Police State in Action: Norman Scarth lured out of ‘sheltered’ flat to be arrested!!!

After midnight I got this call from poor Norman, terrorised over what had happened to him after 14 hours of torment and torture – never knowing what might happen:

  1. at 10am in the morning, a young lady asks him to help her and her granny next door who was just moving in
  2. he dresses casually to be helpful –
  3. only to be welcomed by FIVE police officers telling him that he is arrested.

The empty flat must have been offered by the management company “InCommunities Ltd” to the police!

Taken 14 miles away to Leeds, he spent a whole day in a cell on a hard bench when, really, his spinal condition requires change of position and a special bed.

Eventually, a solicitor came, but he was only released close to midnight. Two ridiculous charges and he is supposed to appear before the court on November 17th.

Released on bail, under all sorts of conditions, and he could return – on his own – to be home after midnight.

Meanwhile, his computer was seized with his appeal papers and his mobile. Thus he has no phone numbers!

PLEASE ring him on 0127 454 1213!

It’s called a ‘honeytrap’, he thinks…

And his niece Tracy was arrested and released, too! Of course, computers and phones are the ‘externalised brains’. So “they” take them and have your contacts!

Haringey Council asked for names of witnesses, only to criminalise them and punish them without crime!

Norman writes about the Haringey crime:

If only one tenth of the story is true there is something seriously wrong with the behaviour of those with power.  Never was the saying “All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” more conclusively proved.
If such cases are ever to be resolved it is vital that the pretence that the secrecy is to ‘protect the children’ must be shown for the sham which it is, & that Family Courts be at least as open as other hearings – which isn’t saying much in Britain.  

Who rates worst:


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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11 Responses to Police State in Action: Norman Scarth lured out of ‘sheltered’ flat to be arrested!!!

  1. JM says:

    bloody bastards are never going to stop until they are made to stop, that means stringeng them up from bloody lamposts! but apart from that ll i can think of is a mass suicide outside pariament? they couldn’t cover that up surely….? but i doubt enough volunteers wd be able to make it there alive…….

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  3. Tad Davison says:

    First, a confirmation that we in the UK do indeed live in a police state. To anyone who might still have their doubts about Britain’s police state, I used to have mine, but no longer. That we have come to the same conclusions quite independently, surely tells us something. We can’t all be wrong!

    I had the police on my back for over fifteen years, and I’m a law and order campaigner with no criminal convictions! I do not trust the police, I do like like those whom I do not trust, and I refuse to help anyone I don’t like. They know the only way they will ever get anything on me, is to fabricate it, so please permit me to pay them a great big, fat, get stuffed!

    Bring it on!

    I caught the police in a deliberate lie. Rather than punish and remove the low-life and low-ranking officer who perpetrated the lie, that was to my local MP, he is now a Chief Inspector!

    The lie itself related to a police denial that they had placed me under surveillance, and had bugged my telephone. To quote just one instance of many, I had a telephone conversation with a friend who owned a small haulage firm. He spoke to me about a certain component, a steering drop-arm, that he’d had trouble with. The very next day, he was stopped by a policeman on the M1 motorway, escorted to a service area, whereupon a trolley jack was thrust beneath his vehicle, and the only component they checked was – yes you’ve guessed it, his steering drop-arm!

    I have a friend who used to be a professor of mathematics at an Australian University. I asked him about that happening purely by chace. let’s just say, it’s greater than my chances of winning the lottery!

    They prevaricated and denied the surveillance was happening, and my complaints went unheeded. They even wrote to my MP to say I had been visited at home, and my concerns discussed, and they didn’t need to take the matter any further. What they didn’t tell my MP, was that at the time of the officer’s visit, I was actually having lunch with my daughter and Sir Teddy taylor MP at the House of Commons, so no meeting between me and a police officer, ever did, or could have taken place!

    They seem to be afflicted by an unusual medical condition known coloquially as ‘Lying Bastard Syndrome’. How then, can we possibly have any faith whatsoever in them?

    The former Met Commissioner, Sir Robert Mark once said, ‘A good police service is one that catches more criminals than it employs.’ What a telling thing to say, and what a deplorable commentary that is!

    As for contempt of court, generally, they bring it on themselves by the way they act. People have nothing but contempt for a judicial system that doesn’t work as it should, with absolute honesty and integrity. I could never serve upon a jury and find anyone guilty of a crime on police evidence alone. They are unreliable and NOT to be treated seriously, as one would with someone who knows the meaning of the word ‘honesty’.

    Only yesterday, one came knocking at my door to see if I had heard anything unusual the night before, as there had been a break-in at a nearby school. I think he got the message that he wasn’t welcome. I have no time for criminals, but especially ones in blue uniforms.

    I recall Christmas eve, 1976. I went to a policeman’s aid who was being assaulted by two men, and between the two of us, they were arrested. If that happened today, I’d turn my back and walk away. Only when the politicians realise the level of antipathy towards the police, and ask themselves why that should be, will we ever hope to make the necessary changes.

    And to think that once upon a time, I wanted to be a policeman, to put away criminal vermin. I am so glad I never went down that road. At least I can breathe clean air!

    I aim to bring Norman Scarth’s on-going saga to the attention of a few more prominent people. It would help me to know what the latest charges are. I’d be grateful for a little more information.

    Tad Davison


  4. Anonymous says:

    BBC = Backward and Barbaric Country
    run by demented control freaks who think they have power and authority over natural good men & women of this country. This bullying playground, mental and depraved behaviour is so obvious, this will be their downfall, as day by day it is getting more desperate!!!

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