Please support this Man. For you or yours could be next!

  • This complaint form to HMP Cardiff is one way in which Maurice J Kirk, a veterinary surgeon and pilot, expresses what he has been experiencing since he was arrested on September 21st and imprisoned.

Six weeks later, he still has not been told in writing what he is in prison for and when his release date might be.

Hence he is on hunger strike and gives his latest reasons here. I am on hunger strike because

  1. Court and Prison continue to refuse to disclose written record of WHY I am in prison and with which release date.
  2. Crown Court have denied me my right for a fair bail application because CPS refuse to put in writing what I was sent to prison for, my release date and why Police oppose bail when CPS did not on 23rd September. It was the District Judge who decided I be detained for political reasons only.
  3. I am not getting proper medical treatment promised.
  4. As a prisoner I am continuing to be denied by basic human rights on the prison’s excuse that I am the only prisoner not represented on the wing by a lawyer, i.e. LIP (Litigant in Person) blackmail.

Besides attending Cardiff Magistrates Court on November 10th at 10am and signing this petition suggestions for supporting Maurice are here.

When I met Maurice, I was going to get him into the Guiness Book of Records – mainly for his number of successful court cases, but there were many other priorities. Now I know better than ever:

That’s why family courts operate in secrecy to justify the snatching of children by Social Services…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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37 Responses to Please support this Man. For you or yours could be next!

  1. Jean James says:

    Sabine, have you asked Peter Barnes what to do?

  2. JM says:

    we need to get in touch with former members or the IRA, is all i’m saying…..continuing to try and reason with them only causes more trouble, the more you defend yourselves the less violent they actually become……like most things, doesn’t make a lot of sense with the pre conditoned view of the world programmed into you from birth?

  3. JM says:

    a few dozen Moats might be able to change soemthing….

  4. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi,…My first meeting with Maurice Kirk down at the Royal Courts of Justice in 2001 where we both were trying to get the serious wrongs and illegalities committed against us (the Victims,) overturned.
    Well as most are now fully aware, that didn’t happen, and those wrongs, “White Collar Crime”, which also involves “Theft of Property” off us by fraudulent means still remains ongoing more rampant to this day; allowed by certain Judiciary and the “Establishment” with their own secretive agendas, as in my own case, by Lord Justice Mance, (a now a High flyer in the Supreme Court, (whom in my case concealed/suppressed the fact he had association through family; on Lloyds Insurers Register of Names, [a matter I only discovered in 2011.] ) Who totally ignored relevant H-R Laws (in my own case the main ones being Articles 6, Articles 10, 13, 14 and Article 1 of the first Protocol, also nd of most importance H-R Directive 76/207EEC,) ….
    I also (as a Malaysian Jungle warfare campaign Veteran of 1950’s ,) Victim of such corruption theft of property by fraudulent means off me understand the suffering of Norman, Maurice, and other deprived Victims, who have been put through by such unlawfully incarceration, because TWO of my own vital witnesses got similarly unlawfully incarcerated, (both kidnapped from their homes then unlawfully incarcerated in a mental hospital!)
    But by the grace of God I managed to get their early release….But when out and they wanting to take action concerning their unlawful incarceration, their documents held by Authorities over their unlawful incarceration had for unexplained reasons “Vaporised”!! AND with me being involved in that early release, I similarly got threatened by a certain Lawyers and the Police, to the same unlawful incarceration! ….But with having the relevant documents (as I supplied to my witnesses,) I was able to confirm that unlawful Tactics had been used by The Authorities on my witnesses, as such I was able to get my witnesses released, but sadly not before one of therm had been pumped full of dangerous drugs in an attempt to silence him….or maybe polish him off; but I thank god that didn’t happen!
    But after getting that early release of my witnesses, The Labour Government, (fully informed of such facts, [via former corrupt Labour MP Elliot Morley and \then by former MP Ian Cawsey,]The Labour Government) part of the Totalitarian Regime changed the rules; making such incarceration much more easier, now allowing A Police Officer determine whether someone should be incarcerated, or not, (not least those whom they think have evidence/knowledge of the abuse and corruption, taking place within areas of our Establishments as did my witnesses!)……..
    And the only reason I can envisage this was done, was to protect the fascist Agendas taking place within the UK , (as previously imposed on Germans by Hitler and his fascist Mob from The Reichstag Fire in 1933.) The agendas which then got established in The UK and America by the “secretive Bilderberger’s” from it’s set-up by Royal Prince Bernaud (an acclaimed former German SS Officer,) from 1945, as shown was in progress as explained in the Secret CIA “RED HOUSE Report” of 1944.
    Therefore are the tactics utilized by the IRA (as intimated about in comments of JM,) the only way these fifth collumnist Quislings are going to be made to understand??

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  6. Stanley Embling says:

    THE ANSWER THEREFORE TO THE ARTICLE:- Are there human rights for Prisoners in the UK???THE ANSWER MUST BE… NO!!

  7. Stanley Embling says:


  8. Jean James says:

    I think people should know that, if you post on this website, you are in danger of Sabine McNeill circulating your IP address. She did it with me, and she has done it with other people. In August, there was another person who complained.


    • I am terribly sorry if I have done so, Jean.

      I am completely unaware of the use of IP addresses in either WordPress blogs or the email programme I am using.

      My apologies for you having become a victim of my technology rather than thinking.

      • Jean James says:

        For a mathematician who designs and markets high level computer software capable of analysing demographics and much more, I find your answer very hard to believe.

      • Jean James says:

        When you keep on distributing people’s IP addresses, Sabine, despite others also complaining, then it’s pretty clear that it is not an accident and, knowing your background, it cannot be ignorance, can it?

  9. Having been in situation I would like more justification, ie Court docs. I am well aware of the injustices in our Police, Courts and Prisons system however some of what I am hearing here, with my prior knowledge, seem hard to understand without you providing more evidence? Why for instance does Maurice not have a solicitor even if just for prison issues, why has he not taken or started JR proceedings? Is he using the official prison complaints system, there for his benefit even if it is flawed, has he contacted the I.M.B for the prison? Or is it as it sounds an angry old man causing problems for his own publicity sake at the expense of public perception of prisoners in prison who really do have legitimate problems. No one can be sentenced without documentation by Courts etc., stating why and for how long, if they can then show us the proof, where is the Judges summing up? Where are the Court papers? This case is confusing and Maurice needs to be very careful he is not ‘sectioned’ as I have seen happen to many prisoners fighting the system from inside without any justification other than a prison doctors say so.

  10. Why has my comment criticising current Kirk issues and asking for more justtification of this old mans claims, been removed? Seems I hit a sore point making me even more suspicious of the integrity of Maurice Kirk and this site?

    • I have NOT knowingly removed any comment.

      Yes, Tony, a 20-year old civil action for damages is confusing. Having won 130 cases against South Wales Police is admirable though.

      Maurice has become a POLITICAL prisoner. I have helped him since over a year now. But I do not have the time to respond to your requests here, I am afraid. I am helping other victims, too.

      Please visit and for more info.

      I am a scientist by training. I have no reason NOT to act without integrity.

  11. Steve H says:

    I will be brief. If any of you ever manage to get your case into the Supreme Court – you will be extremely lucky to get a hearing. The Supreme Court Judges are some of the worst criminals ever to have risen to high office. They haven’t acquired their positions as the public are misled into believing.

    The biggest stumbling block at the Sup Court – is the Registrar Louisa di Mambro and her sidekick Robert Greenberg. They are the ever present administraitors who bury cases knowingly for the Sup Court Judges. The hottest of cases that show the whole legal system is corrupted.

    Di Mambro – has been abusing her position of office with the tacit agreement of Judges Phillips and Hope for example. Di Mambro using Supreme Court headed paper has inferred that various judges have ‘ordered’ x, y and z (The Application for a trial is refused) – yet upon being challenged to produce the Orders – she refuses to – she can’t produce Orders because she is abusing her office and the applicants lawful rights. As for ‘reasons’ as to how judges have come to their decisions – there are no reasons.

    I lawfully challenged Di Mambro’s authority earlier this year [All documents are copied and evidenced – but not for here] – she ignored my challenge and continues to make out that judges have made Orders.

    Quote from Di Mambro “The order which the Court made was a final order”

    Yet – “she will not produce the order” – why? because she is the last ‘front’ put up by the most criminal of judges sitting in their ivory tower. If there is no Order then nothing that flows or follows can be valid morally, ethically or otherwise – save the unlawful protection racket run by the Judiciary. Their Probity is a busted flush.

  12. peter oakes says:

    Harriet Harman. The man hater ! declared Mr. Ebert was a Vexatious
    Litigant. This was after Mr. Ebert asked for a copy of his Bankruptcy
    Order. no Court Order saying Mr. Ebert is a Bankrupt has ever been

    Judges make-it-up to cover their criminality ! And That is what this website
    is about ! publishing the criminal offences of courts, judges, police,that
    makes All British & now European Citizens VICTIMS and I don,t mind
    my details being published because I only speak the truth ! unfortunately
    for the cynics. And they can sue for LIBEL can,t you Edward Timpson MP
    & accomplice to criminal conspirators Oh and concealer of offences.

    And this bent barrister MP is Teresa Mays Human Rights assistant !

    Now for some more Truth for Maurice Kirks benefit. if you Google:

    Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union ( I believe Cardiff
    Wales is in Europe ?? ) or is it ? If so then it,s stuffed with criminals !

    Page 1 Preamble. Concious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the
    Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity,
    freedom, equality and solidarity, it is based on the principles of democracy,
    and the RULE OF LAW. —— by creating an area of freedom, security and justice.

    Now go to Page 20. JUSTICE Article 47.

    Everyone whose Rights & Freedoms guaranteed by LAW of the UNION
    are violated has the Right to an effective remedy ( not in the UK your not!.
    no Article 13 ) Before a tribunal ( court ) in compliance with the Conditions
    laid down in this Article .

    Everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time
    by an independent and impartial tribunal previously established by LAW.
    ( should be European Law not a British kangaroo court )—- Should be
    independent and impartial ? How is that possible when Maurice is in
    ( Her Majesties Prison, put there by Oath sworn police, into one of Her
    Majesties Court, before Her Majesties Magistrate, prosecuted by Her Majesties
    Crown Prosecution Service, Solicitors & Lawyers all Oath sworn to Her Majesties Supreme Court.

    Is that being Impartial ? Is that being Independent NO. it cannot be Independent because they are all duty bound by Oath to Her Majesty.

    It is a Travesty of a European Citizens Rights & Freedoms !

    Oh and the good bit is last : Legal Aid shall be made available to those
    who lack sufficient means, in so far as such aid is necessary to ensure
    effective access to justice. ( this means they provide an oath sworn solicitor
    who is an agent , who will get an adjournment in order to delay
    proceedings so that the Legal Aid fund can be looted after a suitable theft
    of Public Money has occurred he will advise Maurice to plead guilty, if
    Maurice refuses, he will claim he can no longer represent Maurice siting
    any old excuse.

  13. Steve H says:

    There is a trap which unfortunately far too many people have fallen into. Neither the European nor the British Courts are ‘honest’ – they are both – I repeat both stuffed with criminals. When enough people stop running from one to the other and realise that we the people must bring down both of them – then we’ll shall force the rule of law and natural justice to prevail. And all the erring mouthpiece CEO’s from the banks will have their collars felt – along with the legions of lawyers failing to administer the law properly. How does Jonathan Scumption QC – leapfrog into the Supreme Court? It’s his reward for his pitiful acting along with Hutton et al – to conceal the murder of Dr Kelly. How will they damn & down the newest challenge [Kelly inquest] due before the courts 19th December 2011?

    The National Press of course will be conspiring to ‘sell’ as they did before the ‘baloney’ of the Hutton Inquiry – the lies by their controllers – The Judiciary.

    Not one lawyer or Barrister – was put to their election [To give testimony on Oath] in the Hutton Inquiry why? – dohhhhh because they were all ‘lying’.

  14. Steve H says:

    Cited: Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) – “Freedom of expression”.

    I now mark the card of a company which several huge Corporations employ as third party bully boy debt collectors.

    Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited – and its Recovery Manager A.J. Martin of Spring gardens Stockport are accused of ‘usury’ and of duplicitous tactics and threats which would make Stalin’s KGB proud.

    I beat this firm into submission several years ago – I now do it for someone else. And the toothless quango of Ofcom are nothing but a waste of public money also – Ref The hacking of 5000+ peoples’ phones – the whole issue is being covered up because they haven’t got the backbone to arrest and indict all the News International Executives – who sanctioned the unlawful payments for hacking – Criminal breaches of the Telecoms Act I believe.

    Let’s be having some transparency and openness – and less of the legalistic rhetorical jargon and hot air from these Monsters of the Universe. Arrest Fred the shred for starters.

  15. Della Pedated says:

    How long has MK been in prison? What are the charges? Has he been charged with any offence by which he can be imprisoned? As far as I can tell from the various emails and comments here posted, no charge has been recorded, and if it has then he must be brought before a magistrate to answer those charges, without which he is being detained unlawfully.

    “Unlawful” what a mis-used word, “Lawful”, another mis-used word. Three examples that fly in the face of reason. 1. In July 1996 one Dame Elizabeth Butler-Schloss said, in the Court of Appeal, that the Appeal Court was not there to overturn the judgment of a lower court — Unless the judge was mad! 2. In May 2000 one Sir Edward Evans-Lombe declared that he had given judgment one side in preference to the other because it was HIS TURN TO HAVE A WIN. 3. When MK was facing charges of dealing with and possessing a Lewis machine gun, the prosecution produced an EXPERT witness statement that he had fired both a .303 cartridge and a .410 cartridge from the same gun. Try putting a .303 cartridge into a .410 calibre gun, the cartridge will fall through the breech therefore the firing pin will never engage with the cartridge. Similarly a .410 cartridge will never fit into a .303 breech being nearly one tenth of an inch greater in diameter. All this irrespective of the FACT that this was not a working gun, the barrel was just a piece of pipe and the recoil chamber had been fitted with a coil spring so that the breech block containing the firing pin could never have moved far enough to be in a position capable of firing any cartridge. THIS WAS A POLICE?PROSECUTION APPOINTED EXPERT!!! Further more, the prosecution case summary handed to the judge claimed that an undercover police officer, code name “Foxy” was a female, yet when the witness came into court concealed from view behind a screen, SHE had miraculously had a sex change – perhaps the screen was so that neither the jury nor the court could detect this change These FACTS were put up onto MKs web site by one Alison Wunderland. The FACT that the judge kept asking the prosecution barrister if the site had been taken down obviously caused members of the jury to read the comments at, the rest, as they, is history. Obviously the vendetta continues.

    • Dear Della

      the problem is that M has NOT been told in writing what he is in for or for how long. Whether it’s unlawful or not, does not seem to matter. After all, Royal Charters give immunity from prosecution!

      Will you be there this Thursday in Magistrates Court and watch whatever Wunderland we’ll be taken into???

  16. Della Pedated says:

    “In the beginning was the LAW (LOGOS) and the LAW (LOGOS) was GOD.

    There are but 2 LAWS – !. Do no harm!
    2 Love GOD (LAW)

    Anything else is but hypocracy The tide is going out and there is nothing THEY can do to stop it happening..

  17. Feldmeier & Feldmeier says:

    Law abiding citizens do not go round distributing Flyers with t
    he language that can only be attributed to a confession of implied threatening intimidating behaviour/violence…..


    • Della Pedated says:

      Is that young spirited Nadia?
      The person who initiated the “Wanted” posters is, unfortunately, no longer with us, she passed away earlier this year. I do agree that MK was utterly foolish to issue a “Dead or Alive” poster. This sort of behaviour does nothing to further the cause, in fact it has the opposite effect, and, if we want to be taken seriously then we ought to distance ourselves from such folly.

  18. Steve H says:

    Kirk was lucky in his Machine Gun Acquittal – and that Acquittal is ‘relevant’ to current proceedings. He was lucky that a Special K group of different people came together and totally and utterly destroyed every single piece of ‘purported evidence’ that many organisations and individuals attempted to use to ‘GET A CONVICTION’ against him. And that includes the duplicitous fork-tongued utter garbage ‘offered up’ by Tegwyn Williams as factual evidence BY the CPS’s most prominent persecutor [also fork-tongued]

    So which of all the organistaions and many individuals – does not have a vendetta against Kirk? They all do.

    The current proceedings cannot stand in respect of the “Acquittal” – they are being prosecuted by “all” of those who have had a vested interest [The Machine Gun Trial – which was BLOWN UP – in their faces”] – and who also have an incurable at law “conflict of interest” issue to overcome. They can’t overcome it while the current proceedings are being held in their own kangaroo jurisdiction. It must be moved – and bail must be granted if justice and the rule of law and the proper administration of it, is not – but an illusion, duplicity and utter evil.

    The Special K group are the only ones who know their subjects inside out.

  19. Steve H says:

    It has been easily ascertained that – Kirk has been further remanded into custody until 15th November – “pending inquiries” ……

  20. albert john jewell says:

    On this subject internationally recognized Jean James speaks out often
    and with clarity. May I state here that it is not only “prisoners ”
    unlawfully being held who need our support. The support is also needed
    by many who also have and ARE being abused by our present Court and
    Authority systems, now being openly ABORTED by folk who can be easily
    located and identified As with Jean James and others I have experienced
    “AUDITING ” in Blogs to V.U site. I have urged SABINE to adopt the
    petition “OUT THE JUDGE (& Corrupt Public Authorities ), which could
    pin-point the past and present infidelities exercised by these strange
    folk. Being ,in my humble opinion that their present evil actions are
    only a duplication of evil acts which they have done before ,but perhaps
    to a lesser degree .
    Whether indulging themselves in the fields of “Kiddy-Fiddling “,”Theft
    Acts (in abuse of Law ) “,or cruising around for extra-marital sex
    adventures. These I have blogged before only to experience,as others
    also some EERIE Overviewing and sinister auditing .Although I cannot
    state here that SABINE audited them, but it is happening since WORDPRESS
    has been used for V.U. site activities . Which begs the question ,who
    or where are the abstracted BLOGS ending up . Further, how do they
    sometimes quickly RETURN when protested ???Also may I ask where in V.U.
    casebook does Mrs Diana Smith’s (LAND FRAUD ) case appear ? For I do
    know SABINE asked Diana for a synopsis (for editing ). Which Diana did
    supply .,(White Collar Theft and Corrupt Activities deeply involving
    Please also note
    whom , apart from Mr. JOHN HEMMINGS, M.P. amongst SABINE’s coterie of
    GOLD NUGGET M.P.s have voiced an outcry about the abysmally corrupt,
    satanically inspired ,daily to be seen in media reports ,but ignored by
    those in High Governance ,who should correct these criminal activities
    with some speed. When may we hear the clarion clear voice of Mr
    Cameron (tough on crime -tough on the causes of crime )Prime Minister
    about the child SLAVERY (G.B. abolished circa 1800 ? ) now rampant with
    the assistance apparently of the entire legal Profession operating
    outwith our Legal Systems ,I listen forlornly but not even a whisper do I
    hear in G.B.maybe he works too hard spreading OUR democratic
    excellence’s ABROAD ???
    My dear Sabine i challenge
    you to publish one successful OUTCOME of the beloved V.U. business
    during the 15 years or so of its existence ;with the proviso that you do
    not reply in religious esoteric s , such as you replied to Jean James
    (recently ) .So there you have it in a nut shell;now not only are those
    at the bottom of the pile and without finances ,being subjected to
    being publicly raped in our OPEN Courts ; but now we see (on V.U. site
    ) that the middle classes also are now getting their share of ABUSES
    today. God Bless You All Jim.

  21. Della Pedated says:

    Jim, you said “with the proviso that you do not reply in religious esoteric.”
    Perhaps you have no evidence of the value of prayer, but just sit back a moment and consider the global events that are unfolding around us every day. It is clear that the economic collapses are as a result of prayer. Prayers not only in the “religious” sense, but also as an undercurrent of distress amongst the peoples of the world. OR, as the saying goes “God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform”. On Friday, 11.11.11 and on Sunday we witnessed, as usual,the rituals of the laying of wreaths by the elite, we all stood silent for those 2 precious minutes. What utter hypocrasy! And a greater insult to the fallen than no ritual at all. For it says on the memorials “For the SACRED CAUSE OF JUSTICE and the FREEDOM of the World”. While judges pervert the course of justice, lawyers commit perjury and members of the establishment do nothing to remedy the multitude of wrongs inflicted on the people, there will be no peace anywhere.
    Fortunately, there are some of us that are fighting for the cause in ways that may not be obvious, and some of us do not shout about our victories.
    About religious esoterics, the people in power have brought the curse upon themselves, for it is written “Pervert not the judgment of the widows, the fatherless and the stranger, for if they call upon me I shall surely hear their call.” and, “Cursed be they who pervert the judgment of the widows and the fatherless.” Let it be known far and wide that Freemasons pass themselves off as sons of widows; their MOTHER lodge is a widow. So now you see how religion is at the heart of the matter.

  22. Steve H says:

    The Murdoch Mafia and the Political Mafia and the Judicial Mafia – are toasted – burnt by their own ‘collective of deception’.

    Leveson – better not attempt a “Lord Hutton-style” whitewash – because it won’t wash any more.

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  24. Dear Sandy

    Please note that it is the prerogative of ANY publisher to choose what they publish in their space, just like the hostess of a party chooses whom she invites into her house.

    I don’t see why I should offer my site to negativity when the world needs positivity rather badly.

    Hoping that you might understand, I have blacklisted you for future comments.


  25. Steve H says:

    Sorry about the typo – it should have read “Freedom of Expression”.

    Never mind eh – maybe it reminds one of Policemen policing themselves – or The East German Stasi police – policing themselves…. ho hum

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