World Attention Focuses on UK Political Prisoners: Musa Family and Aviation Adventurer Maurice Kirk

Gagged from publishing anything about the childrenTrust the web to make magic happen – in this case thanks to Salem-News:

1. World Attention Focuses on UK Political Prisoners: Musa Family and Aviation Adventurer Maurice Kirk

Activists demand freedom for Musa children and one of their outspoken advocates.

2. Beyond the Rule of Law: Being a Political Prisoner in HMP Cardiff

The Trials and Tribulations by a Chronic Litigant in Person Aged 66


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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13 Responses to World Attention Focuses on UK Political Prisoners: Musa Family and Aviation Adventurer Maurice Kirk

  1. Phil Thompson says:

    Dear Mam,
    without you I and many others would not have heard of this DISGRACE by the State. I am at a loss to understand why those in POWER have not the decency to see that CORRUPTION is at work in these cases.
    What I would like to PROPOSE is that the Law Society and all its Minions find another £120,000(deliberate)( they will inflate that number to their own PROFIT) to use that money to go on a Course entitled:– REGAIN YOUR OWN HUMANITY.
    OK a small lapse. For an INSTANT I THOUGHT that PERHAPS that proposition was viable. I KNOW now that they would contribute ANY amount to suppress a similar site like Name and Shame. The GRAVY TRAIN of INHUMANITY MUST STOP. Lawyers, Barristers, Magistrates and judges KNOW what is being done to Families by social services. It is by their CONSENT that this EVIL against Families prevails. ANY if lawyer etc can contradict me if they wish. WATCH and see.
    ONLY Anonymous people will RESPOND.

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  5. Phil Thompson says:

    Anonymous, once again you have raised your head. NAME YOURSELF.
    I THINK that you are a TRAINEE in the open university for social workers in Scotland. YOU are revelling in the fact that Vicky Haig is in prison. Wait and see. From that prison she will get MORE justice than was permitted to her by law. REST ASSURED that because of your attitude there will come a time when you PLEAD to people who you have offended to LAVE your tongue with ONE drop of water and that it will be denied. Open your eyes, see what is being done to Families. GOOGLE. Social Services or CAFCASS. See the BRUTALITY that these self seeking people are doing to Families. THINK. A ss worker accuses a Family of neglect. JOB SECURITY for the next six months. During that six months ANOTHER child can be secured to pay the ss workers mortgage and food. THINK.

  6. Jimmy says:

    You know it would probably save you a lot of time if you just put a sign on the blog saying you don’t want anyone who disagrees with you to post here.

    • Danny says:

      Still don’t like to admit that they have done anything wrong or have anything said against any of their own including evil Vicky Haigh

  7. Phil Thompson says:

    Dear Sandy,
    your day of DESPAIR will come.
    On that day you will remember your heartless remarks.
    I do NOT wish you well.

  8. How many political prisoners are held in the UK is unknown and as so-called ‘human rights orgs’ are just fronts for the zionist occupation of Britain by the Rothschids zionist elites we will never find out. The latest is Emma West, currently being held without bail as an example to any indigenous Britain who stands up to the globalist tyranny.

  9. goggzilla says:

    Well, he obviously never fasted to death or we would have heard of it. Interesting that harassment glides so easily into “paranoia”, it is not paranoia if the bastards are after you. Good luck Dr Kirk.

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