The Law Society spent £150,000 to shut down Solicitors from Hell

Here’s the article in The Lawyer that mentions over £170,000 in outstanding judgements and orders against Nick Kordowski who created Solicitors from Hell. And here are the ‘offspring’:

Cowboy Solicitors

Solicitors from Hell 2

Solicitors from Hell


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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25 Responses to The Law Society spent £150,000 to shut down Solicitors from Hell

  1. Richard Colborne says:

    He, he, I’m so pleased!

    I’ve yet to meet an honest solicitor, and most I’ve met are outright crooks. The only way solicitors are going to stop websites springing up to criticise them, is by abandoning their lives of crime and actually helping people by giving them sound legal advice and keeping their promises.

    Like bent cops, all bent lawyers must be made to understand that crime is bad! I nearly wrote ‘crime does not pay’, but of course it does; this is the problem!

  2. Colin Peters says:

    I agree with you on much of what you say Richard apart from your being so laughingly pleased about public monies, – taxes – being squandered on these parasites.
    Just imagine. – If the billions of pounds of public funds which are thrown at white collar criminals, including the salaries of inept, incompetant, self serving, bent judges of which there are many, as we all know, was channelled into the NHS the ordinary common people would most certainly have better value for their money.

  3. peter oakes says:

    There is nothing to laugh about ! Solicitors and bent cops that support
    them are the most vile criminals in society. Stealing public monies and
    p——g -up your back ! Remember every Coroner is a lawyer, therefore
    even in death these crooks falsify the records.

    Dr. Harold Shipman was killing to order ! All his victims were widows or widowers ( barely a hand full ). nobody asks what happened to their assets
    houses, stocks & shares etc. Shipman killed 240 officially ! over 400 in reality,
    all with the help of solicitors ,coroners, bent coppers. Now you know why he was disposed of in prison.

    Shipman,s mistake was falsifying the will of the ex Mayoress of Hyde, her
    daugther worked in a solicitors office and noticed the forged handwriting
    ( after all they are bloody experts at forging signatures etc.)
    Remember solicitors have the benefit of good education, therefore their
    criminal activity is on another level of malice aforethought than the ordinary
    crook, the bastards are evil ! and dont you forget it. has for the police, those
    that are,nt bent are incompetent and lazy to the point of being defectives,

    The senior officers over-rule and destroy any youthful honest coppers who
    soon realise it,s better to “join em ” and take the money .

    Now here is the truth ! get it in your head and talk about it ! the Courts
    Police, Solicitors, Law Enforcement is a ” shambles ” full of crooks and
    incompetents, the Home Office is fully aware of the truth because of the CAB
    and web-sites like this one.

    The Home Office knows that due to gross negligence and downright criminality
    the Government is responcible and LIABLE for all the thefts and frauds taking
    place ! the Governments Treasury can,t afford the compo. so it
    instructs All the Judges, Chief Constables etc. ” It is not in the Public Interest ”
    to let Joe Public know the truth ! because it exposes the whole bloody sham
    of parliamentary democracy, law & order etc. we are being treated with total contempt and it will continue while we still allow ourselves to continualy fooled.

    head in sand, finger-up backside, say it how it is ! eventualy the smug smile
    on there faces will be replaced by lines of worry and stress, so familiar to all

  4. Charlie Stevens says:

    ‘History Lesson’!
    Possible the first ‘Protest’ website on the web was “” 2000-2004 (now a platform for law firms’ to advertise) the same Author then registered “” (you refer to above) in 2002 and clearly is/was not an “offspring” as you suggest.

    Second “Nick” is ‘Rick’!

    Let me quote what Mr Justice Tugendhat said in Court to Rick Kordowski, that he “should take reasonable care in relation to the publication”.

  5. I’ve been subjected to catalogue of wrong doing by solicitors and Eastern Circuit Judge Rupert Overbury who supported his lying CAB Manageress -needing a heavy enough reason to reject me as a volunteer – suggested it was me and not her who’d stated that ‘Benefit Claimants were seen as scroungers!’
    In fact it was she who stated ‘Some people regard Benefit Claimants ….etc -at which I merely responded ‘ Yes some people might!’ and said no more being extremely surprised at such a comment – besides which having not told her – I’d been on State Benefits for 13 years -so no way would I have had reason to make such a comment –
    In fact her rejection was down to the fact that those solicitors I’d previously reported to the law society were the very ones she used on behalf of her CAB clients!
    So no wonder she didn’t want me involved with her office – Leiston was part of Felixstowe area etc and one of them being Jackaman Smith & Mulley who I’d made complaints against in 2001 in relation to their mishandling and backsliding of my late mother’s rising tenancy debt – their legal executive Stephen Abbott had sarcastically commented ‘Don’t know why you’re worrying about a potential £21,000 tenancy debt – there’s PLENTY of money!’ to which I replied ‘ THATS not the point is it!’ My attempt to look at the file and for repeating and asking their Client ‘Care’ partner John Fountain (part time cleric!!- since retired) saw him lose his temper and literally lay hands on me pushing me backwards shouting SIT DOWN!!’
    All of this when recounted to the Osteopath (stupidly) was manipulated and covered all of this up – using his bent PKF (according to someone abroad Pannell Kerr Forster Accountants are ‘Rotten to the CORE’
    I was bullied from here to kingdom come – with another bully boy (Spencer Bennett a mere trainee IFA) from Chelmsford who’d assisted Wills & Trust partner Danny Carter – describing him as an ‘ex Covent Garden BARROW BOY!’ obviously a wide boy still using the same tactics as before!! – Pushed against my wishes out of the area running up more unnecessary bills – manipulated into a Discretionary Will Trust – despite having made it plain that I NEVER wanted to see ANOTHER TRUST for as long as I lived – and on comng out of that office was then taken to the nearest Estate Agents suggesting I move there – despite my relatives all being buried in Woodbridge!! Clearely there was a massive conflict of interest – each solicitors’ firm
    Birketts, Barker Gotelees, Jackamans – were closely linked to PKF being sold products and pensions etc – David Nicolson the Osteopath’s personal/business tax manager was his ‘Go -ffer ‘ an ex Inland Revenue bully boy from Glasgow –
    anxious to ingratiate himself into the local elite – indeed holding court from a local business centre next to Woodbridge –
    These people held me back for FOUR YEARS from implementing legal proceedings against my late mother’s Trustees – the infamous Barings Bros & Co – renamed Baring Trust Co after the 1995 crash – After which they were duty bound to put the matter before the Court – instead they continued managing trusts setup by my late grandfather (a Belgian trench survivor) just before his premature death in 1953 – and plenty of others who were then taken over by Northern Trust a US financial
    All has been covered up courtesy of the Osteopath protecting someone close to him in a senior position at the time up at Barings and who he finally admitted – thinking he had all the letters shown to him (stolen from my house) that contained evidence of deliberate lies told by Baring Trust Manager Ian Paterson and others – splitting the family forever.
    Birketts Bob Wright served me up with a ‘flawed’ CFA (Julian Chichester’s words) which Wright preferred to ignore as per his response (-2005)
    James Skellorn drew up a Will and drove me into his office in a state of shock and trauma having discovered my house broken into by the police (apparently) as a way of breaking through my locked sittingroom door to remove the original Baring letters with incriminating evidence ffirst shown to the Osteopath who suggested on first seeing them ‘Oh I’ll ask my secretary to take photocopies ‘
    Following the loss I returned to ask for his photocopies to be told ‘Oh I don’t have anything of yours now – you had everything back –
    To which I replied ‘Andrew this looks really bad because ALL of these people are YOUR friends!’ to which he momentarily lost it and puce in the face intimidatingly retorted ‘NOW DON’T play that one ON ME!’
    At which I sat back amazed and exclaimed WHAT?’
    Then recovering himself he simpered ‘Oh I supported you all those years – suggesting he had also charged me reduced rates – when I put him right and said ‘ I NEVER asked for ANY CONCESSIONARY payments despite being on Incapacity benefits for all those years I HAD too much pride!
    When Rupert Overbury supported his manager’s lies I wrote to CAB HQ after discovering his website showed him as a Freemason and his presiding over a paedophile case (Eastern Daily Press of Kevin Page a businessman) 2010 who’d downloaded 85,000 images with more than 250 at level 5 – and he just got Community and only THREE years on sex register – he is now off!
    You can bet your life that man was also a Freemason
    Birketts also must harbour Freemasonry since I had it on good authority someone’s relative also a Freemson needed a Defence lawyer went to Birketts and they always go to their own –
    Similarly my grandmother’s estate mismanaged and valuable object d’art went missing during 3 auctions in Woodbridge in 1986/7 the solicitors Josselyns having mishandled her estate – the idyllic riverside home being sold under the table in a hurry – my grandmother being removed after years of criminally prescribed antipsychotics just labelled ‘As Directed ‘ the agency nursing owned by the GP’s WIFE – which folded when removed -The naively chosen Chief Executor (by my grandmother) Tony Sladen just happened to be living next door to the GP – My grandmother took just a few weeks to die being removed and dumped in an old peoples home SHARING A ROOM with TWO OTHERS! Justifications ‘Money’s running out and agency nursing costs a fortune – with a BREUGEL and other priceless antiques in the house !!
    It emerged that Josselyns were struck off some estates later and according to another reliable source he too is a Freemason and still around and knows that I am the last person who remembers EXACTLY what went on
    I am convinced my grandmother who died just weeks later was overdosed and the reason I have been unable to lay her stone but wanted her body exhumed to prove it.

  6. We recently got a solicitor to help with my wife’s consecutive dismissal. Who made such a mess got it struck out in the high Court. Which me an my wife differed because he want me to pay 8thousand to send a barrister. Now we have another solicitor sewing the first one. Unbelievably they have now made a mistake which is becoming a joke. I don’t no if it’s because it’s a government firm or wether they all take and just trying to drive me an my wife completely mad. My wife asnt work since she resigned two. Yes two years ago and we are no nearer to the end. Than two year ago.

  7. Kevin Crane says:

    My name is Kevin Crane and I support this site in its entirety. ‘Publicity is the best disinfectant’ and I would like to expose former law firms that I have invested valuable time and money into their firms only to find that they have abused their status as ‘officers of the court’. Their names are as follows:

    Addison Madden Portsmouth Hampshire 1982 to 2008 – Intervened 2008

    Howard Barrington Clarke (HBC) Portsmouth Hampshire 1998 to 2002, a former partner of Addison Madden – Arrested for alleged Legal Aid Fraud as reported in the Portsmouth Evening News.

    CK Solicitors Selsey West Sussex – Intervened by the SRA in May 2010 for theft of £1 million of client’s account funds – Simon Kenny, Emma Coates & Stephen Hiseman are bailed to appear in court in 2014

    Marc Beaumont – Barrister of Windsor – A claim by Anal Sheihk of Stanmore Middlesex whose firm was being intervened by the SRA was charged £250 per hour for legal advice and sex while being advised by Beaumont on her intervention?

    Another Solicitor RD, who asked a client to swear on a dictionary instead of a bible covered over by a cloth. This lawyer was happy to defraud Customs & Excise in VAT scam with his accountant involved and advising on the fraud.

  8. Eddie Kelly says:

    Kevin, apologies for the delay in getting back to you, ( and my spelling ). I am in the USA right now, I will call you when I get back to the UK. I have a large cross border litigation problem here which is why I was trying to get a hold of SLH, I know he has a lot of experience/history of cross border litigation & insolvency overseas. This can cost a fortune !

  9. Eddie Kelly says:

    I was sent this yesterday – Check this out

    Emma Coates of Coates & Co no doubt, same address as where CKSolicitors were operating out of

    • Kevin Crane says:

      Hi Eddie, thanks for that.

      Has anyone had experience of a criminal barrister representing a defendant in court against the CPS and unbeknown to the defendant the barrister is a lead prosecutor for the CPS on a self-employed basis and that would appear to be the legal loophole to overcome disclosure of conflict? This would not happen in civil law?

      All constructive comments would be most welcome.
      Thank you
      Kevin Crane
      Mobile: 07769 316316

  10. D Charles says:

    Martin… solicitors are scum…
    have taken advantage of our elderly relative’s illness to dispense of our estate… it is making me ill

  11. More sites like this are needed to protest against crooked solicitors and more newspaper should print about their abuse.
    Rick Kordowski is a hero…… well done Rick!

  12. david lake says:

    i have had years of the bent bastards corruption conspiricy perverting the course of justice, lies they are all bent

  13. david lake says:

    remember the Birmingham 6 the Guilford 4 cardif 3 carl bridgewater lads barry George case and thousands of more falsely accused people I am one of them iv had this corruption for 55 years first falsley accused when I was 12 yrs old of stealing a bike my option in court was if I did not plead guilty they would put me in a home till I wasw 18 CHILD ABUSE . this made me a criminal and they have falsely accused me many times since BENT BASTARDS

  14. Thank You, David! What a way of treating you!!!

    • david lake says:

      i have been in contact with the “SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE ” London another government joke another corrupt office, that was 2 month ago I have a full case of fraud -deception-corruption-conspiracy-perjury I am waitin for an ANSWER I have all the evidence in black and white, against bent judges bent barristers bent solicitors they will want to cover it up

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