Maurice on Bail while the Musas have been arrested for conspiring to abduct their own children

As Maurice writes on his own blog: Enid Blyton could not have made it up:

  1. Maurice gets himself arrested – quite consciously – as he wanted to tell the local Magistrates what is going on in Haringey Council. He was charged with “criminal damage”, for he had smashed the window of a door, behind which he had been held unlawfully since Saturday night.
  2. The Duty Solicitor in Haringey Court told me yesterday that Maurice was right with his claim.
  3. However, during the hearing, the CPS seemed to have a field day by going into “previous convictions” and “old medical reports”. In fact, three level 12 forensic psychiatrists produced a statement about him based only on data stored on him re South Wales Police. He refused to engage in conversation aka “autism”. To think that such psychiatrists can send you to high security prisons such as Broadmoor for life is seriously frightening.
  4. When the Court wanted to grant bail, the CPS duly asked to appeal within two hours, but didn’t.
  5. Hence Maurice was set free, with a next trial date set for 14th November.

Meanwhile, the Musas were arrested on the same charges and are expected to be heard in one of the following courts this morning:

And the Nigerian national paper Leadership published British Journalist Writes Jonathan Over Seized Nigerian Children.

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27 Responses to Maurice on Bail while the Musas have been arrested for conspiring to abduct their own children

  1. Anonymous says:

    What the hell is the Kirk saga all about? What window did he smash? where as he unlaewfully detained? Clarification, PLEASE !!!!

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  4. Anonymous says:

    The sad thing is for Victim’s Unite is that the premis of the community is good but some of the stories it prints undermines its credibility. This being a great case in point.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maurice Kirk had a good teacher how to act,
    1. Producing appropiate POSTERS Naming & Shaming.
    2. To be WANTED-ARRESTED without Lawful-Justification in breach
    of Police Guidance.

  6. Anonymous says:

    All of the Musa stuff is total crap……I don’t know what planet they are on but I wish they would go back and save the British taxpayer money!!!!!! I have gone onto link after link and it’s all the same crap.
    There has been many mistakes where councils got it wrong and children were wrongly removed from family’s and that is a sad fact BUT what is even worse is when they didn’t act we had a poor little defenceless child murdered. I know which way I would rather have it.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    This and other similar websites are all the same (or, at least, similar). Only one side of the story is printed by people who seem totally oblivious to the reason why these people are locked up etc. They’ve all gone very quiet when they realised that they weren’t so clever ‘sticking up’ for Vicky Haigh. She really spun them a pack of lies and then, when the truth came out, only then did her supporters realise they weren’t so clever and ‘tricky Vicky’ had duped them all.

    • Jimmy says:

      Funny you should mention Haigh. Ms. Watson, who went to prison in that case, has the following to say this evening:

      “..I have been labelled and blamed as “spreading the information” but this was done without my approval, and by others – in particular, Sabine McNeill, a person who has held parliamentary debates for about 14 years and who has admitted in writing that SHE was the publisher of the information – who broadcast it all over the net; she also admits doing this without my knowledge or consent, which leaves me feeling highly challenged by this given the price I have had to pay for her indiscretions. Is this just?

      “I’m disturbed to have heard only in the past week of another Family court victim who is now facing committal proceedings, on account of her case ALSO being publicised by Sabine McNeill…. this has got out of hand. And one can justifiably ask: what is really going on?”

      • Jimmy says:

        She continues…

        “…the fact is that some emails I had written to my PRIVATE network during the course of my investigations, were taken and published involving a breach of copyright, without my consent or knowledge or permission: I reiterate that I was not the Publisher of the said blogs, particularly the ‘Victims Unite’ blog which I disagreed with when it was first set up, and I pressed Sabine McNeill to remove all the postings on it. I had NO WEBSITE or blog of my own concerning this case – those who were culpable have not been challenged yet, it would seem, instead I have paid the price for their indiscretions. ”

        Link here:

  9. JM says:

    I refused to engage with them in conversation once (still am, for over seven years now…) but they didn’t call it autism (whoever they are) they called it being PSYCHOTIC, psycho boy, schizo case etc. and bizarrely used that name calling to retrospectively justify true psychopaths beating up numerous times, gang raping me, torturing me, mutilating my genitals, systemeatically destroying my life, took my home, drove cars at me randomly in the street, deleted/ destroyed all ID/ official documents you need to survive these days andI think they murdered my dog….think I’m still getting low level DEW to this day… can’t fight what you can’t see and even my eyesight is seriously deteriating now to the point of occasional blindness. The only legal option is to invent timetravel and then go back and nuke the bastards!

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Gloria you are a liar and i know that for a fact!!!!!!!!!

    • Now this is a good example of a totally useless and meaningless comment:

      1. Anonymous
      2. serious allegation
      3. no evidence
      4. presumably thinking s/he’d make a valuable contribution!…

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not in a position to leave details. Facts are facts SOME of the cases may be true BUT a lot are not. I suggest you ask the normal questions of evidence ie IF the children were illegally taken then why isn’t there any evidence. I have been looking at this case there is a picture on the internet of the Musa family and the actress Michelle Collins and underneath is a serious allegation accusing her of being a child trafficker and paedophile!!!! Where is the evidence of that???

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  14. JM says:

    Facts are facts? truth is the truth? ???? the truth, for all intensive purposes, becomes whatever PTB says it is…..surely truth depends on your point of view?

    and ‘evidence’….? i.e. whatever they say? hundreds of cases every SINGLE day (just those that are given a show trial) where actuall evidence like CCTV isn’t even shown, or when it is it’s only from the point their victim starts to defend his/ herself…..sounds like you still have ‘faith’, but how can you have faith in those who refuse to say if they even know if they are? rape murder torture and destroy evidence with impunity…..? Jean Charles de Menenzes? you think anybody with half a brain actually believes they taped over the tapes/ none of the several dozen cctv cameras were working that day excuse? (I forget which one they used now…., but only resort to that when media is involved…) but their whole attitude, yes so what we did that and i’m not going to even tell you who i am….what you going to do about it?….and all these people that defend themselves when attacked….they can’t all be schizos surely?

    ha ha! Tariq just got killed by the Russians by the looks of it….actually kinda liked the guy in a way but going home to perv over all the cctv footage…nobody should have that kind of power! (idiot should have noticed the lights were on when he got home anyway…) guess that’s Karma for you, but is just fictional justice i s’pose….

    Pigyobs and g-men in general and many of their ‘private sector’ counterparts (same people, just get paid more) do wahtever they like…..why would they create paperwork/ evidence of their crimes when that just means more effort to then go back and destroy it? the only way to get ‘evidence’ (of who they are for example) is to kill one in self defence= get name…..what you have to do to one to make them admit they’re illegal enemy combatants, see some ID or whatever i dread to think….cd try abducting and torturing one of them for a chnage but i dnt recommend it for legal reasons…..unless you claim to be a non physical entity after the fact (in anybody demands that you ‘justify’ yourself) then it’s perfectly legal apparently!

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