“Solicitors from Hell” was sent to Hell – to be replaced by other sites?

“It’s a sad day for Freedom of Speech,” sad Rick Kordowski when Judge Tugendhat ordered the closure of his site Solicitors from Hell today.

Published on Inforrm’s Blog as well as by The Telegraph: Solicitors from Hell website shut down.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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25 Responses to “Solicitors from Hell” was sent to Hell – to be replaced by other sites?

  1. It seems that the powers that be are scared about freedom of expression.

    We have libel laws in this country which should be sufficient. If “Solicitors From Hell” was publishing libel then surely it and the offending contributor could be sued. Isn’t that enough without banning it?

  2. Phil Thompson says:

    Notice that the solicitors did not defend themselves.

  3. Colin Peters says:

    Years ago,Kenningham Underwood Armstrong, were the firm of solicitors in Bradford, West Yorkshire, who I posted on the Solicitors from Hell website as being responsible for aiding and abetting a crook to get £32,000 worth of legal aid, to evade a debt of just £6,173, on one pack of lies, (which I supplied to them the evidence in proof of at the start of litigation) – and then – five years later, a judgement that meant that he paid nothing at all to me, on a conflicting pack of lies.

    Two conflicting stories of contract and inducements to contract from one and the same person do not make for one truthful account!!!

    Kenningham Underwood Armstrong paid Rick Kordowski to delete my reference to themselves from his website with the promise that he would not allow any further defamatory, but true, references against themselves on his website.

    At that time I was far from happy about this, but, I reasoned that it was his website, therefore he could set his own rules.

    Years before this, I had authored ‘factsheets’ about the injustice which Kenningham Underwood Armstrong had caused me (still available) – which I shoved through many letterplates of businesses, including banks, building societies and other solicitors offices in Bradford town centre.

    The response from Kenningham Underwood Armstrong was to write and threaten me with an injunction.
    However, at that time, I was fortunate enough to have a friend and ally in the shape of Sam Klibanski, a business consultant and former solicitor LLB, who is based in London.

    Not only did Sam fax them to tell them that any attempt from by to gain an injunction against me would be met with a plea of justification, he also faxed a copy to every solicitors office for miles around.

    In this manner, the injustice caused by solicitors against myself, became localised public knowledge, but how many of these solicitors made an indignant responce to this ongoing injustice? – Not one!

    From my own experiences I can only conclude that the Solicitors from Hell website has not been shut down in the public interest, but in the interests of crooked lawyers only, just like the ones that I have encountered.

    My own website at http://colinpetersbd40jh.tripod.com reveals the documented truth of my own claims.

    Because it is truthful and against the interests of the crooks cited therein, should this also be shut down?

    In Truth. Colin Peters

    • Phil Thompson says:

      What I want is for EACH Solicitor or Lawyer or Barrister to EXPLAIN to their Client why they lost the case against the AUTHORITY Concerned in Child ADOPTION PROCEDURES in a SECRET COURT where EVERY FAMILY member was NOT permitted to speak in the Court. WHAT about the PERJURY in their EVIDENCE to a Court of Law. Colin Peters. Look on Yutube and learn.
      Walsall ss-forced adoption
      Will you DA|RE to contact me or VANISH like so many others.

  4. Colin Peters says:

    Thank you for your response Phil Thompson.
    I am more than aware of the injustices perpetrated through the family courts and the civil courts on a daily basis.
    I personally know, and know of, a great many victims.
    Through our own experiences, we are all experts with personal knowledge of the wrongs we have suffered and my purpose in posting my own details was not to simply bang my own drum, but to encourage others to post their own experiences and to name names.

    In Sabine, we have a lady with terrific organisational abilities and commitment who I am sure will utilise provable and factual information to its best advantage by collating it ALL and publicly placing it before the relevant authorities.

    Let’s give her the chance.

    There is little point in whinging on about injustice if we are not going to name who caused that injustice and exactly how they caused it.

    Rick Kordowski did a great job with his S f H website but instead of it prompting any investigation of errant solicitors by the regulatory bodies, it was shut down, effectively covering up for a great deal of wrongdoing by lawyers.
    The ones who wouldn’t pay Rick to remove the postings about them that is!!!

    Before the internet is censored we must utilise it to its utmost to publicise so much of what we know about the ‘system’.

    Either that or sit on our hands and await Armageddon which, looking around at the state of the world today, can’t be too far away.

  5. JM says:

    it’s a damn shame……had my own experiences there to!

  6. Phil Thompson says:

    Dear Mr. Colin Peters. I agree wholeheartedly with all you say. Your last two paragraphs are very important.

    • JM says:

      i do hope u r not the same Phil Thompsson I heard of, Midlands area (SS)?

      • Phil Thompson says:

        Dear Colin Peters. Could you please re-post your comment to me in a reasonable “tone” of the English language. Plezeye tri 2 spel ritly if u are compllyd 2 coment.
        Now listen old bean. I do not know where you are coming from. BUT you seem to be some some disruptive person. PLEASE STOP. I wish you WELL.

  7. Derek says:

    What further proof does one need that this is our crooked judiciary hard at work further suppressing wrongdoing by rogue, incompetent solicitors.

    • Steve H says:

      By actully closing down Rick’s site – Judge Tugenhadt (excuse typo) and “his legion of cohorts” have in fact – “Tightened the noose upon their own necks” …. All judges rise up the ladder [Like snakes on ladders] from their lowly beginnings as solicitors.

      Snakes as in “Snake-oil salesmen” – just like The Quacks and Charlatans of the Psychiatric [tric – Trick] world. Ho hum their time has come. We have enough lamp posts.

      They have “scandalised” their own selves – and their evil trade for far too many centuries – their endgame is here.

  8. Phil Thompson says:

    Dear Derek. Thank you for you comment. I GRIEVE when I see comments like yours. I agree with your comment. I wish to add that there many MPs, BARRISTERS, Solicitors and lawyers(note the descending order). WHERE are they in our cause of FALSE ADOPTION. WHY are these REPRESENTATIVES of Justice SILENT in cases regarding Social Services. PRISONERS have greater representation.

  9. Try looking up a new website called http://solicitorsfromhell2.com things will never change. Only a few days and a new website is active

  10. Steve H says:

    His Honour Iain Hughes QC – from the Winchester Courts – should start to look at his crimes against the British Public – even if he has been ‘entrapped’ into damning and downing so many people. And what of all the lower court District judges on the south coast who he has ‘covered up for’?

    Solicitors from hell / Ellis Jones / Bournemouth & Poole County Court in partnership with Dorset Police, Dorset Police Authority, every County Council in Dorset oh …musn’t forget the compliant press the Bournemouth Evening Echo.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Steve H, I have read your post with great interest re Iain Hughes QC. Can you expand on that statement

    • Fishface says:

      I too have suffered injustice at this mans hands. What can be done?

    • Andrew Thompson says:

      When I was defrauded by my NatWest business advisor and lost £740k I tried to take my case to Court. I appeared in front of Iain Hughes QC at Winchester and he told me that £740k was not a lot to lose! Despite all the evidence showing the NatWest fraud I did not have a chance.

  11. Phil Thompson says:

    JM. I am the person that you describe. Firstly. ARE you a Social Worker.
    WHAT has your comment to do with me.
    What have I done wrong to deserve your comment. Please read your comment again. I do hope you are not etc.
    I AM Philip Thompson, WHO are YOU JM.

    • JM says:

      calm down, calm down…..just funny ‘coincidence’ that you happen to share the same (suspected) name of one of the SS that totured me! I’m not SS, it was not frienddly fire…..and i have a crappy wireless k’board, hence typos and missing letters!

      • Phil Thompson says:

        JM. You have still not identified yourself. It is you that should “calm down dear”.
        APOLOGISE.. You should have seen the video that I posted BEFORE your comment against me.
        APOLOGISE and end the matter. Please remember”friendly fire” that is an EXCUSE for wrongdoing. Are you MAN enough to APOLOGISE.

        • JM says:

          aplogise for what you fool? u still haven’t accused me of anything! u certainly doing very good impression of the one I ‘knew’….do you exxpect everybody to apologise for haaving the audaccity to ask u a question…., if that is what u r implying?

  12. Steve H says:

    I would be grateful to anybody if they could pass me a copy of a “highly confidential e-mail” that ‘suspended’ Bournemouth Borough Council Accountant Stephen Parker sent to “EVERY LOCAL COUNCILLOR” recently – in respect of an outsourcing debacle {87 million pound debt!} to do with a company called Mouchel….l.

    The local rag [Journalists who preach one thing – 4th Estate trash. Hacking you know the sort of thing …] have a copy it; the BBC also have a copy of it ….. and I am absolutely desperate for a copy of it also [NOT] …. maybe Private Eye have a confidential copy of it also ……. See their last 2 editions re Rottenboroughs.

  13. ken says:

    to moor and blatch there will be other sites timothy spring you should not be allowed to practice law you are nothing short of a robber pls take me to court


  14. A Jackson says:

    I posted two complaints outlining my experiences with Peter Brown formerly of JW Hughes solicitors based in Conwy & Llandudno (now works for Conwy County borough council) & David Jones of Edward Hughes based in Colwyn Bay & Rhyl.
    Many of the corrupt practices didn’t come to light until after I had concluded business with these horrendous specimens of humanity, when I was tipped off.
    I stand by ALL my assertions & accusations against these two. The problem is, is that they’re all probably just as rotten. To stand out here as “clean & hard working” would ellicit harrasment, so they ALL comply in their own grubby ways. by writhing in their own excrement.

    Others will & I promote the exposure of corruption against the vulnerable individual, perpetrated by so-called professionals.
    It is a shame that “solicitors from hell 1” was shut down, but as we’ve seen has been replaced & will multiply thanks to other enterprising individuals who care enough & where the law society etc, etc can’t do a God damned thing about it.

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