Are there human rights for Prisoners in the UK???

Thanks to Norman Scarth‘s astute mind and live experience with prisons, we learned about three cases where prisoners succeeded in getting access to the “facilities” required to prepare their defence: computers, law books, etc.

But Maurice is being hit with one refusal after another.  Hence I wrote this letter:

Mr Richard Booty
HMP Cardiff
Knox Road
CF24 0UG

Dear Governor Booty

Re Mr Maurice J Kirk BVSc A7306 AT

This is to alert you to case law that allows prisoners access to computers, law books and the facilities needed to prepare their defence in court proceedings. I enclose just one hard copy. References to three cases are on the article Who Governs HMP Governors? Who Ensures Human Rights for Prisoners?[1]

Jeremy Bentham[2] knew already in the 19th century that Publicity is the very soul of justice[3]. In the absence of fairness and justice, I’d like to make you aware of the public support for Mr Kirk’s quests for fairness and justice:

I understand you have received other evidence for public support, for it is hardly acceptable that medical attention is not provided adaequately nor access to communication and the facilities needed for court cases.

I trust that I can appeal to your conscience, for that’s all that remains with us every night and at the end of our lives.

Yours sincerely,

Sabine K McNeill
Web publisher and McKenzie Friend


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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11 Responses to Are there human rights for Prisoners in the UK???

  1. Steve H says:

    It has been ascertained that the Prison Governor ‘Booty’ is relying on a “Remand Warrant” – that only the Governor has – to keep Kirk imprisoned.

    Kirk has not seen the warrant nor has he been given a copy of it. The warrant has been signed by a Judge – who to date remains nameless!!!! How about that for democracy. There are a number of serious unanswered questions surrounding “the validity” of Kirk – being held (Silenced) unlawfully.

    Just who’s best interests are being served here ….. The “In the Public Interest” ‘claim’ by so many who have so many conflicts of interest themselves are but weasel words used time and again by the most guilty themselves to silence lawful dissent. [i.e. Dissidents – who dare to call the state corrupted]

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  3. Steve H says:

    Have this for a blog all UK lawyers – DLAPiper – are a bunch of criminals – as is Cleggs wife Miriam. All these mouthy legals like carl at head of legal are the lowest-form of life. All the do is utter gabrage in court – but then not one of ever has the backbone to be put to their election and to ‘give testimony on oath themselves’. The trick is they lie like B’strds with impunity – their problem is that they and theirs have been caught at it. The rule of law is going to do for them all and the lobbyist firms that they are all beholden and craven to …..

  4. Steve H says:

    Here’s something for all – Equidebt Ltd (EQL) a bunch of bully boy debt collectors were stupid enough to ‘buy a supposed debt off of Barclays’ – the said supposed debt is for £8203.44. Barclays over the past 6 years have sold the debt to numerous other debt collection bullyboy firms ….. the problem is that all bar equidebt [although they have been told recently] were told to go abck to Barclays and question that Barclays have sold on a debt on ‘false pretences’ ……. anyway all the bully boys and EQL have been explicitly told in no uncertain colloquial english terms to FO & issue proper “Particulars of Claim” – none of them will ….. why? because there is the counterclaim element -which each one of them and Barclays in the first instance – will not entertain – because the debt is a false debt – hence they all know that I have the proof against Barclays for threatening a debtor – which of course at the time of it happening – was a criminal offence.

    EQL – continue to attempt to get the money – but don’t dare to move the issue to a “criminal footing” – because they and all the bankster bullyboy debt recovery firms – are hoisted by their own petard – USURY. Racketeering so to speak ……

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  6. albert john jewell says:

    On this subject internationally recognized Jean James speaks out often
    and with clarity. May I state here that it is not only “prisoners ”
    unlawfully being held who need our support. The support is also needed
    by many who also have and ARE being abused by our present Court and
    Authority systems, now being openly ABORTED by folk who can be easily
    located and identified As with Jean James and others I have experienced
    “AUDITING ” in Blogs to V.U site. I have urged SABINE to adopt the
    petition “OUT THE JUDGE (& Corrupt Public Authorities ), which could
    pin-point the past and present infidelities exercised by these strange
    folk. Being ,in my humble opinion that their present evil actions are
    only a duplication of evil acts which they have done before ,but perhaps
    to a lesser degree .
    Whether indulging themselves in the fields of “Kiddy-Fiddling “,”Theft
    Acts (in abuse of Law ) “,or cruising around for extra-marital sex
    adventures. These I have blogged before only to experience,as others
    also some EERIE Overviewing and sinister auditing .Although I cannot
    state here that SABINE audited them, but it is happening since WORDPRESS
    has been used for V.U. site activities . Which begs the question ,who
    or where are the abstracted BLOGS ending up . Further, how do they
    sometimes quickly RETURN when protested ???Also may I ask where in V.U.
    casebook does Mrs Diana Smith’s (LAND FRAUD ) case appear ? For I do
    know SABINE asked Diana for a synopsis (for editing ). Which Diana did
    supply .,(White Collar Theft and Corrupt Activities deeply involving
    Please also note
    whom , apart from Mr. JOHN HEMMINGS, M.P. amongst SABINE’s coterie of
    GOLD NUGGET M.P.s have voiced an outcry about the abysmally corrupt,
    satanically inspired ,daily to be seen in media reports ,but ignored by
    those in High Governance ,who should correct these criminal activities
    with some speed. When may we hear the clarion clear voice of Mr
    Cameron (tough on crime -tough on the causes of crime )Prime Minister
    about the child SLAVERY (G.B. abolished circa 1800 ? ) now rampant with
    the assistance apparently of the entire legal Profession operating
    outwith our Legal Systems ,I listen forlornly but not even a whisper do I
    hear in G.B.maybe he works too hard spreading OUR democratic
    excellence’s ABROAD ???
    My dear Sabine i challenge
    you to publish one successful OUTCOME of the beloved V.U. business
    during the 15 years or so of its existence ;with the proviso that you do
    not reply in religious esoteric s , such as you replied to Jean James
    (recently ) .So there you have it in a nut shell;now not only are those
    at the bottom of the pile and without finances ,being subjected to
    being publicly raped in our OPEN Courts ; but now we see (on V.U. site
    ) that the middle classes also are now getting their share of ABUSES
    today. God Bless You All Jim.

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