Letters from HMP Cardiff: I am far too ill to attend court and bed bound with unattended gut pain

It has taken Maurice J Kirk BVSc 10 days to be able to write out, after he was transferred from Tottenham Police to HMP Cardiff.  In London he was arrested for not attending Cardiff Police Station, while on bail. In Cardiff they changed it into “harassing Dr Tegwyn Williams” the person who claimed 2 years ago that he had “serious brain damage”, possibly “brain tumour” and who still is withholding his records that prevented his hip operation and now his civil action against South Wales Police.

Please telephone HMP Cardiff on 02920 923 100 and ask for the medical officer. 

Or write to Prisoner No A7306AT HMP Cardiff, Knox Road, South Glamorgan CF24

For trying to help the Nigerian Musa parents get their six children back from the clutches of Haringey Council has turned into

  • serious unattended gut pain
  • ulcer problems requiring an endoscopy
  • real fears of being sectioned based on Dr Tegwyn Williams’ psycho-reports of two years ago, as Haringey Police cover up the Musa child snatching case and South Wales Police continue to harass Maurice.

Dear Guy,

Enclosed 2 copies of current situation. [Summary of Bullying and FAO Cardiff Courts]

At last court I was refused a videolink at 2pm after I stated I was too ill to travel to court. I was offered a videolink but then refused. – Almost same game as 2 years ago in June 09 when no one told me I was due in court and then told court I had refused!

I have sent both these copies to xxx.

It has taken 10 days to get a letter out to write.

I was refused a phonecall out both at Tottenham police station and in prison upon entry.

Can you ring (ian illegible) Butlin Cat and between you get them to Sabine for publication.

I also sent 11 point letter to Magistrates copied to John making three documents. I would be grateful if you check that Butlincat has sent on facts of that one for www email / twitter etc also.

It has taken 10 days to get a letter to write on. They are playing exactly the same game as June 09 re playing the Gulag card. – Sabine witnessed the CPS at Haringey Magistrates press hard for a sectioning reliant only on, they admitted, 2-year old Dr Tegwyn Williams psycho reports.

Ensure Meirion is kept up to date, please.

I am far too ill to attend court but with word from on high I am not being transferred to the hospital wing for political reasons. This is causing trouble on the wing as I am bed bound with serious unattended gut pain and passing some blood.

Was admitted to PSW for this for endoscopy, in August, still not done. 3 doctors say it must be done but, once again, politics prevail.

Having real difficulty getting any Anodine and try being not in hospital wing.

In first 7 days I managed to get 2 tablets out of my daily prescribed PEW 8-week prescription so I know, … too ill, what Norman was going through all … prison. Please keep him up to date as he is experienced in the tricks they play.

I was refused access to the County Court for numerous cases unlucky 28 Sept High Court 4 Oct JR … time morning 2nd Nov 10, to find case already over.

Please ring Cardiff Justice Centre and explain why I would not attend and please try and establish what happened for each case.

Please keep this letter.

Sorry about the writing.

Best Regards


Due in court on Video 5th Wed – only found out by a letter from Sabine!!! Playing the Gulag card for Ashworth Psycho is Real!

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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19 Responses to Letters from HMP Cardiff: I am far too ill to attend court and bed bound with unattended gut pain

  1. JM says:

    words fail me….what can any of us say or do? i know it will be me again sooner or later…..but if he is an official prison he musthave been at least acuused of breaking some law or soemthing? does he know what he is being accused of…? does he even have access to his own lawyer (stupid question i know)?

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  14. JM says:

    any news on Maurice?

  15. JM says:

    disgusting way to treat anybody, but glad he’s gettg somecoveragethough..

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