Where there are victims (Maurice Kirk & the Musas), there are perpetrators and rescuers

Gagged from publishing anything about the childrenButlin Cat calls him “Campaigner Extraordinaire” on his latest blog. I’ve called him hero, martyr and crusader.

And now he spells out his reasons for being on hunger strike in Cardiff Prison, getting ready for his hearing before Cardiff Magistrates Court on Nov. 10th. Be there, if you can, to witness “real live entertainment”…

On Nov 14th and 28th he is scheduled to defend his allegations for Criminal Damage and a Public Order Charge. For he wanted to ensure that the secrecy of family courts is replaced by the openness of criminal Magistrates Courts.

But the really crazy allegation he may have to face is Conspiracy to Abduct Children:  neither Maurice nor the Musas know where the children are!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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12 Responses to Where there are victims (Maurice Kirk & the Musas), there are perpetrators and rescuers

  1. peter oakes says:

    The people of Liverpool obtained a Victory of sorts by Forcing, and I mean
    forcing Parliament to release Secret Reports concerning the death of ni
    -on a 100 Liverpool fans at Hillsborough. Why should any Government
    Body keep secret information that could stop future tragedies ?.

    Why should any Government lock away the Dunblane report for 100 years.?

    Why did it take 25 years for a “bloody Sunday” enquiry ? was it a Lawyers
    benefit ! it cost the taxpayer £400 million.

    Why has Judge Popellwell condemned Liverpool fans in The Times ? Why
    did the Times, owned by the exposed Murdoch print the letter ? was it ordered
    to, by it,s co-owners of the Sun ?

    It is corrupt Judges and the legal mafia secretly controlling the Country.
    Parliament is a Fraud and we should be calling MPs Bluff. If they won,t
    support the Laws they have made in the House, then they should all go
    home and claim expences because they have been usurped.

    Maurice Kirk has put the fear of god in the evil hearts of the Judges, His
    Dignity and Integrity has exposed the judges cowardice and they have reduced themselves to mockery, How can anyone trust the Authorities
    when they keep secret vital information needed by every citizen to protect
    their children and property ! How do you protect your children from
    paedophile Judges, Ministers, ( Defence Minister Dunblane George Robertson

    Victims Unite should shout out loud and copy All Commenmts to Good MPs
    like Steve Rotherham MP for Liverpool, Let him know about Maurice

    And let him know the authorities have had 23 years to doctor the files of
    evidence re: Hillsborough in order to conceal Popellwells conspiracies.

    The Judges should ” Move On ”

    Good Luck Maurice,

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    It appears to me this broken glass (worth £25 to replace,) appears to be getting more attention than the Victims of serious crime Maurice Kirk and Us other Victims (who’s suffered “Theft of property by fraudulent means” and by “White Collar Crime”) are trying to draw attention too!
    But as Eric Pickles stated at the recent Tory Party conference:- “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” ……Clearly, the Judiciary and Politicians don’t seem to care how very true that short sentence is, just as long as it concerns ordinary Joe public and not themselves…..

  3. peter oakes says:

    Hi Stan.
    Justice moved bloody quick ! to get Liam Fox to resign.
    It will now return to its snail pace to thwart any meaningfull enquiry
    in order to bury the truth !

    Is it another Victims situation ? I mean Gerald James Astra B-Mark
    and the Jonathan Aitken, Mark Thatcher, scam ” Arms to Iraq ” bent
    MPs getting massive “brown envelopes ” re: ECG Export Credit Guarantees. See: The Scott Report. Gerald James. Google:

    Not in the public interest. by Gerald James.

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