Where is Favour Musa? Appealing to all UK Police Stations

Gagged from publishing anything about the childrenFIND FAVOUR (aka Lizzy) MUSA 

£1,000 Reward

£1,000 for anyone who produces a video of Favour in which she recounts:

  1. her experiences since April 2010 when she was taken, up to the present day, including
  2. if and when she was abused in care and by whom
  3. why she refused to see her mother or speak to her by phone if indeed that was the case
  4. whether she really wrote the letter in the garden saying she and the other children were beaten by her mother or whether it was a forgery with different handwriting
  5. whether or not she has asked to go to court and been refused
  6. why she now never sees her brother and her sisters
  7. how many times she or her siblings have seen Michelle Collins or have been staying with her.

Favour is the eldest of the
six children of the Nigerian
Musa Family.

She was taken into “care” by Haringey Council in April 2010 and has not been seen or heard from, since she reported
in August that she had been “inappropriately touched”,
while in “care”. Haringey Council are breaking all the laws regarding “care” and “contact” with all six children and have supplied no medical or school reports to the parents.

Please help us find Favour
last seen at 21 Memstead Road, Erith, Kent DA8 3LA!



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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10 Responses to Where is Favour Musa? Appealing to all UK Police Stations

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  2. peter oakes says:

    Is the Michelle Collins the actress that stars in Granada TV Coronation Street?

    If this is indeed the situation then has Granada TV been informed ?

    This television company has very strict moral standards indeed ! in fact
    several years ago their character acting Len Fairclough. Coronation Street handyman cum plumber was discreetly eased out of the series after rumours
    circulated in the press he had been ” inappropriately ” touching young girls in a swimming pool, this was observed by a police-woman.

    To my knowledge the whole affair was “covered-up” much in the same-way
    that the bankruptcy of the actor who plays Ken Barlow was “covered-up”

    This poor guy had the treatment dished out by crooked solicitors and the
    legal costs thefts & frauds, so familiar to many victims of the legal mafia.

    I am sure a few discreet enquiries to Granada TV will result in some welcome
    publicity, I must confess the actress concerned appears to have suffered trauma as she looks like many of the victims I know, ie. the “living dead” her eye,s say it all in my opinion.

    My assumption is there appears to be an unsavory conspiracy with these
    television programmes with gay- lesbian marriages, that may be paedophilia
    is now being surreptitiously promoted so that it to will become normal
    practice, I just hope it does,nt become compulsory.

    When I was in my youth homo sexual activity was a criminal offence, it was
    de-criminalised by the demand of former public school pupils who had all
    been initiated in some degrading ritual during their school days apparently
    it was standard procedure and of course practiced by Jesuit and Catholic
    school masters that is being revealed in future legal actions in USA. Ireland

  3. Favour musa says:

    i am favour musa in nigeria

    • Sadly your parents are not Gloria and Chiwar Musa who have been told that their daughter is dead… Her birthday is 03.09.2000.

      • pru halliwell says:

        Dead ,you say?Who said that the child Favour is dead? Although it wouldnt surprise me if the bastards at Bexley SS said this as they snatched my son and made calls to me saying this thing.I live in DA8,There are vile things going on in this borough,for a long time I have been aware that children are snatched from other boroughs and brought here for the Bexley council crooked staff to make money from ,and yes these kids are disposed of when they are of no use.This is my number 01322336613 give me a call as this site is watched and I dont want to say too much here.

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