deeper than the ‘cowboy groundworkers’ on here. I rest my case m’lud. Good health to you, Norman. You used (or manipulated) these beautifully. Norm is more clever by half than his supporters. And his supporters supplied Norm with what he thrives on – attention, attention and even more attention. Well done, Mr. Scarth – you got out of jail; collect £200 and revert back to ‘Go’. As they say in Bradford, ‘there’s one born every minute’. In this case there were hundreds: on here!!! You knew when to call on the expert (Barrister) when the going was getting tough for you. Norman. you are a ‘star’. !!! Oh, and thanks for what you did in the War for this country.

  33. Jean James says:

    Maybe this is somewhere else on your site but I last remember it being here.

    My sense is that Justice Pitchford (or is it Pitchfork?) was angry because someone had TOLD him what the outcome was to be on September 9.
    “The court then retired to consider their verdict and came back approximately five minutes later, and it was clear that they had already made up their minds, and that the judgment had already been written out before hand.” (i.e. they had been told by higher authorities because we embarrassed the whole damn lot of them – even by Russia’s media release and foreign pressure)

    Having listened to the hearing of August 25, I also got the same feeling about Justice Williams –i.e. that all was prepared and decided previously. However, in this particular case, i.e. Sept 9, I feel that Kenneth Clarke or somebody had directed the outcome which is why Pickford was so angry . We had been putting a lot of public pressure on government, prison officials, and the Ministry of Justice – also the Queen – so he was a bit cornered, wasn’t he?.

    Consequently, my sense is that the efforts of TEAM NORMAN – i.e. attacking on ALL FRONTS was the key to the result. I bet Norman could tell us a thing or two about military tactics. Personally, I don’t feel that putting one foot in front of the other and then waiting for results is the answer; we have to analyze ourselves and take stock of our abilities and talents to determine how best we can contribute to a multi-front attack on corruption – and do it! Be vigilant for saboteurs who are government agents. Don’t be fooled. We have several in our midst.

    There is a lot of talent in video production, for example. Not only that, but EVERY SINGLE PERSON (almost) recognized what they could do and did it. Tracey, Norman’s niece, was fantastic – photocopying documents and visiting Norman – talking to him on the phone and relaying information accurately. She and Ann Mallaby were key players in getting information out of prison – and professionally so to boot..

    The main thing to remember is that people have connected with their hearts and searched inside themselves, asking “What can I do?” …………and then they did it.

    Let’s do it again. We are making inroads.

    I think that everyone in Team Norman saw things from different angles and contributed in all different ways. I also think this was the key, because we launched a multi-faceted attack on the judiciary and government, and cornered them. They had nowhere to go on this, and the prison officials are all paper-trailed now for their abuses against Norman.

    The problem is that, it is not just the prison officials and government with respect to Norman.



    What does everyone else think?

    I also think that it was wonderful that Tracey met Norman with a bottle of wine. I would have been ecstatic to have been there to see him come out of the prison gates and throw my arms around him. Fortunately, Chris or someone from Team Norman, Leeds, ensured that there was media coverage. Tracey obviously showed much forethought and strategic planning about media relations and publicity – by planning that bottle of wine for the photographer.

    Well done! That’s good strategic thinking, and we need more of it.

    One of my ancestors was deported to Australia. Remember that, in the 1800s, the masses were poor. This man stole 1 lb. of sugar and 1 cwt coal.
    One day, we will look back at the man who was sentenced to six months in prison at the age of 85 for ATTEMPTING to record a PUBLIC court hearing.
    We have to make this a landmark in British history. I am sickened.
    I think the biggest lesson to learn from this – and Norman has been expounding it for a long time – is that TEAMWORK WORKS – AND IT COUNTS!

    We know who the saboteurs are, and the rest of us should take note and continue help each other. I do feel that the WE ARE CHANGE people have led the way in unselfishness and ego suppression …………but that’s the Northerners for you.

    As time passes with each successive generation, they will forget what happened in Nazi Germany. NOBODY stood up for the Jews until it was too late. You all know what happened next.

    My father was present at the liberation of Belson-Bergen and he had nightmares for the rest of his life because of it, to say the least from a man who, himself was only 80 lbs at liberation from Stalag XIB, near Hanover.

    Anyone who doesn’t get this message should cast off right now from this group. Those idiots who sat there and criticized without helping are akin to Nazis.

    In this case, we STOOD UP, and we can be proud. We just have to get the STEEPLES to wake up.

    During the American Civil War, it was the poor Lancashire cotton workers who went on strike to support the abolition of slavery. Think of it – they were poor and near starvation themselves, but they knew what was right, and they made sacrifices. I do believe Lancashire and Yorkshire, in particular, have come through again for Norman, in this case. It’s in the blood.

    Well done, kids. Well done everyone – except those who never even signed the petition, and who said libelous and nasty things against the people who worked so hard to help Norman. You know who you are, you malevolent influence within the group. Hang your heads in shame. All you did was criticize. You should leave the group, quite frankly. Nobody wants to help you in the future. YOU ARE DEAD WOOD.

    When Norman asks for their names, I will give them freely – especially Les Agents Provocateurs who think we don’t know what they are doing and who they are working for.

    Well done, Norman! At 85 years – – almost 86 – you have again shown TRUE GRIT and shamed the whole lot of us with your stamina and resistance.

    I kiss your feet.


    It was up there before Maurice Kirk sent me a nasty email about it. I don’t see it now.

  34. Jean James says:

    ok thanks. Someone had said it had been removed, and I couldn’t find it either.

  35. Anonymous says:

    How was the Press Release biased???? You doubted my word on everything and I proved you were incorrect to do so??? As for National Service, once again, your summise is totally incorrect. Do ascertain your facts before making categoric statements. I actually fought in World War II – did you? Also had cousin killed in Korea and another in Egypt. Both protecting their Country – including, presumably, YOU!!! Remember the Vicky Haigh saga when you took her side without delving into her (to reasonable persons) lies. Look at the outcome – one of her supporters did ‘time’. I just suspect that Norm ‘leads you on’ from time to time and you are so gullible to believe it. I take it you only believe the Press when it fits into your conspiracy theory. I do not kick people – but, unlike you, take a ‘two sides to a story’ approach. The heading said it was an “EXACT ACCOUNT……” But Chris says it wasn’t!! Obviously, due to the SOUTH as opposed to WEST Yorkshire it was not EXACT. . Therefore, although you say you don’t believe anything in the media, a neutral might say that you cannot believe anything on here. I suggest that you reread the whole of this site. It is totally flawed with ambiguities. As, I might add, are your own postings. trouble is you spend your time endeavouring to score ‘Brownie Points’ rather than taking an unbigotted view of matters. Presumably you approve of female COURT USHERS being called ‘Whores”? Presummably you approve of people attacking (or threatening to attack) Bailiff’s who were only doing their job of removing a person illegally occupying someone’s property? Whilst admiring anyone sticking up for their principles I just feel Norm does go over the boundaries. Now, Google the GUARDIAN website for Norman. What I cannot understand is that Norm doesn’t feel that merntioning his ‘homosexual attack’ to you was important; yet he used that attack as part of his basis for release. That sees odd bearing in mind all the hard work that ‘Team Norman’ put in. As I said, I feel Norm only tells you PART of the story. Shades of Victoria??

  36. anonymous says:

    Are you addressing ME when you say this? ” Remember the Vicky Haigh saga when YOU took her side without delving into her (to reasonable persons) lies. Look at the outcome – one of her supporters did ‘time’. I just suspect that Norm ‘leads you on’ from time to time and you are so gullible to believe it. ????”

    What makes you think that I took her side? Where do you get that information from? My God, you are wild. You don’t know who I am, yet you say I TOOK HER SIDE, Crazy. You are a wild one.

    And this:” I take it you only believe the Press when it fits into your conspiracy theory. Who says I am a conspiracy theorist?”

    Jesus, you draw your own conclusions and make up your own conspiracy theories about people you know nothing about, don’t you?
    Kettle calling the pot black, aren’t you? WOW – KEEP ON SMOKING THAT STUFF.

    and this one is:

    “Therefore, although you say you don’t believe anything in the media”.

    I sadi YOU shouldn’t believe EVERYTHING.

    Who do you think you are addressing when you say this?……….
    .” What I cannot understand is that Norm doesn’t feel that merntioning his ‘homosexual attack’ to YOU was important; yet he used that attack as part of his basis for release.”

    What makes you think I have had any communication whatsoever with Norman? Really, man , you are off on your own track all by yourself.

    Where does it say FROM AN OFFICIAL SOURCE that Norman called anyone a whore? I have seen nothing. You say it is “IN THE FILE”.

    You are right – don’t believe everything you read IN THE PRESS or anywhere else, then you might not get so overexcited and have to create conspiracy theories about complete strangers.

    You really should chill out. You’ll make yourself sick.

  37. Anonymous says:

    ……..please, don’t annoy the grown ups!

  38. Pingback: Better a bad system, run by good people, than a good system run by bad people – Norman Scarth’s first report « Victims Unite!

  39. Well said Jean.

    People, please, focus on the issue. Our fight is for freedom – for truth and justice – FOR ALL.

    Norman was imprisoned [twice now] because of his very courageous, very vocal and fearless determination to expose the endemic corruption in our courts and ‘Authorities’. If any of you antagonists had any idea of what Norman actually does you’d hold your tongues and hang your heads in shame. He has spent the last 14+ years trying to get justice by judicial due process and in the doing he’s been uncovering widespread corruption and has been attempting to clean up the courts. He also spends a great deal of his time helping other victims. He is one of the nicest, most decent blokes you could find. He helps anyone who faces injustice. He is very intelligent and very well educated. He has spent years studying law and knows more about it than most of the judges/lawyers who make a very fine living from it on the legal aid gravy train. He actually gives them lessons in law! Norman, the brilliant satirist is doing a fantastic job ridiculing, shaming and exposing the legal mafia. He is a real nuisance to them and God bless him for that – one little old man threatening their very existance! No wonder they wanted him locked away, hoping he’d roll over and die. He is making smart moves around the crazy court chessboard that he’s on and we, his pawns, are trying to make his job a little easier. He could do with a few more foot soldiers. If we had a few more Norman Scarths in our midst or if more people would do just a fraction of what he does, our evil society would be cured almost overnight. Fact.

    Norman isn’t the only victim who is trying to fight back – see examples of other victims’ stories on this site and mine Other people have been imprisoned or murdered for bravely playing their part in the struggle – Andy McCardle, Maurice Kirk, Patrick Cullinane, Barbara Tucker ….

    Whilst we live in an unjust, insane, sick society it becomes the job of every able-bodied person to join in the struggle and support the victims. An injustice to one is an injustice to all. If you’re not already a victim, you soon will be because we’re already rapidly heading towards global tyrrany. When all the freedom fighters are locked up/bumped off, who is left to help you fight your battles when your time comes to face injustice?

    If you don’t believe we’re already living a Police State then ask yourself why the likes of poor baby P [and numerous like him] are tortured and left to their awful fate by the State, whilst other children/babies are routinely snatched by the State from loving, decent, lawabiding parents who pose no threat to their children whatsoever [Maureen Spalek, Vicky Haigh, Phil Thompson, the Musa family….] This is just one example of our sick, evil society. If you’re still not convinced, research the New World Order agenda.

    If you are in the worst category of the populace – that of Government supporter, you are a cowardly, subhuman, evil creature and you need to understand that you will one day get your comeuppance. So start listening to your conscience and grow a spine now. It’s not too late.

    I’m going to include some spiritual messages [even though I’ve already put them on Vicky’s section, I feel they’re needed here too.] These messages ring so true. The State stooges and Quislings need to pay particular attention. The fact is, there is a higher power at work – call it God if you like. We are mere mortals passing through this llife. All we have to do is decide whether we listen to our conscience and do what is right by others or whether we choose to have evil intent.

    Stay strong everyone. Keep the faith. Do whatever you can, no matter how small, to bring back righteous rule. Just do what you think is right. We may not think we’re making progress. but there is a mass awakening and the guilty ones are getting scared. In Vicky’s words,she “saw their terror, saw their worry, saw their body language.” All we need to do is keep on exposing them and keep putting the pressure on them.

    If you are battle weary, take a break.

    Norman is a great inspiration. Through his sheer grit and persistance [he wasn’t bothered by the usual Masonic manoeuvres – of sending him round in circles until he was dizzy and the usual delay tactics] he has got the ‘untouchables’ of the old boys network in the judiciary, police etc in a bit of a panic. He did what was right and never gave up, no matter what the risk. He’ll keep on doing it too. He deserves the greatest of respect. Good job he has a great sense of humour – he’d never have survived this far without it.

    “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little” – Edmund Burke [1729-1797]

    “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set bush fires in people’s minds..” – Samuel Adams

    “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” – Henry David Thoreau

    Spiritual messages:

    If you do your job well enough, folk will laugh at the truth, call it [and you] insane and ridicule anyone who promotes it. Persecution is good for us – it matures us. Don’t punch or hit back. The pen is far mightier than the sword. Use Spiritual weaponry – truth, integrity, peace, faith, sword of the word of God and prayer. These are the assurances of eternal salvation. Feel joy when you encounter trials of any sort. Understand that this is a proving of your faith and brings out endurance, steadfastness and patience. Blessed is the one who is patient under trial and stands up under the temptation for when he/she has stood the test and has been approved, he/she will receive the victor’s crown of life which God has promised to those who love Him.

    Persecution delivers to the trusting and faithful believer such special and great rewards that we should thank God that we have been counted worthy to suffer for Him. You are not alone with your troubles and sufferings. You have to be broken before God to help others find God. You have to ask HIM for wisdom without worldly fear. He will help you embrace trials. He says he won’t test people beyond their ability to endure. HE is true to his word. His word takes authority over our actions. No one starts out to be a Daniel in the lion’s den. Daniel was obedient. God did the rest.

    Jesus taught the road to life is “hard” and only a “few” will find it. People who do God’s work are hated on Earth. We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God. “Dear Saint – it’s easier to stay on the road that leads to life than to get on it in the first place.” We must endure to the end. Eternal life is a HOPE yet to be reaped in the age to come for only the ones who persist in doing good and do not grow weary and give up. Multitudes will, in the end, actually enter the kingdom. Jesus endured such opposition from sinful men, so that we don’t grow weary and lose heart. In your struggle to resist sin, have you not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood? Martyrdom prevails. Jesus was subjected to unfair, unjust, merciless treatment at the hands of wicked, merciless people. He didn’t deserve any of it.

    We know God through our consciences. Listen to your conscience and you listen to God. God who is in us is greater than those who are in the world. Be humble like little children. Demote yourself. Overcome evil with GOOD. When you work for others, when you help others, you help God. “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me. They did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” God promises the kingdom to those who love him. He sends out his angels.

    Love people. Faith is energized by love. Love is patient and kind. Love conquers all. Help God’s people. Endure, persevere and be gentle. Don’t underestimate the power of positive words. We are in an intense, spiritual battle. Be a good soldier of Jesus. Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.

    Anything that we have – fame, money, beauty, strength, intelligence, health…. is on loan by God. He gives us things to help him do his work. If we abuse our gifts, he takes them away.

    We live in a cursed age, with rampant deception, sin and injustice. The world is the Devil’s turf. Satan is Prince of this world. He hates us here. We disturb him. He will try and deceive us and tempt us into sin. Bad company corrupts good character. Keep a clear conscience. Resist Satan. Don’t bother with materialism. Stand firm in the will of God. He helps us.

    Be alert in the full knowledge of the enemy in these last days of deceit and unlimited wickedness. Stay self-controlled. Be diligent as a guard on duty who sees that the enemy cannot harm God’s troops. We need to stand together and pray a hedge around each other and praise God for whose glory we stand. This life is not home. We are strangers in the world. We live our lives as strangers here in reverent fear. We are merely passing through this life.

    Corrupt men created religions that suppressed spiritual knowledge that will set humanity free from its mental and emotional prisons. The leaders of the secret societies don’t want us to read the bible and worship God. They don’t want us to behave like true Christians. We must break down Satan’s deceit and blindness. Then we must learn to “hear their pain.” Jesus said: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    Humanists are capable of being deceived by Satan. Jesus said: “Men’s hearts failing them for fear.” Satan beats up the sheep. Most people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because they reject knowledge. Those who live well now are on their way to the lake of fire where they will be tormented forever. Weak men don’t realise that they are used of Satan to fight against God’s kingdom. Hear their pain. We must love them [the greedy and corrupt, the world leaders, the big business directors and the men who are bound by the oath of their secret societies.] We must love them enough to stand against their blindness, their Satanic deception and their malice towards us for teaching truth. And when they persecute us [as they surely will] we must love them enough to forgive them. Evangelize the sinners. Jesus is the only way to salvation. Freemasons claim to know God, yet they walk in darkness. God is light. He does not lie. He is not mocked. He knows and sees everything. Don’t underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit.

    The court which has the ultimate and greatest power in the world is the “People’s Court”. Satan’s followers will awake to shame and everlasting contempt. God begins his judgement by afflicting the bodies and personalities of those committing awful acts such as men engaged in buggery. [All homosexuals.] He gives them various health problems. His wrath comes on those who are disobedient. All liars, cowards, vile folk, the sinners et cetera will be in the fiery lake of burning sulphur. Judgement day is real. Either we get it together or none of us gets it at all. We all have to enlighten together or we die all together in this polluted nightmare endgame crisis.

    The reader should be left in no doubt that just as there are secret orders and brotherhoods on Earth under the control of the Forces of Darkness, so too are there networks and communities of the Light. These are the Remnant scattered throughout the planet, working quietly. They are, even now, quietly carrying on their work of healing and teaching to preserve the ageless Religion of Light and bare witness to the Divine Plan.

    Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth and of the sea, for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. Upon the horizon Armageddon is shortly to come to pass. The forces of darkness [of negativity and slavery] are aligning themselves for the final death throes of darkness upon the Earth. They are desperately moving to manifest on the physical Earth plane a couterfeit of the coming New Age Kingdom of God. Through their human dupes these ‘Prison Warders’ want to usher in their hell on Earth world order – the ultimate deception to keep humans Earth bound, trapped within the Luciferic Consciousness.

    Peace is a spiritual problem, not a political one.

    “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

  40. Anonymous says:

    Which one of the Apostles are you related to??

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think anyone in their right mind could call Vicky Haigh a ‘loving’ mother as described in youyr missive above!! Bloody hell – you harp on about evil – Vicky Haigh epitomises evil!

  41. Where’s your evidence that she’s evil?

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